Marijuana charge against Devin Davis dropped

The marijuana possession charge against former Indiana forward Devin Davis was dropped this week, according to court records.

Davis was cited on May 11 for possession of marijuana under 30 grams after Indiana University Police responded to a complaint of marijuana odor coming from a residence at Hickory Hall. According to IUPD spokesperson Lt. W. Craig Munroe, officers found a small amount of marijuana in a backpack owned by Davis. Former IU teammate Hanner Mosquera-Perea was also present, but he was not cited. On May 14, both players were dismissed from the program.

The charge against Davis was dismissed without prejudice on Tuesday.


  1. Hopefully Davis can finish his recovery and find success. Still think he has nobody to blame for his dismissal but himself.

    Hoping IU fans can turn the page and move on from the recent string of personal failures and lack of leaderdhip. IU will not find success looking back.

  2. So, he’s been dismissed from the team for a crime that he hasn’t been charged with?

    How does that work?

  3. Just received my Varsity Club booklet and in the Men Basketball section is Holt with CTC as the feature photo.
    Post #2 just another rush to judgement by CTC. I also wonder how Fred Glass could say Morgan was at the location of the store, but wasn’t involved, and you later find out the whole deal occurred in Morgan’s auto. Troy Williams can have two positive drug tests and gets 4 game suspension . Bryant does the same act as Holt and doesn’t get any suspension and Holt gets his walking papers.

  4. You have at least a short memory IU South… I wont address the obvious. Crean did exactly what he had to do, who he had to ” do it” to, and in a timely ( after alot of deliberation) manner. I wish Emmitt Holt the best, but he didnt want to be an IU player, he wanted to ” play” at IU. There are players on this team who will never put themselves in such situations, and there are players on MANY teams where such behavior is tolerated…..( duh). Im glad to see IU FINALLY putting on the clamps and re acknowledging what true IU fans know. Nothing feels better than winning the right way

  5. Story told to my wife this morning by a grandmother of an IU music student. Grandson went back to his dorm room to find his roommate on the floor in handcuffs. Don’t know if law enforcement was IU cops or Bloomington’s finest. Anyway, roommate was accused of smoking pot in the dorm room. Roommate denied it and pointed finger at the grandson, who also denied it but was handcuffed anyway. Soon another student enters room and says both are innocent, that the weed is being smoked in the room below theirs. The cops go down to that room and catch the smoker in the act, exhaling into the window fan blowing to the outside. For some reason the two innocents above had their window fan blowing into their room. This story does not have a happy ending for the two innocents. Now there is an air of distrust between them, as well as the stigma of being handcuffed in front of other students. This would not have happened back in school year ’68-’69 when I lived in the dorm and many were smoking ditch weed. Welcome to the IU of Crean, Pence, and the House that Knight built.

  6. Apparently this newer generation of college dorm pot smokers don’t know the “fabric softener dryer sheet/empty toilet paper roll trick for undetectable, pot odor free smoking enjoyment.

    Stuff the fabric softener sheet into the empty cardboard roller and exhale into it, making sure to cover the pipe/joint so it doesn’t let off any extra smoke. Voila! Works perfect every time, plus the room will smell delightfully of fabric softener.

    Just a little survival tip for our athletes currently on very short leashes…….

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