Emmitt Holt releases public apology #iubb

Just received an email from former Indiana forward Emmitt Holt, expressing a public apology to the IU community for the series of events that led to his dismissal from the IU basketball team last week.

The unedited text of his email is below:

Dear Indiana University Community,

While my dismissal from the Indiana basketball team was a consequence of my own choices, I’m primarily gulity of doing what most young college students do on any given weekend which is participate in campus life which often includes engaging in the use of alcohol. As a member of the Indiana basketball team I realize that I am held to a higher standard than most college students, (and let my) coaches and family down and for that I’m truly sorry. I promise to learn from my mistakes and I look forward to pursuing my studies and my basketball career at Indian Hills. I want to thank Coach Crean, the entire staff, my teammates and most of all the great fans of Indiana Basketball for my time I’m Bloomington.

Emmitt Holt


  1. When is the IU President going to hold tom Crean accountable for lack of leadership in the ENTIRE IU basketball program. Time to REALLY put CTC’s feet to the fire and make HIM man up for His mistakes instead of throwing the team under the bus.

  2. emmitt is a good kid. like he said and i have said before, he isn’t doing anything every other kid in college isn’t doing except he works ten times harder, day after day, year after year, while the university and crean make millions off of his effort. the players work harder than any professional athletes as well but obviously aren’t getting paid outside of a free education (which is fantastic), and don’t have time for a part-time job to have a little money in their pocket.

    such a tiny infraction should get a punishment of 6am sprints or stairs or what have you. can also dock playing time. this holier than thou hypocrisy is absurd. i’m talking t you fans, as well as crean and glass and mcboobie.

    offenses worse that emmitt:

    -skipping class
    -being 5 mins late to practice
    -not knowing inbounds play #3
    -getting a D
    -dressing like a thug
    -being disrespectful

    as far as i know nobody has been kicked off the team for that. he seems like a nice boy. can’t we just get rid of crean instead? and then bring back max

  3. coachv,
    Totally agree. Whenever I hear what a sweet deal college athletes have I throw up in my mouth just a little.

    Most people wouldn’t last a week.

    The only worse schedule is for the athletes in non-revenue sports.

  4. How many strikes is Holt and his dismissed buddies to get? He has had 2 in 10 months. How many 3-9-16?

    I’ll take their sweet deal any day.

  5. hc,

    my point is they should not be strikes. how is it holt’s fault that davis surprised him by trying to jump over his moving vehicle? you think condemning holt makes you superior to him? i’ll take emmitt over old, gay bashing, white trash anyday. emmitt worked harder to represent iu than all his detractors put together.

    judging by your writing, you never even went to college. what have you ever done for iu? how in the hell is him having a couple of drinks embarrassing you? i have news for you. iu is not better than other schools. you are not better than other fans. kids drink, adults drink, they smoke pot. then they become president of the united states.

    this holding iu basketball players to a standard different from the overwhelming majority of other students is shameful. they have two full time jobs and put their bodies though brutal workouts to represent our university. it is understandable if they want a drink to unwind like the rest of us.

  6. They walk around campus like kings scouring up any cute thing in short-shorts their heart desires. To play basketball at IU makes you a rock star. And he was no bench-warmer. He held many of the keys to a basketball season that could have made him an even bigger rock star. He saw a kid nearly die in the streets in front of his vehicle and he still blew it. He put himself in an automobile with a recently dismissed Hanner Perea. He walked into the giant booze and dope candy store that is the IU campus and he went more berserk than Podunker invited to a cheese sampling and toga party for Wisconsin offensive lineman.

    Now there will be new rock stars in Bloomington. The stage is too big for some. They drift into aloofness and a sense of entitlement…They can’t handle the celebrity of what it means to wear candy striped warm-up’s. All is not lost. They will soon be an even bigger star in their own vodka-infused minds at a pimple of a junior college. At such college, they will not be followed to convenience store parking lots like true rock stars.

  7. Strike 1 was for drinking prior to that accident even if his BAC was of a low amount. 10 months later strike 2, he never learned a damn thing. I am certain he was told the rules before he ever took a shot at Cook Hall and he agreed to those rules. If he is going to break those rules at least show reasonable intelligence and don’t display the behavior in public. Being either as dumb or as defiant as he has acted he should be somewhere else. So his destiny is now fulfilled.

    Judging from your writing you damn sure know nothing about me or what I feel about college. I did go to college for 2 years, I left and I enrolled in the gator school of life, I may not have a sheepskin but I won the competition resoundingly just the same. What I have done for IU is simply none of your business.

  8. Not a very heartfelt apology. His statement is consistent with his past behavior and totally supports the action taken. It is obvious from his letter that he hasn’t the first clue about either the “consequence of actions” or “learning from mistakes”. If Emmitt wants to be just like most other young college students then return his scholarship monies, free room and board etc., apply through normal process and get to class. This really is a character issue.

  9. If Emmitt wants to be just like most other young college students then return his scholarship monies, free room and board etc., apply through normal process and get to class.

    Well said. …..

  10. Agree completely with Hoosier Clarion, Baruch4u2 and Harvard. Holt took advantage of his God-given talents and publicly spit them back in the faces of all those who contributed to them; family, coaches, teachers and us, his fan/supporters. His thoughts should not be on what he lost; but, on what he took from those who taught, cheered and supported him his entire life. It does come down to a simple equation as that young Holt…respect given for respect earned.

