IU blows past Northwestern, 89-57

By beginning to answer its critics, Indiana has propelled itself to rarefied air.

The No. 25 Hoosiers clinched their best start to Big Ten play in 23 years on Saturday, posting a 89-57 blow-by victory over Northwestern at Assembly Hall. In a game that had the potential to offer IU’s first true conference test, Tom Crean’s Hoosiers ran away with their 12th consecutive victory.

It was part of Indiana’s best start since the 1992-93 conference season, when IU produced a 13-0 record to begin Big Ten play.

The Hoosiers (17-3, 7-0) hit 13 3-pointers and saw five different players score at least nine points. Yogi Ferrell led the way with 17 points, Max Bielfeldt added 13 points and Collin Hartman scored 11. Robert Johnson and Troy Williams each posted nine points, with Williams adding seven rebounds.

Indiana never trailed after racing ahead to a 10-0 lead and connecting on four of its first five 3-point attempts. An 11-0 run late in the half pushed IU’s advantage to 19 points, and the Hoosiers carried a 43-26 halftime lead into the locker room.

Among the few areas of early concern were turnovers and the number of open looks afforded to Wildcats guard Tre Demps, but IU addressed both in the second half. Alex Olah came off the bench and got the best of his matchup with Bryant, leading the Wildcats with 19 points.

The Hoosiers committed seven turnovers in the first 11 minutes of regulation, but had only three errors across the final 29 minutes. Demps had 14 points through the first 20 minutes, but added only three the rest of the way.

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  1. Great game to watch. IU is playing unselfish basketball now. They share the ball and play team defense. Very enjoyable to watch. I love how our freshmen are playing. OG has a knack for the ball and he gets up so quickly. Robert Johnson looked good. Colin Zhartman got IU out to a great start. Just have to play each game one at a time. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. It’s another miserable day for the Crean-haters. Once again, IU did what they were supposed to do in blowing out a weaker Big Ten team. Far from a perfect game, but once again, they looked pretty good today! What is that now, 12 wins in a row? Oh boy, I can only imagine the agony that Harv and his sycophants are suffering this afternoon. You can tell by the absence of posts in the Scoop. They must be in a state of vertigo right now, stumbling around the walls of their parents’ basements. Each word of praise from the network’s college basketball analysts directed at this Crean team must feel like scissors being taken to their paper-thin “Crean-can’t-coach” narrative. With each blow-out Big Ten victory, they know, even amidst the fog of their delusions, it is less and less likely that Crean will be fired or forced to resign. IU playing well and winning big is the worst possible news for the Crean-haters. And IU winning the NCAA Championship under Crean would be the apocalypse. “The horror……. the horror”

  3. How dumb can these network college basketball analysts be? Did you notice that they did not give any credit to Crean’s assistants today. I mean, these men have to know that since “Crean can’t coach,” IU’s strong performances of late and player development are due entirely to Crean’s assistant coaches.

    I know IU’s winning streak won’t last forever, but its so fun while it does. LOL!

  4. Really enjoying watching this team sharing the ball and getting everybody involved. I’m no coach, so can somebody please explain to me what is the theory behind having our big guys jump out on pick-and-rolls as the other team’s unguarded big blasts straight to the basket for an easy layup or foul shot caused by late arriving help? Half the time our bigs get called for a touch foul or bumping the guard anyway and I don’t know what we are supposed to be gaining with this defensive ploy…..Must have seen that scenario unfold about 10 times in this game. I like Thomas Bryant down low where he can impact the game, not throwing his hands up in frustration as he heads to the bench with foul trouble! If this problem can’t be cleaned up I don’t know how we’ll be able to avoid annihilation with the likes of Hammonds, Swanigan, Stone, Haas, Costello, Uthoff, et al. coming up
    Obviously our guys are trying to do what they’ve been coached and instructed to do, but perhaps the staff should do a little cost-benefit analysis on these plays and come up with a more efficient strategy…..

