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IU football is starting to gather some defensive momentum, even if there’s still plenty to work on, Mike writes.

Ohio native Zack Shaw has already been studying up for one last shot at No. 1 Ohio State, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana’s offensive success can be largely attributed to the linemen, Terry Hutchens of the Associated Press writes.

Ohio State still looks back at its 2012 visit to Bloomington as a low point, Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

Indiana and Ohio State will meet as unbeatens for the first time since 1942, David Jablonski of the Dayton Daily News writes.

The latest bowl projections have Indiana in the Quick Lane Bowl or Armed Forces Bowl, ESPN.com reports.

De’Ron Davis’ high school coach recaps his visit to IU and decision-making process, with Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall.

Yogi Ferrell still has more to achieve as a senior, IUHoosiers.com reports.

IU basketball games against Duke and Notre Dame are among the top 30 games to watch this season, Terrence Payne of NBCsports.com writes.

Former Hoosier Remy Abell talks about Indiana, Xavier and being related to Wilma Rudolph and Bo Jackson in this Q-and-A with Jon Teitel of HoopsHD.com.

Tom Crean says James Blackmon Jr. is fully cleared to begin practice on Friday after surgery for a torn meniscus over the summer, Jon Rothstein of CBSsports.com writes.

Sending one out for Zack Shaw and all the Buckeyes on the Hoosier roster — The Ohio Players with “Fire” live in 1975 on The Midnight Special.


  1. Calipari…”Look, if you want to be here four years. don’t come here. Go someplace else. We don’t do that.”
    (USA Today)

    WTH. And they are part of ‘college’ basketball?

    Think he would be allowed to have that concept at IU? Hope not, but six years at Ky with Final Four reached 4 of the last 5 seasons plus a National Championship. Would the IU Nation accept that success with those limitation? Hard to fight success.

  2. Thank goodness Zeller, Dipo, and Noah stayed four years….I’d hate to think how our “success:” could have gotten in their way.

  3. That is a good question Ron. Would the old IU faithful take getting to the final four on a regular basis with a bunch of one and done players or get 4 year guys and maybe get there every once in awhile. My question about Kentucky is what if Calipari doesn’t win another National title but get to the Final Four every other year would UK fans except that?

  4. And why don’t those Calipari degenerates get caught with vodka in convenience store parking lots? Damn Establishment.

  5. Well, you have to admit that at least Calipari is honest and straight forward! He’s now “in your face” with his philosophy! But this not any surprise; many of us have been saying this for years now. IU’s values regarding student athletes are no longer consistent with achieving or sustaining elite level success in college basketball, even if we do sign an occasional elite one-and-done player. And I don’t want IU’s values to change! If making a mockery out of the concept of “student-athlete” is what it takes to win NCAA Basketball Championships, I’d rather we adhere to our values and slip from the ranks of elite college basketball programs. And while he clearly has other issues, IU’s philosophy of requiring student athletes to actually pursue a degree puts Crean and other coaches at a significant disadvantage relative to KY and Duke and other schools that have embraced the “rent-a-player” recruiting philosophy. Seriously, the concept of student athlete in college basketball has become a joke. But I predict that something is going to change, and soon. Either the NBA will modify their rules regarding when players can be drafted, or the NCAA is going to start linking a school’s number of available scholarships to the number of players, by sport, who actually graduate within five or six years. And the sooner they do that, the better. When they do, Calipari will be out of college basketball shortly thereafter.

  6. “IU’s values regarding student athletes are no longer consistent with achieving or sustaining elite level success in college basketball, “ (insert vodka belch)..

    Anthony Davis is such an inarticulate waste of a decent human being… If only he could have been sat down in a Tom Crean living room…..

    Crean is not at a disadvantage because of IU values….He’s at a disadvantage because he can’t coach at a preschool level. He had a #1 ranked team…They could barely beat a Temple team with one legit star. Bobby Knight would not duck from UK not matter the “disadvantages.” ND had UK on the ropes in the Elite 8 game….UK did not look so enormously untouchable when facing well-coached squads that have just as much culture and “values” as Indiana.

  7. Gotta hand it to you, Podunker.. You are relentless.

    This is a good time for Harvard to step away…..Had a chat with Husky Tom yesterday and some sincere thoughts and memories were exchanged…Tsao reappeared. I’m happy to see he is in good health and still fighting the good Hoosier fight. I know that all on here have good hearts underneath much of the arrogance and stubborn pride.

    But I’m changing as a result of so much viciousness to hold serve…and I’m more guilty than most for contributing to too much of that culture on Hoosier Scoop..

    I’ll leave entire rest of the football season to the experts..

    Take care all…

  8. I agree, for major colleges student athlete is a joke. I already have a hatred for professional sports for obvious or not so obvious reasons. Of course nobody cares. Major college sports continues to grow in its corruption of monetary and greed at various levels. However, if IU had recent on court success of KY, IU fans would lovingly embrace an IU program like it. Those who say otherwise are bathed in hypocrisy. I am not saying it is ok, but IU fans would be Hoosier cream and crimson just like KY fans are now Wildcat blue.

  9. listening to sports talk radio up here in Maine (although it was a national feed) on my way back from a men’s league game… they have spent the last 5 minutes talking about IU Football!!! Bizarre…

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