Mosquera-Perea, Morgan present when Holt, Bryant cited

An Indiana State Excise Police spokesman confirmed Tuesday that former Indiana forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea was in the same vehicle with recently dismissed player Emmitt Holt and incoming freshman Thomas Bryant when they were cited Aug. 22 for illegal possession of alcohol.

Cpl. Brandon Thomas said officers involved with the incident were able to confirm that Mosquera-Perea was a backseat passenger along with Holt. Freshman forward Juwan Morgan was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and Bryant was seated in the front passenger seat, officers said. Thomas said officers did not recognize an additional male passenger.

Mosquera-Perea and Morgan were not cited for any offenses.

Holt, 19, and Bryant, 18, were cited at 12:50 a.m. Aug. 22 after uniformed officers allegedly observed each of them in possession of a bottle of vodka while sitting as passengers in a parked vehicle outside Convenient Food Mart in the 1400 block of North Dunn Street. Officers were alerted to five people seated inside the vehicle. Officers said Holt allegedly attempted to conceal a 750 milliliter bottle of vodka as an officer walked past the vehicle. An officer also observed Bryant attempt to conceal a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka, according to the original release.

Mosquera-Perea and then-IU player Devin Davis were each kicked off the team in May after an incident at a campus dorm, where Indiana University Police officers responded to a complaint of marijuana odor coming from a room Davis and Mosquera-Perea occupied. Although only Davis was cited, IU announced dismissals for both players two days later on May 14.

Speaking publicly about the Aug. 22 incident, IU coach Tom Crean told reporters at a fan event in Indianapolis on Thursday that he wished he had removed Mosquera-Perea from the team following his arrest on OWI charges in February 2014. It was the first of six off-the-court incidents involving IU basketball players during the ensuing 18 months. Five of those incidents have included multiple players

Mosquera-Perea, who transferred to East Tennessee State after his dismissal, is currently on probation in Monroe County stemming from his 2014 arrest. As part of a plea agreement reached last September, Mosquera-Perea was given a 60-day suspended jail sentence with credit for one day served. Mosquera-Perea was also required to complete 50 hours of community service. According to court records, his probation expires on Sept. 9.

On Monday, Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said it was Crean’s decision to boot Holt from the program. Holt was also involved with an accident on Nov. 1 that left Davis with a traumatic brain injury last November. On that occasion, Holt was cited for illegal consumption and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content above 0.02. Bloomington Police officers ruled that Holt, who registered a BAC of 0.025, was not at fault for the collision after it was determined that Davis suddenly jumped in front of the vehicle Holt was driving.


  1. Who calls the police because of the smell of pot wafting through the walls? Who does that on or near a college campus these days? But yes, HMP seems to be a bad influence on his former teammates. And Crean said a lot when he commented that he should have kicked HMP off the team after his first DUI offense.

  2. Mike, I hope you keep digging for the facts in this situation. Also you have three I U basketball players that are under 21 , HMP that is legal age ( 21 or over) and a not identified person age unknown, what is the law that the excise police followed. Who was the owner of the auto ? Was the liquor in their possession in opened containers? Was this bust for possession of the liquor or consumption?

  3. Conjecture here. HMP was the buyer?

    Anyway, the good news. Soon, cocktails will be available at Target. Enhance the shopping experience. Not sure if the Bloomington store is included. Christmas shopping will be interesting.

  4. Yea, I’m not sure who made the point, but Holt needed to be kicked off the team for being incredibly stupid. I mean, come one. Sitting in a car, in the parking lot of a convenience store, holding a handle of vodka, with a guy that has already been kicked off the team for similar rules violations, and already having one strike against you? I mean, that’s beyond typical dumb teenage behavior, that’s just pure stupid! It’s as if he begging to get kicked off the team.

    Anybody know if HMP and/or Holt are going to remain enrolled at IU this semester? I assume Holt will look to transfer and would be surprised if he stays in Bloomington through the first semester. Did IU allow him to keep his scholarship through the first semester? Has HMP still on scholarship?

  5. HMP is the Columbian Neck-Tie around Tom Crean’s career.

    Post of the year….You’re good, Double Down. You’re very good.

    Of course, all that A-Hope mess was the result of cronyism tied to Adams…tied to Cody…tied to video coordinator jobs…tied to Tijan Forever…tied to a hideous waste of valuable scholarship spots that could have made for legit backups around and behind Zeller & Co….Can you say, Mitch? But Crean had favors he had to make good on…..

