IU prioritizing student attendance for Ohio State game #iufb

As it prepares to host the No. 1 team in the country, Indiana is hoping to see more crimson than scarlet in the Memorial Stadium bleachers.

IU athletic director Fred Glass announced Tuesday that Saturday’s game against Ohio State is almost sold out, but the school is making tickets from its general public inventory available to students for $10.

Those general public tickets, which are otherwise available for $65 per ticket, can be purchased by students by clicking this link.

“Our fans are really excited for this Saturday’s game, and we are close to being sold out,” Glass said in a statement. “While we believe we could sell all of our remaining tickets to the general public at the $65 rate, we will continue to make the $10 ticket available to our students until the very last ticket is sold.”

With a sellout expected, fans are encouraged to arrive early and get to their seats early for Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. kickoff.

Saturday is the first time since Oct. 31, 1998 that IU has hosted the No. 1 team in the nation. That game also featured a visit from top-ranked Ohio State.


  1. Pretty simple…you want all the students to buy up the tickets the gather 20-30 student athletes, basketball players, swimmers, golfers you name it and have them show up in every dormitory and fraternity/sorority on campus, the local bars, and sell the tickets on the spot. Dump the tickets with IU students…better to have IU students in the stands vs a bunch of Buckeye fans.

  2. That’s a nice thought, Bobby. But in reality, if they can make a tidy little profit from selling their tickets, a lot of IU students will do just that, regardless of who buys them. I’ll guess that at kickoff, 35% of the people inside Memorial Stadium will be Buckeye fans. By the second half kickoff, more than half the people left in the seats will be cheering for OSU. I hope I’m wrong this time, but I’ve seen it happen before.

  3. I hope more IU fans are at the game than OSU fans but it is short trip for Buckeye fans. I hope the students resist the urge to buy the tickets at $10 and resell them for a profit as it would be nice to see IU fans dominate the stadium for this game. I know it would really help the team to have so many fans in the stadium cheering them on.

  4. It was 2007 and IU was hosting Penn State. It was a beautiful day in Bloomington. And while our group of friends were tailgating before the game, we were speaking to some nice people who happened to be die hard Penn State fans. They were very complimentary of IU’s campus and of Bloomington. They proceeded to tell us how hospitable and polite Hoosiers were and how IU had become their favorite football road trip destination. We were curious about this, relative to their other Big Ten football destinations, so we asked them to explain. They explained, “because it’s so easy and inexpensive to get tickets to the game here at IU.” They went on to tell us how many Penn State fans had made the trip to Bloomington (it was in the tens of thousands) for the game and that almost none of the fans felt the need to secure tickets before departing for Bloomington. One guy told us, “we love away games in Bloomington because we know we can get all the tickets we need for a low price. It’s not this way at any other Big Ten school.” One of my friends shook his head and responded, “oh man, that’s really humiliating.” The Penn State fan responded, “oh, I didn’t mean to offend you guys, but it’s the truth. For many of us, playing IU in Bloomington is the only chance we get to see Penn State play in person.” It was embarrassing, and sure enough, I’d estimate that about 40% of the fans in Memorial Stadium that day were loyal Penn State fans.

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