Notes from IU’s 31-24 win at Wake Forest #iufb

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Indiana running back Jordan Howard doesn’t lack in physicality or toughness, nor does he fall short with bravado.

“I embrace contact,” Howard said. “If they want to try, bring it on.”

Howard’s tough and physical running style caught another victim on Saturday, when Wake Forest safety Ryan Janvion led with his helmet on an attempted tackle in the first half. Janvion appeared woozy as he took to his feet and didn’t return to the game, while Howard ran his way to yet another 100-yard effort.

It was another important rushing performance for the IU junior, especially on a wet afternoon when Nate Sudfeld didn’t have the same touch and precision as usual. So Howard’s ability to grind out yards yet again allowed Indiana to move the ball while avoiding stagnancy.

Howard rushed for 168 yards, while averaging 5.1 yards on 33 carries. He recorded his 15th career 100-yard game, his ninth 150-yard game and has now rushed for at least 100 yards in eight straight games dating back to last year. His position coach, Deland McCullough, tweeted after the game that Howard is the only player in the Football Bowl Subdivision during the last 20 seasons with 140-plus rushing yards in each of his first four games.

“We started out a little slow, but we still (did) what we know best and it opened up for us,” said Howard, who gave IU a 24-10 lead on his two-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.

Howard also combined with backup Devine Redding to post IU’s third consecutive 200-yard rushing game.

“We feel confident in what we have and the way Jordan is running the ball and the way our O-line can kind of take over games,” Sudfeld said. “We’re just playing to our strengths, which we have a lot of.”

Cobbs has career day

Sophomore receiver Simmie Cobbs is emerging as one of Nate Sudfeld’s most reliable targets.

Cobbs compiled the best day of his college career Saturday with a personal-best seven receptions for a career-high 75 yards. Cobbs also had a back-shoulder reception on a 6-yard touchdown, his second in as many weeks.

Most importantly, his confidence is as high as it’s been since arriving at IU last year.

“From over the summer and spring ball, I’ve just been building up to it,” Cobbs said. “It’s built my confidence, and that was my No. 1 goal coming into the season. I’m going to keep building my confidence more and more, because we’ve only played four games and we still have a whole season left. There’s definitely more time for improvement.”

For the season, Cobbs is second on the team with 17 receptions for 244 yards and two touchdowns

“Simmie’s doing great,” Sudfeld said. “He’s developed a lot. He’s got a ton of talent, and he’s been a guy I’ve tried to take under my wing really since Day 1.”

Latham plays fullback, too

Darius Latham isn’t restricting himself to merely playing defense.

The IU junior defensive tackle also lined up at fullback on Jordan Howard’s 2-yard touchdown run, blowing up a Demon Deacon defender on Howard’s run into the end zone.

“We were doing a little of that, a couple big guy sets, just to get a little more big bodies out there (on the goal line),” Kevin Wilson said.
Latham, of course, was at his best on the Hoosiers’ defensive line. He set a career-high with three tackles for loss with one sack and five stops. Latham has a pair of sacks this season and 5.5 in his career.


  1. Just saw the announcement from ESPN that Game Day will be at Clemson for the ND/Clemson game. This game could affect the playoffs and probably a much bigger game than IU/OSU.

  2. Great win. The defense had a boat load of sacks while holding WF under a hundred yards rushing. They did what was needed to win. Howard is a big time stud running back.

    Another step in the right direction.

    If you didn’t like the game that’s on you. The Hoosiers definitely did their part.

  3. A great win on the road a place IU has struggled to win [on the road] in the past. There were a lot of good things about this game. One, instead of one great quarter to change the game IU played more than 3 quarters of very good football to win this week. Another 200 yard rushing game for the team as the two RBs combined to punish another defense. Simmie Cobbs stepped up to be a stud receiver which Nate will need as IU enters B1G play. The defense got great pressure on the QB [we knew their line was weak] getting 6 sacks. The secondary got another pick six [the second of this season]. For three quarters the defense held Wake Forest to 10 points while scoring 6 themselves. When faced with letting this game get away from them they made a play in the endzone to win the game.

