1. Whatever happened to Covington? And, why so many freshman playing? What about second and third year guys? Are they that bad?

  2. Covington was on the field yesterday playing defense, he requested at the end of last season to return to defense where he originally was recruited to play. We are seeing so many freshmen play for a combination of reasons. First seniors are the first class Wilson recruited while Juniors were recruits following the 1-11 season. As time as gone by the level of recruits signed have increased so although it seems like starting freshmen means the program is in the dumps it really means current recruits are much, much better than previous recruits. This is why dumping a coach after four or five years is counter productive. As long as the level of recruits is consistently higher a coach should be held on to until year seven as this is when his top recruits are now juniors.

  3. We are playing our 2nd/3rd year guys – Walton, Fields, Fant, Padmore. Then Clark and Dutra are injured. And we are playing a couple of walkons – Bach/Swann. After those, we SERIOUSLY don’t have anyone else and need to play the freshmen. A big reason for this is that the 2012 class predominantly took JC DBs.

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