Crean offers JUCO forward Freddie McSwain #iubb

There are two dozen schools pursuing Freddie McSwain as a junior college transfer.

Indiana is the latest program to join the mix.

IU coach Tom Crean spent Tuesday watching McSwain work out in Kansas, where he offered a scholarship to the 6-foot-6 forward from Neosho County Community College.

McSwain averaged 14.2 points and nine rebounds per game as a sophomore, helping the Panthers to a 30-win season.

Neosho County coach Jeremy Coombs told The Herald-Times on Tuesday night that Crean and IU have shown serious interest in McSwain during the last month, leading to Tuesday’s visit and offer.

Coombs says McSwain can help a team in multiple areas, including along the perimeter. While McSwain shot only 30 percent from 3-point range as a sophomore, his coach says he can him developing into a solid stretch-four in the right program.

“He’s probably the most athletic kid in junior college basketball,” Coombs said. “He’s a guy that we had lob plays for, a kid we could throw alley-oops to. He’s really good in transition and a fast-paced uptempo game. He’s a big-time rebounder. He’s a man who looks the part. He’s being heavily recruited at a high level.”

Of the “23 to 25” schools that have extended offers, Coombs singled out Auburn, Memphis, UNLV, Kansas State, Marquette and Middle Tennessee.

In a message sent to The Herald-Times McSwain said that while he hasn’t set a date, he’d like to schedule a visit to Bloomington.

“One of the most important things is that he wants to win,” Coombs said. “When he was with us, he won 25 games in his freshman year and 30 in his sophomore year. He definitely wants to win.”

Indiana currently has all 13 scholarships accounted for next season, though freshman center Thomas Bryant and junior forward Troy Williams are expected to closely examine the NBA potential in the coming days and weeks.


  1. How come nobody has mentioned the possibility that Tim Priller could transfer to another program next year? He’ll never get more than a few minutes of mop up time as recognition for his role as practice dummy. Yes, Priller has achieved a Napoleon Dynamite-like cult following among his fellow students, but doesn’t this guy aspire for more than a token round of applause when checking in at the scorer’s table with only :47 seconds remaining in an already decided contest? Run Priller, run!

  2. Don’t forget the $50-60,000 dollars of scholarship cost for these out of state bench warmers .

  3. How is winning the big ten championship and going to the sweet sixteen mediocre? This JC player will be a great addition. Check out the video of him on 247. Crean has proven over and over that he can find talent. Sometimes he gets a Priller, but every team has Prillers. You cannot have 13 stars on one team and be successful.

  4. Won big ten in weak big ten conference. Ok. Not even close going any further than sweet 16. Prefer and should be requirement a national championship to go along with big ten championship.

  5. The way we get undressed at Sweet 16’s, it should be considered “indecent exposure.”

    The “sweet” trips likely result in negative recruiting because it serves as a very raw and awkward truth to just how far the program is from finding anything near a level of greatness to play at Final Fours again. We are either bumbling around with high level talent and throwing away winnable contests ….or simply getting blown out of arenas.

    As a final representative for the Big 10 conference at the “Big Dance,” we proudly stood nearly as attractive as Danny DeVito’s mother in “Throw Momma from the Train.”

  6. Yeah, any of the other schools in the Sweet Sixteen would have totally kicked North Carolina’s ass.

    Everybody knows that.

  7. Chet, and others that think like you….it is not specifically about this game or another game….it is not specifically about one year or another. It is about elite programs taking their turn to win championships in best conferences and national championship. IU for to many years has not taken its turn for eliteness. It is always a comment that you make referring to NC and others make about various teams and situations that seems to make everything ok. Yes, NC is great sometimes and other times KY, Duke, and the rest of the elite programs are great at other times. However, IU is not able to raise to level of eliteness. IU has won seasonal conference when it is pretty weak and does not even get close going beyond sweet 16.

  8. Yeah….Davis gave that same halftime speech of Chet’s to a Hoosier team going against a #1 Duke team at a Sweet 16. He asked A.J. Moye..He asked Coverdale..He asked Jeffries…He asked Newton…He asked Odle ..He asked Fife….He asked Hornsby.

    When they were 17 points down and beaten to the ground….He simply asked…”Is there anyone else in this Sweet 16 who can beat this crazy great Duke team…before we do it in the next 20 minutes?”

    Chet is the supreme apologist. He is the last man in the world you want in your halftime locker room…Wait…I take that back…He’s the second to the last…Crean is the first ultimate apologist without a clue in taking down a bigger and meaner opponent.

    When the Hoosiers defeated UK, it was easy to conclude from their reactions that it was their banner accomplishment. Their ultimate purpose was to validate their coach. Warped desires will get you blown out of arenas….Validating is not the same as true inner belief in what you can do collectively as a team..

  9. t, I have no major disagreement with you but you and “others that think like you” offer nothing more than complaints. I’m not ‘satisfied ‘ either but we have won a couple Big Ten titles in the past 4 years which no other coach has done during that time. I don’t think the guy is Dean Smith or Tom Izzo, either, but who is coming in as an upgrade? Who is it that you have coming in who will deliver an immediate (even relatively ) upgrade to the program?

    Are you saying that scrapping what is in place without an alternative would somehow magically make everything better? That anyone can come in and deliver more than the Big Ten titles that CTC is delivering.

    Along that line, why do some people imply he is responsible for the state of Big Ten basketball? That’s the kind of horse dung we only expect from people who put no thought in their posts, which you obviously do.

    Dont just be Harvey’s smart brother. Tell who the ‘can’t miss ‘ replacement is going to be and then you have a viable argument. Otherwise it’s just burning down the house because you hate the drapes.

  10. The clown won his BIG titles with Cody Zeller(#1) and an unprecedented gift of a BIG schedule(#2) that will never be seen again(that gift cannot be apologized away as merely a result of expansion). Hundreds of names would be an upgrade. 2/3 of D-1 coaches would put his b-ball acumen to shame.
    The guy misses all the top recruits from the state of Indiana. His halftime speeches are prayers rather than valid adjustments. Rarely do you see his teams play with grit…The Hoosiers appeared resigned against UNC because they had already concluded it was a successful season(as in the cutting down of nets after a loss)..

    Defeating a team he has feared scheduling for the past five years was his banner. The team was done at that point….This man is in his supposed prime and he gets bitch-slapped at Sweet 16’s. It won’t get any better…This is as good as it gets with CharlaTom. Oil him up, apologists Nothing to worry. You’ll have this bozo fraud for a long time.

  11. Purdue has tons of Big Titles…If you love conference titles(often aided by favorable conference schedules and marvelous home cooking with the zebras), you could always get your groove on over Boilers…

    How much March Madness success beyond Sweet 16’s has the great team to the north with abundance of conference titles achieved? Zilch….Nada…Nothing. March Madness takes teams outside their comfort levels and the usual strategies against familiar opponents… . It gives a far better indicator than what is achieved with favorable soft conference scheduling…Hang your banner on that UK win(much like the Watford shot)….or the cutting down of nets after a loss.

    Nobody remembers conference winners…..And nobody cares about Sweet 16’s….Valparaiso and Ball St have gone to Sweet 16’s… ND has gone to back-to-back Elite 8’s….ND’s point guard was in tears when his season ended against UNC. Our guys season ended against UK…That’s where their invested emotions only for their coach ended.

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