  5. I U jumped out early and Northwestern couldn’t play their grind it out game. The I U fans are still waiting for a really contested game to be played at Assembly Hall this season. I don’t think Fred Glass is going to be making any decision on TC this season. The team has a different look, since the JBJr injury and is getting good supporting contributions from a lot of players. Yogi is the driving factor on this team,

  6. The Missouri Compromise, Morgan & OG (not of Eastern ‘Pipeline’ Promises), is making the difference this season.

    Gotta give InTompetent credit….Beilfeldt, Zeisloft, Morgan, and OG…have rounded out a roster that would have really been hurting without this group…Transfer, graduate transfer, and Missouri Compromise could just make for the depth and bench power that’s been lacking for the last 8 years. The deals made to land Cody, the bringing in of A-Hope recruits and personal friends in the AAU circuit, hurt this program when it could have been Final Four material.

    If Crean had only originally recruited like he did at Marquette(along with securing legit Indiana/NW Indiana/Midwest/Chicagoland talent not tied to other A-Hope deals or NBA friends out East), and not pandered to the locals(the “must recruit ” implications surrounding Hulls and Zeller), this is the sort of team we could have witnessed him eff up five years ago…Maybe even a team that gets to the Final Four if all the ‘happenstance’ of simpler rotations falls into place.

    Season starts in February…..Great coaches are measured by what they do in the Big Dance…Some defeatists believe blowing out a Northwestern team at home in early January is a chance to cut down some more nets. Wow….how far we’ve fallen for these apologists?

  7. Great win today. Another solid showing of unselfish basketball. 21 assists on 30 FGs. More importantly, the defense is looking so much better. Notice the correlation of better defense to number of times Indiana played that man-to-man/switch to zone within the possession (which is zero). This team is fun to watch when the 3 is falling. Love watching them light it up.

    General Podunker continues his charge. Sure you want to send in yet another brigade after 3 good home games against soft competition? You can probably safely hang a “Nobody Believes in Me” Banner for Crean and be safe for a few more games. Indiana doesn’t play a ranked team for another 3 weeks.

    Andy Katz was all over our schedule at halftime and after the game. So far, the combined record of Indiana’s opponents is .511.

    Facts are pesky things. Podunker prefers strong men.

  8. We saw it the first time you posted it, Harv, but no one cares. You must be getting desperate.

  9. Podunker,
    What analysts did you listen to ? Andy Katz flat out said he wanted to reserve judgement until IU got to the toughest part of their Big Ten schedule. How dare he be so negative? Surely he is a Crean hater. Your straw man arguments are getting old. Talk about living in moms basement is rich coming for the biggest juvenile of them all.Harvard is a sage compared to you.

  10. Andy Katz is not credible….false reports. Many times I am at Assembly Hall and he is ten feet away, yet he false reports for ratings. Katz is an idiot! He is right about the back half of the schedule but no Hoosier should ever listen to his take…like the modern day Billy Packer!

  11. That was a funny autocorrect typo. Sorry, that was supposed to read “straw men” not “strong men.”


  12. So Katz IS a Crean Hater! I see a pattern developing here much like Nixon’s enemies list. Any one who dares state facts that are unflattering goes on the HATERS LIST.

  13. Tuesday’s game is big, not critical, but it would be great to get that one against the Badgers. Realistically you win Tuesday and IU has a great shot at 14-4 in the conference. Do you folks agree that would place IU in the the top three of the conference.

  14. Mr.aPologist-

    The only people “desperate” are those that planned an insultingly soft pre-BIG schedule. Crean has already been here 8 years….and this was the best Fred could give us? I guess a very unsophisticated fan base enjoys this sort of thing. …Maybe those that stand in line for pancakes to meet the new football coach.

    When you play a ton of pre-BIG cupcakes, get the lower tier of the Big 10 for 70% of your conference games, while only playing MSU, Maryland, and Purdue once a piece, it’s going to look just peachy stellar.

    Congrats to Glass and Crean for amassing the softest schedule in the history of any team from our conference….Add to the equation that the BIG is in a very down/rebuilding year for many teams and its a lot of hype over nothing. Why would i expect more? Maybe you can get your “Hoosier Rising” back on…Pull it out of the dusty box in the closet…It’s now safe to wear your “We’re Back!” t-shirt to Golden Corral….Yippee.

  15. Double Down-

    Care to share how you create your image next to the screen name…? Does this require some sort of log-in or Facebook account?

