Heels top Hoosiers 101-86

PHILADELPHIA — Lips pursed and eyes flushed with tears, Indiana players sat at their lockers early Saturday morning pondering how their season slipped away and what comes next.

Answers for the latter question will be revealed across the coming weeks, as the Hoosiers say goodbye to a handful of seniors and potentially a few more players who may test the waters of the NBA. As for reconciling the result of Friday’s 101-86 Sweet 16 loss to North Carolina, IU already grasped an understanding of what went wrong.

Indiana’s season ended on an impossibly-hot shooting night by a Carolina team not known for its work on the perimeter. The Tar Heels (31-4) went 11-for-20 from 3-point range, while the Hoosiers (27-8) never settled into their offense. The porous and problematic defense that was clear through IU’s first two months of action also made one final cameo.

And after 40 minutes of thorough defeat, all that was left were the teary-eyed goodbyes of March basketball.

“I love this group and I love these guys,” junior forward Collin Hartman said. “I didn’t want it to end.”

From a basketball perspective, there was nothing memorable to be taken from IU’s latest trip to Philadelphia, a city that has hosted some the program’s greatest triumphs. The Hoosiers couldn’t get the hot and overwhelming offensive performance it needed to tread water and fell to a Carolina outfit that may well have the pieces to claim the national championship.

“They’re definitely going to be successful all the way to April,” Max Bielfeldt said. “That’s a talented team. … When they’re knocking it down, getting the penetration and the big men are playing the way they play, it’s tough to stop. We took a couple punches from them and tried to come back, but we just didn’t quite have enough to overcome it.”

In his final game in an Indiana uniform, senior point guard Yogi Ferrell finished with 25 points and four assists. Troy Williams added 21 points, Bielfeldt posted 15 points and Thomas Bryant finished with 12 points. Indiana finished 13-for-31 on the perimeter, but saw the bulk of those deep shots long after Carolina built its big advantage.

The Hoosiers were the last of seven Big Ten teams to be eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.

“I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am of this group,” IU coach Tom Crean said. “With everything that they’ve accomplished this season and the things they’ve had to endure, to get to this point, and then even the things in-house with the injuries and situations like that that we’ve had to handle.

“Every team goes through different stages and they either really bond together or they fracture apart. And all this team did throughout everything is bond together to where it was just incredible.”

Friday, however, marked the final chapter in that remarkable turnaround story.

North Carolina point guard Marcus Paige, who was averaging 10.8 points over his previous seven games, had four 3-pointers by the first media timeout. Indiana, meanwhile, struggled to settle in from the floor, hitting only five of its first 14 shots.

Paige finished with a team-high 21 points for Carolina.

“Marcus was making video game shots to start the game,” Crean said. “I mean seriously. He’s a tremendous player. … We never got him under control with what we wanted to do on the wings. And he’s a tremendous wing shooter, and what he did was he got hot and was able to make them from other places.”

IU’s early struggles arrived through a pair of avenues.

For one, Indiana’s initial shot selection was sub-par. On another hand, IU deployed an unconventional lineup midway through the half while trying to spell Ferrell, Bryant and Williams.

With Robert Johnson unavailable with a high-ankle sprain, Juwan Morgan turned into a point-forward and tried initiating the offense. Morgan’s effectiveness was limited by his bum left shoulder, which was aggravated yet again midway through the opening half.

By the 7:33 mark of the first half, North Carolina opened a 16-point advantage. The Hoosiers trailed 52-41 at halftime — their largest deficit at the intermission all season. The burden was slightly softened when Bielfeldt hit a 3-pointer with 26 seconds left in the half, but the Hoosiers trudged into their locker room stung by an unexpected Carolina shooting surge.

The Tar Heels connected on 62 percent of their first-half shots, including a 7-for-8 mark from beyond the arc. Both teams also spent time at the free throw line in a game that saw a combined 49 fouls. Indiana finished 23-for-26 at the line, while Carolina was 26-for-33.

Carolina, however, was winning battles inside and out.

“The 3s hurt us, no question about that,” Crean said. “But the post-ups, they destroyed us. We couldn’t overcome that.”

IU cut as close as 10 points on two occasions before the first media timeout of the second half. It was an effort fueled by an energized Williams, who scored 11 points and hit three 3-pointers within the first five minutes of the half.

But Indiana never made the dent that was required, too often trading baskets and going point-for-point with a Carolina team that ended the night with the benefit of its early cushion. With 9:44 remaining in the season, Crean was forced to call timeout after Carolina’s lead swelled to 20 points.

“These guys battled to the very end,” Crean said. “That’s exactly what you want. And I feel awful for them, because they gave everything.”


  1. What can I say the game was a real nail-biter: is Mike Brey OK?

    Four conferences remain in Elite Eight: ACC (4), Big 12 (2), Big East and PAC-12.

    PAC-12 elite, B1G not elite.

    North Carolina, Kansas, Villanova and Oregon won their conferences outright. They are still playing. PAC-12’s Oregon dismantled the defending champions, ACC’s Duke. The outright B1G champions however did not stand a chance… Now, where’s McNeese St when you need them?

    Coaches of the year in 2016 in the conferences that give the Elite 8 were: Jim Larrañaga (Miami, ACC), Tubby Smith (Texas Tech, Big 12), Jay Wright/Kevin Willard (Villanova/Seton Hall, Big East), Dana Altman (Oregon). Only Altman and Wright lived up to the billing. Kinda makes you want to reconsider the meaning of a COY, doesn’t it?

    North Carolina never scored 100+ in a Sweet Sixteen, and they played 32 (thirty-two) of them, but they did score 101 today against us, and they could have scored 120 had they wanted. Last time Roy Williams met Tom Crean in an NCAA game Crean had Dwyane Wade. Marquette lost 94-61 (04/03/13, New Orleans).

    Can you imagine what Yogi’s college career would have looked like under a Bob Knight or a Brad Stevens?

