Chatman’s buzzer beater topples Hoosiers, 72-69

INDIANAPOLIS — The last two weeks have been all about momentum, and the Hoosiers lost much of theirs on the first day of the Big Ten Tournament.

Indiana ambled through its first postseason game and got bit late, falling to Michigan, 72-69, on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer by Wolverines swingman Kameron Chatman on Friday afternoon at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

With the game tied at 69-all in the final minute, IU freshman OG Anunoby drove off the wing and lost control of the ball in the paint with 21 seconds remaining. The mistake led to Michigan’s final possession, and Derrick Walton found Chatman for the game’s final basket with 0.2 seconds left on the clock.

This was Michigan playing for its postseason future. A win over Indiana gives the Wolverines its fourth win over a top-50 RPI team — as well as a great deal of confidence that their name will be called as an at-large bid for next week’s NCAA Tournament. The Hoosiers, meanwhile, return home with their heads bowed after yet another trip to the conference tournament ended with an early — and unexpected — disappointment.

Troy Williams led four IU players in double figures with 16 points. Yogi Ferrell turned in 14 points and eight assists, while Thomas Bryant and OG Anunoby each finished with 13 points.

IU played disconnected from the very beginning, playing through a stop-and-start afternoon that saw 18 lead changes. Michigan advances to the semifinals, where it will face the winner of Purdue’s game against Illinois on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Now, the Hoosiers can simply wait. Friday’s loss can only hurt IU’s NCAA Tournament seeding, potentially setting them on a course for a No. 4 seed. The NCAA will announce its tournament pairings on Sunday evening.

The Wolverines led for nearly 13 minutes of the first half. It was topsy-turvy basketball for the Hoosiers, who struggled to attack the rim with consistency, couldn’t make long-range shots with consistency, and had a difficult time keeping Michigan ball-handlers in front.

Riding 10 first-half points by Williams, Indiana took a 37-36 lead into halftime.

On a day when IU’s defensive intensity ebbed and flowed, Williams brought early activity on both ends. The Hoosiers briefly seemed to wake up on the defensive side of the court when Williams followed an Anunoby block midway through the period by diving onto the floor to create a tie-up. The crowd — and IU’s bench — loved it, but it was the kind of moment that the Hoosiers only saw with fleeting inconsistency.

IU went more than five minutes without a basket against Michigan’s 1-3-1 zone early in the second half, until Ferrell laid one in at the 10:20 mark of the second half. Moments later, IU entered the bonus and tied the game at 53-all on a pair of free throws by Bryant.

The Hoosiers sandwiched seven points at the line around a pair of transition dunks by Anunoby, before building its biggest lead of the day at 66-61 on an acrobatic layup by Williams with 2:36 to play.

Indiana sophomore guard Robert Johnson, who has not played since suffering a high-ankle sprain on Feb. 20, dressed and participated in pregame warmups for the first time in three weeks. But Johnson did not leave the bench.

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  1. Jeez that must suck hahaha. I hope Michigan makes plastic cups for their home games next season with a picture of that last shot on the front.

  2. “Indiana played disconnected from the very beginning.”

    Isn’t that true of Indiana’s play in every Big Ten tournament game ever? WTF is the deal with the Hoosiers and that tournament?

  3. Here comes the historical excuses…. Likely be a lot more by next Sunday.

    They’ve looked pretty damn disconnected in most games in the Big Dance during Bozo’s tenure, Chet.

    They were disconnected in the final moments of Wichita State… Disconnected against top coaches when it matters is Crean’s signature move.

    It’s nothing surprising….Some guys are just “choke artists.” They do pretty well in looking like a coach…They find places with strong basketball tradition to help their recruiting….They have fast tongues and use everything at their disposal to lure impressionable kids(pounding of faith doctrines being one of many tools)…..But when it’s true test time against hungry teams against the true teachers of the game, the charlatan is exposed….It all becomes so glaringly broken disconnected as the truth of finds glue.

