Sources: Strength coach Mark Hill leaving IU #iufb

For the first time in two years, changes are coming to Indiana’s football coaching staff.

Strength and conditioning coach Mark Hill is leaving Indiana, according to multiple sources. Indiana has confirmed Hill’s departure through a statement from coach Kevin Wilson.

Hill spent five seasons as the football program’s head strength and conditioning coach, arriving in January 2011 after four seasons spent in a similar role at Minnesota. Wilson often went out of his way to praise the work done by Hill, whose hiring — along with that of two assistants — represented a deeper investment in the football strength and conditioning program at Indiana.

There’s no word yet on Hill’s landing spot. Attempts to reach Hill have so far been unsuccessful. The university recently posted a listing for a head strength and conditioning coach for football on its official online job board.

“Mark Hill has resigned and accepted another position with a Power Five program,” Wilson said in his statement. “We appreciate his service and his leadership. Mark was our first staff hire and he did an exceptional job. Under his direction, our strength and athleticism has improved drastically. We will conduct an extensive national search and are confident we will find a strong replacement.”

Hill was among Wilson’s earliest hires, and the two had a previous working relationship while on Oklahoma’s staff in 2002 and 2003, when Wilson oversaw the Sooners’ offensive line and Hill served as an assistant strength coach.

Players, too, often credited Hill for helping with their maturation, and he leaves Bloomington having assisted in the development of at least 12 former IU players who have either landed in the NFL or received training camp invites. That number is expected to grow over the coming months.

Although Indiana did not see any major staff movement last winter, Wilson acknowledged last month that coaching continuity is usually an exception to the norm.

“We’ve talked about trying to maintain continuity,” Wilson said last month. “I think we’ve battled. We’ve had some guys who’ve been approached before. I have a lot of appreciation for our guys. They’ve done a solid job recruiting. You talk about some of the great coaches, coach Hill and the strength staff and they way they’ve developed (Dan) Feeney and (Jason) Spriggs and those types of players is awesome. It’s a great group of guys.”


  1. Well, I hope this is not another case of an IU Assistant Football Coach departing IU for a lateral position at more money.

  2. Great to see coaches being hired at possibly better positions and money. Wish we could have kept him but we haven’t even locked in our head coach…

    Mike, is there any news regarding the contract negotiations with Coach Wilson?

    Go Hoosiers!

  3. Wilson is as locked in as any coach can be, for at least two more years. But I too am curious why Glass has not gotten Wilson’s new contract done. My guess is that Wilson expects a lot more than Glass is willing to pay him and that Wilson knows that his market value, even as an Offensive Coordinator, is worth a lot more than he is currently getting paid. If Glass offered Wilson less than $1.8 per year (total comp), I’m guessing that Wilson rejected it and will be happy to wait and see what other opportunities arise.

  4. I think a two year extension would be a nice reward with a bump in pay. Therefore if it don’t work out, Wilson won’t be laughing all the way to the bank. It was a decent season with our first bowl since 2007. However, we barely won some games and could’ve easily been a disaster. I think he’s proven he deserves to be here and hope Glass shows him that respect.

  5. I was until recently content with Wilson getting an additional 2-3 year extension until looking in the rear view reflecting the 5 years of the 7 he was entrusted with in the 1st contract and I ask myself why should he not receive another 4 years with this extension. Talk about a security blanket for the staff and recruiting both presently and future. Staff changes have to happen for the next move up the ladder. S & C coach was a home run when Wilson hired him and he needs that same result with replacing him. The Colts just let their S & C coach go today. Don’t know if he is worth a damn but if he is it’ll take a location with solid ground to interest him. Also the Vols let their DC go today(I’d fire Knorr in a second if we could hire him). That was his D that held NW to 3 points in the bowl game a few days ago. He’d like stability at his next location too. The national Coaches convention(that is where lots of job opportunities are prospected) will be held in San Antonio in just a couple of days and if Wilson is holding a full hand from Glass(and I am sure he will)he would be free to wheel and deal down there for the future of the program and the future is bright.

