1. TV guy is having a tough time. IU gets the ball back to line of scrimmage and TV guy said 1st down for IU. Not. Follows that up couple of plays later, IU does not convert 4th down and TV guy said ball returns to Indiana. Maybe wishful thinking.

  2. 81.5 yards worth of body shots followed by the over hand right for six. One hell of a drive. Go Hoosiers!!!

  3. IU football has more excuses than fans. Literally no excuse for the defense to be this atrocious year after year.

  4. Tim, you are exactly right. There is no excuse for a Big Ten defense to be playing this terribly against a team from a weaker conference. IU’s defense is horrific. It is terrible and downright embarrassing. And on top of that, IU’s “experienced and mature” offense is inconsistent at best. First and ten from inside the ten yard line and IU settles for a field goal! Just terrible. The offense squandered the first quarter with a fumble and penalties and questionable play-calling. And I’m hearing from the announcers that WKU has a lot of freshman DBs, so why is IU trying to run the ball so much? I can’t blame the fans inside Memorial Stadium from leaving at half time and not returning. Unless a miracle occurs in the remaining nine games of the season, I think this game is the beginning of the end for Wilson’s tenure at IU. Three games into the season and I’ve seen enough to convince me Wilson is not capable of taking IU football to where we want it to be. The program is going backward. Maybe Glass can hire the WKU coaching staff.

  5. can someone please put some pressure on this quarterback!! An can someone on defense make a tackle!! Is the defensive personnel on this team as bad as they are playing…..what is going on with the play calling in the red zone?? Sudfeld on an option run in the red zone (give me a break)!!! this is the culture of IU football always to many freshman and sophomore playing football when they are not ready??

  6. This team is what it is a work in progress. I wish the 3rd quarter team could come out and play the whole game but that isn’t where they are right now. The lack of points in this drive coud come back to haunt us.

  7. Everyone calling WKU a lesser team isn’t being realistic. Last year they defeated an unbeaten Marshall team that was ranked at the time. A team as young as IU will not be a power in the B1G but they could win some games that no one expects them to win. I hope they can hold on to win this game as WKU has shown they can score fast.

  8. Please ask why pts were left off the board. First question at the presser.
    Weird that it didn’t matter but still….

  9. Halftime defensive adjustments may be overlooked in this game. But, they had 2 takeaways and only gave up 7 in the final 30 minutes. Way to battle Hoosiers!!!

  10. IU ends up with 669 yards offense in the win. Defense gives up 7 points in the second half; I wish they could figure out how to start the games and play like they do after half time.

    The big stat is 3-0 to start this year.

  11. GO IU!!! too all the doubter/naysayer of coach Kevin Wilson go back into hiding for another week!!! the halftime adjustment that the coaching staff made where great!!! we need to really start getting behind this team and the coaching staff…….what a hell of a game!!! IU has played in three of the most exciting games this year you can ask for…..everyone wants this team to blow the opponent out…but, we have a long way to go in this program before that happens…this was a great WIN and if we can win at Wake Forest next week this program will have taken a big step in the right direction.

  12. Po, You are the type who pisses and moans about a meal of chicken and noodles even before the yard strutter is killed, plucked and cooked.

  13. HC, I’m delighted IU came back and won another game at home that they were supposed to win, but that does not change the fact that they played terrible in the first half. It does not change the fact that the defense is swiss cheese, …too small, too young, don’t tackle, don’t shed blocks, don’t cover receivers, don’t pressure the QB, look hesitant and confused and make stupid penalties. I’d love nothing more than for IU to win six and go to a bowl, and for IU to extend Wilson’s contract, but he better find a way to eliminate those first half debacles, or this year will look just like last year, and the year before that, etc. Yes, we’re 3 – 0 for the first time in Wilson’s tenure, but none of those victories have been impressive. Wilson’s going to have coach his butt off to correct some of his team’s glaring deficiencies, and I dare say that he did nothing in preparation for today’s game to convince his growing list of critics that IU is ready to compete in Big Ten competition. I guess my only solace is that Ohio State struggled to beat Northern Illinois.

  14. So glad that I decided to save money by ditching cable at $180.00/month and subscribe to audio only of IU games for $6.95/month. Not only did I get a lot of stuff done around the house while listening to the game, I felt that I got real value for my money when the commentator Buck Suhr called the IUD “sickening.” Never get that kind of insightful reporting on the Big Ten channel, do you?

