There’s a push to bring College GameDay to Bloomington #iufb

So, here’s a thing.

Could ESPN’s College Gameday be on its way to Bloomington for the Oct. 3 game between Indiana and Ohio State? Possibly. Maybe. Oh, I have no idea.

But a groundswell of support over the last 24 hours has at least forced folks at ESPN to acknowledge the interest. Dan Dakich first tweeted about the possibility on Sunday, and the good people at Crimson Quarry came up with four good reasons why IU should host the show in two weeks.

From there, it’s gone viral. On Tuesday, the #iufb4gameday Twitter hashtag caught the attention of Gameday producers and things began picking up.

Crimson Quarry later recapped the last couple days of #iufb4gameday better and more comprehensive than I will here.

It’s pretty neat.

And yet, there’s no telling just how realistic all of this is. For one, Indiana simply must beat Wake Forest on the road Saturday. Ohio State would have to do its part at home against Western Michigan. From there, it’s anyone’s guess what happens next.

For what it’s worth, ESPN publicist Mike Humes filled me in on GameDay’s site selection process:

“The primary factors that go into the decision on a GameDay location are the records of the teams, quality of the matchup and compelling story lines of the teams in the game or the matchup itself,” Humes said in an email. “For example, the chances are less for a site if the game has one team that is highly ranked and/or undefeated but if the opposing team is struggling.”

This may all be some pie in the sky fantasy, or it may not. But the thought of Lee Corso once again running around 17th street with the Old Oaken Bucket may be too good to pass.


  1. Bring back the Double Decker Bus to deliver the Game Day crew! Hoosiers come through with the game of the century beating the number 1 team in the land. Final score 48-24 Indiana!

  2. Funny how I brought up the “Game Day” topic a couple week ago…(particularly how it plays to an already big advantage programs big in tradition have in generating buzz and putting butts in the stands).

    You’re welcome if this happens…..I think NoMendacity got Dakich addicted to reading Harv……

  3. HH, it would be great if they would run with your idea. I would love seeing Game Day at IU and our tailgating would be a natural fit for the crew. What it really would mean is a 4-0 Hoosier team hosting a 4-0 Buckeye team; that would be great especially if we could pull off a miracle win. This week it is time to play defense earlier in the game and beat Wake Forest.

  4. Why on Earth would you want GameDay to visit for a game in which you’ll give up 70 points and lose by six touchdowns? I’d rather not have the embarrassment. That defense couldn’t stop a good high school team, let alone not get absolutely humiliated by the No. 1 team in the country.

  5. The Notre Dame at Clemson game is the clear frontrunner for college gameday that week. First, it will most likely be 2 top 10 teams unless Notre Dame loses at home vs. UMass this weekend (doubtful). Clemson has a bye week. Plus, this game is on Saturday night on ABC. Had Alabama not lost to Ole Miss the Alabama at Georgia game would have definitely been a viable option for college gameday as well.

  6. Hoosierdaddy, a worse IU team was leading in the 4th quarter against OSU in Columbus last year. Anything is possible in college football.

  7. Irrelevant. Let IU get a better resume before hosting game day against OSU or any game day. To much potential for negativity. Now, a smaller stage might be ok and if they beat OSU or keep game respectable then IU fb can take a step in that direction down the road if when and if opportunity presents itself. Seen that scenario play out before on a bigger stage. Example: Mich St and IU in Mallory days, score was something like MSU 26 and IU 0 (maybe IU had a score) at halftime. In bowl game Va Tech embarrassed IU, Oklahoma State should dominance over IU in last bowl game. Of course IU history should well against Baylor in Copper bowl and Brigham Young in Holiday bowl and not to bad against So Cal in Rose Bowl

  8. Dakich is totally right, IU get off on the “woe is me” crap and don’t deserve a winner. We’ve already got this trending nationally and Gameday paying attention, but there are still people whining about “potential for negativity” and getting beat by 70.

    A. You can lose every single week. There’s always a potential for negativity.

    B. We were leading at OSU last year, in the second half, with a true freshman 5th string QB and no threat of a passing game.

    It’s ok to have a little fun.

  9. Should read “IU fans get off on the ‘woe is me’ crap.”

    Oh and we also lost by 7 to OSU in 2013. Support your team.

  10. t, you are acting like we have to prove something before we can have a break out season. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be called a break out season.
    Don’t worry about negativity. We have been the butt of jokes for decades so who cares? With the way you talk you would think our winning reputation is at stake.