  4. I guess that old saying is true, “everything is relative to expectations.” I’m delighted IU won and is 4 – 0. The Hoosier Nation can celebrate and retain hope of going to a bowl game. And there were a lot of positives in yesterday’s game. But I would hardly describe yesterday’s game as “a great win.” It could have been a great win, but IU’s collective performance in the fourth quarter made it something far less than great. But as one commentator said yesterday, and I’m paraphrasing, the best thing about yesterday was that IU’s win produced a lot of teachable moments that will allow the team to get better.

  5. Best start in 25 years and still complaints. I can’t believe it. Iu is not a great football program, bit its hard to argue the results. I think every Hoosier should be excited about playing in a mediocre bowl for the next 5 seasons because its a significant jump forward from the previous 10. This program needs the baby steps. Congrats to IU football.

  6. Ben, I am convinced some will complain no matter how good IU football gets in the future. Some just need to say they can see a problem. Those that want to have Coach fired ignore that last year, like it or not, was a wash. If you ignore 2014, who can account for those that choose to go someplace else to play instead of buckling down and competing for a position. Go from the beginning of Coach Wilson’s hire and each year has seen the team improve. IU has the unenviable history of having the most losses in D1 history so turning this program around isn’t like other schools. It is much tougher to recruit and win here and yet this coaching staff is getting better recruits and more wins each season. As I said, you have to accept 2014 as a wash and some don’t want to do that.

    HC, nothing wrong with calling this a great win as you aren’t claiming it is superior to any win IU has ever had. For this team it was a great win and most of us know this isn’t a great team but a good team that needs to get much better just as Coach Wilson said following the win Saturday.

    I love being able to post that IU is 4-0 for the first time since 1990. Yes the B1G schedule begins and life gets tougher, I would love to have OSU’s schedule the rest of this year, the team will just have to keep getting better and win however many games they can. I can see them winning 9 games but think 7 is more realistic. On the other hand, I could see them win just 2 more games and get to 6 wins. The exciting thing about football is you never really know how games will play out and we could end up with a team that gets more wins than anyone believes.

  7. A real win (with a 4th quarter let down) against a real team in a real conference. Neither a “powerhouse team” nor a powerhouse conference but a good solid “road” win. 3 more wins (I don’t want them sitting around with the other 6 win teams to see who gets anointed) and they are in a bowl. I think it’s ‘very’ doable.

    As to a question on another thread, if I remember correctly, the 67 Pont team of the Cardiac Kids seldom lost a lead. When they earned their name, they were usually behind the whole game and then turned a miracle at the end (except for Minnesota who knocked the Hell out of them). It was a team led by the defense that would win on last second offense heroics (or luck but who cares?) by the offense or even special teams (Isenbarger was the punter and would run it on fake punts).

  8. Harvey,
    As it is a colloquialism the parameters of its use are ill defined and informal. Either would be acceptable.

  9. Interesting…i thought it was just a slang word built from boat + load to equal boatload…..which means a whole bunch(but not necessarily a boat load). If it was a boat load(with ever so slight spacing’/pause between words) rather than a boatload, I’d probably ask what size of boat was loaded….If it was a ship, it could hold a lot of sacks…If it was a rowboat, it wouldn’t be a very impressive boat load….. .If someone was talking of Hoosier Football, I’d probably think it was a rowboat…..unless they said “boatload.”