  16. No problem Harv.

    It is called Gravatar. https://en.gravatar.com/

    Whatever email address you use to comment with, just signup with it. You load an avatar to that email addy. It is anonymous. No Facebook or Google logins. Powered by WordPress.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Hehe.

  17. J Pat, I wasn’t advocating for Katz. He just presented the facts in this case. There’s nothing to agree or disagree with. Just facts. Indiana’s schedule so far is appallingly weak.

  18. DD, you’re projecting again. And you’re the ones creating the straw man arguments. You Crean-haters are the ones perpetuating the hypothesis that Crean can’t coach, not me. With every additional IU blow-out win, you sound more foolish. But I get your game. The next time IU loses, you Crean-haters will be rushing to the Scoop to post more of the, “we told you so, Crean can’t coach” drivel, and finding fault with every aspect of the team’s performance. And since the Crean-haters’ standards are “final four or fire him,” you’re almost assured that your opinions will be justified, year after year. It’s like you’re predicting that the world will NOT come to an end today, and when it doesn’t, you say, “see, we told you so.” I’m not saying IU won’t lose another game this season; they will. I’m not saying IU is going to make it to the final four this season; they won’t. I’m not saying that IU is going to win the Big Ten Championship; they probably won’t. But to you guys, unless they do both every season, “Crean can’t coach.” The pure absurdity of that logic is laughable. By Crean-hater standards, Bob Knight could not coach for the last seven years of his tenure at IU! And as I’ve posted before, if by some miracle IU does win an NCAA Championship under Crean, you Crean-haters will be the most miserable people on earth while the rest of the Hoosier nation celebrates.

  19. Podunker..I wouldn’t call myself a “Crean-hater” but I was admittedly very disillusioned. I think McClain leaving to UIC and the promotion of Rob Judson has had a positive impact; Chuck Martin as well. It doesn’t matter WHO the opponent; just like Golf…its the Game that’s your opponent not the other player. Knight coached to the game and what I have seen recently it appears the TEAM is playing to THE GAME and not to any opponent in particular.

  20. I don’t care who you’re playing in the B1G, 40 boards, 21 assists and only 10 TO’s playing with that uptempo freelance offense is a good win making it a good day. Jim is right a 14-4 record would be a strong statement from Crean and company. I particularly like the D.

  21. Po, do you know that your entire post is the very template for the straw man? Do you even know what that term means?

    Next time you want to disagree with me, use something I actually said, instead of general terms, conclusions from your own head and invective.


  22. Po furthers his incoherence saying “we” aren’t happy unless Indiana goes the Final Four this year. That if Indiana doesn’t do it every season, “we” are upset. Who is this “we”?

    Well, speaking for myself and not for the “We” straw man that General Pickett set up, I’d just be happy to do it once in 8 years. Two sweet 16 appearances, one of which came with two of the top four picks in the NBA draft, isn’t the type of program that Indiana should settle for in 8 years. If Crean hangs a banner this year, I’ll promise to blow him kisses and sing his praises. I don’t think he’ll do it, but I’d love for him to step up and surprise me. He abandoned that goofy hybrid defense, so apparently he is capable of learning.

    There is not a single fact in General Pickett’s post. Not a one. No analysis based on even one fact. It is just his emotional rantings because there are a few people around here, at varying degrees, who think that in the 8 years Crean has been the coach, there is reason to believe he isn’t the right guy.

  23. Why do so many on here think Glass or Crean is in charge of IU’S Big Ten schedule? IU didn’t pick this schedule it was what they were handed and are dealing with it accordingly.

  24. Of course we are ALL happy when IU wins. To imply otherwise is pure nonsense injected into the conversation for the sole purpose of starting an argument. I hope Crean leads this team all the way to the final four. A deep NCAA run is not a bad thing to hope for unless you are the poster boy for underachievement.

  25. Mr. aPOlogist/Mallory-hater-

    Quit talking about people “hating.” If you’re going to go there, then you need to remember the repeated “hate” you put onto Doug Mallory’s name before he even coached a single game at IU. What difference if it’s an assistant coach, a defensive coordinator, or a head coach?