  4. It only took CTC’s most obnoxious hater 2 hours to post his childish thoughts — is that a record?

  5. Those who invoke history are either dumb or pretending to be dumb (and at some point there’s really no difference between the two). Hoosiers played the final of the B1G tourney in 2001 and we didn’t have the B1G Coach of the Year then, we only had Mike Davis. Compare Mike Davis to the decorated fraud that we have now … Harvard I loved the CTC shakes picture. Brilliant.

  6. As stated last week…..this team can beat or lose to anyone. And we just did to a team we annihilated on their home court.

    Ironic Truth just uttered by Izzo going into the half……”You can live and die by the 3s going in, and if they’re not, you see what happens.” That is our team in a nutshell.

    The only good news out of this is we’ll have the required rest and have both Johnson and Morgan available for next week. We really missed Morgan today. And we really missed a lot of 3s. (4-17 to be exact)

  7. Let the team get some healing time, and the coaches need to get out to Indiana State Basketball Regionals and do some recruiting on Saturday. There is some major talent to see at the Seymour.

  8. As stated last week…..this team can beat or lose to anyone.

    AWinAZ- Understood that you’re not the typical Crean apologist of Scoop, but that’s such an overused cliche..And with Crean’s numerous bumbling moments and laying of eggs in March, it’s really beyond cliche.

    Who is the “anyone” we defeated this season? Would that be a slumping Iowa on the road? Would that be the Illinois team that just got destroyed by Purdue? Our only hallmark wins came at an Assembly Hall where no coach of Indiana in the past 50 years has had much difficulty winning 90% of their conference games.

    I would say Crean is more of a coach who can win or lose against no one. In March,Madness, ‘no none’ transforms to ‘anyone’….or maybe, ‘someone’ or ‘someplace’ other than the usual cupcake or favorable setting(e.g. McCracken with the our great and passionate fans making the place the best 6th man since a Michigan grad transfer fell out of the heavens).

    This guy won Coach of the Year by securing home court and beating up on the bottom-feeders of the BIG.
    We played only one team away from home that was a ‘someone’ with some true tournament tradition and history behind their program…. and we were destroyed by said Duke team. If we could truly beat ‘anyone,’ we would have kept the UK rivalry game…

    The Establishment brought us this ‘no one’ coach….and they toss him repeated accolades to turn mediocre into ‘someone.’ if you open your eyes, it’s pretty simple for ‘anyone’ to know why. Yes, I’m sure Jason Williams just loves him some IU and candy stripes when his last memory on a college basketball court was being shocked by a gritty bunch of Hoosiers under Mike Davis who took down his #1 Dukies(while ‘Jay’ choked in the fashion of Crean at the charity stripe).

  9. Michigan needed a ton of ‘healing’ time..No LeVert and less than 24 hours rest after taking down Iowa….Irvin was also fighting an injury for much of the latter part of the season. Finally a bit healthy and showing off his true ability in his hometown Hoosier city.

    Wow…Dakich’s son is a train wreck with the ball…How in the hell did that kid even get a spot as a walk-on? Beilein flirted with disaster….Must be a very good friendship with Dan to take that sort of risk in a big game where every possession can be monumental.

  10. Crean should donate a couple million of his salary for all the lost sales for Indy restaurants, stadium vendors, hotels, cab drivers, bars, etc,etc, that just lost a ton of business with the one-and-done Circle City appearance. Big hit to the tournament in general…

    Sometimes it comes back to bite you, Delany. Bowls in the Big Apple are great for the rich…But look what you do to the Indy economy by making of all that soft schedule and protection around our defeatist Hoosiers…Look what you do to the perceptions of outsiders who will see that BIG tournament with so many empty seats. Maybe you should also donate some of your salary…While your wife and Fred’s wife hit the shops of Madison Ave, the lonely struggling restauranteur watches all those potential dollars evaporate with the disappointing Hoosiers you use for personal jollies…..A single mom waitress heart breaks over empty tables as she stares out a window….with lost hundreds in tips. This is how the Establishment works throughout our land.

