1. For those that said the suspension shouldn’t make much of a difference are finding out differently tonight. Our front is playing well and as expected the secondary got exposed one time. The offense hasn’t been in sync except the last two drives. There just seems to be too much resistance to run close to the G.L., there is also a big difference between Howard and Redding. I would leave Howard in and run him over and over, using passes as the DBs suck in on the run. We are going to need a more efficient offense to win this game along with a defense that keeps playing tough.

  2. Good start to the second half by the defense and offense. I liked the reverse call followed with two runs by Howard and Nates read option for the TD.

  3. IU needs to stay out of the state of Florida….Stay away from the south. Try to find teams to schedule in Vermont, Delaware, The Dakotas. IU needs the small college league on schedule.

  4. Over all a great effort so far. It is time for the O to run the ball, eat the clock, and score with less than 10 sec on the clock.

  5. The young guys on the back end get beat…but they don’t hang their heads and quit. Huge play by Jameel Cook. Go Hoosiers!!!

  6. Keith, I noticed that too, it is nice to have DBs that don’t get discourage when they get beat. All of them get beat at some point.

  7. Andy, Who does IU have in the booth for the offense?

    What a diff Green and Latham are to the front 7 to create a positive performance by the D. Next week Scales and probably Dutra to raise the level of play again. The D showed excitement, energy and very physical play for the whole game as they only showed in the 2nd half of SIU. Only 2 sacks, that has to change. Fant and Jordan Crawford are going to be something special. Lots of rotation in the secondary. Because of that IU will hurt somebody down the road. I’d run Howard till his shoes are out of style. What a horse. IU’s really bad stat was 11 penalties for 110 yd. That and better tackling will be emphasized this week. This staff has the team knowing they can close out games.

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