  11. lmao tt

    first of all, his talents are not GOD given since there is no such thing. they are emmitt’s talents. but i am so glad you said what you did. please tell us all what emmitt took from you, a grown ass man. i want so desperately to know how a grown man’s sense of self-worth hinges on whether or not 19 year old on his favorite team has a beer?

    and hc, when i want to know your business i’ll rent the single wide next door

  12. coachv #8

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015 – 11:02 PM EDT

    i can see where crean would be incensed. perea has the new kids out partying hard and getting busted. crean can’t touch perea. holt takes the brunt of crean’s anger. kinda changes everything for me. holt out drinking with a guy kicked off the team is a special kinnd of stupid. seriously, why is hanner in bloomington?

    Sounds like you believed Holt was getting what he deserved for his “special kind of stupid”….To be anywhere near a kid already kicked off the team is pretty much telling everyone in the program(coach and teammates) that he doesn’t care about the repercussions. They should have all been kicked off the team for being in a car with Hanner.and bottles of vodka… It wasn’t having some beers in your dorm room..They all know the history with Hanner. It was beyond stupid. It’s beyond belief that Hanner is still involved in activists that contribute to undermining the program. Crean was doing a fine job by himself through horrific coaching and lackluster performances in March Madness…without this sympathy vote a troublemaker that will give Crean another set of excuses for a disappointing season.

    Why are any bozos so disrespecting of their coach and teammates to crawl into a car with Perea even at I.U? Makes a lot of sense to hang with guy that is repeatedly making a mess of things for the so-called “culture”….And no matter how unfair and realistic the demands an athlete must adhere, you lost any argument for “typical” when out buying booze and partying with Hanner Perea.

  13. …..still involved in [activities] that contribute to undermining the program.

  14. …that being the case then don’t attempt to speak of my business…you’re more juvenile than the juveniles you’re defending…statements made by you such as there were only 15k fans at Saturdays game are just outright lies…

  15. So out of the issues that have most recently come to light regarding IU bb players; the whole group combined averaged what? A few rebounds, 10 to 15 points, a couple steals, and lousy defense. Individually each one averaged a few points. Holt averaged probably averaged 4 or 5. Yes, they are or would have gotten better and better. This traditionally has been IU fb philosophy that puts them last in big ten programs as far as winning goes. No star bb players lost here, just negative issues. Yes, much of it (80 percent if not 99 percent lies on Crean and staff. It goes back to traveling all over the place to land this (what)type of individuals are being recruited. Plus lack of organizational leadership is undisciplined like the play book and coaching continually demonstrated. This has created the current culture for IU bb.

  16. And it is not good to say well everyone else does this and that. Other players and programs have their own issues. If you want to be one of the best you have to lead it accordingly; regardless what the rest of the world looks like. IU bb has these recent issues with just average to above average (if that) bb players. Holt’s letter and recent events show he and many others on IU bb team think they are so much better than they really are as demonstrated by play on the court and off court behavior. I say goodbye and I wish Holt and the others well. The same goes for any others who would like to join them. Next up is coach plus staff. Law and order needed in this program with no nonsense winning attitude.

  17. Few more months and we’ll be talking stuff like……’Why can’t we get the ball into the big man’ & ‘why do that stupid weave’ & ‘back to 40+ substitutions per game’ & ‘why don’t we have a good in-bounds play’ & ‘does anybody on this team know how to play defense’ & ‘ we waste 20 seconds and throw up a prayer’ & somebody give CTC a Benadryl…or two….or five’.

    And, why would Holt pick a Junior college?

  18. Emmitt Holt is a good kid. His apology was sincere. People have been treating him so badly since this came out that he had to withdraw from classes early, couldn’t even go out to eat or the store without being harassed. He also wasn’t kicked out by crean. CREAN TOLD HOLT ALL WEEK that he was staying and what his punishment was. It was GLASS who told crean that Holt had to go. And i love glass saying it was creams decision –liar. Holt was screwed over. His first infraction was having the lowest BAC ever and trying to do his friend a favor which resulted in a bad accident (not holts fault, DAVIS ran out in front of his car) second time, he has an unopened bottle of vodka in his hand and gets told he can stay by crean, only to have glass kick him out and then say it was creans decision. Nothing but a bunch of lying butt munches in the athletic dept. If glass wanted him gone he should take credit for the decision. Its harder to stay a fan every single day. Holt is a good kid who needed the proper guidance from his team and didn’t get it, if Anyone knew emmitt they would know he is a good kid and he sincerely wanted to be a Hoosier. Sad news. Esp the misleading comments from crean and glass

  19. They are all good kids (depending on definition you are assigning). I personally feel they are all good kids with lack of organizational leadership in totality of program. However, if you are talking about how good players Holt or the rest who are no longer at IU; not stars on big ten level, just players that are average or a little above average.

  20. With or without recent transfers including Holt we would talk about items noted in post #19 as it pertains to play during a game.

  21. Crimsonbullet
    Emmitt Holt may well be a good person who has made some mistakes but I find your comments difficult to accept because you are not just offering an opinion. You are basically saying that you have absolute knowledge about this situation and are telling the rest of us what happen. It is so easy to make such statements as you have about Crean and Glass when you are not required to back them up with the proper source of such information. Perhaps you can be more specific in your insider knowledge.

  22. I personally think Crean was acting as much to say to IU President ” Look, IM doing something to clean up the atmosphere” Holt should have seen “red flags” with HMP in area and cant disagree with the punishment. On the other hand, Crean’s action was more self serving than truly punishment to Holt. For me, anytime a coach (college or Pro) complains about lack of leadership in a locker room there’s been a severe lack of management or leadership in the Coach’s office. HT would us all well to follow up asking Crean what HEs doing to “grow” in the leadership area. Good coaching skills would help 🙂

  23. coachv, you lost the debate and a lot more when you wrote post #6. Then you doubled down when you wrote post #12. Don’t think you have any credibility remaining after those two epic fails. You were on the ledge before those two posts, but you dove head first into the abyss. Sheepskin or no sheepskin, Hoosier Clarion demonstrates far more knowledgeable, thoughtful, reasoned and articulate comments on this site than you ever have. As for your degree, if you in fact you have one, you should request the cost of tuition be refunded.