  11. Hoosier basketball as class warfare. I’ve now discovered the most boring and trite discussion on the internet.

  12. Wow. And I thought I took this loss hard…

    I only got to see the middle third of the game while on lunch break. But what I saw seemed to coincide with the rest of the narratives: Michigan played scrappier and with more determination, and was awarded with more loose balls (some deserved, some fortuitous) and critical plays/baskets going their way. It was Michigan’s day.

    Yogi is clearly one of the all-time Hoosier greats. But there at least one or two things that are needed to cement legendary status: bring us a banner (heck, I’d take a Final Four) and hit more game winning shots. Missed free throws and blown opportunities late in games, perhaps more than anything else, somewhat tarnish and overshadow an otherwise shiny legacy. There’s still time. But it’s running out.

  13. Although I was very disappointed by yesterday’s loss, I had to laugh at the thought of the Crean-hater’s elation over IU’s loss to Michigan. I could just see them rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the new round of attacks they could post on the Scoop. They have been in hog heaven since that buzzer beater went in. You know you have a serious problem when, as a self-proclaimed IU fan, you’re happier after IU loses than you are after they win. Two of the most prominent examples of such “fans” posted comments on this string.

  14. I think the Hoosiers were short handed. If they had Morgan or Rojo they probably would of won it. Not sure getting beat at the buzzer warrants a three part post series of how awful Crean is but to each their own.

  15. Po, the backlash after the loss wasn’t as nasty as I feared it would be. At least not yet. And not nearly as bad as it would be if we have a repeat performance next week.

    What this loss really means is interesting. It probably relegates us to a #4 seed, which would lead to a potential Sweet Sixteen matchup with a #1. Not much shame if we lost to Kansas, UNC, or MSU… or any team that was ranked #1 at some point this year. (Unless of course we get blown out…) But a loss there puts us right back to square one with the running narrative: Crean’s not good enough to get us to the promised land, but just successful enough that no rational person could demand he be replaced. So we’d still be stuck in limbo with a coach that wins conference titles and COY accolades, but can’t get beyond Sweet Sixteens (the apparent– and arbitrary– measuring stick of mediocrity). On we’d go with the same tired narratives until we see a definitive trend to either get on board or move on.

    Of course, I’m getting well ahead of myself here. Still a lot of basketball to be played.

  16. What I learned from the loss: 1) Robert Johnson is major importance taking heat off Yogi. 2) Michigan “pinched” Yogi to force him farther away from the basket to start offense…TW is NOT a viable replacement for RJ. Michigan seemed to double and triple team Yogi to get the ball out of his hands and adjustments couldn’t or didn’t get made.

  17. I mentioned previously that Crean is only one of four Hoosier coaches dating back to RMK who have failed dismally in the Big Ten tournament.

    I was mistaken. I had forgotten about Dakich.

    Crean is one of 5 Hoosier coaches (out of five) who have not succeeded in the tourney.

  18. If I’m not mistaken RMK never won a single game in the Big Ten tourney. Not a single game. That includes losing to an 11 seed as a three seed.

  19. My God, Chet. The tournament started in 1998…How many BIG tournament titles do you think Knight would have collected in his Hoosier prime/banner years rather than the final three years of twilight his IU career(and amidst the BS of zero tolerance)? You are talking about three years of tournament existence at the tale end of a coaching legacy spanning almost 30 years.

    And on the eve of Knight’s firing was a very strong recruiting class(included Kirk Haston and Jared Jeffries) coming in for Davis’s 2000-01 team..Davis took that team to a BIG title game the following year(losing on IU transfer, Recker’s, game-winner). The following season Davis took that same bunch all the way to the NCAA championship game.

    I never knew how tied to the Establishment those who were involved in the final episode of Knight’s ‘zero tolerance’ days…Very interesting Wiki piece on Mark Shaw…Make sure to make it to the very end of the page(“Bob Knight controversy“).

    Sorry again, Jeremy.. I just can’t let that sort of BS from Chet fly. To use a BIG tournament to compare Knight’s body of work and legacy(only being around three years from the inception of the BIG tournament) to a man that has accomplished next to nothing in postseason play over a twenty year career is beyond ludicrous(even for the grandest of Crean apologists and those indifferent to the stagnant charlatan’s mediocrity).

