Indiana releases 1st depth chart of season

There are no major surprises on Indiana’s first depth chart of the fall.

IU’s initial two-deep, released Monday afternoon, is a reflection of how the team lined up during the last week-plus of fall camp. Of note, sophomore Tony Fields is listed as the starter at strong safety and freshman Jonathan Crawford is listed as his backup. That pushes sophomore Kiante Walton to the backup slot behind Chase Dutra at free safety. Freshman Brandon Knight is listed as the backup to Jason Spriggs at left tackle and redshirt freshman Delroy Baker is behind Wes Martin at left guard. Redshirt sophomore Rashard Fant is back in the top corner spot, with former walk-on Ben Bach listed as his backup. Rangy freshman corner Tyler Green isn’t listed this week — Noel Padmore is the starter at the right side corner spot and freshman Andre Brown is his backup.

Follow along after the jump for the full two-deep (starters in bold):

LT: Jason Spriggs, Brandon Knight
LG: Wes Martin, Delroy Baker
C: Jake Reed, Wes Rogers
RG: Dan Feeney, Jacob Bailey
RT: Dimitric Camiel, Tim Gardner or DeAndre Herron
WR: Ricky Jones, Nick Westbrook
WR: Simmie Cobbs, Leon Thornton
SLOT: Mitchel Paige, Damon Graham
QB: Nate Sudfeld, Zander Diamont
RB: Jordan Howard, Devine Redding
TE: Michael Cooper, Anthony Corsaro, Danny Friend, Jordan Fuchs

DT: Darius Latham, Ralph Green III, Shawn Heffern
NT: Adarius Rayner, Nate Hoff
DE: Nick Mangieri, Patrick Dougherty, Jacob Robinson
BANDIT: Zack Shaw, Nile Sykes, Greg Gooch
SLB: Clyde Newton, Dawson Fletcher or Zeke Walker
MLB: T.J. Simmons, Dameon Willis
WLB: Tegray Scales, Marcus Oliver
LCB: Rashard Fant, Ben Bach, Devonte Williams
FS: Chase Dutra, Kiante Walton, Mario Swann
SS: Tony Fields, Jonathan Crawford
RCB: Noel Padmore, Andre Brown

K: Griffin Oakes, Aaron Del Grosso, Calob Meinzer
P: Erich Toth, Joseph Gedeon
LS: Josh Pericht, Nolan Guedel, Dan Godsil
H: Erich Toth, Nick Campos
KR: Damon Graham, Ricky Brookins, Devonte Williams
PR: Mitchell Paige, Rashard Fant


  1. I am a little surprised Zander Diamont is listed as the backup QB. Thought maybe he’d be redshirted this year. I’m sure Zander has improved a lot since last November, but I still doubt that he’s ready to fill Sudfeld’s shoes. Hopefully, Sudfeld won’t need to play much in the second half of this Saturday’s game and Zander can get more experience. In fact, I hope Sudfeld doesn’t have to play in the fourth quarter until the Western Kentucky game. I want to see IU football evolve to the point where most of the starters don’t have to play in the fourth quarter of most of the non-conference games. They need to be healthy at the start of conference play, and the backups need to get experience.

  2. I thought the same thing Podunker. We have more depth at QB this year and thought he’d be redshirted as well. It would make sense but maybe Wilson is uneasy with lack of playing time the rest of the QB’s have. It’s next to nothing really.

    I’d be nice to rest our players. That’s been a pipe dream recently but hopefully the program has turned the page for that to happen.

  3. Yes, it has been a pipe dream for many years. But given the stakes for Wilson this year, if IU get’s way up, or way down before the end of the third quarter, Sudfeld needs to be pulled in order to reduce the risk of injury. Looking at the schedule, IU going to a bowl game might hinge on beating Purdue in the last game of the regular season. Key starters should be rested as much as possible during games that are out of control, one way or the other, before the fourth quarter begins.

  4. Zander is listed as the backup QB. However, as long as Sudfeld stays healthy , don’t look for Zander to be in any of the games (redshirting this season?). Danny Cameron will probably be doing the mop up duty. Zander will probably the QB only if Sudfeld is injured. Coach KW has mentioned many times that he wants Zander to get a redshirt this year. 3 deep probably looks like this: #1/Sudfeld—-#2/Zander—-#3/ Cameron.

  5. Zander at backup QB may indicate that IU wants to have a mobile QB to insert in the games. Coach has been talking about redshirting Zander but also said if he were the #2 QB he would play some this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zander come in if the offense is ineffective a couple of series in a row. It is nice to have a change up ready during a game if the defense seems to be in rhythm making it tough on the offense. I would expect Zander to be redshirted if Nate makes it through the whole year but I could see him playing this year.

  6. If Zander is the backup, he’s the one going in when Wilson pulls Sudfeld. Otherwise, listing him as #2 on the depth chart makes no sense. You want your best guys to get the experience in case the starter is injured, especially at QB where timing with receivers is so important. So, it would be really weird for Wilson to list Zander as #2 and then put Cameron or anyone else in for mop up duty. My guess is that Wilson has dropped plans to redshirt Zander this season. If that is so, it’s because he’s not comfortable that any of the other QBs are ready to lead the offense in case Sudfeld gets hurt.

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