Hoosier Morning

Indiana outlasted Nebraska on the road to go 2-0 in the Big Ten Saturday, Mike wrote.

It took a team effort for the Hoosiers to overcome the Cornhuskers, I wrote.

A big fourth-quarter comeback helped IU women’s basketball roar to victory in overtime against Michigan, Jon writes.

Nebraska found defending Yogi Ferrell to be no picnic in the loss to Indiana, Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald wrote.

Nebraska coach Tim Miles was happy with the effort, just not the result against the Hoosiers, Brian Rosenthal of the Lincoln Journal-Star wrote.

Indiana’s 2-0 Big Ten start comes with reason for both optimism and doubts, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

IU got stops and scores in arguably its best half of the season over the final 20 minutes in Lincoln, the subject of the latest film session with Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

An oral history of the legendary 1975-76 Hoosiers, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A struggling Victor Oladipo had a breakout game at Washington over the weekend, John Denton of OrlandoMagic.com writes, while Oladipo is also playing stellar defense, Josh Cohen of OrlandoMagic.com writes.

Five factors looking back at IU’s Pinstripe Bowl loss to Duke, by Billy at puntjohnpunt.com.

For the IU women’s basketball team, “Comeback Story” by Kings of Leon.


  1. I think some posters have made comments about us shooting more free throws at home not so much on the road. The last four road games we have shot two more free throws then our opponents total. The last 4 games at home we have shot 76 yes I said 76 more free throws than our opponents. CoacH Moren ok spent most of the 3rd quarter complaining to the rest and consequently we got lots of calls the rest of the way. at Wisconsin all her complaining got her was a technical foul. Try to be a little fair and balanced. Do we have a different design on the road?

  2. The article is dated…

    Dipo brought it at Cleveland …along with his fading numbers… Orlando Bloom Magic has “glory, guts, game, and gumption” as their new coach in Scotty Skiles…Best thing that ever happened to Dipo is to get around a guy that doesn’t need to chase ghosts or NBA egos for validation. Skiles will bring Dipo back down to earth…and likely save his career. And not starting Dipo regularly will probably give him some longevity…Dipo’s body is no Jimmy Butler frame and he’ll wear down. Hell, it’s no Remy frame. Dipo is a lot of motor in a Ford Pinto. Jimmy B is a ‘5 Series’ Beamer…It just moves..It just moves. Reliable …smooth…and classy. Here come DA BULLS!

    I hate being right about Jimmy Butler….I would cut and paste my old Jimmy B posts from Scoop(about the same time most of you were gushing over Ola- deplorable jumpers., but it would further irritate the Crean apologists that care more about slathering his overrated NBAers with exaggerated praise instead of acquiring a coach that can beat the Dukes and Syracuses of the world while bringing home Final Four runs and banners.

  3. 130 points over the last 14 games….130/14 = 9.3 ppg.

    Breakout game against the below .500 team in last place of the Southeast Division(11th place among all teams from the East). Against the top team in the East….? Nine points. Stars don’t just come out to play against scrubs with UK thugs…They come out to play against the class of the NBA.

  4. And he likely ball-hogged against the Wizards because it was another one of those “Oladipo is coming home” affairs….It’s all about impressing the backyard doubters instead of impressing the uniform or the college that hasn’t sniffed glory days for 40 years. But to be fair to Dipo, the NBA is thoroughly littered with the boring narcissism and guys that point to Jesus with every made jumper tossed off their chosen and blessed fingertips……And then it’s off to the Denver hotel room…. and buying the wife a giant diamond as replacement for your room service. …and a big, fat, gushy goodbye to all your fans that watched YOU make out with a basketball. Yippee. Role models abound.. Brad Stevens will soon be on his knees and filling the toenails of Isaiah Thomas….

    High school is barely a humble stop anymore….College is merely “my” stage to sell “my” product to the “my” future NBA exec. And the NBA is a dream realized? But what happened to the fans and those that made that dream possible….? Are the places they cheer merely your own paradise? And we wonder why these guys think they’re Frank Sinatra singing a crappy version of “New York, New York,” before they splash a stupid ball through a rim at the next NBA dunk contest precluding a boring “All-Star” game? And we wonder why we need to have coaches that beg and use every trick in the tweeting book to lure these gods to their washed up colleges from washed up hillbilly states once known for their gritty TEAMS and masterful teachers that were also the “stars?” Now, you get your ass kicked in a second round of March Madness and you run to the NBA faster than Hud Mellencamp can run from a dark porch…Team? Who gives a rat’s ass…I’m late for a going home party.

    Indiana was nothing but a short train stop in a ME FIRST world …We weren’t a destination..We weren’t a place to fight for banners with humble teammates that will never sniff the perfumes of Denver hotel rooms. We were merely a Victor Depot. ….a limestone desert of sorts with a crazy preacher hidden in the hills…He’ll beg for your wallet of skills about as much as a defeated pretty hotel maid.

  5. Jeremy- Speaking of “Frank”…Those working and lurking in the dark corners of HT’s offices should be frank with you. The reason the spam protection doesn’t work at 3:00 a.m. is to stop the “troll” that defends Harvard when Podunker goes into attack mode. Your HT geniuses eff up the spam protection to cease all posting while the mysterious “moderators” must rest fat and tired heads on pillows.

    The “troll” never stops singing for Harvard…..Roadblocks of moderators may slow him/her down with about as much usefulness of silencing NoMendacity, but the singing goes on.

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