  10. ready for some B1G 10 play!!!! the IU offensive team will really be challenged, they face four or five of the best defensive teams (Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State, Michigan and Iowa) in the B1G 10…this IU team has done a wonderful job of bringing some excitement and hope back to the IU football program….There is no doubt that the IU program and the quality of players have really improved over the passed four or five years….hopefully, this team can find two or three more wins this season and take IU to a bowl game…..GO IU

  11. I apologize. Before writing any comments criticizing IU’s performance or detracting from the “great win” narrative, I should have remembered just how low The Hoosier Nation’s standards and expectations are regarding football. I now appreciate the irony that when IU basketball “hangs on” to win a game against what most people consider to be an inferior basketball team, a lot of people go crazy expressing their desire to see Tom Crean fired before IU plays another game. But with IU football, with expectations and standards being so low, our team “holds on” to win against a younger, smaller, less experienced team, and it is considered a “great” victory. It is, in relative terms, “great” that IU is 4 – 0 and has a chance to go to a bowl game this season, but Saturday’s victory over WF was by no means a “great win.” It could have been. It had potential to be. But it was not. And thank goodness Wilson appears to understand that. Everything really is relative to expectations.

  12. IU Basketball “hung on” to win 2 out of their last 8 regular season games last year…CharlaTom has stretched and hung his busy tongue of severe incompetence to a point a banner unraveled into a single fine thread.

    A Syracuse zone is his tattoo. ..Last in the conference in defense is his Hoosier mark of excellence after 8 years his mastery. Not conveying enough simple message and focus in a timeout huddle to get his team to foul in the final moments a game against Wichita State; another NCAA contest thrown away with the same carelessness all the millions a direct deposit into a clown’s checking account.

    Learn how to win? Crean has it all over Wilson. When Crean has the talent, he’ll never cease to amaze just how many ways he can find a new method to pace, clap, squat, and create candy-stripe dry rot. The man is the Thomas Edison of learning how to lose. Yup, Thomas ‘Edison’ Crean…His inventions are endless. His motions of purposeless weaves in our offense are akin to the light bulb.

  13. Can somebody do the research on that…? Is Wake Forest a “younger, smaller, less experienced team?”

    Maybe smaller than our big front now the size and experience of a Wisconsin or OSU line…But are they so much younger/less experienced? And where does speed and athleticism figure in? Wake Forest didn’t get blown out at Syracuse….Syracuse put up a pretty damn good fight against #8 LSU…. I’m not convinced that Wake Forest be defined as road win that should be a given.

  14. Po, I give. It was a piss poor win. Maybe the celebration would be better proportioned if it had been “a great loss”.

  15. Native Americans would blanch buckeye nuts, extracting the tannic acid for use in making leather. The nuts can also be dried, turning dark as they harden with exposure to the air, and strung into necklaces

    (courtesy: Wikipedia/Aesculus glabra).

    Hoosiers wake forest. Now Buckeye tree ask why? Answer: To make necklace.

  16. I’ve thought this all over and I’m sticking with ‘great win’. The self flagellation thing never struck me as appealing. We won a game against a team that has fairly recently been one of the better teams in a major conference, even if they are not regularly in that position. Their comparative scores against decent opposition have been pretty good. We didn’t know at the time that Mizzou would win the SEC West or we would have been doing cartwheels.

    There’s no rational reason to believe WF won’t be finishing near the top of the ACC. It’s not that tough.

    Yep, a great win.

  17. Chet, you raise a great point! Last year’s win at Mizzou WAS a Great win for IU. Compare this year’s victory against WF to that performance at Mizzou. Which was the more impressive win? Which victory is more deserving of the adjective “great?” I think IU played much better last year against Mizzou, in a much more hostile environment, than they did last week in front of a sparse crowd at Wake Forest. And there’s no question that last year’s Mizzou team was a much better opponent than WF was last week. Hence my reluctance to get too excited about IU “hanging on” to win at WF. We should be much better this year than we were against Mizzou last year, but I’ve yet to see it?