  6. HC, what’s your take on why its taking so long for Glass do get Wilson’s new contract done? Any information you’ve heard on your grapevine? As for replacing Knorr with the Vols’ DC, Knorr’s buyout and the elevated price to hire the Vols’ DC would strain the budget and make it more difficult to find the money to pay for Wilson’s new contract. IU is cheap when it comes to football, and one look at home-game attendance explains why.

  7. Speaking of attendance, the 37,218 at the 2016 Pinstripe Bowl was the lowest ever since it began in 2010- but not by that much considering the distance from the Duke and IU fan bases. When Syracuse (twice) and Rutgers played in 2010-13 the most they drew was about 1,500 more. Penn State (v. Rutgers) and Notre Dame (v. Boston Coll.) drew about 11,000 more. If colors displayed is any indication, then IUFB backers outnumbered the Blue Devils and certainly outcheered them; the Duke fans were sitting on their hands most of the time, but the Hoosier crowd was on its feet and making noise for the D on third downs, etc. Also, Duke either has a really small band or left a lot of musicians in N. Carolina. It looked like they brought only a skeleton cheerleading squad, too.

    Chet, I couldn’t help but think of you and your love for NYC when sitting in the NY Port Authority bus terminal at 3:00 a.m with my wife and son. Our flight home Mon. night was cancelled for weather in Chgo, so it was a 23 hour Greyhound ride home via Mt. Laurel, NJ, Philly, Harrisburg, Pittsburg, Wheeling, Zanesville, O., Columbus, Springfield, O., Dayton, O., Indy, Gary, 95th & S. Lafeyette, to Chgo. It was a great trip.

  8. Back on topic: Section 5.03(B) of Wilson’s contract allows him to hire five strength and conditioning coaches with an aggregate budget of $351,370.00 for salaries. If conf. or NCAA rules prohibit that many such coaches, the employer (IU) can reduce that number and budget pro rata.

  9. Po, I do not feel it is to late or taking to long. Employer + Employee and an agent in the middle is poor chemistry to = quick. I’ve been part and party to lots of these demand/request negotiations(non sports related)and they can be clean, easy and even smooth but almost never fast. To my way of thinking AD Glass probably had 4 proposal options written(2 for a successful season and 2 for a season of less success) before the season started so as not to extend the process any longer than need be. Hell they could be at odds over what the meaning of “is” is.

    I have no idea what budget $ are available. But I do know this, AD Glass again has an opportunity to impact IU FB and IU Athletics with dynamics just as big as the action he exercised when he hired KW. Now with a little recent success on the field finding an extra $500k or so to make bold moves will not be a problem. I doubt Knorr has much of a buyout. The program has some bucks. Glass has been in on so many big time happenings in his career that I have a dump truck load of confidence in his management skills to get it right.

    As far as a time table goes, recruiting is in a dead period right now but does resume on the 15th and the coaches convention convenes on the 14th so projecting from that we have to be close.

  10. HC- glad you admit that you don’t know what the IUADept. budget is. I understand PO’s position that IUADept. has the $$$ to make KW a competitive offer but “is just cheap when it comes to FB,” but other than Glass’ statements that “we have the $$$” and IUAD’s public statements that IU has offered to match the offers accepted by asst. coaches who’ve already decided to jump ship, how much money is available to give KW a raise/extension is speculative. I think PO’s post #3 is the most likely scenario, but whether KW is extended or not, is fired, or quits, it remains that in the very near future (one or two years hence) IU is going to have to come up with something like the $2.5 million/annum Maryland is paying its new coach Durkin.

  11. Davis you did not get what I intended or stated. There is no magic to finding the annual budget $. The fact which is not accessible to us is what is available to the budget outside of what is budgeted. That is why I suggested an extra $500k would not be hard to come up with. And that is probably a conservative #. In my mind $1.8m is the minimum Wilson deserves and it is probably more appropriate to double his salary by offering a bunch of carrots to do so. If for no other reason than to reimburse Wilson for purchasing all the T-shirts he has saying “IU WINS ALL TAILGATES”. In other words pay him in arrears for changing a very stubborn culture. But I refuse to believe Wilson will not be the HC of the future for IU because the $ will be there..

  12. “IU has offered to match offers accepted by asst. coaches”….