  2. We got hit by a freight train last night. NOBODY can beat UNC when they shoot 3s like they did. Those shots from nearly every direction, straight up, falling out of bounds, fading from side to side, extended our defense & then their power took root too.

    We were simply overmatched. I’ve been telling friends all week that if we played UNC 5 times, they’d win 4. It was going to take a hot night to win this game, and they got it and we didn’t. It’s pretty simple.

    I looked at the stats & some surprised me:
    We hit 2 more 3s and shot 42% from there
    They hit 3 more FTs
    Offensive rebounds were equal (shocked me!)
    They beat us on the boards by only 4…..largely due to our 18 missed 3s

    If you’d have given me 13 3s, 15 off. boards & 23-26 FTs to start the game, I’d have gladly accepted and thought we’d be right in the thick of it. Not so, because the FAR better team, and coach, won. Simple as that.

    Looking ahead, the horizon is certainly cloudy. We lose Bryant, who I truly thinks needs 1 more year, and we are the Penn St. Of the Big 10 next year. We have some pieces, but without a true C and more depth (which we won’t have unless filled by fresh) we are in for a long, long year.

  3. UNC was definitely the better team. Only 4 guys from our team can match up with them… I’m sure there will be a few blowhards who want to rip Crean, or the defense, but there was nothing wrong with either (and Williams, by the way, is not a better coach than Crean… There has never been a coach that has done less with more than Williams, and he runs a corrupt ship). We needed RJ to be healthy and UNC to have their normal poor 3-point shooting night to have a chance. Tip your cap… Nothing else to do.

    As far as next year, I think we’ll be pretty good. 2 of the recruits will be major contributors and good players from day 1. The transfer from Pitt will help buffer the loss of Yogi. OG and RJ will take steps up in their games. I’d say the same for Morgan, but I fear his shoulder will always be an issue. JBJ will fit better for what the team needs with the (assumed) loss of Troy.

    This was a fun year though, which I never thought I’d say after the first couple months of the season. I will miss Yogi. He was clearly one of the best players to ever lace them up at IU. I’m glad he turned the corner this last year and became a real leader… I hope he finds some success at the next level. I also hope to see him come back and be part of the staff when he’s done playing.

  4. AWinAZ- those guys wouldn’t miss; even when their three pointers missed the mark, they would bounce around and fall in.

    The Sweet Sixteen reveals the “Glass Ceiling” of the IU program, or should I say “Glasses” Ceiling; both are correct since Fred Glass and our glasses-wearing coach have effectively set our program’s maxed-out potential at the level of getting walloped against one of the real basketball superpowers in the 3rd round of the tournament.

    I really wish commentators would stop referring to those prehistoric national championships and mentioning us as if we are in the same echelon as UK, KU, Duke and UNC. It triggers unproductive emotions and sets our expectations too high, as if we deserve to still be mentioned in the same breath. We are NOT an elite “Blue” school. Those blue and white programs have maintained a striking consistency that never seems to fade as they trade off national championships year after year.

    Our cream and crimson belongs to the same ephemeral past now inhabited by fans of teams such as the New York Jets, LA Dodgers and the Knicks. Alabama football was once where we were. They found their Nick Saban. WIll we ever find ours?

  5. Same old story from the same fans that watch basketball thinking that coaches can actually effect the play of the game. Its even more laughable to include Glass in the discussion. UNC were the better team last night and being a college basketball fan I applaud them for their effort.
    This loss wasn’t Syracuse, this wasn’t the coach that had no clue how to handle a zone with the #1 seeded team. This was about a ferocious #1 seed playing at the top of their game. The more the true haters pile on the more idiotic they look.

  6. Same old story from the same fans that watch basketball thinking that coaches can actually effect the play of the game.

    Sure, that’s why we pay him over three million bucks a year: because he’s irrelevant and can’t effect the play of the game. That’s why he’s on the sideline, because he can’t effect the play of the game.

    Its even more laughable to include Glass in the discussion.

    Not as laughable as giving Crean an extension in 11/2012 that translated into pay rise and buyout increase. He didn’t check with you, Bart, did he? Or maybe he did call but you were busy making ends meet and since you didn’t answer Glass thought it was OK to just go ahead.

    Enjoy “The Movement” or what’s left of it. You paid for it.

  7. Some comments on some comments.

    “There has never been a coach that has done less with more than Williams, (and he runs a corrupt ship).” That is exactly right, although the same could be said for Calipari. UNC was the better team on the court last night, but they should not have been on the court. UNC was an academically corrupt program for many years, and Williams’ “ah shucks” country boy act does not hide the fact that his basketball program benefitted from systemic academic fraud. Where is the NCAA’s penalties? Whose sweeping this fraud under the rug? UNC should be banned from post season play for years.

    “Its even more laughable to include Glass in the discussion.” Exactly, Bart! These geniuses who criticize Crean and Glass after IU wins the Big Ten Championship and make it to another Round of 16, losing to the #1 seed, are simply delusional. Some of this is the luck of the draw (i.e., ND advancing). This may not have been a “great” season by historical IU basketball standards, but it was a very good season by any measure. The Crean-haters are the type of folks that “allow perfect to become the enemy of good,” as if firing Crean would provide IU with a chance to become the program it was 30 and 40 years ago. It’s simply a stupid and ridiculous argument. I said years ago that it took decades to destroy IU basketball and it’s going to take decades to bring it all the way back to where we want it to be. It’s also important to note that the teams that are generally more successful than IU at this time are coached by men who are older, more experienced and more established than Tom Crean. Williams is 65, the scumbag at Louisville is 63, Boeheim is 71, Krzyzewski is 69, Izzo is 60, Kruger is 63. My point is, those men are not going to coach forever, but until they retire, it’s going to be very difficult to displace their recruiting prowess or their program’s reputation. Perhaps that reality influenced younger men like Brad Stevens and Billy Donovan to jump to the NBA?

