IU releases non-conference football opponents through 2023 #iufb

Indiana released Thursday a list of its non-conference football opponents for the 2016 through 2023 seasons, including previously unannounced matchups against Idaho, Charlotte and Georgia Southern.

Future schedules through the next eight seasons feature at least one Power 5 opponent to put Indiana in line with the Big Ten’s commitment to only play teams from the Football Bowl Subdivision when the conference adopts a nine-game league schedule in 2016.

Idaho (2021 and 2022), Charlotte (2022 and 2023) and Georgia Southern (2017 and 2023) have each agreed to home-only series’ in Bloomington.

IU was originally scheduled to play Massachusetts in 2017, but it has moved that game to 2023. The series against Louisville will begin in 2023 in Lucas Oil Stadium before the Hoosiers travel to Louisville in 2024 and host the Cardinals in 2025 at Memorial Stadium. IU will face Ball State at home in 2018 and 2020, with a game at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2019.

Here’s the full list of non-conference opponents:
2016: at Florida International, Ball State, Wake Forest,
2017: at Virginia, Florida International, Georgia Southern
2018: at Florida International, Virginia, Ball State
2019: Ball State at Lucas Oil Stadium, Western Kentucky, UConn
2020: Western Kentucky, Ball State, at UConn
2021: Cincinnati, at Western Kentucky, Idaho
2022: Idaho, at Cincinnati, Charlotte
2023: UMass, Louisville at Lucas Oil Stadium, Charlotte


  1. ball st 4 times? fiu and w ky 3 times? boring. you got to be kidding. just wait until fiu kicks our ass 2 out of 3. i’m sure all their players know we iu paid a half million dollars to get out of a game with south florida to play them instead because fiu represented an easy w. glass said as much himself. right now fiu looks like they may be just as good.

  2. @coachv

    I think the jury is still out on FIU. They beat a UCF team that lost 17 starters from last year.

    Also, Glass’ statement about schedule difficultly had more to do with home games. USF was supposed to be away this year. That would have meant 2 straight years with only 6 home games. We spent the money to get a 7th home game this year. We asked to switch, but since that would have put USF in the same situation, they said no. Also, going to the 9 game conference schedule, with alternating 4 or 5 home games, its going to become harder to get the 7 homes. The switch may have also enabled IU to get on a better schedule rotation to get 7 games more frequently.

  3. davis, scheduling ND is not going to happen, nor should it happen. Why would IU want to go up and get destroyed by an instate school? There’s no upside for ND playing IU, and there’s a lot of downside for IU to play ND. If IU is going to have a chance of playing bowl games once in a while, we must keep schools like ND off the Pre-conference schedule.

  4. eveidently we need to keep schools like southern illinois off the schedule too.

    looks like we have w ky 4 times also. it will feel like fiu, w ky, and ball st are in the big ten since we will be playing them as often as big ten schools. what a dull, unimaginative pre-conference schedule for the foreseeable future. more reasons to give up on iu football. nice work, glass

  5. Part of IU football’s struggle are people that say bad things about the program constantly never acknowledging any positives. We have seen smaller D1 schools beat the big dogs that are struggling to turn things around.

    To change a program you need small steps first and as you improve the quality of opponent needs to improve. I was at a small school who lost playijng the big boys becuase the AD had the idiotic idea that players would come because they wanted to play the big boys. I convinced him to make a strategic plan for the schedule based on two schools we could beat, four we might beat, and two big programs. After three years then eliminate the two we could beat to make six teams that were a toss up and two teams we would struggle to beat. Finally after three years more the schedule would revert back to playing the other Catholic Indy schools. He did adopt this plan and now the school does play the best and competes with those teams. It is little different with college schools.

    Give Coach Wilson time to bring in more athletes and IU will compete with the teams in the B1G East.

  6. vesuvius13, I’d say Wilson has between 3 and 15 months of time to “bring in more athletes.” If he doesn’t demonstrate that he can produce a winning season after six years, he should not remain IU’s head coach. Some people believe that he does not deserve more than five years unless he wins this year. To me, if IU wins five this season and plays well in their losses, Wilson deserves another year. If not, it’s time to find another head coach.

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