Wilson: 8 of 9 suspended players will be back this week #iufb

Indiana will be closer to full strength this weekend against Florida International.

In a statement released Monday evening, IU coach Kevin Wilson said eight of the nine players suspended for the season-opener will be available on Saturday. Starting linebacker Tegray Scales has one more game to serve. No reason was given.

IU announced 15 minutes prior to kickoff against Southern Illinois that Scales, defensive tackles Darius Latham and Ralph Green III, receiver Isaac Griffith, linebacker Tyler Burgett, defensive back Will Dawkins, offensive lineman Tim Gardner, bandit Greg Gooch and running back Alex Rodriguez would not be available for the game because “they have not lived up to their responsibilities to the program.”

During his weekly press conference earlier Monday, Wilson took exception with the notion that all nine players were suspended.

“We had nine guys not available,” Wilson said. “If they were suspended they wouldn’t have dressed, they wouldn’t have traveled. They weren’t allowed to play in the game. Our decision. Our program has standards we live up to. And when you miss the game, you miss the next game.”

Wilson followed with a clarification.

“I want to clarify my comments from earlier today,” the statement read. “All nine players listed prior to the season opener against Southern Illinois were suspended for that game, eight of whom had a one-game suspension that they served on Saturday. Tegray Scales was given a two-game suspension, which he will finish serving at Saturday’s game against Florida International.”

Green and Griffith were arrested in separate incidents during the spring.


  1. “We had nine guys not available,” Wilson said. “If they were suspended they wouldn’t have dressed, they wouldn’t have traveled.”

    Okay, I’m just so confused when I read his transcripts – makes my head swim. What the heck was he trying to say? They were allowed to dress and be on the sidelines. But then he says if they were suspended, they wouldn’t have dressed. So they weren’t suspended? But then he says after that they were suspended.

    Man, he needs to have a press secretary to speak through because he just can’t do it.

  2. I agree Mike. For a man who is considered to be really, really smart, his comments, as published in the media, are often incoherent. Maybe his mouth simply can’t keep up with his brain.

  3. It is No. Carolina staccato and a touch of coach speak. Don’t hover over every word, digest the paragraph or maybe a sentence or 2. When he speaks he gives direction, he does not tell it like a story. I really have no complaints in understanding what he wants us to understand. Although some of the paraphrasing done by some writers who don’t get it is a travesty.

  4. O.K., I’ll accept that. And it’s good advice. But how long has it been since Wilson lived in North Carolina?

  5. Po, I’ll bet you talk much today as you did at 9 years old. Speech mannerisms and accent don’t change much unless there has been a conscious effort to adjust. At least I know mine has not changed. And I don’t have any hankering to change it. But I sure know what you mean about KW. I try to act like I am listening to him from afar as sometimes his body language and words don’t mesh.

  6. Really, HC? Everyone speaks as they did when they when they were nine years old? No wonder my clients look at me funny sometimes! Or was that just a shot at PO? Let’s just say that KW has put his mental resources to work polishing things other than his diction. And yes it is maddening, if I want non sequiturs I’ll bark at my wife’s cat! One of my favorite things that KW said was quoted in a news article early in his IU career: “”We don’t have a playbook because kids don’t read,” said Wilson.” http://www.courierpress.com/news/no-headline-ev_31bigten-indiana

    Anyone else remember that one? Why the heck would college students read????? At the time I was saddened by the implied comment on tomorrow’s leaders who are today’s collegiates, but also buoyed by the hope that IU had hired somebody who really knew what they were doing, somebody using modern, winning coaching techniques. The jury is still out . . . .

  7. hankering. lol. what a neck

    davis, in hc’s case he is speaking exactly as he did as an uneducated, 9 year old from rural indiana. if you ever did any time there you know what i mean

  8. Had no idea there was a Hoosier accent until I moved away for 38 yrs. On the beach at Corona Del Mar, heard a conversation, asked if she was from Indiana. She was.

  9. davis, I am sure you know Wilson was talking about a hard copy play book. And he explained why. What he did with audio visuals in lieu of a play book was revolutionary. He was the leader of the pack, now they are all doing it. Just as he is embracing and utilizing methods that Cuban’s gift is creating at IU.

    coachv is still trying to get somebody to hire him to instruct star BB players how to shoot. Hold your breath, please.

  10. HC, I assure you that a) I do not speak the same way I did when I was nine years old, and b) that I was more articulate at nine than Wilson is today. My wife grew up in the rural south. When I met her, part of her charm were those southern rural speech mannerisms. Today, after decades of living and working in urban and suburban areas north of the Mason-Dixson line, she sounds nothing like she did when she graduated from college. The speech mannerisms developed in her youth are long gone. But I’m confident Wilson communicates to his staff and players better than he does to the media.

  11. Po, I know way more southern folk living in the north who still sound like someone from Dixie than a Yankee. Eastern Carolina has its own vintage style and Wilson fits it to a T. I am quite sure what you see in a video of him is just what you get in person.

  12. HC- of course he was talking about the playbook, but if you read the rest of the article he talks about the two-second attention span resulting from constantly playing video games, etc. (paraphrase). My lament is not that Wilson adapted to his material- good for him and good for IUFB- just that reading is not as valued as it once was.

  13. Do IU football players really need to read at a Northwestern level…? The damage to their brains from the blunt forces of colliding helmets of 320 lb. lineman together, along with the multiple concussions(many of which occur in damaging milder forms undetectable to the so-called protocol to ensure safety) will likely result in a Swiss cheese brain that can’t hum a Dixie tune by the age of 40. So what does that say of former players that go on to the profession of coaching. ? Didn’t Wilson play on the line? Oh, we are so astutely aware to the observations of challenged minds and stumbling sentences in our politically correct world of one of the most violent games on the planet. Hit somebody and hit them hard. Leave the dancing in the Dickens tulips to the protected princesses of the game: Tom Brady at a press conference eloquently talking of never touching his game balls.

  14. davis, From what I see of our young society I’d say Wilson knows what he is talking about.

  15. CKW is not from eastern Carolina, which explains why he doesn’t sound anything like someone from there. He is from Maiden in western NC.

    Kelvin Sampson is, however, from Pembroke in eastern NC.

  16. My apologies, can’t figure out why would I type as such. And yes that is why he has an a different brogue.

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