  24. i believe crimson bullet. he could very well be a teammate, friend, or family member. if you don’t think current and former players don’t occasionally read here and ith you are kidding yourself.

    we already know for a fact that jordy hulls does and yogi’s mom, too. the last head baseball coach personally took me to task here for mis-identifying which one of her sons nearly beat a student to death so you know coach’s wives visit this site. crimson bullet had enough detail to seem totally plausible.

    if glass did remove holt against crean’s wishes then crean is on thin ice. hopefully they are both gone after this year.

  25. If Hanner was in that car dressed up as Big Bird, then I have no problem bringing Holt back.

    The fan base crapped all over every Sampson kid …..Holt, Hanner, Devin….and any other Crean recruit no less immature will never face the level of hatred and shaming those under Sampson were subjected.
    And do Crean recruits not come to IU fully knowing the backdrop, the history, of all the finger-pointing Crean enjoyed when first hired? When you come to play for a coach that has already done plenty of chasing villains and labeling kids that will never be viewed by himself or the typical Crean apologist as irredeemable, did these choir boys not know a standard of hypocrisy was already set?

    You came as a choir boy. You need to stay a choir boy. Please don’t play stupid. Please don’t get in a car with Hanner and then pretend to think your coach is something you already knew he was not. You came to play for a guy that has turned Bloomington into Salem. Good luck with that. …as you crawl into a car full of vodka with Hanner Perea.

  26. Crimsonbullet is exactly right. And to let you all in on another secret, the alcohol wasn’t his. It was Hanners. He took the fall for Perea because Perea is currently on probation. Sucks that someone was kicked off the team for trying to be a good friend twice. I love how everyone speaks on this subject like they were there. It’s sad that a genuine guy was harassed in public by a bunch of people that have probably done much worse things. Emmitt Holt is a very good guy.

  27. When you come to play for a choir boy coach, you best stay a choir boy. Hanner was put on the next villain bus to leave town. Hanging around with a newly appointed villain soon to be boarding the bus out of Salem cannot be massaged into something a choir boy has already understood. It’s never been about basketball with Crean. It’s always been about villains and excuses. If you come to play for that sort of blowmanship, you surely can’t cry over any results for crawling into a car with guy kicked off the team.

    You can be plenty nice to play for Tom Crean….But you have to know the history of how quickly his tongue can make a villain.

  28. I’ve been defending Holt since the beginning.

    He’s been the treated terribly by a combination of teetotalers and some well meaning, but frustrated fans.

    The issue is much larger than Holt or Hanner. The atmosphere around the Indiana Basketball program right now is toxic. But it has little to do with players’ off court behavior as much as lack of leadership from those who are paid a LOT of money to manage these situations. There is a crap-ton of CYA from the leadership and, instead of trying to get to the bottom of an issue with facts, making clear decisions and having the backbone to step up and own those decisions, everyone is scrambling to make sure they’re aren’t first in line to stand in front of McRobbie’s volleys.

    It is hard to ask players to be accountable, when their “leaders” are looking for ways to throw each other under the bus.

  29. Not defending some “nice” and “decent” kids who played for the candy stripes is what brought you Tom Crean and Fred Glass. Arrangements in committees, and the sort of collusion that always protects everyone except the young people adult leaders are entrusted to teach and be models of forgiveness and guidance, has collapsed upon itself and its lovely student “Bill of Rights” But what happened to due process? Hint: Did you see it while Crean was screaming at everyone that “wrecked” the program with his wide brush?

    The boomerang of tearing up season tickets and public condemnation of stupid degenerates with their “19 F’s!” has come. It will, unfortunately, take some nice boys with it. The only real sadness is how naive someone must be to play for mediocre coach with Jesus spiel.

  30. Double Down you are 100% correct and you said it much better than I have. Crean smiles at his players all the while plunging that knife into their back.. McRobbie need to stay on Crean’s backside like superglue to your fingers.

  31. To be clear, TJ, I don’t think McRobbie needs to be all over anyone’s ass. I think many of these issues have been way overblown and McRobbie, Glass & Crean haven’t handled any of it well at all.

    And Holt gets caught in the middle.

    College campuses all across the country are turning into turkey shoots for social justice warriors looking for fresh meat. I shouldn’t be surprised that this is the case at IU just like anywhere else. The so called “privileged athlete” perception, lots of testosterone and participating in a sport that brings in millions (to the school and cartel/NCAA) as well as fame. The kids are easy targets. Especially when those who are supposed to lead them, tie their hands and throw them in front of the firing range for something that’s extremely minor.

    The case of Emmitt Holt revealed a lot of cracks in the foundation of Indiana University and it’s Athletic Department.

  32. And Devin Davis was any less nice and redeemable kid than Holt? Hanner and Devin were disposable because they couldn’t give more on the court. But when Holt got caught with Hanner, it was Crean that had backed himself into his own hypocrite corner that began the day of his hire. Kids have always been disposable to him …He has also repeatedly scholly crunched kids and painted it as their choices to leave.

    It’s simply hard for me to cry in these kids’ beers(vodka glasses..whatever) when they are taking this behavior outside of the dorm room and to the streets knowing full well the history of the coach they came to identify with.