    Side Note: The first year of the BIG tournament won by Michigan was later ‘vacated’ due to NCAA sanctions against the Wolverines. Remove that vacated title and Knight’s Hoosier teams of his twilight were only involved two tournaments.

  20. Harv, there’s no need to apologize for Knight’s last years in Bloomington. Yes he had a good class coming in. Yes he was unfairly terminated by a bunch of bureaucrats trying to make a name for themselves. But he was in charge of his own destiny before then. Forget about the fact that, as Chet rightly pointed out, that he sucked in the Big Ten Tournament. But we know his feelings about it.

    How about pointing to a game that I know did matter to Knight? Our annual Kentucky matchup. He lost 5 in a row before winning his very last game before his departure. That included a 34 point humiliation in Louisville when we were ranked #8. I was at that game and, in my history of watching Indiana basketball, that was one of the worst losses I’ve ever experienced.

    And I know you buddy, don’t misdirect and talk about Crean and Glass dodging Kentucky. That’s not the issue here.

    Knight was one of the best basketball minds and coaches of all time (no kidding). But the record speaks for itself. He is the beginning of Indiana’s two decade long bout of putrid Big Ten Tournament performances since its inception. The only legacy teams (excl Neb, Mar, Rut) with a worse winning % than Indiana are Penn State and Northwestern.

  21. Knight won one game and lost three. (I wouldn’t expect you to be accurate.) All these games were played after 1997 when he choked Reed until he was fired so the focus was elsewhere for the most part during that time. But he won one game. Look it up.

    Dakich played one game and lost to MN. Sampson lost in OT to IL, again one game only. These are outliers since single events are not statistically relevant.

    Mike Davis won 6 of 12 and played the final in 2001 (lost to Alford who won again in 2006 with Iowa.)

    Tom Crean is 2-10 in eight seasons. Never beyond second round. One might say that it’s incompetence. I say that what Tom Crean is doing to our BB program is: COYtus. Pure & simple.

  22. Boy that eight seed Michigan team that our top seeded team lost to: such a juggernaut! Did you guys see what a scare they gave Purdue today? That’s what happens when Tom Crean is having COYtus with our storied BB program…

    But hey one more game like this and maybe we can ship him to Rutgers…

  23. Are you seriously attempting to align Crean’s resume next to Bob Knight by holding it next to Knight in his twilight for the 3 years he was around for the BIG tournament and his W-L against UK?

    Where is Crean’s prime years in his first 20? Would that be the one Final Four with Wade where he got his ass handed to him when he got there?

    Take a look at what Knight did against UK in his first 10 years at IU(keep in mind that the one NCAA tournament loss against them in ’75 was when May was out with a fractured wrist). Even if you span Knight’s record against UK out the first 20 years, he’s well above .500. And the ducking question is supremely relevant..Even when UK was cheating their way via low academic standards and questionable recruiting practices, Knight refused to take the rivalry game away from the fans. The true sign of a winner is to remain fearless even when the deck is stacked unfairly. Crean apologizes for his friend,Calipari, by not bringing those glaring inequities to light and to discussion tables.

    My God, Double Down …You too? Honestly? It doesn’t even take looking in the record books…What the charlatan will do in 50 years won’t sniff what Knight did in his first five at IU. Knight’s overall win percentage in the NCAA tournament(even with the fading final twilight years of extending his ‘zero tolerance’ welcome) exceeds what Crean has done in regular season games(think of all the cupcakes)….I repeat(just in case it didn’t sink in)…Knight’s win percentage in the NCAA tournament(45-25, .643) over 28 years is higher than Crean’s normal day at the office(.602).

    Would you like to make a prediction as to when Crean’s going to hit his slightly-above-mediocrity prime….and bring…?

    3 Championships
    1 Championship as a player
    5 Final Fours
    11 Conference Titles
    3 Elite 8’s (keep in mind that getting to five Final Fours adds five more Elite 8’s and Sweet 16’s)
    Numerous Sweet 16’s (many of which on their way to Elite 8’s and Final Four’s rather than topping out at said bracket)..
    Unquantifiable influence on other great coaches of the game..