  11. Jimmy O you are right that there isn’t anything wrong with having some fun. Good for you pointing out recent “success” against OSU. It is the fans that think we will get beat by 70 points that kills IU football as our players hear crap like that too much across campus. I doubt many of us think IU is powerhouse yet but it shouldn’t keep us from believing in a possible big season this year. We may not win very prettily yet but neither did one of the most exciting IU teams, the 1968 Rose Bowl team. IU football in 1966 was 1-8-1 before going 9-2 in 1967 with sophomores in key positions on offense. They went into the Rose Bowl against SC expected to get beat soundly but held them and OJ Simpson to 7-3 at half and 14 – 7 for the game. It was an exciting team that won close games, used faked punts, and an exciting passing connection of Harry Gonzo to Jade Butcher. I am not saying this year’s team is that good but why not be something comparable.

  12. Juan B, You nailed it. Having nothing to lose can be a formidable weapon.

    vesuvius 13, Good points but I don’t think your recall of the USC game is accurate unless IU scored 2 safeties in the second half which I have forgotten. It was a great game in which the Hoosiers were given little chance to compete.

    But they did.

  13. Do you people really think negativity is the reason that IU hasn’t been any good? Grow up. The reason IU isn’t any good is because the defense allows between 500 and 600 yards just about every time out. I went to school in B-town in the late 80s and early 90s, in the Bill Mallory era — when we actually could put a competitive team on the field. With an outlier season or two (the 2006 season comes to mind), this program hasn’t come close to approaching the quality of those teams. Years and years of watching this team stink and play historically bad defense is why fans are negative, not the other way around.

  14. Halftime USC 7. IU 3. Final USC. 14. IU 3. Game day would be fun pre-game and first quarter and could last 5 minutes into 3rd quarter.

  15. Exposure is a knife the cuts both ways! The risk of bringing College GameDay to IU for a game against a team like OSU or MSU is that IU Football could easily get humiliated on another nationwide broadcast. A blowout loss to a national power would further damage IU’s Football program. Being the butt of jokes across the country because of another blowout loss won’t do IU Football’s reputation or Wilson’s ability to recruit better players any good. In fact, it would do it great harm. I’m still taking crap about IU’s blowout loss to Wisconsin (broadcast nationally) from my friends in Wisconsin from years ago. And having millions of TV viewers see tens of thousands of empty seats in Memorial Stadium won’t enhance IU’s image, either. No, I think in this case, and at this time in the program’s development, discretion would be the better part of valor.
    And frankly, given the dismal fan support for football, I don’t think IU deserves to host College GameDay. Let a more deserving college football fan base enjoy the recognition.

  16. Harvard for Hillbillies #19

    Monday, September 14, 2015 – 12:04 AM EDT

    Getting a new coach doesn’t turn a football program in the southern hills of Indiana into OSU, Michigan, or ND……It doesn’t open the door for ESPN or any of the major networks to throw TV contracts at a notoriously bottom-feeding Indiana to place them with the pinnacle’ of college football excellence as their top lineup of games for the big viewership stage….. (as is still, somewhat, our fortunate relevance in basketball, but it’s fading). Big time stages bring big time attendance. It brings things like ‘College GameDay’ and fuels excitement on campus …It brings the students likely not even huge fans of the game out in masses because it’s just fun to be “part of the experience”

  17. A blowout loss to a national power would further damage IU’s Football program

    There is NOTHING that can further damage IU Football….IU Football would have the spirit of millions cheering for their success against the mightiest team in the land.

    And with the losses and hits to our basketball program of late(Holt, Davis, Perea, Robinson), it’s more likely that our basketball program, so once storied in tradition, will get blown out by OSU in a college hoops ‘GameDay’ event leading to a far bigger embarrassment than anything that will go on at Memorial. Thank God the game against Purdue in Assembly last season wasn’t a ‘GameDay’ affair. No OSU football team has bitch-slapped us in that fashion of late.