    And those that played under Sampson had no room for our understanding. Yes, they needed to be held accountable for stupid mistakes…Crean and his apologists didn’t have to continually pile on these kids from streets and broken families that most of us probably can’t understand. Chalk it up to karma. We didn’t have to hire a mediocre coach that would use those that made mistakes to build his platform for Salem of Bloomington. He can pull a stranded motorists out of snowdrift, but he’ll pull no strings if you back yourself into the same corner the “cancers” he rode out of town.

    Tom Crean didn’t hire himself….It took a holier-than-thou administration and sect of big donators/fans controlling the isolated Bloomington to bring a charlatan preacher instead of a coach and true leader.

    Let’s quit acting like these kids don’t understand the hypocrisy of their grand and perfect leader hired by old witch-hunters.. Can’t have it both ways. Can’t label kids and run them out of town while not expecting it may just find your doorstep when you become expendable(whether via your basketball skills that have topped out or you’re caught with a kid already kicked out of town)..

  33. We buried Knight face down and his last bit of ancient stale gas squeaked out as Crean. …The dark cloud hovers…..it just hovers.. It circles around Bloomington with all the steady and aimless weaves of mystery in a Crean offense. Hypocrisy has become its own weather system for the cream and crimson. Dustin wasn’t smirking at Crean…He was supplicating in the rancid fable of sitting with the fools in front of Crean’s table..

  34. I guess you all could ask emmitt what he was told by crean last week. Why is glass trying so hard to protect crean?! Why say it was creans decision when it was glass’. Maybe trying to hide the fact that every bball coach he has hired is a failure with a big old buy out!!

  35. He wasn’t a 10x better basketball player before Devin had his head busted on pavement. And you have no business coming on here to paint one kid as having better character than another. They all grow as people at different rates and come from different circumstances/challenges.

    Holt got into a car with a kid that had already had plenty of trouble with booze and moving vehicles. He came in his choir boy outfit to play, like the rest, for a known villain chaser and pious bloat that sits atop his untouchable cloud of flawlessness. He became as aloof as his basketball coach. .If he had passion for doing something special on an IU Basketball team, he wasn’t going to do it with a vodka entry pass to Hanner Perea.

  36. But based on the facts thus given, Holt shouldn’t be the only fall guy. Anyone in the car with Perea should be off the team. It’s nothing short of mutiny…..and a spit in their coach’s face. Let the fans spit at his incompetence all they choose…They did it to Lynch…They did it to Mallory…They do it to Wilson today.
    But you wear the uniform and you signed on to play for the loopy group. The least you could do is stay loyal and keep your nose clean while his job is already on very thin ice.

  37. CrimsonBullet… I think most IU fans were supportive of Holt as a basketball player and was just waiting for his break-out performance. And probably just bewildered by episode #2. Maybe & probably if the issues from early last season had not happened, the outcome for Holt would have been different. But when you become issue # 7 and # 8, options become few. Can’t help but wonder the impact on the rest of the team. If anything is said, I’m sure it would be the official ‘corporate speak’. If the coach got rid of the bad-apple, that could be considered a good thing for the team. I don’t see Holt as a bad apple, maybe not enough self-protection skills, but sure don’t see this as a positive for the team. If it was Glass or CTC. one of them or both of them probably lost some of their luster with the team……Or does the team think ‘it’s about time somebody does something’?

  38. Harv I love how you continue to believe that Sampson’s players “kept it to their dorms.”

    I know first hand this wasn’t true. I was very close friends with the person that sold weed to half the team. Some of those guys made Tommy Chong look like Tommy Crean.

    Drinking on campus is doubly dumb. Kind of like your circular logic on this. It’s a dry campus. Not only would they be breaking the law, they would be breaking University rules, which would mean expulsion from school. It was way easier to get caught drinking in the dorms versus in town. I never drank on campus when I went to school there for that reason.

  39. It really doesn’t matter….Taking some tokes of weed is far less dangerous than getting in moving vehicles with the thought there will be the discipline between five guys in said car to not open a bottle of vodka until an off-campus destination is reached. Have some tag-along wart not on the team bring the booze to you. These kids are rock stars….They don’t need to get in a car with a kid just cut from the team that also had a drinking and driving episode…..

    Pot and booze was all over my dorm floor. And a star football player was around it plenty. Nobody cared.

  40. Aside from all the issues; Holt, Davis, HP, whoever else from IU that had issues, they all fit into that range of average big ten players that had the potential to play and be good compliments to star players. Not one of them were star status himself. They just were not that good unless you want to struggle to ply 500 bb in big ten and maybe maybe not get into the big dance. Star players were Zeller, V.O. and who would have been excellent player L.F. among a few others, but he got out of town. Homesick, not if IU bb was what it should be, because IU would have become his home away from home. (that was the excuse). This does not count the losing battles for recruits that are better than the players who have been dismissed from the team.

  41. The more I read, and the more I think about it, the more I believe Emmit got a raw deal. What he did was stupid, yes. But not in the way you think. I have no insider knowledge. I have no sources. I can only go off what I see and interpret after a lifetime of observing people: he was a willing fall guy for someone who didn’t deserve the cover-up. And Emmit grossly underestimated the fallout, political ramifications, and impact it would have. Not unlike anybody his age, but still somewhere between disappointing and tragic. Damn shame. And a hard lesson learned. But I’m not nearly so convinced as I first was that he got what he deserved.

    And now… Who’s learning the lessons? The team? The coaches? The administrators?

    I’ve been a guilty of being the guy who f’ed up at the wrong time. Not to say it was my only potential screw up– but it was inopportune timing to say the least. I’m leaning towards believing that Emmit suffered the same fate. I recovered. I hope and believe Emmit will as well. I don’t hold such faith for his prosecutors.