    .It’s not fair to compare Crean to this guy…The closest Crean will ever get to Knight is that handshake attempt in NYC. My God, Double Down. It’s insane to even put Brad Stevens in the same sentence with Knight…but at least he’s been to back-to-back championship games and passes the eye test.

    Bozo got Coach of the Year…with an unprecedented soft schedule….All four of those teams in the BIG Tournament Semi’s(MSU, Purdue,Maryland, Michigan) were all teams we only played once. You love statistics…? Go find me a season when a Knight team played each of the four top teams in the conference(or those remaining as the final four in the conference tournament) only once each. OSU…once…MSU…once…Purdue…once…Maryland…once…Michigan…once. Nobody in their right mind(other than an Establishment sabotage artist who wants to hang IU with decades of mediocrity) give that sort of ducking COY awards…It’s shameful…I would mail the damn thing back with 12-pack of Charmin. My God, Double Down…My God….

  24. I didn’t mention Crean ONCE. Quit making arguments I’m not making and talking yourself in circles.

    Don’t defend Knight’s record in the Big Ten Tournament. There’s no defense for it. His teams sucked in it and they correlated with how mediocre his teams were at the end. We got out of the first round only once when I was at school there.

    Stop telling me Bob Knight’s lifetime resume. I know it just as well as you do.

    Knight’s one of the greatest coaches in history and it isn’t flawless history. No one’s is. Eisenhower was one of the best generals in history. He also was responsible for green lighting Operation Market Garden. You can’t win ’em all.

  25. Yes…and Manning played football too long…And just about every great basketball player takes things to a new level of ugly by staying in the game too long(Kobe…? anyone?) Coaches, unfortunately, are no different……When all you’ve know is winning, sooner, or later, Father Time, will usually surpass your greatest days.

    But the context of this conversation was implied. Crean and Knight were brought up by Chet…and your conversations extended beyond those asinine comparisons to bash Knight(via three lousy years before he was fired and UK games in the same twilight) The implication is that simply because Knight sucked in the twilight of his career, we somehow need to juxtapose that next to Crean(who has already been coaching for twenty years without a prime that can shake a stick at someone in Knight’s level of elite).

    My God….The silliness to go after Knight. .The silliness to go after a coach who had(previous to expansion) brought 3 of the 6 total championship banners to the BIG 10.

    Not only is Indiana forever mediocre without Knight, but the BIG 10 is as well. And that’s why the Establishment hated his ass. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he lost 3 games in his final three seasons at tournament that should have been named after him…You should be allowed to lose when the entire conference smells like sewage without his mastery and triple banners. They slobber endlessly over Izzo for being another ‘Almost’ dabbler at Final Fours. Knight’s Hoosier teams have more CHAMPIONSHIP banners than Izzo(1 championship in 21 years), Heathcoat(1 championship in 19 years @ MSU), and Fisher(1 in 8 years @ Michigan) combined. That’s 48 YEARS of combined coaching by some very respected names to simply equal what Knight did in the span of 11 years in his prime…..Add in the coaches like Keady….and Olsen…and many others that could never bring home one banner in their entire BIG careers. There is 200+ years of ‘Hall of Fame’ coaching in the BIG that can’t sniff Knight’s accomplishments…So what do we do as Establishment haters of Knight…? Answer: We hold Knight’s final few years of fading glory and zero tolerance up against 200 years of all those BIG ‘Hall of Fame’ coaches who could never bring home anything more than one NCAA Championship prize.

    The conference is so overrated without the legacy of Knight. There would be no billions in TV revenue without his genius and his teams lifting the conference into basketball relevance(along with the many great players from this state)…He built the damn conference and now we have a lynching party because he cut a couple old man farts at the BIG tournament with all the meteoric comparison equivalence to now bashing Manning for wounded duck spirals or Kobe for ugly bricks….Very few go out on top, my friends…Very few…At least Knight brought something of the top to a conference that has otherwise little to show but good grades for attendance to Dances.