    Williams and Bryant may leave for the NBA, but neither are ready. I fear they’d be second round picks, at best. Williams is an outstanding athlete, and could get drafted based on that potential, but he could benefit greatly from another year of refinement. Bryant is simply too young, and that was made very evident watching him play against a man last night. I hope they get good advice and are clear-headed in their thinking. I’d hate to see them waste their potential by going too early, but who knows what financial pressures they are under. The NCAA’s new, more flexible system is a very good change and will benefit a lot of young men. For once, the NCAA made a change for the better.

  8. Using coachw logic means that Roy W had something to do with a 64% 3 point barrage from UNC. He is special guy…makes 3 million a year and shoots it like Steph from downtown…man the Roy is hard to guard.

  9. ^ Roy W played Marcus Paige who holds the all time record for three pointers for UNC. Maybe Crean did not know that… because that would make the difference… Maybe Crean didn’t know who Marcus Paige was and he had to wait for Marcus Paige to pass Michael Jordan on the UNC all time scorers list to find out … that too would be a significant factor in the economy of the game last night … more millions for Mr. Crean!

  10. Last night Crean lost (as a #5 seed) to #1 seed UNC. In 2013 Crean’s team had a #1 seed and lost to a #4 seed. The national press labeled that team “the greatest underachiever in the history of NCAA basketball”. So far Crean has been to three sweet sixteens and he lost in double digits every time.

    Perhaps that reality influenced younger men like Brad Stevens and Billy Donovan to jump to the NBA?

    Brad Stevens was ready to move in 2012. Glass instead gave Crean an extension. Stevens moved to Boston in 2013 when Crean was underperforming on a historical scale. He then had two seasons when he finished 8th and 7th in the league and multiple issues off the court. This year the uneven schedule in B1G worked to his advantage. Didn’t help him in the B1G tournament where #8 Michigan beat him in the first round or in the big dance … you live by happenstance, you die by happenstance … Glass could have had Stevens in Bloomington in 2013. He chose the mediocrity of happenstance to Stevens’ proven greatness…

  11. Stevens was NEVER going to leave Butler for IU. Why would he make a lateral move at best. The Celtics job is one of the two best jobs in basketball with the Lakers being the other. The Stevens discussion is old and tired and NO one in the nation ever took it serious except for CTC haters.
    Just give UNC the credit they deserve.

  12. Bart, moving from Butler to IU is not “a lateral move at best”. I mean I shouldn’t even have to say it. As far as the rest including your assertion that UNC shot the lights out I tend to agree with Zach Osterman when he writes (in today’s Indy Star):

    [N]either of those league championships, both outright, could yield a team capable of advancing past the Sweet 16. […]

    When Roy Williams reached Crean at center court at the final buzzer, North Carolina’s coach reportedly told his counterpart that the Tar Heels hadn’t shot the ball so well all season. Statistically, he was right.

    But Indiana actually finished plus-3 in points from 3-pointers and free throws against UNC. The idea that the Hoosiers were simply shot out of the Wells Fargo Center doesn’t do justice to the difference in class between the two sides.

    Indiana was an outright Big Ten champion led by an All-American senior point guard, and it never led. Once the deficit grew to double figures, it did not fall inside 10 points again.

    “But Indiana actually finished plus-3 in points from 3-pointers and free throws against UNC.”

  13. Let’s see…Butler makes the final game 2 years in a row and Stevens has momentum and a recruiting pipeline. If he moves to IU he has 3 million and a wrecked program that will tarnish his image and prevent him from his real dream…the NBA.
    You haters think IU is still relevant because you hang on to the coattails of RMK who was a tremendous coach and a huge ass all in one. You guys still think that every great coach would just die to come to Bloomington to coach up the Hoosiers. But it just isn’t the case anymore…I’m sure we could all come up with 20 programs that are more relevant than IU. Get a grip here boys…this isn’t 1981.

  14. Well, I thought the idea was to get the IU BB program to level it was back in 81 as compared to other elite bb programs.

  15. Based on a genetic mutation resulting in somewhat larger ears, I think he’s the leader of an underground Scoop team of UK, UNC, and ‘Blue Blood Hills’ apologists….

  16. Three Sweet 16’s….resulting in two bitch-slappings(Syracuse & UNC) and one embarrassing fumbling of final moments in a winnable contest(Wichita St). I can assure you, UNC will not put up 101 points on ND.

    At least Indiana has one legit basketball program that can get to back-to-back Elite 8’s.

    The monkey was off Crean’s back by merely getting past the opening round. Chattanooga was the worst 12 seed in the history of the tournament. That team didn’t pass the eye test of a 16 seed. And UK was a mere shadow of itself compared to the higher quality teams they’ve produced over the past few years.

    Completely embarrassed by Duke and UNC……

    RJ should not have been forced to go in the early rounds…They selfishly risked his future because the early games were far more critical to Crean’s hot seat cooling. He would have made absolutely no difference against UNC….The Hoosiers looked resigned and defeated before they even took to the court.

    IU can do so much better than the clowns running this program…It’s sad how dimwits continually apologize for beyond soft schedules(thank you, Mr. Delany) and the complete embarrassments in the round of 16. If the BIG was as strong as their strong champion, there wouldn’t be this level of bitch-slapping after only getting through the first weekend.

    As I predicted, no BIG team went beyond the Sweet 16. Maryland had the fortune of advancing by playing a low seed team that won against a Cal team missing its superstar. Wisconsin, in typical fashion, got by on a miracle shot ….by a guy who could barely hit the side of a barn in his next contest.

  17. And though I was the first poster here to continually focus on the academic corruption at UNC(with more recent admissions by UNC of seedy behavior supposedly delaying the NCAA in concluding its investigation and subsequently allowing for their participation in this year’s tournament), there is really nothing more seedy and corrupt than a coach hiring his own AD..
    Apologists love to talk of Knight’s abuses of power(abuses that came with the blown up ego and arrogance of winning three banners), but there is nothing more abusive than securing favored protection in a job by having a prominent hand in the choice of your boss. That is a level of protected arrogance before anything is achieved…Show me one other basketball program throughout the country where a coach has sat on a committee to hire his boss….Cheating the hierarchical systems to place walls of zero accountability(as opposed to “zero tolerance”) around a program is cheating from the top and unseen “insiders” of an organization. It cheats the fans and the university of a level of trust when skepticism enters into the equation of normal divisions between “boss” and “subordinate.”