  42. Very heartfelt, Punjab….But when you hire a witch-hunter, there will always be fall guys that will never include the man in the mirror. You could insert many good Hoosier kids that have been scholly crunched, dismissed as irredeemable losers, and demeaned into your paragraphs above. I don’t know if Emmitt got any more raw deal than any of them. All of it is great distraction and theater…It creates a lot of infighting and rallies the AD to defend his coach….It serves a purpose to always find turmoil and excuses so as to not examine the real problem: Tom Crean is a miserable basketball coach.

  43. Today is the 15th anniversary of the day Coach Bob Knight was FIRED by the very awful, very arrogant, very power hungry Myles Brand, amidst a bunch of dubious tactics straight out of “Witch-hunting for Success 101”.

    Thus began the Bobby Knight CURSE on IUBB, and it has continued to this day. Knight himself did not put the CURSE on IU, perhaps it was Karma, or some other principle of the universe that brought on the CURSE, none of us really know how that works. But we can all see that such a CURSE has been present ever since.

    Not only has the entirety of IUBB been affected, but the CURSE quite appropriately very quickly took out Brand via a fairly awful death ! THAT I truly appreciate…..

    Who knows when the CURSE will end. Maybe if Coach Knight is somehow reconciled with his previous to firing beloved Indiana university. Maybe when Coach Knight finally passes from this earth. Maybe the CURSE is permanent for all time. The only thing for sure is that the CURSE is still operating in full power !

    There IS justice in the universe, and that makes me very happy on this anniversary of a very sad, very unfair, yet very significant IUBB event.

  44. I had a conversation with an Army Vet , I U Grad and was drafted into the Army and was in the war zone and his comment to me was, “If, you are old enough to die for your Country, you should be old enough to buy a beer”. Comments please!

  45. in response to post #27…CoachV
    yes, some coaches’ wives read these comments. and to be clear I told you that my middle son Ty did not touch the kid. i would appreciate if you would stop saying he did when you have ZERO info. if you would like factual evidence of Ty’s innocence, we have plenty. the accusers “side” was well presented in the newspaper and is no match to the evidence we have. an accusation is not proof of guilt. have the guts please to contact me if you want facts.

    “the last head baseball coach personally took me to task here for mis-identifying which one of her sons nearly beat a student to death so you know coach’s wives visit this site.”

  46. NM,

    Incompetence isn’t a curse.

    Knight and Yeagley masked the rampant incompetence of the IU Athletic Dept. When Knight was fired, we were exposed. Other schools across the country had invested and rebuilt their facilities to compete in the future. In the Big Ten, Wisconsin, MSU and OSU saw the future and look where they are now.

    Meanwhile, Indiana hadn’t invested in anything. The men’s and women’s team at IU had to share the same floor to practice.

    Don’t get me started on football.

    Even after Davis was fired, Indiana was considered a 2nd tier coaching position because, you had terrible facilities to recruit kids who had high school facilities with nicer stuff. Yet, that coach had the expectations and demands like no other program.

    I hope Knight’s spectre looms over this program forever. The demands for excellence should ALWAYS be there. But it extends to our administration who also needs to do the things that will allow a modern program to thrive.

    Anyway, back to the dubious anniversary. 15 years later, I’m still in disbelief that a chump like Myles Brand was the one who brought down Coach Knight. I remember sitting at the last commencement Herman Wells attended before he died. He was sitting next to Brand on stage. I’d never seen so stark a contrast. Academia produces more Brands and less Wellses; that’s is exactly why it’s broken. The only other contrast that compares was maybe Crean awkwardly trying to shake Knight’s hand after the Georgia game in MSG?

  47. DD,

    Loved your comment # 54. Especially loved that on this 15th anniversary of Coach Knight being fired we were able to remind people about THAT very significant event in IUBB history. Good thing folks like us are still around to remind others , otherwise the day might have slipped most minds, since not a mention of it anywhere that I can find.

    There used to be talk during the Davis era about the Bobby Knight Curse on IUBB, but it’s hardly ever heard anymore. Last year I called in on the Dan Dakich show and mentioned the Curse, only to have Dakich completely ridicule the notion. But even that did not stop me from still viewing all IUBB shortcomings as somehow cursed.

    You are right, though. Incompetence by itself is not a curse, but it sure can be one of the consequences ….r

  48. Strange…i don’t have the contempt for Myles Brand. My only real close contact to him was at an IU pep rally a few hours before the game IU and gritty squad coached by Mike Davis shockingly upset Duke at the regional semi in Lexington…If Brand was cursed, it sure as hell worked in favor of Hoosiers on that day. At that pep rally, I stood alongside a couple hundred Hoosier fans in a food courtyard area in the lower levels of Rupp. Brand didn’t seem like a mean guy…He was enjoying the atmosphere and was talking with many excited Hoosier fans that were latching onto a belief that something special was gelling with a Hoosier team that played like one….Guys like Jeffries, Coverdale, Fife, Odle, and Moye soon to be heroic giant-beaters in a giant game…

    Never forget that Myles Brand saved us from a world of Pat Knight….I have no regrets cheering on Mike Davis…I have no regrets cheering on the Kelvin Sampson teams. I’ve always had faith in IU Basketball until they hired a man as head coach that began to make it more about faith in other things as seen in the eyes of his judgment.

