Wilson says College GameDay isn’t worth talking about #iufb

Kevin Wilson says he isn’t buying the hype of a possible visit next week from ESPN’s College GameDay. In fact, Wilson has nixed that conversation altogether.

On his weekly radio show Wednesday, Wilson said it was a waste of time discussing an appearance from the popular ESPN program. A grassroots campaign to bring the show to Bloomington prior to Indiana’s Oct. 3 home game against Ohio State has picked up considerable momentum over the last two days, but Wilson isn’t taking the bait.

“First of all, if you’re gonna be on GameDay, you need to fill up your stadium, which we haven’t played good enough to do,” Wilson said. “Typically, they don’t put your game on at 3:30 a week ahead of time and do GameDay because those are (usually 8 p.m. games). So that’s all just a bunch of wasted conversation. It’s nice someone thinks that, but we’ve got three wins and they’re all come-from-behind in games that we were favored. I don’t think we’ve done anything extraordinary.”

Dan Dakich first tweeted Sunday that the show ought to travel to Bloomington next Saturday, and an inspired social media effort from popular IU blog Crimson Quarry has kept the conversation spinning forward. The official Twitter account for GameDay acknowledged the trending hashtag “#iufb4gameday” in a tweet on Tuesday and, from there, the cause has gone viral.

Wilson said he addressed the GameDay hype directly with his program this week. The Hoosiers (3-0) are on the road this weekend at Wake Forest.

“Matter of fact, we actually blew that up because that’s a waste of a conversation with our football team,” Wilson said. “Last year, we showed in a win at Missouri what we’re capable of and we showed the following week what we do when we don’t have our focus and come ready to play.”


  1. I like the answer. First, honest. Second, trying to keep his players from getting caught up in a bunch of media distraction.

  2. Maybe slappy Wilson isn’t as dumb as I think he is. Wait, what am I saying? Of course he is. But he’s spot on about this. Gameday is not coming to Bloomington and it has nothing to do with the kick time, although that’s a cute way to frame it. Maybe they’ll travel to West Laffy for the BGSU game this wknd. That’s just as likely. Slap a hashtag on it.

  3. Game Day coming to IU isn’t worth talking about for the team as they have a game to play Saturday that they need to focus on. Game Day is something for the fans to talk about not the team. The team and coaches need to have tunnel vision. It is hard for them to do with the talk in class and on campus but it is something they have to learn to do.

  4. Honest, but why dampen the enthusiasm. People are finally showing interest and getting behind a cause related to football. Maybe a Gameday would help spark attendance and get some people into the stadium and put of the tailgate lot.

  5. This talk is foolish and I am glad Wilson ended it quickly. IU’s road record the last decade has not been great and they need to continue to focus in on the today, today, today. Take care of the details, continue to build the program and the big picture will eventually take care of itself. Especially with a young team. Keep em’ in check, coach!
    I appreciate Dakich trying to help, but he is not a Wilson fan. I am sure he has motives behind his push and what he hopes to happen this weekend.

  6. It might be wasted conversation but at least IU is in it. Its the kind of attention we need. Go Hoosiers!!!

  7. Historically the IU/OSU games played in Bloomington have been a black mark on the program. In 1987 as a student I did see IU beat OSU, certainly a highlight for this IU fan. But certainly one of the darkest days was in the mid-to-late 90’s when OSU clinched their Rose Bowl birth in Bloomington, rushed our field, and tore down one of our field goal post. The entire team had to come back out of the locker room onto the field after being defeated and stand around the other post to keep their fans from tearing that one down. That’s humiliating. Not to mention what seems to be a day that consistently sees more OSU fans in attendance than IU.

    I do believe Wilson has the right grasp on the situation, but there are better ways to express it. College Game Day does mean something.

  8. Stoyanovich, I agree with you. It’s historically bad when we play Ohio State…or anybody for that matter…but I can’t help but realize that program is changing before our eyes. We have got some real talent on the team – enough to make some noise. The secondary is young and prone to give up big plays from blown coverage or whatnot, but they are also making plays and playing more physical than years past. I can’t help but think by the time these young players are juniors, they are going to be a respectable defense. In years past, they would have lost all three of those games, but now they are finding a way to grind out those close games…even if they are closer than they should have been.