    The Hoosiers have had a nice stretch against the bottom-feeders of the conference. They have been playing hard and appear very prepared. But the true measure of a coach is when the heat of a big game is on. Can he remain focused? Can everything he does in January defeating a patsy be translated to leadership, levelheadedness, focus, and making the necessary adjustments(halftime and in-game) when the contest is a back-and-forth war? Do you really think this positive stretch against mediocre BIG teams will erase the memories of what we’ve seen from Crean when the pressure and the stakes get dialed up?

    Keep your panties on and just pray…Take aim at another football coach that you’ll soon “hate,” you Mallory-hater…

    Gosh, did you forget all the Lynch-haters? How about the hate on every Sampson kid ..? All of them weren’t terrible people…One is sitting on Crean’s bench.. How about the Knight hate that resurfaces after every dumb-ass party Glass offers to stir more “hate” at the guy that coached numerous Hoosier teams to Championships, Elite 8’s, Final Fours, and more Sweet 16’s than Crean could amass in 400 years…? Isn’t it all just horrible “HATE!”…? How about the “hate” that used to be thrown at Hulls for being the “worst defender in all of college basketball?”

    Crean is in his 8th year…..It’s too late for “hate” as an excuse to take root…If he doesn’t produce now, he can’t fall on that asinine sword you’re attempting to offer in apology. He has had marvelous support from his AD and a great percentage of the fan base….Don’t make the man feel so hated…He’s already far to good at playing the victim act…He played the victim card(witch hunts, decimation, 19 F’s!) when he took over the program…That crap don’t float anymore. Now it simply comes down to results…and that means for an ENTIRE season and his ability to coach against far more unfamiliar teams in March Madness….

    Congrats to a great start….(if that’s what you want to call it with a sea of weak opponents). Sometimes the easy teams are the easiest to get lazy and loose focus…The Hoosiers haven’t let off the throttle and that is a sign of cautious optimism.

  26. Aslan – big men show on the ball screen at every level. Their job is to not allow the ball-handler to turn the corner and head towards the basket, breaking down the defense… It was done to perfection by Zeller 3 years ago. It is essential to be able to do at the next level because NBA offense is almost always predicated off ball-screens.

    As far as how effective it was, you are totally mis-remembering… You did not see their big guys roaming free to the basket for easy lay-ups or fouls due to late help. And even if you did see that it would be a breakdown of the backside help that simply needs to be addressed. Here is the reality of the NW game – their bigs shot a combined 13-18 FG and 1-5 FT. The vast majority of that was Olah in the post doing work with his back to the basket. The only time he sauntered down the lane unattended, I remember very specifically, was when OG went up for a tip dunk and ended up on the floor, and none of his teammates bothered to help him until he was able to get back. The defensive tactic itself is fundamental to today’s game, and it would be completely irresponsible for Crean to not teach it and teach it and teach it if the plan is for their base defense to be man-to-man.

    IU was exceptional today on defense… I can’t believe I just typed those words, but hey you have to give credit where it’s due. The cost-benefit analysis comes down clearly on the side of staying the current course – especially defensively.

  27. Geoff says:
    November 26, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Confused why anyone would think that a high profile coach wouldn’t want the IU job… I mean, no one is going to leave a cushy gig at a great school for IU, but for anyone not named Izzo, K, Self, Williams, dude in AZ… whatever… anyone else would be foolish not to look at it very hard.

    Crean sucks, but he’s proven you can recruit to IU

  28. After 8 years, does he no longer “suck?” Is it the assistants? Is it the removal of guys like Ambi-Stan, Devin, Hanner, and Blackmon…now replaced by a Michigan graduate transfer, Nickie Buckets, and the Missouri Compromise(OG & Morgan)? Is it Yogi’s leadership and improvement..? Is it Hartman finally getting healthy…? Does Troy also still suck…or is he off the list?

    Is it mostly the level of competition? But we’re just beating the bejesus out of them….I really didn’t expect us to destroy Northwestern…Did you?

    Should we be thinking of securing Crean…?..and maybe offering him a contract extension until 2021 before a top program nabs him?

    Is Tom Crean now the most interesting coach in the world….who has figured it all out?

    I tend to think it’s personnel….new assistants…Elston bringing in the Kelvin fire and ideas….Yogi’s mom getting off of Libby’s Crossover(so Yogi no longer reads that garbage and just plays his ass off)…….But, mostly, the improvement is because of Tom Crean…His back was to the wall, and he’s delivered.