  6. what the hell is perea doing in bloomington? thought he signed with tennessee state southwest a&m murphreesboro. haven’t classes started?

    it’s all starting to make sense now. crean saying he wished he had kicked hanner out of the program earlier. him then getting the boot yet hanging around for months partying with the players. obviously getting kicked off the team hasn’t affected him much.

    i can see where crean would be incensed. perea has the new kids out partying hard and getting busted. crean can’t touch perea. holt takes the brunt of crean’s anger. kinda changes everything for me. holt out drinking with a guy kicked off the team is a special kinnd of stupid. seriously, why is hanner in bloomington?

  7. And DD, don’t be so hard on Appalachia. Everybody knows that toothless girls give the best… yodeling lessons.

  8. Starting to feel a little better about my behavior freshman year. Guess I should cut myself a little slack.

    I would be embarrassed if I had been one of these guys.

  9. I did some consulting work for ETSU. Living in Johnson City, TN, is its own punishment. A big weekend consists of a trip to Knoxville.


  10. So a few things really perplex me about this. Obviously, who was this mystery fifth person? But with Hanner still on probation (less than two weeks to go!) and three underage dudes, who did they think bought the booze? How did Hanner get off free and clear? Why were they even with him in this situation? And where’s the line between loyalty and being a sucker if/when someone hands you some contraband so they don’t have to take the fall?

    I can’t advocate breaking the law. But I won’t pretend I didn’t do it back in the day or that it still doesn’t routinely happen now, however harmless some of it may be. If you’re going to engage in a victimless crime, don’t be a moron. And for goodness sakes, don’t be the fall guy for someone who’s already failed your team on multiple occasions. If it’s his third strike, that’s his bad. He’s shown no loyalty.

  11. Punjab, that was a shot to the solar plexus. Well played.

    You know why they know that the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky? Because if it was invented anywhere else, it would have been called a teethbrush.

  12. I think this shows why Hanner never showed much improvement on the court. He would rather be partying with his buddies than getting better as a basketball player.

    If ETSU has any players that actually want to win, they must be thrilled to get this workhorse.

    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Crean’s assistant came in his office and said, “Coach, Holt and Bryant got busted in front a Squishy Mart with underage possession of alcohol. And Hanner Perea was driving……”

    :::plant thrown against wall:::

  13. What a far cry from a few years ago. Jordy and Victor basically lived at Cook Hall. They worked their butts off and were both great teammates by demanding the same of everyone else.

    Yogi was supposed to the leader that carried on and instilled that work ethic in future classes. Yogi may have turned the corner with his own skills and abilities as a basketball player, but I have yet to see him emerge as a leader. Last year and this year, it should have been HIS team. The kid seems like a decent enough kid, but also a bit entitled and hasn’t shown much interest in making others around him better.

  14. Nobody will answer it…..You all want to play Columbo with yo-yos in parking lots. That’s akin to examining faulty deck lounge chairs while the Titanic sinks.. Let’s try it again….Who’s wrecking the program now? Who should Tom Crean chase around at halfcourt now? Have you ever seen a dog chase its own tail?

  15. 21st Century IU bb culture developed over the last 15 years. Yes, recruiting the player with both, positive and negative character; some join, some stay, some go, some hang around = the IU bb culture you get the first 15 years of the 21st century.

  16. And yes the other half or larger half of the equation starts with leadership at the top emphasizing head coach plus staff filtering down thru oldest to older continually developing leadership in players. Watching Urban Myer and Ohio State coaches on big ten network is a law and order philosophy not afraid to let expectations be known. Regardless of other kids on campus and regardless of society where is the insulation for IU bb family.

  17. Possibility that HMP has been trying to follow the right path? He was a bystander while Davis was doing his thing. Again, the bystander in the car with Holt? He may have been talked into being the legal age buyer. Maybe ?

  18. HMP should have been charged with 2 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and had his probation revoked.This guy is going to be a cancer in any locker room.

  19. ‘Contributing to the delinquency of a minor’. Not a fun charge. Got hit with that back in the mid-60’s in California. And underage drinking for both me and this young girl I met in a bar. She had a fake ID. Mine had the wrong birth year making me a year younger. I had notified Indiana of the wrong date and carried my birth certificate to prove I was over 21. She turned out to be 16. We were in the back seat of my car in the club parking lot. Buddy had the keys. Took 24 long hours before being cleared.

  20. A freshman was behind the wheel? A freshman has a car? Gosh.. I wonder what kind? I wonder who owns it?
    As a senior, Calbert Cheaney rode a bike. Uve Blab drove a bombed out junker station wagon. And an IU freshman who hasn’t played a game has a car.

  21. The Indiana Alumnus with the biggest problem with underage shenanigans in the past couple of weeks wasn’t a couple of Hoosier basketball players, but a turkey sandwich eating chub who built an entire organization to provide a systemic funnel of children to sexual exploit.

