Howard powers past Western Kentucky #iufb

During his first three games at Indiana, Jordan Howard has shown a proclivity for getting stronger in the second half.

He thinks he knows why.

“The defense just gets tired of tackling me because of the pounding I’m giving them,” Howard said. “I just love doing it.”

Indeed, Howard’s tough and deceptively quick running style has given the Hoosiers and added dimension to their league-best offense this season. In Saturday’s win over Western Kentucky, Howard ran for 203 yards on 31 carries, contributing to rushing effort that churned through the Hilltopper defense in the second half.

The Hoosiers have now had a 100-yard rusher in 15 of their last 16 games and have rushed for over 200 yards in 13 of their last 15 contests. For Howard, it was his second career 200-yard effort, eighth 150-yard game and the 14th time he’s surpassed 100 yards.

Howard has also shown an ability to bash the Hilltoppers, who he faced as a Conference USA foe during his stay at UAB. Between his last two games against WKU, Howard has combined for 386 yards.

“Jordan’s strong,” IU coach Kevin Wilson said. “He’s matured. It’s kind of how he played last year. He’s a guy that gets stronger as he goes.”


  1. One thing I am sure about, I am glad Howard plays for IU as we would have struggled without him. I wish coach would slow down the pace so Howard gets a greater % of the offensive plays. IU ran the ball 59 times against WKU so there is a need for another RB but it would be nice to reduce the runs to 45 with Howard getting 31 of the rushes. I was thinking during the last few series of the game how tired both teams looked. To IU’s advantage they seemed less tired as it looked as if WKU’s offense could barely move the last couple of series. They stopped gaining yards running the ball and passes became spot passes with no YAC as IU had 2 or more tacklers taking down the receivers.

    It is great to get to 3-0 and even better if IU enters B1G play at 4-0. Our defense should be well prepared for Wake Forest as their offense seems to mirror our offense.

  2. Howard is an outstanding talent. I love the yards he gains after initial contact and that he usually delivers the blow to that tackler. He’s got great feet and great balance. Let’s hope he stays healthy through the entire season.

  3. A little off topic but what did N Illinois do to Ohio St for 3 quarters. That was a 13-10 game into the 3rd quarter. Maybe coach needs to get that game tape.

  4. 1992, Somehow someone gave OSU’s QB’s a tonic before the game which caused them to lose their mastery and throw interceptions. Their offense simply did not have a productive day

  5. Great win! Howard is fantastic! Two NFL RB’s in a row is very impressive. I hope that some top recruits see that Indiana is a destination for playing on Sundays. Coach Wilson is in his 5th year now. His decision not to kick the FG and go for the 4th and 3-4 almost cost IU the W. He needs to get smarter!

  6. Jordan Howard is displaying shades of “The Tyler Rose”. Big, powerful as well as faster and more elusive that you’d think for a man of his size. Howard punishes tacklers. After the half and definitely in the 4th quarter they begin changing their approach and angles to get him to the ground. He has the ability to keep the chains moving on 3rd and medium as well as breaking off a 20+ yard run. Keep it going young man.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  7. BeatPurdue, one newspaper’s summary of the IU – WKU game read “and IU hung on to win against WKU.” With headlines like that being printed across the country, not many “top recruits” are going to consider IU as a destination that will help them make it to the NFL. And that’s a big part of the problem with IU beating teams from weaker conferences by 3 points in a home game.

  8. Love what he brings to the table and his confidence. Anxious to see him bring that punishment to the States (Ohio, Penn and Michigan) linebackers. Go get’em!

  9. Just think Howard was one of many RBs but it was UAB that found him. Tevine was a great RB but Howard is the first real B1G RB IU has had for years, possibly since Bill Mallory years with AT and Dunbar who were able and willing to give as much as they took when it came to hits. I sure hope Howard comes back one more year but I can’t see that happening so we need to enjoy it while we can this year.

    If the coaches figure out how to use Howard properly he could give IU a quality running game in the B1G. Last year Tevine gave us the home run capability so we knew we could score no matter what happened to that point. Howard can give us a running game that sets up the pass as we have the option of passing on any of the three downs since two runs by Howard gives IU a makeable distance. It is up to the coaches to determine if we pass on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd/4th down. Nate is getting consistent enough, he still needs to improve more, that we can count on a 75% completition rate when we choose to pass instead of when we must pass.

    It is nice to have a RB that gains yards after getting hit. I would like to see one of the other RBs get a shot instead of giving all the other reps to Redding. Redding has gotten into the habit of going down with the first hit and not finding the seam inside to gain extra yards. He just doesn’t seem to be as good as he was early in the year.

  10. Podunker, kids look at social media, not newsprint headlines! If IU plays in a Bowl they will look hard at Indiana! If IU has to RB’s drafted by the NFL, they will visualize that result for themselves. Indiana MUST win 6 games and play in a bowl! Any Bowl!

  11. BeatPurdue, good point about kids and social media. I dated myself. And you are right about the need to go to a bowl game. That’s it in a nutshell.

  12. Great win! I think a bowl is a real possibility. However, the numbers are the numbers and assuming we take down Wake Forest, we still have to win 2 conference games. Our defense, while clearly improving, is still giving up way to much real estate so this is no slam dunk. I think Rutgers is a must win as is Purdue. I thought that we would have a good shot at Iowa but they are playing well. Bottom line: we’ve come a long way but we have a long way to go.

  13. Three games in and we still have hope that IU can go to a bowl game this year. That in itself is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Coming off a week of rest, which IU will need after playing Michigan State, we have a chance of beating Iowa at home. Wilson has beat Iowa before with a much weaker team.

  14. ^^^ Would love to be part of that “celebration.” Does it involve the revisiting a sinful obsession with dingleberry plucking and a poster on the wall of Kevin Wilson?

  15. IUfan23, you are right about IU coming a long way but having a long way to go yet. This team is showing themselves to learn as the game goes along and keep fighting to the end so we don’t know who they will beat. I think I have a good idea what the players think they can win but Coach Wilson has rightfully told them to keep it out of the press; it is something we can do.

  16. Agree with Podunker and Vesuvius13. If the first three games were last year or just about any year prior, we would probably be 0-3 instead of 3-0, the difference being in the belief that we can win! I am beginning to see a killer instinct in some (not all) of the defense. We need to see a lot more but really encouraged with some of the “attitude.”

  17. Half way to 6 and 3/4 of the season left. B1G will be enlightening but should also be some fun. Tony Fields who I thought would wrap up the SS spot is now 4th or 5th safety to see the field. Talk about talented young guys taking to good coaching, Cook and Crawford are great examples of the future revealed. The D’s strides against a good OL and a dynamic passer = 3 tipped or swatted passes and 2 INT’s. Now Scales and Dutra back for their 2nd game. Sure want to see more pressure up front and LB’s please cover the TE’s.

  18. Can’t figure out why Redding (or any other back) should be getting as many plays as KW is giving. KW spotted Coleman a lot, too, and couldn’t figure that out, either. Shouldn’t the best players be on the field as much as possible? If Howard is being taken out ’cause of the situation (down and distance, field position, whatever), isn’t that just a tip-off to the other team’s D that something is up?

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