    I’m all for superstition and curses…..But if there is a curse upon IU Basketball, it has, in my humble opinion, nothing to do with firing Bob Knight. Bob Knight was our god of hoops in our tiny hick world in the limestone hills of Indiana. Love him, or hate him, he put a state’s identity with the sport(something long before Knight) on a stage that it had all the history and passion for which it was destined….But all greatness fades, and Bobby was fading, too.

    I sorta think the curse began with how we treated a kid that was once living in a car on the streets of Chicago. And it will continue until we quit treating victories more important than finding a compassionate hand to extend to those that don’t always fit the mold of our holier-than-thou Hoosier that must fit perfectly into the saintly palm of the Tom Creans this world. Look where it’s taken us when kids like Matt Roth are denied a chance to finish eligibility …or a workhorse and stupendous example like Remy Abell transfers out …or a kid like Emmitt Holt seemingly absent a mean bone in his body is caught in the twilight zone of aloofness that comes with so much godliness and judgment having nothing to do with basketball.

    We can get it back, folks.. We can be great again in a heartbeat. The candy stripes are imprisoned by men that found pious arrogance and fear of pearly gates a place to hide in the hills…They have not cursed anything. They are small men that put bars around an innocent love they envy as they dismiss what truly made Indiana Basketball a beautiful thing….It’s merely a joy for a game that is the tapestry of our state…It is a belief nothing to do with the personal choices of faith, but in a different sort of mystical place where learning to be together as a team flourishes…It lives beyond a judgments and the separateness that an individual, cast in the image a supreme being, takes a lazy home…

    We should ‘curse’ to the heavens some Knight ‘F’ bombs at the arrogance that forced one person warping the meaning of Hoosier, to distort one draft choice, or one god to be more important than the teaching and brotherhood never cursed in a simple game of Indiana basketball…… .

    Hire the most humble a teacher that does not curse upon a life fun and your curse will be gone…..

  49. jaime

    “After that, all three of the men began kicking, punching and stomping on the 19-year-old before his roommates came outside and pulled two of the men off him, the affidavit said.

    The fight continued until both Mellencamps and Smith ran away from the home, according to the affidavit. The 19-year-old and his roommates reported the beating to police.”

    that’s the way it was reported. feel free to present your factual evidence. perhaps the newspapers will issue a correction and apology. and the d.a. and the police. me too.

  50. The Mellencamps vs. Tijan and Hanner….

    Pair of Wasted Hoosier Dopes vs. Pair of Wasted Hoosier A-Hopes

    This could be bigger than Tonya Harding vs. Paula Jones….The undercard could be Crean vs. Dakich.

    Winners get a case of Smirnoff…Losers can never be seen in Indiana again.

  51. oh…and to add one more tidbit to post #56…

    We cursed ourselves when we did away with the ONE magnificent high school basketball tournament and butchered it into a multi-class system.
    That one event destroyed decades of Indiana basketball passion….It criminally banished our uniqueness and faith in the game…It brought weakness where all could be “winners.” …..and it had absolute nothing to do with any minuscule events that ever occurred at Indiana University.

    Carry on…..(courtesy: Dustin Dopirak).

  52. CoachV, kudos for again re-presenting the newspaper story which was simply an accusation. Grab the police report sometime. There you’ll see more of the truth. And Bloomington’s police officer of the year that year chose to call it mutual battery, yep, a fight between two kids. It was lucrative later to sensationalize it. Clearly you’re the guy/gal who believes what you read in the paper. Or in chat rooms.

    I’ve held my tongue for two years about my own kid, listening to him being called a thug and worse by people like you. And today as an adult who has spent a large part of my life helping educate youth, I am just sad that I continue to see grown people bashing young people with few facts and lotsa rumor.

    I’m more sorry that I even responded. But I’m a mom and think two years of having to wear a lie is too much for my son. So you got me stooping to your level. Kudos!

  53. We all know that the Mellencamp kid was a well-trained boxer…We also once saw his father on a nightly talk show sporting a black eye he admitted to being the result of a fistfight with his son. Three guys went looking for trouble and it’s only the deep pocketbook of a celebrity that feeds entitlement(a rock star daddy frequently found in the stands of Assembly with Hollywood wife representing one of the few things a desperate Southern Indiana basketball fan base could nationalistically cling to as still “cool” in the post-Knight era) that likely kept them out of some jail time. . We don’t know the behind-the-scenes muscling that caused such burying the story…nor do we know the fear that could cause charges to be dropped. I don’t have any sympathy for those looking for violence. Fists can overpower and kill…I sorta find it hard to believe that one is the aggressor against three ….And I do believe the aggressors ran like cowards once the damage was done. And no matter the earlier altercation, . we know what they were looking for. Grow the hell up…They were looking to beat the tar out of anyone. Have some real rocks in your socks and play Clint Eastwood….Go seek trouble on your own. And take that sort of immature and entitled “big thug on campus” to the grounds of Duke. .

    We have enough violence in society…I would like to place these big boys into some of the toughest streets are rotting cities…Watch them be big men without the protection of celebrity and IU Athletics.

  54. jaime

    i’m sure you love your children and they are probably fine young men. you bragged about having all of this evidence but given the opportunity to provide it, you didn’t. i don’t believe everything i read. i have been on the losing end of a lying, stupid, incompetent journalist.

    i also distrust and despise the crooked police, corrupt prosecutors and judges. our legal system is disgraceful and a laughing stock around the world. police and prosecutors can lie, fabricate or hide evidence, judges receive kickbacks from corporate run prisons and innocents are routinely put in jail. judges demand campaign contributions from the very lawyers who earn their living in their courtrooms. there are apparently no repercussions.

    feel free to provide the evidence or police report you refer to or you may be another parent in denial.

