1. Well, by the looks of the empty seats, we finally discovered a college fan base less interested in their football team than The Hoosier Nation!

    Glad we’re winning at half time, but we’re very lucky WF’s receivers can’t catch the football. IU is running the ball well, but the passing offense looks confused. Perhaps that’s due to good defensive schemes, or maybe it’s because IU has had a lot of drive-killing penalties. Sometimes Wilson’s offense just goes too fast.

    Is it me, or are the refs giving IU some “home cooking?” Some of those flags were ridiculous.

    This game should be a blow-out by now. But IU is allowing WF to hang around. Which, when you’re playing on the road, is never a good idea. Let’s hope IU’s offense comes alive and produces a dominant second half, has fewer penalties, and gets out of town with their fourth win.

  2. Where did they get these officials? HUGE discrepancy in penalties. Pass interference on Fant on uncatchable ball… but our guys getting grabbed with no calls. Yeesh!!!

  3. Maybe trying to run the clock out with half a quarter left is a bad idea? Playing ‘not to lose’ can really cost you and it seems Wilson hasn’t learned that lesson.

  4. Could not agree more with Tim’s comment in #4.

    IU limped over the finish line in this game and was lucky to win (again). Lucky the WF starting QB was injured, lucky the WF receivers could not catch the ball in the first half, and lucky for a holding penalty late in the fourth quarter.

    Does Wilson and his staff have any situational awareness? It didn’t look like the IU players had any in the fourth quarter.

    No wonder Wilson goes for it on fourth downs. He always makes them in practice against IU’s defense. So did Wake Forest in this game.

    Fourth game of the season and IU commits how many penalties? I think it was at least 12 that were accepted. How many personal fouls? O.K., the local refs showed significant bias, but after the fourth “illegal formation” penalty, you’d think the offense would make the necessary adjustment?

    Just when I was thinking that IU’s defense was starting to show some prowess, the last half of the fourth quarter happened. Missed tackles, blown coverages, penalties, all the normal tendencies returned with a vengeance.

    I’m so tied of hearing about how young IU’s defensive players are? It’s Wilson’s fifth year as coach. Why does he not have more upperclassmen playing on the defense?

    Why do I feel like IU lost this game? We’re 4 – 0, and that’s good; but after watching that debacle in the fourth quarter, it does not feel like we’re 4 – 0.

  5. I’m so tied of hearing about how young IU’s..[……] players are?

    That’s been Crean’s excuse for 8 years…so, maybe, you ought to really shuddup.

  6. Harv, did you strain yourself trying to figure out how to insert criticism of Crean into another string that has absolutely nothing to do with basketball? I’m guessing that with your severe case of Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome (TCDS), it just comes easy for you. I believe your condition is beyond curable.

  7. On the contrary, seeing how you are “tied of hearing,” it appears you’re the one in knots when Hoosier Football comes out victorious.

    Bring on GameDay!!!!

  8. Podunker, it may be Wilson’s fifth year but only our DC 2nd. The poor recruiting distribution was one reason a change was made in DC. Notice since Knorr showed up we have focused on getting DBs in the program. Knorr came in and saw we didn’t have enough DBs which is one reason we had so many walk on DBs before. Things are changing for the better and they aren’t all the way there yet but it seems to be on the way.

  9. Some people need a rectal optaleptomy. It is a surgical procedure where your eyeballs get disconnected from your rear-end. This way they wouldn’t have such a crappy outlook on life.

    Holy smokes, the Hoosiers looked pretty dang good on the road against a major conference team. Even taking into account the last 6 minutes, when was the last time IU’s opponents had a box score were the TEAM was held to under 100 yds rushing, and their QB had less than 300 yds passing? He threw the ball 48 times to get a measly 264 yds and some of those chucks were utter garbage. The onside kick actually bounced backwards.

    If we play like we did today, we’re not only going bowling, we could see 3 or 4 more of these Ws.

    This is NOT a flawless team and there is a lot they can improve on. Each week we’ve gotten better. I suspect we’ll get mauled by OSU next weekend, but OSU is going to maul a lot of teams this year. PSU, Purdue, Rutgers and Maryland are looking pretty juicy right now.

  10. DD, PSU, PUke,Terps, and RU are who I am targeting also with a real wanting to add Meatchicken as a W we aren’t suppose to get.

    Watched the game again and looked up some of the game stats this AM. Mangieri, Shaw, Latham and Scales played their asses off for the D. They were highly juiced all day. As far as the Bandit position in a 3-4 Shaw is perfect for the job. WF’s hero Hinton, other than being clutch at times was rather mediocre. Passing % a little over 40. His running which during the game I thought was strong, averaged only 2.6 yd. per attempt on the day. Why they did not run Colburn more than 3 times is a mystery. He had the longest run(21 yd.)of the day. The 4 guys above made those #’s happen. All in all a strong game for the Hoosiers except for the last 5 minutes +. I’d also bet Wilson would call 2 of the last 3 offensive series different if done over. But I still call it a strong performance.

    Minny was given a gift yesterday. Bobcats Coach Solich was irate.

  11. HC, you are right about this game but understand the haters will never see anything good until IU is winning the B1G championship. Even then, a few will critize how they were winning because no one is good enough for them. There are people that can’t see the process therefore can’t see the progress along the way.

    I enjoyed seeing IU playing better football and I think they have gotten better each week. You bring up some very good points about the game and how well IU’s defense played for most of the game. It becomes clearer when you break down the stats. It has been a while since IU held a team to few yards especially when they throw the ball 48 times in the game. It was also go to see the offense run for more than 200 yards along with more than 200 yards passing. They will make it tough of defenses with a offense with that runs the ball and passes it as they want.

    These next few games will tell us how much this team has grown as we have 4 games with potential to set us up for a good run the last 4 games of the year. It would be nice to win two of the next four but it would be great to be 3-1. The final four games gives IU a real shot at finishing the season with two more wins but with the struggles Iowa has had with IU in the past 3-1 isn’t out of the question.

    If this team keeps getting better they could really have a special year. It won’t be easy just as no game so far has been easy. This team just has a wide range of what this season could be from winning 5 games to realistically winning against Purdue, Rutgers, Maryland giving IU 7 games all the way to winning 10 games [although Michigan’s improvement makes 9 more likely]. I won’t venture a guess on any number of wins as each week this team will have to decide if they are going to pull that game off.

  12. I watched the game a second time after getting control of my pulse and blood pressure. And yes, there were periods during the game when IU looked dominant and simply outstanding. IU made some great plays that were a lot of fun to watch. But one day, I’d like to watch an IU football game without holding my breath for most of the fourth quarter. Wilson and his staff need to learn how to win.

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