    As for WF, the last time their football program had a winning season was in 2008, followed by five consecutive losing seasons, which forced Jim Grobe to resign. Prior to Grobe’s tenure, you have to go back to Bill Dooley’s 1992 team to find a winning season for WF. Hell, Jim Caldwell could not even win there! Their new head coach has just begun the rebuilding process. Compared to IU over the last 20 years or so, WF has has had a slightly better football history, but who hasn’t?

  18. Let’s not paint their history too poorly. In 2006 they went 11-2, won the ACC, and played in the Orange Bowl.

    We’re talking the ’67 Hoosiers for a comparable IU team.

  19. 4-0 is a great start for ANY Hoosier football team over the last 20 years….It’s not like we haven’t played many a cupcake in most of those seasons.

    I think Clarion made a great point shortly after the victory in response to the lack of “killer instinct” or “not learning how finish/win”…I also believe Wilson was not overly highlighting the full array of weapons/plays/options knowing the Buckeyes don’t need anymore help than the powerhouse depth and talent already present and recognized with their #1 ranking. So Wilson took the foot off the gas and got a bit too conventional…? Not a luxury many Hoosier football teams have known even against the lowliest of cupcakes …I tend to believe it had nothing to do with not “knowing how to win.”

    And whatever the reasons, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Wake Forest took advantage of our complacency…Better that we took a couple punches late and had a bit of a wake-up call ..A “great win” would likely mean a punishing win….Is that any reason to accumulate false confidence with the Buckeyes coming to town? This is a great start….Winning on the road is “great” in any form…But a great season will have to incorporate winning against some great teams.


  20. Again…Wake Forest played Syracuse relatively tough @ Syracuse…..Syracuse only lost 34-24 to the #8 LSU Tigers @ LSU….Doesn’t really appear that Syracuse or Wake Forest are total pushovers…..We beat a good football team and it was great to get a road win.

    Chet is correct..

  21. If Wilson gets bitch-slapped by Purdue, he should hand in his resignation.. Crean got bitch-slapped twice in one season. Crean should hand in two resignations.

  22. For me, what was most resignation worthy, was Crean forcing his team to cut down the nets with tears and sullen faces after losing badly to OSU on Senior Night. And that was for, at the time, a TIE at the top of the Big Ten. It would take Cody Zeller tattooing footprints to McGary’s head to win it outright on the road at “that school up north.”

    I have never felt such intense shame as an IU alumn. Not the Neil Reed video, not Miles Brand firing Knight, not the three-way calls, not…::::sorry Harv, this part is censored; don’t want to get your engines revved up 😉 :::::, not the 3 horrible losing seasons to start the Crean era, and not even letting the worst ambulance chaser in history defile Assembly Hall with his oily name (Ken Nunn Champions Plaza).

    Well, maybe the latter is worse. The hair is standing up on my neck just thinking that someone felt it was acceptable to allow Ken Nunn to put his……..gaaaaaahhhhh!!!

    Go football team.

  23. …yup, a tragic win, simply tragic…this weekend may end up being a “great” loss for Po to pontificate to much over, again…logic where has it all gone?…

  24. H4H: If it were a ship (subjunctive conditional), not “if it was a ship[.]” Quit blabbing basketball and I’ll quit correcting grammar.

    Hardly a great win, but the team is improving- not only from week to week; let’s recall that IU has been losing to the likes of Ball St., So. Ill., and N. Tex. St. with alarming regularity in seasons past, so 4-0 at this point is good. If PO and I (and maybe some others) seemed unduly negative or freaked out after the first couple of games, it’s only because we (or at least I) was looking at an IUD that was still an apparent disaster five years into the KW era. Six or seven wins is still a possibility, but the improvement will have to continue for that to happen.