  29. Wow…Grayson looked tough tonight. He can cover some court in a hurry..I love the way he just does his layups in the same fashion I was taught in high school…Even if he can dunk, it just looks so much more ‘Graceful’ when he extends the arm and puts it gently off the glass(while going faster than Roadrunner)…

    Hope all is well in Maine….Did you get any of the ‘Storm of the Century?’

    You don’t have to answer….any of these questions.. You’re a really solid Hoosier fan. Much more loyal and steady than Harvard. I just can’t buy into the bozo.

  30. Or, …..?….maybe Zeller and Dipo…and Hulls were all severely overrated and we just have a much better collective group than a team that was simply the product of way too much exaggeration and hype. Is this team a better bunch with far more versatility and scoring options than Crean’s former #1 team with Mr. Everything Hinges…?

    I’m honestly thinking we are still under the radar of all the so-called experts and this team is far better than just about everyone “in the know” realizes. My biggest shock is just how damn good OG is…..Just a ton of basketball savvy…He moves without the ball beautifully and gets himself into position to make plays. It ain’t complicated for guys that get it. His skill sets are vast and he shows me more each time he takes to the floor. Those in the national media have not surveyed our rising bench and roster to its fullest .

    I guess we’ll have a better idea in a few weeks.

  31. Fellas, not that it’s going to do any good… But many of you are simply emitting too much energy over something that doesn’t matter. It’s gotten personal for some of you. I’ll say this and get it out of the way:


    So I can’t tell how things went yesterday. I am not a “hater”. I don’t care. I’m not sold on Crean as a tactician from the few moments I watched them play in passing during past seasons. In the past I’ve not believed hat he adapts to changes well in the same way Gene Keady struggled. But that does’t mean IU can’t be playing well or he can’t be doing an admirable job right now. Much is yet to be determined down the stretch.

    But I’d also say life doesn’t have to be a *&$$ing match” every day fellas. Enjoy the moment with something. Even if it isn’t basketball.

  32. Random thoughts
    This team is so much more fun to watch now. The unselfish play at both ends, depth, impact of the newcomers, and Yogi’s improvement in leadership is just wearing these teams out! “They are starting to get it. It’s really fun now.”. I do believe that all involved deserve congratulations at the progress shown players and coaches alike.
    I wonder what JBJ is thinking? I hope he sees this as an indication of where he can improve his contribution for the team next year.
    AND why can’t we fill the HALL? We have season tickets and the crowd is enthusiastic enough, but nowhere near full. Come on out and enjoy these games! Go Hoosiers!

  33. the truth is iu is playing great basketball. I far one am enjoying it. They are playing great team basketball. Troy is handling it less but is still active. they all have stepped up thier defensive effort. The schedule is weak this year. thats not a insult it is a fact. I would think the Big Ten sets the Big Ten schedule. So you can only play who shows up. I am excited for this team. It took serveral years for a few of them to figure it out but team basketball is the only way to win!!!

  34. Impressive win, for I was the one predicting IU wouldn’t score what the Illini scored against us. I was very wrong. NW hasn’t been destroyed like this all season. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still haven’t beaten a Top 25 team nor a team in the upper half of the Big 10.

    And yes, I am a Crean detractor. But, I hope he proves me wrong. That’ll be a good thing. But this is still the same guy who can’t beat Syracuse with the nation’s best team and is a lower tier coach in the Big 10. When the 3 ball is going in this team can play with anybody & blow out poor teams. When it doesn’t fall we look awful. It’s that plus the improved D, brought about by Blackmon’s injury, that is carrying this team right now; along with fewer TOs.

    If Crean was a good coach, he would’ve already known the team is better w/o Blackmon and given him less minutes, by emphasizing the importance of Defense. Instead, it took an injury, sadly, to make him see the light that many of us already saw months ago. JBJ cares about 1 thing; JBJ. This team’s earlier problems weren’t scoring, in general, but lack of D and carelessness, much of which centered around Blackmon.

    OG, Morgan, Bielfeldt are all better defenders, and players that help a team win, vs. JBJ.