  26. Coachw: 2-10 in eight seasons? Did we play multiple B1G tournaments four separate times?

    Never beyond second round? We had a double bye this year. We were automatically in the third round.

    What were you saying about accuracy?

    And Davis with a .500 B1G tourney record. No knock on Davis– he did an admirable job. But that is literally the definition of mediocrity. Are you that generous when determining what is and is not considered dismal failure when it comes to all things Crean?

  27. And I will sell the resume of Knight as long as I damn please, you soft Establishment Apologist. It’s sure a lot more interesting and inspiring than a legacy of this.

  28. Harv, I’m interested in labels. In my line of work, we have to make strict delineation a between them. Every demarcation, breakpoint, and benchmark must be defined to ensure were all on the same page and speaking the same language. So I must ask: what’s the difference between a Crean lover, apologist, supporter, observer, realist, detractor, and hater? Can it be defined? If so, can you define it?

  29. What multiple tournaments? You can’t read and/or count. 2-10 in eight seasons is below mediocre. Mike Davis 6-12 in six seasons is way better than Crean’s record of 2-10 in eight seasons.

    Crean never went more than two rounds in the tourney. Davis went four rounds in 2001. I don’t care we had a double bye you must be an idiot to count the double bye as wins…

  30. Sorry, Mike Davis went three rounds into the tourney in 2001 not four: he beat Wisconsin and Illinois then lost to Alford’s Iowa in the final. If this is mediocre it is still something that has eluded Crean in eight seasons: both beating Wisconsin in the tournament and winning two games in a row is something clearly beyond his mediocre ability…

  31. Still trying to figure out how we went 2-10 in eight seasons. Were some years double elimination?

  32. Sorry. Just messing with you. I know you meant 2 wins and 8 losses. 2-10 implies two wins and ten losses.

    But the question remains: what’s your threshold for mediocrity? And does is apply to pre-conference, in-conference, conference tourney, NCAA tourney, or some combination of all of the above. How much do you factor in things like scheduling, margin of victory, home/away/neutral splits, RPI/BPI, more advanced metrics, etc etc etc? Do we then factor in personality and likability? Abilitly to coach? Ability to adapt? Ability to recruit? Ability to hire the right people? Ability to keep the right people? Ability to delegate responsibility? Ability to lead? Ability to inspire? Ability to fundraise? Ability to face scrutiny? Ability to do all the things that a basketball coach at Indiana University must do. How does all that measure into your assessment? And do you apply it evenly, or is there (confirmation) bias in your assessments?

  33. 2009 Penn St. L
    2010 Northwestern L
    2011 Penn St. L
    2012 Penn St. W, Wisconsin L
    2013 Illinois W, Wisconsin L
    2014 Illinois L
    2015 Northwestern W Maryland L
    2016 Michigan L

    Five one-and-done years …..No consecutive wins. Overall BIG Tournament Record: 3-8.

    It’s really not an indicator of anything.. I think the real indicator of greatness is when you play all the top teams of the conference once(other than Iowa in their kamikaze dive) and win Coach of the Year.

    You plan against these teams over and over….The teams are known via playing against the same coaches and same styles over and over. There are no surprises in conference tournaments(in terms of who you are preparing for)….and, it thus, becomes a crap shoot and more a test of stamina and who’s playing well. It’s difficult to regularly out-coach the coaches you become so familiar(and who also become very familiar with you).
    The NCAA tournament is far more the proving ground where fast adjustments against teams not regularly seen must be made…Halftime adjustments can be a chance/variable to gain an upper hand not often part of teams seen with nearly boring regularity….This is where the poise and true tactical geniuses rise like cream because they can asses quickly without the thorough familiarity/cancelling process of regular conference scouting/play. Critical decisions are more from the hip…Talent is, obviously, also key…but it is much more in need to be fostered and guided in the frantic unfamiliar ‘do or die’ setting. …Crean is a fine identifier of talent and agreeable coach until preparation is forcibly shrunk down into very critical small decisions in lieu…and communicated with poise and confidence amongst the many options.