  18. Wow…..Went out thinking the Syracuse vs. Virginia game was over…I walk in the door seeing Syracuse guys cutting down nets…What!? Orange go on a 29 to 8 run..No, Boeheim can’t coach. …First time a #10 seed has reached a Final Four. There’s the man that should be your National Coach of the Year..Establishment will likely give it to Tommy Blahama just to put more nails in our coffin.

  19. The haters are truly in heaven…they can spend another year acting like fans. This blog is pointless and I’m out until next year. Talk to all of you in August.

  20. A first set of “haters” of Indiana Basketball are those that accept with indifference such shellackings after the first weekend of March Madness.

    A second set are those of the Establishment media that heap praise on a coach they fully know is not of an elite class.

    A third set of haters are those that continue to apologize and claim Indiana to be a school that only glimmered brightly in the past. They refuse to acknowledge schools like ND(two back-to-back Elite 8 appearances ….Came within a final possession of getting to a Final Four last season against a much stronger UK team) and Butler(back-to-back Championship game appearances) who have both found far greater success without far greater talent.

    A last set of haters are those that instilled a system of protection that destroyed true accountability within our basketball program. Within that protection has come zero opportunity for a fresh change often needed irrespective of the sales pitches and administrative biases formulating their own definitions of progress and of themselves. There appears to be a numbing drumbeat of apologizing on how “we could do much worse” rather than a belief in our heritage to project into a future a vision and drive to not accept indifference and temperance of expectations….Indiana should never represent the tempering of a fire to want to get back to our destiny of an elite basketball program. We have seen other programs in our state with less advantages a great school like Indiana University never temper their expectations. Every day is a new day and no program with the shoulders of Indiana should crucify itself into a defeatist mentality no matter its droughts or difficult setbacks….

  21. Williams is 65, the scumbag at Louisville is 63, Boeheim is 71, Krzyzewski is 69, Izzo is 60, Kruger is 63

    Roy Williams was 39 when he played for the NCAA title with Kansas in 1991. Rick Pitino was 43 when he won the NCAA title with Kentucky in 1996 (and had been two four elite eight, two of which resulted in final fours, with two different teams by then). Boeheim was 41 when he lost to Indiana and Knight in 1987. Krzyzewski was 39 when he took Duke to the national title game (lost to Louisville 72-69). Tom Izzo 44 when he won the title with the Spartans (beat Florida 89-76). And Oklahoma is all Buddy Hield.

    Brad Stevens was 33 when he took Butler to the back to back national title games. Knight was 32 when he and Steve Downing played UCLA in the Final Four. Two years later he went 31-1 (18-0) and the year after 32-0 (18-0) so Tom and Fred can now raise a banner to celebrate the banner. Zero responsibility replaces zero tolerance! You nailed it, Harvard, again.

    The bottom line is: Stevens was ready to move. He’s from Zionsville, IN, he grew up watching the Hoosiers. The program was not in shambles, it was at the highest that Tom Crean will ever bring it. Instead of going after Stevens (which left for Boston the year after, after a year of CBI semifinals and an early round of 64 exit) Fred Glass chose the mediocrity of happenstance. Stevens went to Boston and despite naysayers on this blog he turned them into contenders. His contract runs until 2019, a year before Tom Crean’s current contract ends. At that time Crean’s buyout will be less than a pack of Dentyne.

  22. Dang … [to] four elite eight … [who] left for Boston … The time cannot be better, if Fred Flinstone just lets Crean’s contract run out… but I’m afraid his son, Joey, will write a letter to his father, Fred, and tell him how important it is to secure Tom Crean for at least 10 more years …

    We would absolutely embrace the opportunity to have him come back. We’ve tried to remove obstacles to him coming back ever since I got here, starting with putting him in the Hall of Fame, as well as a personal outreach to let him know he’s very welcome here. Tom has really embraced Coach Knight. (Fred Glass in an interview to the News Sentinel in January 2016 entitled “Fred Glass and the State of IU Athletics”)

    Correction: Crean did try to embrace Knight once, in Brooklyn, but didn’t make it past Dan Shulman.

  23. Posted by Diogenes the Cynic at 1:04 pm on June 9, 2011

    Look who’s lecturing on vagrancy, or should I say vagabondage…!?

    From the lockbox: a young Downing after being temporarily banned from posting on Anthistenes’ blog (ca. 1860, by Jean-Léon Gérôme—James Brosher’s great-great uncle).

  24. Harv, I thought your post tonight at 11:30 was very good and interesting (Hate the fact that I can’t reference a post # now).

    I think your first three points are dead on. There are definitely a faction of fans and media who have succumbed to IU mediocrity.

    However, it feels like both the coach and administration have turned a corner as far as accountability goes. It definitely took too much to get them there, but it certainly feels like they’re there. Crean knew his time was up and started kicking miscreants off the team left and right (like they were Sampson disciples), and the Powers That Be were ready to boot Crean right behind them if he didn’t truly step up to the plate this year. I know you hate rumors, but many in this forum (and out) have that on good authority.

    Crean turned a corner. Who knows if it will last… But he did have a change in behavior and style. This team was different that his others, and they lost to a better team that they could not have beaten on that night. It will be interesting to see if this persona keeps up next year. The leash is still tight…

  25. Just finished watching the second half of Syracuse – Virginia. Maybe Bart will reconsider his opinion that a coach can’t affect the outcome of a game. At halftime Syracuse is down 21-35. And then:

    21-37 at 19:42 and they play their trademark zone
    32-39 at 14:57 so they get a bit closer but not for long as it becomes
    37-51 at 9:59 and we have a TV timeout. Now Gbinije scores two FTs and it’s
    39-51 at 9:47 Here their press starts. From here it’s
    43-54 at 8:44 (one minute later) and their press continues. Then, it’s
    49-56 at 7:37 (yet another minute and a second TV timeout later) and they still press.
    55-58 at 6:50 (another minute later). Now Syracuse calls for a timeout.
    57-58 at 6:37 (it’s now been three minutes since the press started). Soon it’s
    59-58 at 5:49 and the press ends. VA does not regain the lead in this game.