  35. As I’m reading all these comments I got to thinking about the ’81 Hoosiers. This was pre-Internet & thus pre-sports blogs where IU fans could spout off about IU play & share with other fans their opinions. To remind readers, the ’81 Hoosiers had talent galore in Isiah Thomas, Randy Wittman, Ray Tolbert, Ted Kitchel, Steve Bouchie, Jim Thomas , Landon Turner to name a few. But but this team lost many games in December & may had lost a few Big10 games when conference play started in January. I don’t recall if people were saying how horrible a coach Knight was during that span, and there were times that IU was painful to watch. I think IU lost to some real patsies. My point is that coaching comes into play to correct things & and “right the ship” so to say. The ’80-’81 Hoosiers went from bad to good when Knight removed the shackles from Isiah Thomas & let him play ‘his’ game. Was IU good in Jan ’81, I don’t think so. They began being good in late Jan and mid way Feb, but they became great in March when Turner decided to be a serious defender & rebounder. It also helped his offensive play. I’m not saying the ’16 Hoosiers are the ’81 Hoosiers, but they have the capability. Crean has adjusted things with the loss of JBJ, & so far it’s been great results. I wish the Big10 schedule had us playing better competition in Jan, but the schedule is what was handed to us & up to this point IU has done what it needs to do…win their home games & win a few away games. IU has improved their defense, slowed down enough to eliminated stupid turnovers but allow IU to still play fast on offense , & to get playing time for guys like Bielfelt & OG. Bryant has developed into a good post player. No need to be “haters” unless the wheels come off & IU collapses in Feb. but I don’t think that will happen. I’m a fan & I appreciate any win IU gets. I also like this forum giving ol’ guys like me opportunity to chime in. I come by it naturally as I entered IU in Knight’s 2nd year in Bloomington. So I got to see great basketball. It was like Assembly Hall was 4-5 yrs old before IU lost 10 games there. Crimson & Crimson through and through. Go Hoosiers!

  36. We got lucky and the storm went out to sea before it got to us… I’m sure we’ll have 2 or 3 doozies though. Tough for those mid-Atlantic states though – they just aren’t built for that kinda weather. I remember moving my grandfather from FL to NC in January of ’14, when they had the record cold snap, and not only did people not leave their houses, we visited 2 retirement homes who were down because their pipes had frozen, burst, and flooded their kitchens and hallways. We tried calling 2 of his old friends to go out to dinner and both people had to wait at their house for plumbers to come over because their pipes had burst. When VA or NC gets snow like this they basically just have to wait for it to melt…

    If you remember it was until last season that I turned on Crean. Im not sure if it’s assistants having a greater impact, or happenstance forcing his hand, or maybe walking right up to the very edge of being fired/quitting this last off-season and it being like rock-bottom moment for an addict that effects real change… Something is definitely a little different with him though – sub patterns, defensive efficiency, effective OOB plays, more motion in the offense (that isn’t simply a weave), running pick plays to get looks for guys like Buckets… even his demeanor with the refs is improved.

    I think mostly his body language and expressions are telling me he went through the fire and it burned off some of his arrogance – he looks tired or annoyed now when things go wrong, instead of being shocked or excited and just doubling down on it. His patience with poor play seems to reached a tipping point and he’ll no just sit around and cheer for his stars to turn it around on the court.

    Hopefully it all lasts, and this run of success, and the reasons for it, imprints on him… Instead of re-emboldening his arrogance.

  37. When a guy runs around any podium in sight and screams 19F’s!. he is a “hater” in front of hundreds of thousands viewers….When he chases a former assistant coach at halfcourt in front of a national TV audience to spout off more BS, he becomes the even greater theatrical “hater.” I could go on with dozens and dozens of more examples including the episode that saw a player possibly fatally injured in a street eventually treated as beyond repair(for drinking issues) and sent on his bus out of Bloomington.

    Crean is a born excuse maker and “hater” of the theatrical form…He envelopes himself in “faith” to act as a supreme buffer/armor while aiming at his targets..It also releases him from vasts amounts of journalistic and public criticism…He gets it all his way. He gets the buffer while being the guy that never accepts accountability when things aren’t going so well. He has hatred for the mirror.