    At least he wasn’t an assistant football coach.

  22. But we need to keep this “offense” in perspective, especially relative to recent news involving varsity athletes at other schools across the country. BYU football player arrested for assault (BYU?), UCLA football player arrested for assault and theft of an Uber driver (moron), etc.,etc.. And that was just from this weekend. In relative terms, underage drinking does not seem so bad. Stupid yes, but not serious criminal behavior.

  23. Nobody is claiming it’s serious criminal behavior. Eight incidents in two years. Hanner in the car with Holt. This is criminally serious disrespect and disinterest for the leadership, the tutors, the academic advisers, the assistant that works with you for hours in Cook Hall, the hours placed in effort of all those that helped bring you to IU, the banners above the court where many upheld a belief in something you treat like toilet paper…and, most criminal of all, the head coach that spent so much of his wasted energy on how choir boys will sing to a different tune. Yes, go to the internet and find other isolated events across the entire landscape of college sports. This is multiple incidents in a very short time frame. This is more excuses instead of respect .This is aloofness for every Hoosier that invested in your sincerity to be at IU “because” you were striving to bring something special back to a basketball program now morphing into IU Football and taking the reins as the new biggest joke in town. One Bob Knight fart could clean this mess up without the tears for fears saga of excuses of “typical being typical” or buckets of excuses plucked from the internet for purposes of sappy commentary on society in decline.

    The only thing criminal is the lacking of mature purpose and passion. There is no sense of together we fight, together we fall…It’s a program infected with narcissistic carefree zombies that have zero respect you, the paying customer. I keep asking…..Who is wrecking the program now? Who is defecating on the banners now? Who is sabotaging the sweat and grit of every Hoosier that had to put up with so much crap from Knight in order to believe in something bigger than the reflection of your goofy, drunk, face in the mirror. Who is planning the next reunion of one of those great teams from three decades ago so we can momentarily forget what mediocrity pissing upon the IU name looks like.

    No, let’s not address the stinking odor of a criminal usurping of passion that is excused until eternity because, maybe, you just enjoy the candy stripes being old stools stuck in the flush pipe of Establishment defeatism. Maybe you enjoy IU being just “good enough” but nothing to ever shine bright in the darkness those isolated limestone hills again. Right now it appears more a passionless Skid Row than any car Jamarcus Ellis was ever calling home…There are no criminals at IU. There are only children imitating children. They are in perpetual weaves of first and second ..and third offenses…The only defense they ever play is when caught with vodka stuck up their candy striped diapers…They are criminally offered nothing of a classroom in basketball to take to the immortal heart of a team destined on the wings of passion. Those banners fly with the spit and piss of devilish effort to a keep a nose clean and mean. Soft excuses go on the wings of criminals to heaven.

    Pray tell, who is wrecking the program now? Crean has no team….and that’s certainly not difficult to tell…I I think it sorta died and went to some uninspiring team cloud the day of his final tweet. The pray before every shot of vodka to be the next mini MJ on Tom’s resume..

  24. oops.

    [They] pray before every shot of vodka to be the next mini MJ on Tom’s resume.

    Here’s a tune Oladipo should sing for his next NBA All-Star game dunk contest…..

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh….LADIPO!

  25. NoMendacity- Having fun yet? Here’s an idea…When we go to the Final Four this year, let’s all meet at Nick’s(now owned by Double Down and featuring the “new and improved” Italian Sub; internally soft sourdough roll still firm enough on the outside to hold up to DD’s special dipping juices….And it’s shipped straight from San Fran with all the sour bread starter yeast a company founded in his garage sporting a a signed Steve Alford poster ….)…Maybe Double Down will hire me.

  26. Guys like you always put more talk than proof in your dough…And tell me….How did Nick’s pull you away as chief logistics officer for the Jimmy John’s imported meats division….?

  27. More talk than proof? On the internet?

    Harv, far be if from me if you want to go full Sarkisian at work, but remember and I’m only going to tell you this one time, if you are going to work at McDowell’s, stay off the drugs.

  28. Wow….. I can only offer the ‘Powers’ of suggestion to ease your mind that I really have nothing to brag about.

  29. all of this alcohol and drug business may have seriously negative impact on future recruiting. A lot of parents raise their kids well and want to see them in a great environment. I am not sure Crean is to blame, as I am sure he works relentlessly to prevent this. But ultimately he will probably pay the price for trying too hard to win with a focus on talent but perhaps not enough on character. You can also say all college kids drink, etc., but most of them don’t have a free ride.

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