    HC, sorry, but you’ll have to put me in the same chicken pot with PO. KW’s had five years and the defense is still sickening. But HOW can the IUD still be so SICKENING after five years? It’s not as if no one knew that the defense was a huge problem when everyone reported to camp this summer. If this goes on IU will be lucky to win at Wake Forest and will be shut out in conf. play. I don’t take any malicious delight in writing the above. And certainly hats off to the players for not getting despondent and fighting back. But objectively speaking, how can anyone have confidence in the rest of this season? I don’t, and none of you readers know how much I wish that were not so. “Just the facts, ma’am.”

  15. I really hate to say this, but IU must be the worst 3-0 team in the country. They are not impressive at all. As productive as their offense can be at times (the play-calling just boggles the mind all too frequently), the defense is so bad that it negates their dynamic offense. It seems like IU’s offense must score a TD on every possession if the team is going to have a chance to win. That’s just ridiculous. And let’s not forget, the WKU kicker had an easy field goal blocked because the ball never got seven feet off the ground. IU has survived three home games against three teams from grossly inferior conferences. Let’s hope they improve a lot during this week in preparation for Wake Forest. How stupid of me to think IU would be able to get their back-up QB some experience in garbage time during the non-conference games!

  16. To those of you who think the sky is falling, or think Brohm got the best of Wilson. or are always on Wilson’s back, checkout Zach Osterman’s article in today’s Indianapolis Star.

  17. davis, Just a little something from me to you, I pay less than half(than you’ve been paying)for a decent level of programming that gives me a pretty high level of choices. It’s out there if you want to look. A few(handful or more)years ago when my subscription was breaking over the century mark I sacked up the providers dust and went elsewhere.

    Po, Keep scratching and you might come up with something. Until then your comedy is mid level entertaining.

  18. Thanks, HC. Actually, we have basic cable at less than $100.00/mo. but its a good value ’cause my Euro-wife can watch a bunch of programs from the old country. Every fall we would bump up the subscription to get the BTN, but it more than doubled the cost. I tried an online streaming called Sling.com ($20.00/mo.) and it had a ton of college games- but no Big Ten network. I’ll keep trying; I do wish that I could watch even the recent near-debacles but just hate being gouged to watch one game a week.

  19. Davis just to clarify more than I did and what I should have. I have more than basic for decent $ but no movie channels. Neat to hear your Bride is from Europe. I have a friend who is from Scotland, known him for near 30 years. Must admit when he gets wound up I only get about 3/5 of what he is relating. Between the speed of his speech and his brogue it is a challenge for me. Fun to rile him up though. He is a handful.

  20. HC, that’s all you got? Snide comments don’t count much toward a strong argument in defense of a program that is way behind schedule and wrought with major deficiencies. I admire your loyalty and hope you’re right about this IU football team, but a blind man can see Wilson has major problems to fix before he fields a quality Big Ten team. And he’s not helping his team with some of the stupid gambles he makes.

  21. Po, that sounds like a lot of generalized emoting. Lots of qualitative statements that can’t be proven or disproven.

    I just finished watching the game. Hoosiers played much better than in the FIU game. They’re improving on both sides of the ball. WKU is pretty good team, belying the lack of brand recognition of their directional school. They’ll find their way into a Bowl this year.

    The offense played well. Sudfeld went 20 – 27, 3 TDs NO Ints. Howard, a beast of a game with 203 yds.

    The defense had a rough 1st half. But, the upgraded talent was on full display in the 2nd half. They DO seem to be getting better and, as opposed to years past, when they do get burned, they have short memories and find ways to make plays on ensuing opposing possessions. They still aren’t great, but they are better than in years past.

    I thought they’d still be a little further along than they are right now, but I do like the trajectory. They’re getting better week to week and they seem to have a winning attitude. We have some good senior leadership along with a lot of young talent. That was the difference in the W yesterday.

    Onto Wake.

  22. Chet- thanks, I’ll give that a try. PO- not sure which gambles you are talking about, but going for it on 4th down is not usually a bad bet. As I learned from a poster on this site, offenses are giving up 25% of their possessions by limiting themselves to three downs to gain ten yards. I think giving the IUO 25% more possessions is a good move. See:


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