  25. Po-dunker…the amusing habit of dunking donuts in stagnant toilet water.., no wonder everything tastes the same after that…

  26. TTG, that’s tremendous. One of the funniest things I’ve read on here. I’m still chuckling.

  27. HC, I’m disappointed in your tactics. When you have to put words in another person’s mouth, or distort what they’ve said/written, you’re losing the argument. It reminds me of arguing with my wife. IU’s victory over WF was not “a great win.” It was a sloppy win. All wins are good, but some wins are better than others. A great win will be when IU beats a better team, a team ranked in the top 25, or wins a game in which we were clear underdogs, or when IU blows out an obviously inferior team. We’ve yet to do any of those things this year. The majority of sports writers across the country described Saturday’s outcome with words like “IU hangs on”, “IU survives” and ” IU escaped.” But I will grant you this. Given how low The Hoosier Nation’s expectations are about IU Football, it was, in relative terms, “a great win.” If IU were to defeat DePauw University by a field goal in double overtime, many Hoosier fans would consider it “a great win.” And that’s the problem. The Hoosier Nation needs to elevate its expectations about our football program. Unless The Hoosier Nation’s expectations change, we’ll continue to get what we’ve almost always gotten. IU’s performance against WF on Saturday would not have achieved victory against any team in the Big Ten conference.

    davis, you are spot on with post #30. Well said.

    And I see TsaoTsuG is back to his old habits of schlepping out juvenile insults again. “The scorpion shrugged, and did a little jig on the frog’s back. ‘I could not help myself. It is my nature.'”

  28. Davis, I’m confused. You said you were ‘looking at an IUD’. They are kind of hard to see. Was it in place or were you just kind of window-shopping.?

    TTG….Did you have an opportunity to meet your childhood friend during his visits to DC & NY…?

  29. Ron,
    My first thought as well. I was guessing it involved window shopping.

    Don’t know if you saw the post a while back but I made the drive through Heber City up to where you described your cabin’s location. Nice spot.

  30. davis- Welcome to the Snidely A-Holes Club…If I were you, I’d get off my royal wooden high-horse. The topic of basketball was first presented on this thread by Podunker in post #16.

    I now appreciate the irony that when IU basketball “hangs on” to win a game against what most people consider to be an inferior basketball team, a lot of people go crazy expressing their desire to see Tom Crean fired before IU plays another game

    The King Defeatist slithered his apologist garbage for Crean because, heaven forbid, some football fans used “great” as a description for a road victory.

    But isn’t really just an expression in showing some joy for a program that hasn’t seen a 4-0 start in a couple decades? This was a game that the Hoosiers could have easily shot themselves in the foot… There was some added drama that was coming with the insincere ‘GameDay’ hype created by Dakich(another basketball “expert”: that knows jack sh___ about football) that Wilson needed to fight in shrinking heads that didn’t need inflated before a road game. The schedule is brutal ahead…Any stumbling in the non-conference would have destroyed more than the false hype that was being created for a Saturday ‘GameDay’ that would have involved Memorial Stadium.

    Given a previous IU basketball coach took part in creating much of the unnecessary drama and diversions filling the narrative in the days before Wake Forest road game, I believe Wilson and the IU FOOTBALL team handled it in great fashion. The motives of the unnecessary injections and distractions can be debated….Is Dakich attempting to use the airwaves to mock Indiana Football? He is a scorned man. IU did not want him as their next basketball coach post frivolous NCAA investigation. His son does attend the University of MeatChicken as a b-ball walk-on. …(the place that devilish Mitch attended).

    If reasoning were required your big brain, then let’s review, shall we?

    (1) Podunker introduced the Crean/basketball comparison
    (2) Dakich(a former IU basketball coach scorned..that would likely love to see IU Hoops rot in irrelevancy for the next 100 years) built unnecessary hype around the football team’s modest success before heading into a road game.
    (3) I would suggest you tell Scoop to quit giving Dakich more platform. His motives are to keep Tom Crean in place. He is a fan of all things not Indiana because he was scorned…He was made to look inferior for the job.
    (4) A win at Wake Forest = Podunker’s defeatism losing = Dakich’s big mouth and his fat scorned hoops’ bitterness aimed at IU losing = the ‘GameDay’ hype that put unnecessary distractions and pressure on a team going into a road game requiring a very necessary victory…. losing = It’s most definitely a GREAT WIN for Indiana University..

