James Blackmon Jr. returns to campus #iubb

James Blackmon Jr.’s Indiana teammates made sure to offer a proper reception when he returned to campus midway through Monday’s practice.

In this case, it meant immediately halting their workout to deliver their greetings.

“I couldn’t have kept practice going if I tried,” IU coach Tom Crean said on his weekly radio show. “They were excited to see him, which was really, really nice. We hadn’t seen him since he left to go get his final evaluation and have his surgery. To me, it was good for him and good for them — good for all of us.”

Blackmon is out for the season with an unspecified injury to his right knee. The sophomore guard left the team early last week before undergoing successful surgery on Tuesday afternoon. While Crean has cited HIPAA laws in declining to discuss the nature of Blackmon’s latest knee injury, James Blackmon Sr. told the Marion Chronicle-Tribune last week that his son is hoping to return to basketball activities as soon as possible.

“James is going to work hard and do what he needs to do,” Blackmon Sr. told the Chronicle-Tribune last week. “He will be back before he knows it. … Some people say it might take nine months to recover from an injury like this, but Vijay (Blackmon) was able to recover in five months.”

Vijay is James’ younger brother, who suffered a torn ACL in May of 2014 but recovered quickly enough that he was back in time for the season opener of his junior season last November. Blackmon Sr. did not say specifically whether James tore his ACL.

James also had surgery in July to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. During his sophomore year of high school, he tore the ACL in his left knee.

Crean said he and IU’s team doctors will develop a plan for James’ recovery over the next few days.

“We’re gonna have to really read what the plan is gonna be, how many things he can do, what he can do weight-bearing, travel — things like that to make sure we really do this right for him,” Crean said. “… We’ll give him assignments during the game and some tests he has to carry there. We’ll help him get stronger, learn and keep his mindset completely focused on how he can help his teammates get better while he’s getting better.”


  1. Man, I hope JBJ doesn’t shop at the same replacement knee store as Mo Creek. His knee issues are chronic.

    Get well James.

  2. So, on Sat we play a pretty awful Minnesota team at The Barn. I can’t remember the last time IU won there. Potential trap game?

  3. Double Down, IU has won at minny the last 4 summer Olympic years: 2004, 2008, 2012 (and would have won there in 2000 if not for an epic collapse). 2016 is a summer Olympic year. Add it to the list.

  4. We’re actually doing blown out knee jokes? O.K. Stay classy, San Diego.

    It my understanding that he went to Bracey M. Wright Knee Replacements…Mo advised him to stay away from the doctor George Washington recommended…. ..They actually mislabeled one knee as a cherry tree….claiming it was knot right….Not, ‘Wrigh’t as in Bracey, but ‘knot’ ‘right’ as in nothing they ever saw before….He capped off the conversation by telling JBJ that the one knee excursively epaired’ at IU never ‘creaks.’

  5. correction:

    He capped off the conversation by telling JBJ that the one knee excursively repaired’ at IU “never ‘creaks’….no mo’. “

  6. wow…[exclusively] repaired at IU “never ‘creaks’ ….no mo’..”!

    That whole thing was a kneedless effort.

  7. Genetics can play a roll in certain people being more susceptible to certain types of injuries. Three brothers in my community, who all happen to be good athletes, can not play football because they each have a condition that increases their risk of a severe neck injury/paralysis. Hope the Blackmon brothers’ previous knee injuries will be their last.

  8. WITHOUT QUESTION THIS IS A TRAP GAME !!!! We have played one game to date OSU where we as a team were focused. This is a perfect set up for Minn. They will be ready . They have nothing to lose and everything to gain . Just ask Purdue how a bad Illinois team can take you down . It will depend on playing defense and team ball as well as which Troy shows up. He only played like he did because of the NBA scouts in the house . If this is in fact the new Troy for the rest of the season I. U. will be a much better team for the second half of the season which is a killer. If not we already know what that looks like . If history repeats it’s self CTC’S SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON TEAMS TANK every year when everyone else is improving . I only hope the new coaches on the staff will prevent that from happening again. Best of luck to JBJ no body deserves what he has been through . GO HOOSIERS ! Never underestimate the completion !!! SUCCESS IS A STATE OF MIND ! ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING !!!

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