    Apparently the same strategy was used against Gonzaga (didn’t see that game). Announcers said that Boeheim said after that game that their press only works for two minutes. Syracuse used the TV timeouts very efficiently and another one of their own so they could press longer than that (9:47-5:49 for almost four minutes). They often had one of their players under their own basket just like the goalie on a soccer team, clearly because one of the VA players was there, but it still looked weird. I think coaching adjustments is what separates a regular team from an elite team.

    I agree that Crean is now quite aware of his responsibilities but I don’t see yet that he’s eager (or even willing) to assume any. His main comment after UNC was that he missed RoJo, that Marcus Paige killed us, and that Marcus Paige would have been RoJo’s matchup…?! Unbelievable. Not to mention the deja vu: Marcus Paige killed us just like Rob Wilson in 2012 in the B1G tournament… Now how do these players have the games of their lives exactly when they play Tom Crean? Is this only a coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Same goes for Fred. If he offers a contract extension in the fall it’s zero responsibility all over again…

  26. Boeheimian Rhapsody….?

    Moma, just killed a Cav
    Made our run and surged ahead
    A press I triggered and now they’re dead
    Mommaaaaaa, our zone had just begun
    But now I’ve gone into a man-to-man to stay…….

  27. I don’t know about the “leash still tight,” but some local dogs have found a place to keep a leg up on the competition for piss-poor tournament success.

  28. Hey Geoff-

    Appreciate your backing some of my viewpoints…There’s has been an incessant amount of snidely attacks on here of late and i value your adherence to respect in not jumping on such a bandwagon. Though we may differ on protected job status and its ultimate measure of accountability, or the “corners” Glass and Crean may, or may not, have turned, I’m glad to find your support on some things…..Thanks for that level of decency and honesty… Your opinions are some of the most valued on here…..I feel like Crean getting a handshake from Bobby……Yuk…I need a better analogy…Maybe I don’t need one at all….Just thanks for being true to your thoughts no matter what an ass I can be….

    Who do you think will win the banner? I’m taking Nova. Love that Jerkins kid…Crafty old school moves in the post and around the fringes of the paint…Turn-around moves …pump fakes…etc. Arcidiacono !!!! is fun to say.

    Hope all is well in Maine….

  29. Harvard, thanks for posting the “biggest conspiracy” pic… I all but forgot about it… I see you improved it a bit since the head was in color and did not match the rest … originally I meant it was so conspicuously fake. Beautiful fix. I keep searching for an old pic of yours but can’t find it. Things vanish, subside, die away… it was the “clunker fixer Kevin” meets “Tom has graduated in happenstance from MIT” pic… one of the best. Thanks too for the Boeheimian Rhapsody… very funny …always appreciated your sense of humor. Here’s a song fragment for you and Husky and the old Basketblog:

    How can I forget those beautiful dreams that we shared
    They’re lost and they’re nowhere to be found
    How can I go on?

    Take it easy my friend…

  30. oops…Just noticed I forget an ‘m’ in Boeheimian Rhapsody…..

    [Momma], just killed a Cav

    Thanks coachw….

  31. Harv – sorry, been busy. I always try to be fair. Po and I, HC and I, Tsao and I… All had our differences, but I don’t think it ever went to a place we couldn’t come back from. Hell, I think HC actually kinda has a crush on me now. I digress… When you aren’t trolling, or repeating things more than my wife, I will certainly pay attention and give you my honest feedback.

    I like OU to win it all, but I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if it were Nova. I love Hield, and I really like Spangler – want those dudes on my team any day. I love the Jenkins kid from Nova as well. It’s funny because he doesn’t seem to get much of the spot light at all, but I’ve been thinking all year he’s their best player. That stroke is pure… Reeeaaaallll pure. He kinda reminds me of Dennis Scott – not sure if anyone has made that comparison before, so I’m trademarking it. I agree with everything you said about his game. I like them, and wish they weren’t playing OU, because I’d love to see those 2 in the final. Now we have to put up with a certainty of one of 2 schools that make me want to puke going to the ‘Ship.

    All is well in Maine. Kid is growing up so fast (like all of you warned). I’m super busy with work and a side business. My basketball abilities are fading noticeably for the first time in about 8 years… Which is pretty depressing and embarrassing. This weekend I’m bringing a team up to a men’s tournament with about 30 teams and hoping for a few things:
    – not embarrass myself
    – have a blast
    – win the thing… Last year we lost in the championship after crushing everyone in our first 5 games. My team is pretty filthy, so we got a shot, but I heard that our rival team in the state, who already has 3 former pros on it, is adding Taylor Coppenrath, which could be a problem.

    Wish us luck.

  32. Dennis Scott….? Rings a bell…Was he the guy with all the freckles..? Celtics? I really don’t remember his game…Just remember the freckles.. Isn’t Jenkins a much bigger lad? I see a bit of Willis Reed in Jenkins….Throwback!!!!!!!! or maybe some Dave Cowens…? Throwback!!!!!!

    Lord, what we could have done with a power forward/post player with Jenkins’ repertoire…? Cody and Bryant…and Vonleh….None had true refinement…None were creative…None could show a pump fake or much of a turn-around jumper….None had the sort of skills you can ride all the way to deep runs in tournaments.. All a bit awkward and off-balance.. Alan Henderson was probably our last inside player that actually brought a level of old school close to Jenkins. After Henderson, I’d have to go all the way back to Steve Downing. …Maybe throw in Jared Jeffries.