    A regular season(and the BIG Tournament) is sorta like being a fine chef allowed to cook a great meal at home…You have time to shop..You’ve cooked against those ingredients many times…It’s a familiar dish. .The NCAA tournament is like being called to an episode of “Chopped.” You don’t know what’s in the basket and you only have a very short window to figure out how you’re going to attack the preparation of a winning meal. In my honest opinion, this is where Crean will forever struggle….Given a certain constrained deviation in talent, It’s where the elite coaches separate themselves from the rest of the pack……I also believe there is always a pool of ‘elite-type’ /skilled coaches that remain somewhat undiscovered because they’ve never had the chance to prove themselves with very talented rosters often heavily weighted in favor of the power conferences(where NBA hopefuls know they’ll get the most exposure). It’s truly amazing what some very good coaches can do in March Madness with undermanned rosters without any percieved superstars destined to the next level. Some very fine chefs that must perfect a use of fewer and less versatile ingredients….

  34. Crean is fine as Paula Deen…..But on an episode of NCAA ‘Chopped’ he’s likely forgetting to turn the ice cream maker on…and tasty options of quick sophistication will inevitably be a fallback panic plan to deep fry his every ingredient. .

  35. Knight years:


    #6 Indiana def. #11 Ohio State, 78-71
    #3 Purdue def. #6 Indiana, 76-71


    #11 Illinois def. #3 Indiana, 82-66 (as mentioned by Hank the Angry Dwarf yesterday)


    #4 Illinois def. #5 Indiana, 72-69

    Total: 1-3

    Mike Davis years:


    #4 Indiana def. #5 Wisconsin, 64-52 (ever see Crean do this?)
    #4 Indiana def. #1 Illinois, 58-56 (that’s your top seed in the tourney)
    #6 Iowa def. #4 Indiana, 63-61 (Alford’s first of two B1G tourneys)


    #4 Indiana def. #5 Michigan State, 67-56 (ever see Crean do this?)
    #9 Iowa def. #4 Indiana, 62-60 (Iowa coached by Alford)


    #6 Indiana def. #11 Penn State, 77-49
    #6 Indiana def. #3 Michigan, 63-56 (down goes Michigan)
    #2 Illinois def. #6 Indiana, 73-72

    Percentage thus far: 5-3 for a percentage of 0.625.

    Clearly Hoosiers didn’t always struggle in this tournament.

    Now as we’re approaching the Years of the Walk-On:


    #8 Indiana def. #9 Ohio State, 83-69
    #1 Illinois def. #8 Indiana, 71-59


    #5 Minnesota def. #4 Indiana, 71-55


    #5 Indiana def. #4 Wisconsin, 61-56 (whoa, Wisconsin again!)
    #1 Ohio State def. #5 Indiana, 52-51 (there you go losing to the #1 seed)

    Iowa wins their second tournament under Alford:
    #2 Iowa def. #1 Ohio State, 67-60


    #6 Illinois def. #3 Indiana, 58-54 (OT)

    That was the only Sampson game.


    #6 Minnesota def. #3 Indiana, 59-58

    This was Dakich.

    And then we had the Crean years.

    Crean is tied in wins losses with Illinois, Northwestern and Penn State.

    He also lost to Wisconsin, Maryland and Michigan, even as a #1 seed (twice).

    Mike Davis beat Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin (twice). Crean beat nobody.

    Clearly Hoosiers did not always struggle in this tournament.

    Crean’s teams however always struggled even when they were ranked #1 (nationally in 2013).


  36. Wow. QED. Maybe you could’ve included some all caps, bold font, italics, and gratuitous exclamation points to further demonstrate your superiority.

    Except you know what I see there? I see that early “clearly didn’t always struggle” 5-3 record as having faced fives bottom feeders (loosely defined as the bottom third of the league, or a #9 seed or worse). That includes a 2-1 mark against the absolute worst team in the league. Impressive stuff there.

    And you know what I don’t see listed here? Any #1 seeded Indiana teams. As in outright regular season conference champs who earned the right to not have to face bottom feeders (and maybe pad some some stats…) But I guess that doesn’t matter. Why bother qualifying results that don’t fit your narrative?