  55. I’ll step aside…while keeping in mind that it was I that believed this story was initially being squashed by the local press. I thought it was a disgrace that it wasn’t talked about more on Hoosier Scoop while Crean painted every Sampson kid with heavenly “thug” oils. I will gladly refer to the old conversations with Dustin where I made such references to world of hypocrisy gripping at the throats of Indiana Athletics(Emmitt and Hanner being most recent examples).

  56. I will provide every drop of evidence. Happy to. In person preferably. If you don’t want that, then kindly stop bashing my son. Tracy and I would absolutely off the charts punish any kid, especially our own, if he did what was described. Do you think we haven’t gathered facts? You are both assuming the worst in kids and adults. That’s what this whole thread is about. Get the HT reporter to put you in contact with Tracy or me if you truly care to know facts. You didn’t think for one minute that I was going to list anything here. And at the very least stop repeating sensationalized info. about our son. He’s been punished enough for the past two years.

  57. Jamie- I had stayed very silent on this ugly altercation for quite some time. But you are correct, we often do assume the worst….We place a spotlight on the mistakes and forget that they are young like all of us once were. And for the few times they make bad decisions, there are the hundreds where they make our lives the best part of each day.
    But also keep in mind how these events would have been presented in the media and talked about on the local sports talk websites if it were Armon Bassett on that front porch with Eli Holman and Jamarcus Ellis….Would they even have a court date? Would they be in jail? Would they be granted the benefit of the doubt when all we see is pictures of a broken face not one of their own? My arguments very early on were not a personal indictment against your son. It was a challenge to a basketball community that had long made choices in judgments rooted in bigotry to paint some with irredeemable brushes when they make mistakes(whether in the lackluster performance a classroom or immature off-the-court things many “typical” college student will likely experiment) while choosing to never look in the mirror at our own missteps or the challenges to raise our own children to do the right thing even when we have cared to nurture and give guidance as much as you have your own.

    So maybe we’re all a bit guilty at times…And maybe coaches shouldn’t take to podiums and publicly condemn kids they really don’t know. Because character also goes beyond a classroom….Some young people are brought to challenging academic institutions with false pretense because they serve a different purpose for our selfish need. We have a good idea that many don’t have the early tools of good school systems and educated parents …They don’t deserve the labels of failure. And they don’t deserve the wide brushes of “wrecking” anything…They did not have their due process when convicted in the court of public opinion on chat sites when their parents had to hear their children referred to as a “cancer” on the program.

    Convicted as charged. I would love to hear how you feel concerning the recent round of “mistakes”(Emmitt, Hanner, Devin Davis, etc) and if you believe any young person can live up to the standard of thick tongues that once condemned other children of decent parents “wreckers” of Indiana Basketball.

  58. You and I fully agree on how these kids are treated. Always have. My heart broke when the last group was called thugs. Knew them and their coaches well. I taught for 15 years, high school and college. I know kids are capable of living up to high standards and also failing miserably to come through. While they’re 18-22, I still rely on the strength of the adults in their lives. With positive leadership and expectations, kids come through. They also sometimes mess up even with the best systems in place. Often the younger they are in hs or college (ie. freshmen) they mess up more frequently and publicly — more so publicly in today’s world. Statistics have always shown that the frosh make the most mistakes and the numbers go down as they mature through the years. So I fully trust the adults hired at the university level to know extensively the background of the kid, the mistake, the consequences, etc. And in my opinion which matters little to most but comes from a background in education: there is no learning without rapport. So this means I support the person who is most connected to the student to know how to lead him/her through the rough patches.

    As for Ty, I get it that you smell a cover-up due to who the kids were. But in this case, we delivered him to authorities. He called, he visited with authorities, he handed over his cell phone, he brought in witnesses. No one wanted the other story out. The one against the Rock Star was too compelling. It broke my heart. And I will get over it. A small problem in a big world. But Tracy and I are finished letting Ty get bashed. Period. That is without a rebuttal.

  59. “I had stayed very silent on this ugly altercation for quite some time.”

    Quite true. Were it not for the countless posts you made on the topic and your relentless allegations of the guilt of the accused, one might have thought you were completely unaware of it.

  60. Not necessarily a cover-up…But as i said, a completely different set of forces/protection in place to provide due process and allowances to remain part of the “community” as the allegations are presented and consumed by the public. Those were not afforded the “cancers” of IU Basketball once they were convicted in the court of public opinion by the incoming regime that was going to clean up the “culture” in Bloomington.

    And the holier-than-thou BS wrapped around symbols of divine Christian faith during the witch-hunts needs to stop when ALL kids of ALL parents make mistakes. And they certainly didn’t deserve one wide brush that made them all into “19 F!” failures….Drunkenness on a roadway has a much higher probability of taking a life than a failing grade in a classroom administrators brought to IU with full knowledge they were not adequately prepared for the rigors an honest college curriculum.

    I only wish you would have been a Scoop participant when those Sampson kids we both make reference were being called “thugs” without the protections of families and community tightly woven into the safety net of IU Athletics and names part of said community for decades…It is no secret that IU has used the celebrity of a “rock star” with his very visible attendance at many games…and thus his name is part of the fabric its town and its image. And with that fabric comes no desire to simply put them on a bus as final conviction their worthless existence. They were afforded zero benefit of the doubt for nothing that involved violence or the risk to the welfare of citizens on the streets.

    Convicted as charged.


  61. Chet- You do present quite the perfect model for a perfect human being as you convict any person to ever attend the University of Kentucky as basically illiterate in their attendance of a “bait and tackle shop.” Do you think those athletes also have parents? Get off your damn high horse. You are as guilty of bigotry and rushes to judgment as anyone.

