1. Great work, guys. So nice to be talking football again! It’s been a while since I have been genuinely excited about how the team looked, but they look really solid, and as you guys mentioned, really deep in most areas for the first time in a long time. Barring any detrimental injuries, I see no reason they can’t make it to a bowl and in the games they lose, I fully expect them be competitive. I think it’s safe to say the days of getting blown out are over. CKW has done a hell of a job recruiting quality players and I hope he sees the results of all the hard work this year – he deserves it! Hopefully he sticks around for a long time.

  2. IF the recruiting/player caliber is actually what it’s been cracked up to be, IU should be winning these first three games by scores like 35-7, etc. I’m really excited by this year’s prospects, but if the likes of SIU and WKY are able to put up more than twenty points against this improved talent, this year might turn out to be depressingly familiar.

  3. SIU and WKY have both been to Sweet 16’s within the last 9 years….WKU has had 30 All Americans and 56 Hilltoppers have played professionally following their collegiate careers. WKU the 16th most victories in the history of the NCAA….Walt “Clyde the Glide” Frazier played at SIU…MGD! MGD! Painter and Weber both coached at SIU…Really solid traditions at both these programs…These are exactly the sort of teams you want to schedule before the start of the Big 10 season.
    What da hell!? Who pushed the wrong schedule button? Where’s Crean? Where’s the Cornelius Brothers? Where’s my fireworks inventory sheet?

  4. I’m now convinced H4H intends to ruin every string on The Hoosier Scoop. He’s pathological. He’s the Typhoid Mary of our little (and rapidly shrinking) blogging community. He a one-man blog killer. If not stopped, he’ll soon realize his fantasy of being the only person writing and reading posts on The Scoop. Do I hear the chant “Ban Harvard, Save the Scoop?”

  5. Davis, just because the recruiting has improved and the quality of talent has improve does not guarantee IU football will blow any team off the field……i think the IU football team and others will find out that this non-conference schedule is more challenging than first thought….most sport writers are predicting IU to finish last in the Big 10, very hard for this football program to get any respect….but, the only way to get respect is to win some football games…..i am in hopes that Kevin Wilson provides those wins this year and brings some respectable to this football program…..GO IU and GO Coach Wilson.

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