  33. Dennis Scott played at GT and then got drafted by the Magic and played in the early Shaq years.

    Jenkins isn’t a post player, although he can post up… He’s primarily a shooter. 6’6″ and thick. 2/3’s of his shots this year came from behind the arc.

  34. I thought he was bigger than 6-6″.. I saw he make some nice moves in the paint in their last game..I recall a pump fake when he drew the defender off his feet and then leaned in to get the call…It was at that time that one of the announcers made the “old school” reference to his skill set….I did notice he had really nice stroke from the perimeter as well. though he struggled in the early going.

    Good luck in your tournament…Last weekend I got in couple pick-up games…There wasn’t many guys at the gym and I got asked more out of desperation to fill the spots for a five on five…Just did terrible. Both my calves nearly locked up from cramps… During shoot-around, I couldn’t miss….During game…Bricks. Still had fun ..

  35. Ha, ha, ha! Thank you, thank you. One of the best ever.

    I’m gonna save it on my disk, for once in my life
    It’s gonna feel real good whenever I look for it
    It’s gonna feeeeeel right…

    And as I turn up the collar on my favorite winter coat
    This wind is blowin’ my mind[…]
    A summer’s disregard, a broken bottle top
    And a one man’s soul
    They follow each other on the wind ya’ know
    ’Cause they got nowhere to go

  36. Thanks, coachw…

    Michael Jackson…cool. You’re too kind. This work of your hand has always been one my personal favorites.

  37. Ha, ha, I remember when I did the Caddyshack pic I kept thinking: why am I putting Crean here twice? One of the two Creans was supposed to be Glass, I suppose. Or Greenspan… never worked much on a pic, so I went with the two Creans … it was always helpful you have such an amazing imagination and ou were able to put in words whatever was missing from my pics. You really have a unique talent. You also liked Crean on the Dustin Dopirak’s late night show (“Say it,Dopirak!” Dustin, with a smirk: “You wrecked our program!” and they were both laughing their heads off, whence the halos to keep them there) … There was another one you liked from when I was posting covers: “The Face”. It was a British mag or something… perfect for Crean’s awestruck pose … you kept saying Crean’s face was simply too much … his mouth open in constant astonishment … or wonder … or God knows what it was… and one day I took the face from when he was with Izzo and placed him as Jack Nicholson next to “Chief” Bromden in Miloš Forman’s One Flew… to claim he always knew how to recruit bigs… Then another February night I posted The Book Signing … with Hugh… at Borders. Both Husky and you liked it … not sure about Hugh… but he was a good guy. “Service journalism at its best”… you said … and casually put a Nazi helmet over his curly hair… You had (and still have) so many brilliant moments: Church Lady, Crean as Scarecrow, Cthe ircus Crean, Knight Crean (“Dope.Find it here”), Capt’n Scholly Crunch and so many … “Wow. Just wow.” … so many… I remember once I put Crean’s head on a Vermeer right after I read one of your posts… no wonder people thought I was you (sometimes). Another time I made Dr Strangelove but it had no punch line. It was after Syracuse and I just had to get it out there. Eventually it inspired you (I think) for your “The Real Edna”… Then there was “The Summer of Bonding” when Crean was showing Wilson around … remember? … there was one when they were both flying above Bloomington … lots of fun … but of all the pics I ever made there’s one I am truly most fond of because it’s one of the first… and I can still find it online… it was from the time when we had those random crazy postings on the blog … no idea where they came from … lots of spelling errors … honestly I think someone was typing them on purpose … somebody with a tremendous sense of humor, absurd, radical, a notch above avant-garde… those short postings were so out of place they were intoxicating and invigorating at the same time… so I took one such posting and made Crean say it… to Korman … as the King of Sweden … handing him a Nobel prize… while Korman looks at him ever so incredulous and cautious… Crean delivery’s is, as his “coaching”, [well] over the top… outrageous and excessive… Korman is a just few inches away

  38. Sorry… [y]ou were able .. [the] Circus Crean …

    Over the past few weeks and months I stopped making pics … and looked see what others have done … the last one I made I think was “The New Face of IU Basketball” … (and a few with captions after the B1G tourney) … “The New Face” was a Knight with his traditional red sweater and a Crean face … looking like a very confused Telethon Jerry Lewis with white hair … meanwhile I found some interesting pics on Wolverine and Badger sites … one of them is really really funny… I’m sure you saw it before… it’s Crean with his brother in law… who looks a bit upset because Crean carries him around everywhere he goes … and this time Crean has crashed the program … and Harbaugh is upset because he doesn’t have much control over it … and doesn’t like he’s in a wreck … I don’t know who put it together… but I really like it very very much. There were so many pictures over the years… if Crean gets a contract extension I will definitely be back.

  39. Seahawk Tom’s writing skills provided much of the inspiration as well……I recall one summer on Basketblog when he told of a current obsession in reading all the original classic horror tales….

    “Everything hinges on Cody” and rioting mobs on Scoop with their torches chasing Sampson through the dark streets of Bloomington was buzzing in my brain at about the same time…..

  40. Seahawk yes yes, how could I forget… It was during that time when he was sure the Huskies were just about to touch the sky… But he wouldn’t have wanted Crean for them then or ever… I remember posting Eddie Murphy’s character from Shrek for Husky quite a few times on account of that… As for Frankencody… truly a classic… that very fall, as we were nearing Halloween, I took it and posted it as if they were hanging it on one side of the Memorial… as if for Haunted House of Hoops or something … I thought it was a good joke… yet some people thought it was real… Dustin had to explain it could not be, or we would be again in violation of the NCAA… crazy times.

  41. Fun times…

    Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics giving Golden State all they can handle tonight. Stevens really sucks as a coach..