    And I agree that Game Day does mean something. It could be great exposure for our program and a telling sign for potential recruits that IU is turning the corner. They usually play OSU pretty tough, too. I recall the last time Sudfeld played them at The Rock it ended up being a 3 point game…and with the way OSU’s offense has been playing and if we win at Wake Forest and come back home with some confidence, anything is possible. Could be a program-changing game!

  9. Wilson continues his amazing ability to destroy any hint of enthusiasm about anything by throwing this wet blanket on a spark of rising fan interest in IUFB. He already showed his rear end toward the enthusiasm expressed by the assistant coach and the defensive player who were jumping for joy at a successful play in the two previous games. That was very unpleasant to watch, let alone the effect it must have had on the personnel involved.

    Nothing new, just more apparent now that IUFB is starting to be ever so slightly interesting and successful. We all should have paid close attention to what Wilson showed of his NASTY, VERY NEGATIVE personality the night he (possibly drunkenly) couldn’t find his dorm room and verbally abused the RA who found him stumbling and lost late at night. And THAT, despite being a major red flag, was not addressed despite its occurrence BEFORE Wilson had been at IU even a week……

    Does any other athletic director have two more diverse-in-attitude major program coaches than Crean and Wilson? One coach talks up and spins everything into a positive major accomplishment, regardless of the insignificance of the incident, to the point that most consider his words and actions practically meaningless; the other turns everything and anything into a reason to berate and inject PUBLIC displays of negativity into any occurance that might be a bright spot in his program !

    Maybe Glass feels that the two counterbalance each other and therefore all is OK with IU athletics. All three, Glass, Wilson, and Crean, need to go ASAP, or else IU will NEVER return to normal, let alone greatness.

  10. Most of what is now on Scoop is merely a placid replication of the soft comments seen on places like ITH and IDS…It’s a field of soulless wondering :…Gone are the days of truly free opinions that were once seen on IDS’s Basketblog….

    Sometimes you don’t realize just how subdued and careful it all becomes…It’s not the same sun, rain, clouds, and wind…It’s as if you’ve walked into world where the heart and true emotion of any experience is lost. The world is not breathed in with the same awareness in the senses…Anger is washed into controlled state quickly turned off. Love is without the twinkle in the eye…Hope has evaporated into the motions of hands on the clock as we walk without purpose any dream deep in the reservoirs our thoughts.

    And then someone like NoMendacity pops out her front door with a searching voice to search for more….And one day anything brave to be said from the striking an angry note built to sing a loving tune the same, will be tuned to world of all voices doused of fire and lasting flame. The sun shall only be painted in the sky..The warmth will be as gone.. The cold will not feel as bitter. The wind will not bring with it the memories of love and life.

  11. And the price for abiding to a world our superior sound in monotone is near….Soon you’ll walk out the door to never hear the lion’s roar….The birds will not alert you, give you a turn of the head or a nod “hello.”.. They will perch upon a properly planted tree and form the usual rows on powerlines….and they will not sing. They will stare at you in disgrace for what you’ve made of this beautiful world for only the human race….Theirs eyes dark. Their tongues removed The owl in the night will not ask “Who?”.. Wasn’t it your god in the sky that just built this place for you? You need no answer. Our voices you silenced….Our tongues you cut…Our waters you took for only the food your dinner table…Our young and our cubs you left without a den as you mounted my head above your mantle of manhood…. This earth is now your quiet place. Quiet as the birds staring in disgrace…Quit as the ground you will soon rest upon silk your face…..

  12. If Wilson believes college GameDay ” isn’t worth talking about,” then, we can only surmise, we acted, oh, so foolishly ….? This is coming from a guy that participated in a game of “Slip-n-Slide’ with his Hoosier boys on a hot summer practice day?

