1. I understand Coach Wilson approach as I was the same way when I was a head coach. I always made the coming game important to our team based on film study and scouting report. I had a saying about each game – “play them like they are champions and if they aren’t crush them”. IU needs to understood to focus on who they are playing and to know every part of what they were doing on offense, defense, and special teams. If they do this and come out ready to play then they will be able to win this game. It sure would be nice to have a lead at half time and exand the lead the second half.

    Whoever is coaching the ILB needs to get them going to the ball instead of overrunning the play. I am tired of watching Simmons miss so many tackles. This is his third year and it is time to play others in his spot until he starts tackling the ball. He hustles on runs and pass plays but getting on the film isn’t enough at this level. I would love to see Scales and Oliver starting the game as ILB this game or maybe Simmons will fit better with the power running back they have. I just know the defense needs better play from the ILB that were in the first two games and we need the front line to step up and get pressure on the QB.

  2. Just to be sure poeple don’t misunderstand when I said to my team to crush the other team I didn’t meant to run up the score. I was telling them to play as hard as they could no matter who we were playing. I pulled the starters out once we were up 40 points or if it was after half time it would be once we got to 30 points or lower depending on the time left.

  3. v3, and Simmons continues to over-run the play. He vacated his gap on WF’s TD run. That QB could halve walked into the end zone on that play. Simmons jammed over to his right, right next to his teammate, as if the two of them were attached at the hip.

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