    Always disliked that philosophy. Just encourages staff to go looking plus undermines salary scales. Had a echo stenographer ( a rare bird 30 yrs ago) resign, Corporate said to increase his $$. Let him go, was able to get temporary coverage. Come to think about I did make one exception. Vascular Lab had a beautiful tech trained in performing penile studies. Most patients demonstrated appropriate physiological response as she was applying the cuffs before the testing started. Had to limit appointments as it got to be standing room only. She received job offers which I matched. This was back in the glory days when on-the-job training was accepted.

  13. Sorry, HC, if I misunderstood. But how can govt. entity IU pay govt. employee Kevin Wilson with money that is “outside the budget?” You may be speaking of money raised from booster clubs, etc. but given that these booster clubs are all organized as non-profits, I would think that even that money would be subject to some kind of disclosure, if only 990 IRS filings. But that still probably won’t tell us what is available for IUFB; as I’ve speculated I bet a lot of the big donors earmark their contributions for basketball, or water polo, or anything but that sinkhole of a football team.

  14. Davis, Good Q’s and I for 1 do not know those answers for certain. But Wilson being from the legal field knows enough tax law pros that is it is possible to entertain and it will be done. They can pay large amounts for the radio weekly shows and maybe a future TV gig paying Wilson more bucks. That is why I like Glass as AD as he comes from a background of creating positives. We’ll find out together.

  15. HC- the whole coaching compensation thing is not nearly as transparent as it should be for (in the case of most major FB programs) public employees. You’re right about the other ways to earn income; when Willingham was at UWash I think he was earning more as a paid Nike (or whoever) shill than he was as the head coach.

    Wilson’s pay has been reported at $1.7 million/annum. But his contract provides $500k base salary, $100k (taxable) personal expenses (in addition to car, cell phone, standard employee insurance, reimbursement for travel, “professional development,” family membership at IU golf course and tennis center, $20k moving expenses, etc.), $10k Adidas clothing allowance (taxable), $60k per annum deferred comp payable at end of contract or pro-rated if KW leaves for any reason other than being fired “for cause,” and $600k for promotional appearances, sitting for interviews, and “full and complete” cooperation with IU produced media (KW’s rights to his image, etc. are assigned to the benefit of IU). So minus the perks, KW earns about, as far as I can tell, about $1,260,000.00 a year. This is paid by IU. Maybe the difference between the $1.7 million as reported and the $1.26 million per the contract is from the “available to the budget outside of what is budgeted” about which you wrote in post #12? Beats me. And I think you meant that Glass was from the legal field.

  16. Maybe Glass is trying to figure out what’s left for the football budget , after a basketball coach buyout and hiring a new basketball coach.

  17. I was thinking the same thing…except the “numbers” are probably the leftover dollar scenarios in Alpo Snaps(now shaped as tiny footballs…”Snaps” Get it? And these Hoosier dawgs do crunch them and fumble them!) after another loyalty commitment to a new Crean extension. He’s waiting to unveil both new contracts(Tom’s Pedigree and Wilson’s Alpo Snaps) when we defeat a depleted OSU or some other BIG team experiencing a down year. Glass must take care of ‘The Boss’ first and foremost…That would be Crean of Hiring Committee…And I’m not talkin’ Springsteen or Gonso here.

    I’ve witnessed Glass’s positive background approach to things along with the imaginative ways he applies it to IU. It’s always with whipped Crean on top.with much speculation in the ending. “Hoosier Rising!” DVD proceeds could also get it done for Wilson.

  18. Switching direction a little bit, what do you guys think Wilson’s new compensation should be? I’d say that Wilson should be paid right at the midpoint of all Big Ten coaches. I think that number is just over $2 million per year. And I’d give him the big raise effective immediately, but limit the guarantee for only two more years. We’re encouraged by the relative success he produced this season, but let’s remember that he has yet to produce a winning season. If he wins seven games next year, Glass can adjust Wilson package again by extending the guarantee. But just as big an issue is the budget for Wilson’s assistants. As we’ve just witnessed again, IU is having a hard time keeping their best assistant coaches in Bloomington. I’m sure money is not the only reason, but it must be one of the top reasons why we see such “undesired” turnover. Keep that in mind the next time you wonder if home game attendance matters affects the success of the football program.

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