Wilson: Hosting College GameDay would be nice #iufb

10:56 P.M. UPDATE: Through its official Twitter account, College GameDay announced it will not be coming to Bloomington next week. The show will be live from Clemson, S.C. for Clemson-Notre Dame.


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — During the week leading into Saturday’s 31-24 win over Wake Forest, Kevin Wilson wasn’t interested in entertaining the College GameDay discussion.

The Indiana coach said on his weekly radio show Wednesday that it would be a “wasted conversation” discussing the popular ESPN program’s possible trip to Bloomington next week.

But Wilson clarified his remarks after his team’s fourth consecutive win, saying that while he doesn’t focus on things outside of his control, hosting the TV show would be a nice thing for Indiana.

“I wasn’t trying to temper GameDay except (to say), ‘You need to win,’” Wilson said. “It’s not my job or our players’ job to worry about that. This day in age of social media, it’s so easy for people to not play well week after week because you have so many influences and you’re always better than you were or worse than you were, when in reality you just are what you are. We’re a good team that needs to get a lot better.

“That’s all we want to talk about, but it’s nice that we’re on ABC. It’s nice that GameDay is talking about us and it’s nice that we’re gonna start getting better highlights. It’s going to help recruiting and the fans are going to be stronger.”

Although ESPN does not typically announce its GameDay sites until late Saturday night or Sunday morning, GameDay producer Lee Fitting tweeted Saturday evening, “Man, IU is putting the full court press on for @CollegeGameDay. This is like Nolan Richardson style pressure. Relentless. Impressive.”


  1. Howard became the first FBS RB in 20 years to rush for 140+ yards in his first 4 games at a school.

  2. I believe the chrome helmets are communicating and currently glowing in pulsating fashion from a dark Hoosier locker room….they are now entering an unknown plane or field of sorts…..speeding through another dimension …a dimension not only of sight and sound,, but of fortunes lost turned upside down…Where all of negative flips to positive at a place and a new door of hopes and changes anything possible…..We unlock that door as the chrome helmets cling to the firing synapses of a college GameDay crew…..just on the other side of ….The Twilight End Zone….

  3. HH, I come here and find you waxing poetic. I could have expected it and it is a good read. I wonder if Game Day will come here or if they will go to a different game. It sure sounds like enough people have contacted them to come and see IU. Like Coach Wilson said the talk is giving us more attention and better highlights. I sure hope it creates even better recruits for IU football to make our team even better in the next few years. We are already getting transfers from other schools, I hope they prove they are good, and give IU football plubicity from this push for Game Day could give us better recruits.

  4. HH, I sure hope Game Day comes to IU before 2525 as neither one of us would be around to see it happen; I doubt even Andy could survive that long. At least IU football got some good publicity out of the effort and it got IU boosters out in numbers we haven’t seen for decades. Maybe they will show up for the games to see our exciting team play. This week it will look like a lot of Hoosier fans are out for the game as OSU fans fill the stadium dressed in red. This would be a great week for the team to come home fired up making the game tough for OSU as I would feel good about IU pulling a win out at the end if it is close.


  5. The Pope….Catholics love ’em their ND football. Did you really think we were going to beat out ND when the Holy Fiat is buzzing around the East Coast? My guess is that Corso is a Catholic and ND was his first choice. I will pray for his corrupted soul that betrayed our faith….

  6. Brown and Fant are turning into good cover corners. These 1st 4 games have done wonders for them, especially WKU. Shelby and Joseph have brought them a long way. Although a good transfer never hurts.

  7. OSU and IU together…could be the largest alumni base in the country this Saturday. That might have meant more to advertisers than a boring ND/Clemson game.

  8. “we need to get there one day” reminds me of the lovely Vickie H. in high school. Mysteriously, I had a knack for asking her out whenever she was planning to spend the night washing her hair. Maybe these 40 years later, we could finally connect to watch Game Day from Bloomington. One day.

  9. ^^^That’s my nomination for ‘post of the month’….Very funny, kurk81. I hope Wilson puts that miserable sounding slight on the wall of the locker room before the OSU game…while building a pregame speech around it. It would begin….

    You’re just the same old defeated Hoosiers….They’re all too good for you…You’re an embarrassment to take out in public…Yup, they need to get here one day…One day you’ll be something to just barely be worthy a casual glance….They don’t think that’s today.. They thought about you for 60 seconds and made some usual jokes at your expense…Why don’t you show them how ugly you are today…Look at me…I’m ugly. Anyone else want to be ugly today?

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