IUWBB: Indiana wins at Northwestern, 91-84

Ahead of Sunday’s game, Teri Moren said a Big Ten road win would help further change the culture of Indiana women’s basketball.

The Hoosiers came away with their moment, a 91-84 win at No. 20 Northwestern. Ahead by five at half, but falling behind by seven going into the fourth, IU (12-8, 4-4 Big Ten) outscored the Wildcats 33-19 in the fourth quarter.

IU had not won a Big Ten road game since Feb. 2, 2014, against Illinois.

Tyra Buss led the Hoosiers with 21 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. Amanda Cahill finished with 20 points, 11 rebounds and six assists. Fellow sophomore Jess Walter came off the bench and scored a season-high 15 points, hitting 4-of-6 from 3-point range.

The Hoosiers trailed Northwestern, 71-68, with 7:27 left in the fourth, but two straight layups by Buss and another from Alexis Gassion puts IU up by three. A Maggie Lyon 3 cut the deficit to one point with 3:55 remaining, but Walter rebuffed the Wildcats with her fourth triple.

Two free throws from Nia Coffey reduced IU’s advantage to 82-80 with 2:18 left in the fourth, but Buss made one of two free throws and Cahill hit a jumper to push IU’s advantage back to five. Two free trows from Karlee McBride expanded that lead to seven with 51 seconds left.

Walter’s point production helped IU outproduce Northwestern in bench points, 17-0. The Hoosiers also outrebounded Northwestern 43-36, including 14 offensive rebounds. Northwestern had 16 offensive rebounds and had 21 second-chance points.

But the Hoosiers hit 50.7 percent from the field, bringing their shots with them on the road.

Gassion, with 12 points and nine assists, and McBride, with 14 points, also finished in double figures for IU. Ashley Deary led the Wildcats (13-7, 2-6 Big Ten) with 30 points and 10 assists. Coffey added 27 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks.


  1. HUGE WIN for the IU ladies.
    Coming into this game, IU had won exactly one Big Ten away game in the last four years.
    In the Big Ten, IU is now 4-4, with 6 home games and 4 away games remaining.
    I would submit that the hardest part of our Big Ten schedule is behind us.
    What a great day to be a Hoosier fan!

  2. I was able to watch this game. These young ladies never wavered, down the stretch. Great win! GO HOOSIERS! ! !

  3. What a great win for the Hoosiers on the road! This was a true team win as we had 5 players in double figures. Buss had 21 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists along with Cahill having 20 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. McBride continued her strong play of late with 14 points and 4 assists. It was finally good to see Alexis Gassion return to her consistent self with 12 points and a team high 9 terrific assists. She had been in a 2 or 3 game slump from the scoring standpoint lately. But, the best thing in the game from my standpoint was the strong play from Jess Walter who has really struggled this year with her early season concussion, she had 15 points including 4 of 6 from the 3 point arc. Jess was our best 3 point shooter last year and to see her return to form was absolutely outstanding! The last two games she has looked more and more like last year’s Jess. One of our frequent women’s posters who normally reports doom & gloom and shall remain nameless had predicted a week or two ago that Walter this year was going to become last year’s Agler, well, I guess the report of her demise was a bit premature? Her recent strong play has been exactly what this team has needed!
    We outrebounded the Wildcats by a 43 to 36 margin although they scored 21 second chance points off of offensive rebounds. This has been one of our weaknesses all year long. All in all this was a terrific win which was the 6th time this year we have come from behind in the second half to secure a victory, this just shows the mental toughness of this young team. We now return home to play a very tough Rutgers team Wednesday night. Rutgers has terrific size and possibly the best athletes up and down their lineup in the conference. This will be a very good test for us after this big road win. It would be terrific to see a big crowd Wednesday to really help with a true home court advantage. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. What an awesome win for the lady hoosiers. As much as they were flat in the last game they were that much determined to make a game of this one. So great to see the excitement of the team with this great road win. The highlight was Tyra Buss picking up coach Moren and swinging her around. This is bound to be a great confidence builder. Also great to see Walter back to herself without her input would not have won this one. If they ever got clicking on all cylinders they would be hard to beat by any team. Nice to see so many players in double figures which they needed on this one.

  5. Come on hoosier fans lets fill assembly hall on wed and root this fine young team on to a victory.

  6. Very happy for the ladies and coaching staff after this win. The team’s hard work is paying off and I hope they can now see that their limits are very few.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  7. I was able to watch the game on BTN. What a great effort by the Lady Hoosiers. This is Coach Moren’s Team! The women seem to love to play with and for each other. I admit to a little crush on Tyra Buss, but she is a great on court leader who seems to only care about the team winning! IU Women’s Baskrtball is for Real! Go IU!

