1. OSD is here again kind of like a bad penny I keep showing up.

    Not really excited about football team but how many points you think the spread will be? I say 24. OSU winning of course.

    Now onto basketball. I know the Hoosier Hysteria is like the 24th but when do they start practicing?

    Has this Thomas Bryant been a kid who gets into foul trouble. As I see it if he or Troy are out for long stretches of time during a game we will be sunk. Also despite his denials I think if this kid has a good year he is gone to the NBA after one season. What say you?

    Finally my prediction is we win 21 games and after the season we lose the 3 seniors plus Troy, Thomas and James. then one more who underclassman who just transfers. So that makes 7. More than half the roster again. I see a scenario where CTC wins enough games to get another year but we are very bad due to the loss of personnel.

    You boys have a good time covering the FB game. I will be watching from the palatial estate here in NW Indiana.

    OSD is gone………………

  2. OSD, The spread was 21 yesterday for the FB game. BB practice starts today. Good assessment of BB personnel for 2016-17. Undoubtedly why CTC has full court recruiting press on offering all the good players he and staff can get the attention of. Of course that is recruiting 21st century isn’t it? Take care of NW Indiana. I’m from LaPorte county about 12 miles west of Valpo, not quite the Region but neighbors just the same.

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