1. Andy really agree with your observations. I do believe before our very eyes we are seeing the culture of IU Football changing.

  2. Whatever happens at half time needs to become our pregame plan. People would be very happy if the IU team playing the second half played the whole game, maybe brek our Swedish Fish in pregame after going on the field and coming back in prior to the game. Whoever figures this out deserves our support as that would be the IU football team we dream about – or is this just another step in developing this team.

  3. HT’s Mike Miller, Thanks for the reply. Just 1 other thing, you said only 1 coach upstairs, meaning no offensive personnel in the booth. I would think Patton or at the least a GA or quality guy would be observing from that vantage point.

    Again, thanks!

  4. HC, Terry Hutchens wrote a column after the game on Btown Banners about the same thing. He said, in the two decades that he’s covered IU football, it is the FIRST time he’s seen a team that doesn’t have the “same old Indiana” loser mentality. They actually believe they are going to win. This attitude shift is momentous.

    Mike Miller, I know you have less to compare it to experience-wise, but curious what you think? Hard for us who just have TV to notice these things.

  5. I agree with the posters here that IU has a winning attitude now; an attitude that is on the field not just in what they say. These young guys step up and make plays that win the game without thought of failing. Andy, I agree this team is showing a change in the football mentality as players in all areas of the team are winning games not trying to avoid a loss. It will be a tough October coming up after the game this week against Wake Forest. IU follows up the Wake Forest game playing the top teams in the East with Rutgers mixed in. November will bring in the second tier of teams with PSU, Michigan [the game I can attend], Maryland, and finally Purdue. They have a lot of football to go,a lot of improving to do but they are also in the process of changing the mentality associated with IU football into a winning mentality.

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