  42. The Wilson in “American Gothic” always reminds me of Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. You were the first to use the Yelling Crean from the Minny game in The Bride. I still run into your Laurel and Hardy with Hugh as Ollie and Dustin a smirking Laurel accidentally from time to time when I search for pics … there was a time when you were absolutely on fire, although some of those pics were deleted shortly… not sure why… in some of them you had caption bubbles and I remember some of the characters referring to them as if they were real … very funny … my recollection was that Frankencody was a direct reaction to 4guards’ statement that Cody Zeller was a monster … I don’t recall at all Husky’s comments about the horror movies … I should pay more attention … Crean’s Twitter chair was hilarious one of the best ever … as was the “I morphing naturally into T, for tolerance” presser picture … or the “Not today Twitter lips” with Knight and Dan Shulman … Kevin Wilson’s limbo party (“no bar set too low”) … and Crean putting together his vision for a guards oriented team … Keady with a green fish on his head … so many awesome things … I don’t recall if the Knight and Crean siamese twins pic inspired me in some specific way but I chuckle every time I see it … or think of it … there was another one that was quite awesome, three kids were playing Hedbanz, one is Stevens (Peach Basket) the other one is Yogi (I think you said “Conductor” or “Director”) and another one was Knight. I don’t know what you wrote under RMK but I deleted it and wrote “Fruitcake” because you were being abused at the time by someone with absolutely no sense of humor that also insisted Knight was a fruitcake… and whoever didn’t agree with him was also called a fruitcake … so I made the change. I know you were never a fan of changes but I did it at least one other time … Crean fighting Crean … “promise you will play Hulls more” … “I can’t, I love Verdell too much… ” … that inspired a Wilson fighting the Cookie Monster … don’t remember the punch line … and then a few other Wilson pics … I think I’ll stop here… I am glad there are so many pics around, I can’t always think about all of them, if I try there are always some very awesome ones that I inevitably leave out, and that’s truly their greatest gift… (There was another one that was awesome, during the time of Rob Wilson, the perennial bench warmer that had a career high 30 against Indiana in 2012… it was called Bruesewitz minus one… or plus one … did you do it, or did Husky? Really great regardless…)

    Speaking of Husky here are some stats: in 14 years Romar has taken the Huskies to three Sweet Sixteens. In eight years Crean did the same and he had to deal with a far more wrecked program… I think it’s time to admit that Crean is simply superior to Romar as a coach and start courting Crean aggressively … “Because it’s the PAC-12”… It is possible!

  43. coachw(I mean, me)-

    Just doing the “I mean, me” to keep them guessing….Hee-hee. Are you implying I’m no longer on fire, me?…I mean, you…? Have I lost an edge? I mean, have you lost an edge?. Because if I’m me, and you’re you, then you’ve lost your fire too… Hee-hee. All kidding aside, coachu(i prefer “coachu” because it helps me keep the dual personality a bit more under control, w), your memory is astounding. I’ve always known my mind is no match for your explosion of creativity onto an image….My love is often more in the technique….Once in a blue moon, I actually come up with a blue moon. Nearly all of your pics are comedic home runs…..I’ve really never been on fire….And I’ve been doused with Chet’s water so much that it would take seven weeks on Venus to warm up again. I’ve made so many friends here…Chet, Bart, Clarion….They all love my fire. But you(I mean, I) remain true to your heart.

    I recall a picture you did of either Wilson or Crean hang gliding ..I think it was Wilson. Marvelous. And didn’t you do one of whitewater rafting..? I loved all those adventure sports shots. Pissed me off that I didn’t think of them first…Could you do one of Crean ski jumping? You best hurry…..

    The significant other(you, me…whoever) is watching me very closely this afternoon. “Things have got to change” is the constant in my ear. Too many hours..Too many days…adding up to a lot of “wasted” time ‘YOU SPEND THERE!”….on the computer. “Why don’t you marry the blog!?”

    Take care coachiu….Thank you so much for remembering my insignificance and waste of life spent in this tiny box where my efforts at nothing are only appreciated by you. …I mean, me. Hee-hee.
    Tom Crean ski jumping…..Have “Sweet 16” on his helmet…? Hee-hee. Or, “Now no one can claim my tips are low!” ..Me gotta go


    After years of preparation while containing Harvard’s fury, Jeremy Price and Fred Glass lasso a moment of brilliance to boost ticket sales at Memorial

  45. Nice throwback, Harvard. Those days were the peak of Scoop artistic energy; a time of photoshop surrealism that did for sportsblogging what Dali, Picasso and Breton did for basket weaving.

    Where’s Geoff right now, by the way. I wanted to offer my condolences to him; he’s probably crushed that his hometown Celtics failed to lose to his beloved Warriors.

  46. I don’t know if “artistic energy” ever peaked on Scoop….There was forever the constant carefulness in those days of Kellenberger’s reign…. His power-tripping desires to censor and not be upstaged by anything too clever resulted in threats and periods of banishment.
    I’m sure you remember the ‘Downing boudoir’ where I was sent as castaway while you carried on at Scoop with full privileges …….You were a subscriber and brought to Scoop an entirely different “Husky Tom” than the wildly fun, creative, and spontaneous person I had always known…You brought rubber swords to Scoop and left behind out all the sharp and uninhibited ways of true freedom I had seen that unveils the darkness along with the hopeful light of every soul… You were like the jealous sibling given the Scoop toy room while I was locked away on Hoosier Hype; a very deserted and lonely place removed of all the warmth of the island formerly known as Basketblog.

    The days our spirits were most wild and free were those first years on Basketblog. This careful place is too full a room, too condescending an audience, too esteemed the participants, too stale smelling of old cigar smoke stuck to striped olive green wallpaper in the who’s who of a Yacht Club, too much a courtroom of constant trials for every goofy diversion or lofty criticism that must be challenged, dissected, stripped down to naked level of disgust, and given a final judgement as dead on arrival because to laugh at anything(especially ourselves) is not what ‘responsible’ sports blogging balding has-been snidely men do.

    Remora…and Downing still try…We still give the patient her visits….But true freedom that once lived in our hearts has gone forever comatose. We simply play a hollow game of careful tag and reminisce of something a sea swallowed from that wonderful old island..Gone is the place of warm planks on sun-drenched pier where toes used to dangle into the warm waters and I would wait for a playful white beluga.