  37. There isn’t a basketball player in America who could make it through one of Dan Gable’s workouts.

  38. You have seen Crean’s #1 seed on Friday losing to a #8 Michigan that was subsequently demolished by PU. The very definition of “struggle” and “underachievement”.

  39. Eat too many sunflower kernels and you inevitably end up a #2 seed, said Tom Crean.

    Hoosier fans should really start calling it April Madness…It’s the month they hired me..It was April 2nd when I got the call…and forever known as ‘APRIL FOOLS and ONE!’, said Tom Crean.

  40. We did rebound the ball well,,,but going to the ‘Glass’ actually occurred before IU hired me, said Tom Crean.

    Kentucky may very well be a ‘bait and tackle shop’….but Calipari is no minnowscule coach, said Tom Crean.

  41. I would suggest using invisible ink when putting Indiana in your brackets, said Tom Crean.

    What do I remember about getting to a Final Four? Wade a minute while I think about it, said Tom Crean.

  42. If we draw a team from the Ivy League, I’ll believe it will be D-Vine intervention, said Tom Crean.


  43. ‘Natural Selection Sunday’ is better known as being on Darwin’s Resurrectology bubble, said Tom Crean.

  44. All these stupid comments about Knight Davis Crean make it sound like the coaches actually play the game. Players win and players lose…the brainwashing by the establishment has you all buying into the coach meaning everything crap. Luke Walton and Steve Kerr both have coached Golden State and there was no difference the the win totals.

  45. Riiiiiigggggggt….Brad Stevens has had nothing to do with bringing back the Celtics…It’s all about the ‘players.’

  46. I guess Crean should have received ‘Players of the Year’ award ….

  47. Bringing back the Celtics? Third place in the East which means they are like the 8th best team in the league. You all are in love with Stevens lol…he had 2 pro players on that Butler team. Your gotta be jjjjoooookkkkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnngggg

  48. “Coach Stevens does a great job of picking and pushing buttons to make everybody kind of stay highly motivated. I’ll tell you what; I think they have a chance [in the playoffs] against Cleveland.”

    There was a reason Ainge signed Stevens to a six-year deal. He wanted the young coach to work on rebuilding the Celtics in a stable environment. Management actually did not think it would take only one year to reach the playoffs and two to emerge as an Eastern Conference power without a legitimate superstar — although Isaiah Thomas is approaching that level.

    Ainge took a calculated risk in Stevens but watched as the coach built mid-major Butler into a power without elite talent. He’s essentially done the same thing in Boston with the proper temperament and approach, and that basketball acumen along with fortitude is difficult to find, just check out the situations in Phoenix, New York, and Cleveland.(courtesy: Boston Globe)

    No NBA owner in his right mind will hire Tom Crean…Thank you, Establishment. We’re stuck for a lifetime of mediocrity.

  49. I’m not implying you should or encouraging you to do so. I’m just trying to keep track of the score.

  50. Thank god the establishment put us in the East bracket with Kentuk, W. Virginia, Xavier, Providence, UNC and ND.

    The committee definitely doesn’t care about regular season conference titles…it’s all about Conference tournament titles.

  51. Goodb”I-U”! This sucks. Crean’s season will unfortunately end with another Sweet 32 banner, as he will once again be out-coached by an NCAA future Hall of Fame coach in the 2nd round.

    This is the unfortunate price you pay for an almost pathological tendency to lose focus in the Big 10 tourney year after year… and that includes the Sampson teams. Poor seeds that have us going up heavyweights too early in the tourney, ones who psyche out our unproven coaches time and time again.

  52. I really thought the Washington Huskies were going to get in….Might as well hate on Crean for allowing Michigan to take their slot.
    The Pac 12 really should have had 8 teams in the field….The Big 10 should have had 5 at most. Valparaiso was also screwed..They gave both Oregon teams all they could handle(only lost by 6 to Oregon and beat Oregon St.)..

  53. …if history is an indicator the Big 12 will let everyone down.

    Honestly, as far as pulling through despite their seeding goes, the Big Ten has owned this thing for years.

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