1. Bummed about there being no Live Chat this year. Actually, really bummed.

    I guess the trolls finally won.

  2. Even if IU wins, to lay an egg like this in the first half….wow. Wilson makes what 1.7 mil a year for this? That’s just robbery. Hopefully the media can stop with the ‘Wilson has upgraded the talent’ comments. This is the same old Indiana.Even if you tried I’m not sure you could do a worse job of running a football program the last 20 years. It’s insulting to the fans.

  3. Missing the starters on defense is having a major impact. We are getting no inside push from our DL and why is Dutra not on the field as the blown coverage had no one covering the TE. Offensively Johns needs to figure what he wants to do as the offense shows signs of dominance but not sign of a signature way to attack the defense. The biggest disappointment was the blocked punt as IU has had that problem before with this punt formation. The defense all half but especially the last drive was bad.

    It is just one half into the season so no reason to panic yet. IU starts on offense so we will find how what these players and coaches want to do this year.

  4. What an impressive defensive effort by IU ! I’ll bet the AD is falling all over himself to get the coordinator a contract extension.

  5. WOW!!! NO DEFENSE at all!! disastrous display of defensive football…..as i said previous to many freshman and sophomore defensive players on the field of play…..the offensive side of the ball will be okay but the Defensive is the same old stuff, i do not want to hear how good the front seven (lineman and linebackers) are when they still cannot get a sack or even close to the SIU quarterback today against a FCS offensive line……Looks like a long season for us IU faithful fan and alum.

  6. I guess I should be angry or annoyed at this effort but since I’ve seen this so many times before (I was at the SIU game in 2006) I’m just resigned to whatever happens. It’s as though it isn’t the team or the coach. It’s the program and the culture.

  7. For all of those who said Wilson had to stay so the program has ‘stability’……Stability is meaningless if you put up an effort like today. This kind of stability literally does nothing to help IU football.

    In the post-Mallory era who has IU hired who’s gone on to be successful head coach after being fired from IU? This might mean IU hasn’t hired well (other that Hep). Cameron went 1-15 as the Dolphins HC, DiNardo came here after 2 losing seasons at LSU (if you can’t win at LSU you can’t win at IU), Lynch is at DePauw so hard to judge but he’s not in D-1 coaching for a reason. Wilson had no HC experience at this level and it shows.

  8. IU football never changes. Not because of the talent, but because of the coaching. Wilson is a bad joke.

  9. IU79, NO DEFENSE is right and I sure hope the missing players are the key or this season will be less than many of us hoped. Any defense will struggle at times against a spread attack but needs to rise up and make more stops.

    Just think, as bad as we feel with a win PSU just got dominated by Temple. The first game of the year never determines how a team will finish the season but this game was a major disappointment.

  10. Tim and Chaz — Coach Wilson has done a wonderful job…..this win just show how much we still need to improve our recruiting in getting the right player…..A WIN IS A WIN BABY!!!! this is just the first game of the season and we can expect some improvements as the season goes on….in a couple of more games the freshman and the sophomore (lack of experience/game time) will improve……I like the way Andre Brown was in position to stop the wide receiver on the two point conversation (improvement is starting to happen)….Granted i know IU would have lost if SIU does not miss the extra point and the field goal….but i am still a believer in Kevin Wilson leading this program to success….IU is 1-0….Lets get ready for FIU….GO Kevin Wilson and GO IU!!!

  11. Tim,

    You are right. Hep changed the ‘attitude and culture” at IU. He was also the head Coach when SIU beat IU 9 years ago but by that time he was in the Press Box due to cancer and Lynch was on the sidelines. Coaches are able to change the “culture” and put the “program” on the rise. Unfortunately, those coaches (except for Mallory and Hep) don’t seem to find their way to Bloomington and thus, we wind up with teams and results like today. They won but it was against a team they should have “blown out” and instead they ‘held on’ because a kid dropped the football on a two point conversion. I assume this will be a “wake up call” but do they have the talent, ability, and leadership to do anything even if they are awake?

  12. iulonago, I question whether IU should have “blown” this team out. I agree they should have handled them better and won by 21 points. They had a D1 transfers at some of the skilled positions. IU was missing much of their defensive front which everyone said was needed to keep the young secondary from being exploited.

    Like you I hope this game was a wake up for the team and we see the step up their play next week.

  13. A wonderful job? No winning seasons. Wonderful job in comparison to what? The younger players should improve with game day experience, but the level of competition will improve faster than the development of the younger players. Lots of positives from the offense, but we had that long before Wilson arrived. Key players returning will help the defensive line, but the big ten will have a field day with our pass defense.

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