    And I’ll blabber as I damn please on any topic I damn please. Podunker and Dakich have very slithery ulterior motives that must be quelled.

  31. Podunker, not an insult…it only addresses the point of the negativism in the face of a successful and earned good (if not perfect) beginning. God Podunker, give it a chance and enjoy, and if you find it impossible to enjoy, at least give the rest of us a chance to continue to enjoy and be proud of a 4-0 beginning. It strikes me that there are IU fans who have becoime so accustomed to losing, they’ve become losers in their personalities.
    One last point, Podunker…if you can not stand the fact that IU football can actually earn our pride, perhaps you should consider no longer following the Hoosiers or, at least, no longer following Hoosier football. Do as you may; but you in the role role of ‘Killjoy’ is sad since deep inside I suspect there once was a Hoosier fan who has given up. Sad. (But, like I suspect many others, I don’t need anyone telling me ‘not to enjoy’ Indiana University trying to become ‘football relevant’.

  32. Ron- the answer is yes (DC, the second night). Though brief, it was good to see him smile and get a better ‘feel’ for what we are. I really do think he went home somewhat surprised and ALL pleased.

  33. I defer to Tsao’s assessment of all things. He knows the Pope. Tom Crean knows Joyce ‘The Scorpion Queen’ Meyer. Nuff said.

    How does the Pope make it all of Christianity smell so good?


    Po-dunker? Pope-dunker?

    Tsao: “Not saying I want to kiss my old friend’s tsaos, but I do admire his tiny fiat…”

  34. TTG….That had to be one of life’s Special Moments.

    Chet….Cabin – winter is the problem. I’m too old to survive 5 months of isolation. I rode through Durango about 4 months ago. Thinking you are somewhere around that area. Can’t get over how different and/or beautiful Utah, Colorado, northern New Mexico and Arizona are.

  35. Wow, the double standard being displayed by some Hoosier Scoop contributors is simply mind boggling. “Group think” on a college sports blog! This is really fun! Some of the same Crean-hating zealots who continuously criticize and call for him to be fired, even though he is a proven winner (O.K., maybe not winner enough, but still a proven winner) and has recently lead IU to its first outright Big Ten Championship in decades, attack me for not being giddy about IU “hanging on” to defeat a young and undersized WF team (with a freshman QB) that has not had a winning season in seven years. I’m not sure some of you guys are actually aware of the double standard you’re exposing. But I think I know the source of my issue. At least it’s a hypothesis. I was a Hoosier Football fan years before I became a Hoosier Basketball fan. In fact, I became a Hoosier fan in 1967 while watching John Pont’s IU team achieve great success, defeat three or four teams ranked in the top ten and earn a trip to the Rose Bowl. That being my first year watching college football set the standard for me. I moved to Bloomington as a young boy in 1966, and at the time, I much preferred watching and playing football over basketball. IU Football was my passion and my boyhood heroes were named Gonzo, Isenbarger, Butcher, Cole, and Crusan. IU basketball, which was not very successful during my early years in Bloomington generated a lot less excitement. Included in my bucket list is living long enough to see IU return to the Rose Bowl. Hence my passion, a standard that is probably higher than most Hoosier fans, and my belief that if IU Football could become successful in football back in the late 60’s, it can do it again. In the mean time, there is no chance on earth that I will ever “consider no longer following the Hoosiers or, at least, no longer following Hoosier football.” As usual Tsao, you have it completely backwards and inside out.

  36. While I unashamedly supported CTC until recently and I’ll give him another personal shot at my own HOF in a heartbeat if he gives me reason to do so, to say that I have held the two two different standards is BS. Quite the contrary, I given both far more than is expected.

    If CKW should collapse moving forward I will turn much have the pitch fork bearing peasants.

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