    It’s not happening anyway, folks. But I’ve always said that their are no girls as gorgeous as the coeds at Indiana U. There are more things than the football that can boost and ESPN rating. Those camera shots to the sidelines and nothing appearing a Carly Fiorina face hanging around the GameDay and Corso crew…? Those Fox broadcast ladies ain’t hot for nothin’……

  18. Who thinks IU Football can EVER be turned into OSU, Michigan or ND? I’d be happy with IU being turned into Kansas State, Oregon State, Northwestern, Duke or Arizona. All those schools are located in states with other in-conference FBS schools, but have somehow found a way to create and maintain a competitive (i.e., winning) football program. Actually, the best model to emulate would be Arizona, another so called “Basketball School.” Arizona’s Administration and AD were very smart when they recognized and jumped on the opportunity upgrade their head football coach and hire RichRod. They fired Stoops in mid season, after he lead them to several consecutive bowls games, ate the expense of his considerable severance compensation, and went all in to hire a proven winner in RichRod. And he has rewarded Arizona with winning seasons, bowl games and top 20 rankings ever since. Arizona football had a better reputation and more successful history than IU (who doesn’t?), but it was known primarily as a basketball school, having achieved great success under Lute Olson’s leadership for decades. Amazingly, they have found a way to be successful in both sports.

  19. Hate to break the news to you, Podunker, but IU is no longer a “so-called basketball school” under Crean. He is defunct of any basketball teaching skills. He is a beauty parentage judge with candy-stripe sales pitch. He is a far greater embarrassment to a school that takes teaching seriously. He is a preacher, not a teacher. So-called basketball schools are those that get deep in tournaments….The so-called basketball schools of this state are Butler and ND. ….Even PU got to an Elite 8 in the last decade.

  20. Who thinks IU Basketball can EVER be turned into OSU, Michigan or ND….?…under Tom Crean?

    ND…Defeated Duke and NC in the ACC Conference Tournament….Elite 8 last season and gave UK all they could ask for
    Michigan- Final Four while Mitch McGary took the \NCAA tournament by storm.
    OSU- Final Fours in ’07 and 2012..

    Should we mention Butler’s back-to-back championship game runs?

    Yup, Wilson is no Tom Crean. Thank God for that. Because there are things more embarrassing than losing….

  21. That will be enough for now.

    Huh..? Weird coincidence. Those were also the final words of the Caddyshack Committee that hired Tom Crean…

  22. Po, there won’t be hardly any open seats. OSU will fill Memorial Stadium. Remember this will be the program cover picture day. The entire stadium will appear to be version of red that both teams wear so it will appear from an areal picture that it is a sold out IU game with a lot of IU fans. I wouldn’t worry about that. The score might be the bigger issue.

  23. One thing IU football has lacked for a long time is courage. Some of you seem very familiar with the subject.

  24. Custer also had courage….and, thankfully, no ESPN cameras were present.

    But I say …BRING ON GAMEDAY!!!!!!! These are the Buckeyes and not the Cheyenne…The only ‘Sitting Bull’ is Harvard….

  25. Considering the droves of Buckeye fans that come to Bloomington, I’d think the OSU game would be already sold out….? Or do brokers still hold a bunch? Maybe this was a scheme to jack prices, pre-sell whatever few thousand seats would normally remain, with the kickbacks heading to Glass and Dakich. …?

    We’re 3-0…Possibly 4-0 in the first time in a couple decades….GameDay ,or no GameDay, Memorial will be packed…The only thing left on the table is charging more for the price of a ticket.

  26. Podunker,

    I realize it is your mission to be Eeyore personified, but the game is already nearly sold out, OSU always brings a huge amount of fans, and our fans are going crazy for this game. People are talking about flying in.

    But sure, keep worrying. A week’s worth of national pub would be terrible because it’s going to be 8000-0 even though we’ve kept it close with them recentlyOMG!!!

  27. I mean are you not on any social media at all? Dismal fan support? People are going nuts over this. It was trending nationally. People are actually going to show up for once.

  28. Chet IU didn’t score two safeties but my fingers weren’t working very well last night as the game was SoCal 14 – IU 3. I don’t think Game Day will come to IU but it would be great if it did. Podunker, I could be wrong but I think this team will find a way to compete, although week 5 -9 might show IU to be the weak team so many think they are. IU needs to beat Wake Forest and then we will see against OSU how good this team really is [really bad on D so far but maybe ready to get better].

    This team may be the one that removes the idea that they could be wiped out in any game. I hope this team has changed the mentality of IU football so they believe they will win, as others say they have changed the mentality.

  29. I must admit that I enjoyed the vindication provided by Coach Wilson’s comments about College GameDay coming to Bloomington. Jimmy0, did I miss your snide criticism of Wilson in a different string?

  30. I’m totally shocked.. What Hoosier coach of a notoriously bottom-feeding team is not going to think there is a stupendous shot to have a college GameDay crew coming to town?

    Could you guys hold on a second….? Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, and Zoe Saldana are at my door to borrow a cup of sugar.

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