    And while I defended those Sampson kids, where were you then? Where were you, Chet? I watched bloggers compare them to O.J. Simpson in tones of mockery while the entire blogging community chuckled in silence. Were they all rotten souls or were you just too much a sweet smelling cream and crimson rose to speak out?

  62. And I find it laughable in how many now act like they knew nothing of IU chat sites when the witch-hunts of a Crean podium were in full swing.

    At least Clarion isn’t that sort of hypocrite.

  63. So, by your convoluted reasoning, I am guilty of transgressions against the ‘Sampson kids’, not because I did or said anything against them, but because I did not rush to their defense with no evidence whatsoever to support such a conclusion.

    Got it.

    I certainly wouldn’t argue against such a well thought out premise.

  64. I am impressed that you are able to discern that thoughts and emotions of people that are not even commenting.

    Rupert Murdock has a job for you.

  65. Hey, on a completely unrelated note I ate at the Trojan Horse the other day.

    It was okay. Not as good as I remembered but okay. The gyros seemed smaller than it used to be.

  66. “I did not rush to their defense with no evidence whatsoever to support such a conclusion.”

    Exactly…..Yet, many supported Crean’s methods as he executed their names from his pious podium. And against that evidence his verbal condemnation of kids he did not know personally, kids that also have loving parents many of which did their best, there was no outrage against slander or any outcry that these young men were just “typical” college kids getting into typical trouble(as presented in Emmitt’s own personal statement/apology).

    There was plenty of evidence that they were being convicted in the court of public opinion..They did not get the same defense that many now scream for Holt, Hanner, etc. You know no less of those facts from fiction a case against Holt or Hanner than the day Crean and many others deemed any kid that played for Sampson as a thug. The defense is not for or against the facts. The defense should have been for the dignity they were not allowed as Crean painted them all with wide brush of his bigotry. And that’s where the hypocrites chose silence as opposed to the right thing to do for a Smith…a Mellencamp…or present day recruit of Crean’s now effing up…..And now that bigotry has come back in giant boomerang form to hit him and his apologists squarely in the face…But dare we call a drunk that gets into a moving vehicle a “thug” in this court of Hoosier Scoop? Dare we call them a cancer upon the program? And if we do, dare all the Chet’s of the world to remain silent as we drag their choir boy butts to the bus in the same fashion a Sampson thug?

    It’s rotting from within, Chet. And it will continue to rot based on the silence that chosen when condemnation was filling the streets. You can take all the high road you want to now. Nobody took the high road when they put ALL those kids on a bus and exited them like a bad disease from Bloomington.

  67. And for the record, anyone that got in a car containing vodka with and a Hanner Perea just recently cut from the team(whether bottles sealed or to be opened at a later time on roadway or rest stop..or wherever). should be considered just as much a “cancer” to the culture of IU Athletics than a Sampson thug. They should be put on a bus with “Stupid” as its destination. And I would deem them to be far more stupid than a kid that gets an “F” for never showing up to class….and thus, appropriately, playing for a stupid coach….

  68. It’s a gatling gun aimed at the front lines of the Scoop with the words cancer, Sampson thugs, Fs (19 of them!), and vodka.

  69. …also far more “stupid” than a Ron Patterson denied his entrance into IU by a scholly-crunching whitewashing crowd because of a C- grade in a summer school preparatory class.

    It’s a big boomerang and it’s going to take a year or two until it knocks the bigotry out of some of you….including Fred Glass and Thomas the Train of Terror.

  70. i highly doubt the real tracy smith is trolling around this site. why would she? she live in tempe. what possible purpose would she have here? does she have an app that alerts her to posts with the word “baseball” in it? this could be anyone. but i’m leaving her or him alone because she is killing my buzz

  71. “I’m Max Hoetzel and that’s all you need to know. ” (Repeat 20 times to refresh buzzometer).

    For those of you living in Maine…

    “I’m Stan Robinson and that’s all you need to know.” (Same as above but just change to your off hand).

    For those of you that will get in a car with Hanner tonight…

    “I’m hiding three bottles of vodka in my shorts and that’s all you need to know.” (Same as first explanation above while blowing kisses at a campus police officer).

  72. I’m Max Hoetzel and that’s all you need to know. i loved it when he said that. maybe it’s a california thing.that california swag probably didn’t wash with preacher boy

  73. Tom Crean loves the art of the swag..

    “I’m Jimmy Swagg-art and that’s all you need to know.” …

  74. I’m now getting Belk department store ads in my Scoop sidebar for mentioning the Belk Bowl….

    Is this not the greatest country in the world to have your every move examined? Every keystroke typed…every gas pump on the way to a casino a credit card swiped….every phone call made…every text message sent…every chat room entered….every website visited…every pizza delivered…every night in a motel…every box of sugary cornflakes through a U-Scan at 2:00 a.m…..every sentimental card purchased…..every brand of sock you’ll ever wear again…every breath you take
    every move you make…until they place you in the ground…. no sooner to be found your internet obituary by some marketing research number cruncher that never cared a day of your existence…or maybe a cold and distant relative just surfing and stumbling around …They will speak of your history of eating too much pizza and those websites unmentionable that you found…What was he looking at Belk department store kitchen bowls for?…You’re still being watched as you decay without a sound..

  75. I’m a disinformation machine as often as possible on the internet. I have never answered one of those surveys accurately. ..ever. I know they still garner data from shopping, etc., but I’m pretty sure my online personnel file lists me as a one eyed Ukrainian plumbing monk with a gerbil fetish.

    That would explain the ads for gerbil supplies, anyway.

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