  8. IU women basketball trending at steady pace in right direction. T. Moren and staff leadership and coaching ability is really showing on the court. Great team chemistry. T. Buss is really good coach on the floor and a great competitor. They really look like a focused team with each member playing her important role and play really well as a close team.

  9. I was right about Northwestern. They are heading to the cellar. Rutgers is no better. They can not shoot at all. Play a zone.

  10. Irish, not so fast my friend. Rutgers is just the type of team that we have always had trouble with, big and athletic. The problem with a zone is blocking out! Yes, you were right about Northwestern but, Rutgers has two excellent shooters in Scaife and Canty, they are very dangerous. Rutgers has basically the same team they had last year and they got us twice last year with their size and quickness.
    I am not saying we can’t beat them but, I am just saying that it will really be tough! A strong home crowd would really help. It would be great to get more fans in the seats. Go Hoosiers!

  11. Share the ball. Assists up, turnovers down. Coach Miller recruited lots of people who can score. Use them all. Don’t listen to excuse makers who say we aren’t big enough or athletic enough every time we lose. Lots of people go through life making excuses. Ignore them. As far as Rutgers goes they’re not that good. Play zone as they couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean from the beach. Hoosierfan, you were on the mark with your comment about Walter being the next Agler. Coach morens recruiting hasn’t panned out so she was forced to give Jess more chances. Our expert calls everyone out but I think he was the one who predicted stardom for our new girls. Slow down a bit. We are winning games because we’re letting coach Millers girls do what they were recruited to do.

  12. OMG Nathan, you are really starting to dissapointed me. We finally win a game on the road and you mellow a little and sort of become a bandwagon guy. Very transparent of you 🙂 this is the first post this year where you actually complemented the team, good for you!
    BTW, is coach Miller living in your basement? He sounds like your best friend, said it before and will say it again, great recruiter but, if he would have kept his affairs in order according to rumors, he would still be here? And about the stardom that was predicted, I said that if Kim Royster acclimated herself to college ball as soon as possible that I thought she could really help us? Well, it appears that she is going through what every freshman does, ups and downs. Her problem is strength, she is over matched a lot because she lacks strength, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this if you have seen her play. Hopefully she will play well at times this year but, next year with another 15 pounds or so she will be greatly improved. As it is this year we simply have to live with the typical freshman inconsistency.
    I am sure that IF Rutgers beats us tomorrow night, you will be back to your usual self?

  13. Nothing has changed. I said one person monopolized the ball. That didn’t happen against Northwestern. Everyone stands around and gets disinterested when we run our drive and flop offense. I guess after a 2 for18 game against Illinois, maybe one of the assistant coaches corrected the problem. I liked Coach Miller and his style of play and the girls enjoyed playing for him.

  14. Nobody monopolizes the ball. The point guard who has the ball in her hands and runs the offense shot 53% from the field (against a great defender) and had 5 assists. Not to mention 10 rebounds. 21 points and only 3 coming from the line. That fact you call it a drive and flop offense just means you aren’t a true Hoosier fan. Go troll somewhere else.

  15. Nathan, before I go to far, just wanted you to know, I really enjoy our little conversations. I know you are referring to Buss as monopolizing the ball. Just one thing, she was not 2 for 18 against Illinois, she was 2 for 13. But, the important thing is that her running the offense is by design weather you agree with it or not? The coach has designed the offense this way (and I realize you are not a Moren fan but, it is what it is?) You say things were different in the Northwestern game? You do realize that Buss took 4 more shots against the Wildcats than she did against Illinois and yet we won, Hmmmm. Buss had 6 assists against Illinois and 5 against Northwestern, so apparently things may not be as bad as you think? BTW, IU has not had an above 500 record in the Big 10 since 2009 when they were 11-7. At this time they are 4-4 and many people seem to think they may reach 500 or above this year. If this happens, I guess coach Moren is doing a better job than a few detractors seem to think. Well, we will see?

  16. Hoosierfan and Nathan, before you continue to go on and on about the way Moren is treating Walter, you need to go to The Indiana Daily Student today and read the article that appears about Walter. She is quoted throughout the article on how tough it’s been getting through her ordeal with the concussion. Even after reading this article, I am sure you will come up with something cute about how Moren is going to drive her out of the program? One other thing, I am curious to know if either of you actually attend our women’s games? If neither of you do attend games, I am just wondering how you come up with some of the stuff you do?

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