    I must disagree, NoMendacity. Crean and Wilson are not so far apart…They pretend to have fun, but they are both puritanical a-holes. Glass is no different. He parades around in his candy-striped blazer, but he is as anal retentive as they come….He is not inventive…He is bottom line They all chastise their fan base….They hold our poor decisions in front our faces for the foolishness of selecting program “wreckers.” They are the geniuses…They are the righteous…They hold the limit switches for fun. They are the masters of Salem. We are the fools…They keep the devils on the run. They deposit the checks measured in worth from their own mirrors. You stay silent, you fool….you hear? We are the arrogance and you haven’t a clue. You are the clowns we must subdue.

    College ‘GameDay’ at Indiana….?

  13. Hoosier Clarion wrote in # 13:
    “I damn sure wasted my time on # 9 through 12. I”ll not make that mistake again.”

    GOOD ! I’ve often thought your comments were a total waste of my reading time, too, but didn’t think it worth my time, or anyone else’s time,to call YOU out for your OPINIONS. Even when I thought your comments were outrageous or ridiculous, I merely read them and moved on.

    But thanks for the shout out, even if it was a “Kevin Wilson negative”.

  14. So did I HC and and readily admit doing so having no idea what Mr. Hillbillies was talking about in 10 and 11. Number 12 was the same as most of his posts the last few years but at least shorter than most.

  15. NoMendacity-

    This is how they roll their cigars at the Yacht Club….They’re harmless and impotent of any real passion(see “sun shall only be painted in the sky” reference above) .
    Let them be. If they fall asleep from my posts, consider it mission accomplished. They need their rest for Wake Forest….The wife is making an apple pie in the iron plug-in skillet.. Skillet pie and watching Hoosier football go from being on its back to turning over on its side once every 40 years….

    These are the rewards of quality time and remodeled master bedrooms…..This is their Yacht Club time…Let them savor such earned snidely spouts before their nap as it nestles against their stale tobacco breath, their conquered worlds, and all an earth’s conquered wisdom(a.k.a. a their weekly bowel movement)

  16. NoMendacity- You must have really caused a ruckus at the Yacht Club center table..You brought out big defeatist chiefton…He take break from playing footsie with fungus infested toes of basketball coach to place snidely tongue on Scoop. Keep up the good work. .

  17. NoMendacity, I think you make outstanding points in post #9. I live in bloomington and I know exactly what your talking about and I have also heard more stories about a certain beverage of choice. I also know an assistant that left iu not long ago due to his frustration within the program. Shortly after he left I was given his iu coaches windbreaker and told why he left iu, not directly by the coach, but from my friend that was initially given the jacket by the coach. Was then given to me, because it was too big for my friend. There was also the embarrassment from his appearance on the Zack and Jack show. I realize that zack and jack were out of line and making fun of iu’s football program, but wilson handled that situation with zero class. Many people loved his response to zack and jack, finally someone strongly defending iu football, but to many people it was just embarrassing. How do you think Tony Dungy would have handled that situation? He would have made his points with class and professionalism. Dungy would not have thrown off the air, as wilson was, thus allowing more negative exposure to continue as zack and jacked threw our new couch and program under the bus. I I agree with NoMendacity, because I feel like Wilson has also weakened my enthusiasm for iu football. I am not at all embarrassed by the football play of iu football, only embarrassed by the things I here that go on off the field or behind closed doors. Nothing illegal or something to cause termination, just issues of character and setting the right example. The kind of things that hurt iu’s reputation and cause a disconnect between longtime iu fans and supporters. To be honest, i’m tired of people just like myself, tired of the negativity I hear everywhere. The constant negative comments I hear from 8 out of every 10 people I talk to. I’ve tried hard to stay off this site this week, but post #9 caught my attention because it very easily could have been written by me. In the future i’m going to try very hard to stay positive about this group of young players that are playing with great heart (and great enthusiasm when allowed). I’m going to close my eyes to the things I see and close my ears to things I hear that take away my enthusiasm for iu football. I apologize to all for the frustration I express and now that i’ve expressed the truthfulness of my concerns, i’ll try to focus on the accomplishments of this great group of kids and how hard they’ve worked and what they’ve accomplished.

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