    For those that want to continually label harsh criticism on a blog that reaches about 1/1,000,000 of the audience a coach’s rhetoric and verbal actions/excuses and ignorant public declarations of prayer as a demeaning weapon destroying the private dignity and grace of ANY chosen faith(or absence thereof), then I would suggest getting a larger grip on your warped sense of reality.

    And why come to a forum if you’re invested so little as to not even watch the games? There must be some draw…..? It must be all the “hate” and you have come to a sight with an average of 10 regular posters to save the world from its obsessions with Tom Crean.

    Hilarious shtuff on here today..of the supremely narcissistic nature….”I don’t always drink Hoosier Basketball…I actually never drink Hoosier Basketball, but when I do, I choose Dos Scoops to talk about something I don’t drink.”. I am the most interesting Ghostrida in the world.

    I think that Glass is tied in close enough to Delaney to influence the schedule…Hell, he’s bought into all the Eastward movement and influences upon the conference…Their wives probably shopped together during the Pinstipe Bowl. Don’t underestimate the power of lawyers to make backroom deals…The softness of this BIG schedule is unprecedented. It didn’t just fall out of the sky…HATE>>HATE>>>HATE>>>HATE>>>HATE to break it to you.

    My spam number was 666….Weird.

  38. Good comments, Geoff.

    I think Beilfeldt brought the playbook from Michigan. Elston and Bryant brought the undaunted spirit. Derek also brought some of Kelvin’s Playboy’s……and one big-ass cross on his shoulder. Elston should dress like a Chippendale(vest with no shirt) so he can still show off the tattoos.

    But all kidding aside, it’s Chuck Martin…and the unprecedented soft schedule. Northwestern will be different as the season progresses. They have some nice looking freshman as well. It’s probably Chuck that helped land the Missouri Compromise recruits. OG = Jim Thomas.. If we get anywhere beyond a Sweet 16, it will have a lot to do with OG and Morgan.
    Yogi is also playing near flawless basketball….What a great decision to come back. He has improved immensely….I won’t pile on the Blackmon “hate.” Blackmon is a phenomenal basketball player…You don’t get to this level being anything short of a fully rounded athlete. It doesn’t take much for cold shooting to spread from one tight player to an entire team in big games….Blackmon will be missed when the talent of tougher opponents and stronger individual defenders dials up in stronger stanza of schedule/March Madness.

    Your big football game today….Should be fun. I’m a fan of both QB’s…More of a fan of Brady because he’s the closet thing to Namath that I’ve ever seen…Just a perfect pocket QB…Unbelievable balance and vision. Statuesque..Poised…Unflappable. .
    Manning …..How can you not love Manning? I’m old enough to have watched Archie…That, in itself, is plenty to be a fan. I was almost ready to put the paper grocery bag over my head when watching IU Basketball..

    Seahawk – How are you? Here(courtesy of Double Down) is your guide to the “icons.”

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone….SMU and Nic Moore….Love Nic. What a shame we can’t watch SMU in March Madness. The NCAA is a joke.

  39. Harvard, thanks, I’ll have a look. Haven’t been Scooping of late. How are things?

    So, do we “sign up” for this site now? I’m confused

  40. Seahawk- You don’t have to sign up for Scoop…If you want to use the Gravatar(which does require signing up and providing your email), the icon you create on Gravatar’s site auto-attaches to the same email address used on Scoop.

    Somehow, I think these new formats are just additional ways to track people and invade privacy. I like the old format. If censorship filtering is the ultimate goal, it comes with a cost…Most of the time, it’s the identified “trolls” that seem to rally to my defense when the “Yacht Club” members are in attack mode….

    Not much else to say on the personal front….Life has changed a lot over the past few years… Miss my Yellow Labrador companion ….Dogs have a way of looking into the soul…They provide you with unconditional love just for the sight of you coming through the door.. I miss the greeting of that sort of love. Humans generally don’t like me..and I probably don’t go to the effort to like most back…. Big shocker. Can’t remember the last person that wagged their tail in glee just at the sight of me…..

  41. Geoff,
    Western North Carolina gets plenty of snow and they handle it well. Mt. Mitchell just got 66 inches the other day. A foot of snow is not unusual.

  42. I had a friend send me s picture. To be fair, Mt. Mitchell is the highest point east of the Rockies but lots of WNC got from one to two feet of the stuff.

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