  47. On a lighter note….Trojan Horse was absolutely fantastic tonight.

  48. Nobody says it like you do, Harvard. I would counter the argument of your post with your post itself, which so perfectly captures the uninhibited freedom and melancholic artistry that you claim has been squashed into submission.

    I had pork tenderloin myself last night. Probably couldn’t compare with the TroHo that you had. I overcooked it; a rare mishap. I was following a Martha Stewart recipe that had me broil it, something I hadn’t done before (too cold to grill…darned be Ohio in April) The darn oven thermometer screwed me over; said it wasn’t done yet. 10 minutes later, the thing was long gone.

  49. We are strangely connected….While enjoying “TroHo” your name came up in conversation. I mentioned how you once claimed on Scoop that they usually miss on the fires(too soggy on your visits)…Sorry, but the two other judges at the table were in agreement with yours truly.. The fries were delivered in basket hot and cooked to perfection…Perfect golden color with the meaty Idaho being the star of the show…Two large squirts of ketchup on side plate for dipping and we devoured them down to last delightful broken crumbs lingering as final delicacy under the vanished heap.
    But there wasn’t much time spent on your preferred ‘blanching’ method and minor critique of Trojan’s fries. Somewhere within the key secrets of how Trojan Horse gets the crunchy breaded dill pickle spears and the thinnest of breaded tenderloin simply perfectly tender is in the choice of oil, the freshness of the oil, and the hottest of temperature maintained during the frying process. My guess is that they have very old friers that are of heavier gauge metals with more intense heating elements…The reservoirs maintain the temp and recover quickly after ice cold fries and tenderloin hit the fires…. But I digress…..Most of my time talking of Husky Tom is always praise and admiration. But I am always forced to keep most of our best blogging times close to the vest….We went places one rarely even goes with family and bedfellows… Maybe I more than you…..but it’s something of place that can’t be replaced. We tapped into innocent child fantasies and turned on the dime to fight like savages with sharpest spears… Remora, Husky, and Downing in some sort of twisted jungle warfare that somehow maintained a removal from the petty hate-filled stuff that wins over in most other worlds where the face and identity of a target is cloaked and handshakes never possible.. A metaphor for life itself…The most beautiful times of freedom and open hearts basking in the suns of uncharted imagination are best left outside the spiritually removed spaces of something eternal… Who would want endlessness of something dear to the memory…? Every time I watch the ending scene of Papillon it breaks my heart….but most things of joy worth keeping there forever do….And they best live and die in the finite of their irreplaceable breath.

    Never betray the tenderloin…Always deep fry. When I was a kid, my mom would make the most delectable veal tenderloin/cutlet sandwiches…. She we pound the cutlets very, very thin…Small pieces she would simply wash in egg and coat with finely crushed saltine crackers….She would serve them on Wonder buns with few sliced pickles atop and bit of ketchup….I could eat 4 or 5….They were so delicate and sol delicious…. I haven’t made them for years… Maybe I’ll try them again one day..For now I’ve taken to the thought of those baby calves kept in darkness…never to enjoy a field or a warm ray of sun on their back..

  50. oops..

    …you once claimed on Scoop that they usually miss on the [fries](too soggy on your visits)

  51. Didn’t come out right… not sure if this comes out either.

     John Lennon 

  52. I’ll give it a whirl…

     John Lennon 

  53. Oh, look at that: a team that had won their last championship in 1985 (two years before Indiana’s last) won last night beating the team that blew B1G COY out of the water two weeks ago. A team that only made three trips to the national title game (including last night). A team out of the Big East notwithstanding self-appointed experts’ on this blog head explosions (Is that even a conference? If so is Bloomington South in it yet?). So Villanova has been mediocre for … like … ever and they just got a banner. Didn’t they know going to Sweet 16 is good enough?

    Here’s a stat for Tom Crean: the last time Indiana had back to back to back to back Sweet Sixteens was in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994. When will we see four Sweet Sixteens in a row by Tom Crean? The last time when Indiana had back to back Elite Eights was in 1993, 1994. Will we ever see an Elite Eight from Tom Crean? These are stats from Knight’s twilight years, you know, data the Tom Crean apologists like to feed on.

    Between 1989 and 1993 Indiana won the conference three times out of five with no more than one year in between titles. Tom Crean got two accidental titles three years apart and it’s debatable he will get another ever.

  54.       _                                   _
        _| |                                 | |_
       | | |______OOOOo__________oOOOO_______| | |
      [| | |——–(`,———-\`,———| | |]
       |_| |      )  (            )  (       | |_|
         |_|      /  |            |  \       |_|
                  |  |  \\\\\\//  |  |
                  \  /  | –  – |  \  /
                  /  \ (  a  a  ) /  \
                  |   | |  L   | |   |
                  |   | \  ==  / |   |
                  |   /_.\____/._\   |
                   \   ||      ||   /
                    \  | ‘-..-‘ |  /
                    |  ; GOLD’S ;  |
                    | /          \ |
                     \            /
                      |          |
                      |    __    |
                     /            \
              jgs   /    ,____,    \
                   /’-._ .’  ‘. _.-‘\
                  /     /      \     \
                  |    /        \    |
                  (_  /          \  _)
                   |  `\        /`  |
                   |___|        |___|
                   |===/        \===|
                 _/\._(          )_./\_
               /`      |         |    _`\
               `””””`””           “”`”””`

  55. formatting….not right.

    Any suggestions, coachw?

    I caught many of the postgame interviews with the Villanova guys on the radio last night..
    May I also say that I am in complete love with John Thompson’s deep, deep voice and deliberate pace when he’s broadcasting the games….(had the joy of listening to him do quite a few games throughout the season and the tournament)…After listening to the horrible team that called the game on TBS, I regret not putting on the radio earlier and simply turning down the volume of the TV. I my humble opinion, it’s almost more fun to listen to games done by quality broadcasters on the radio(far better in their depth of presentation/storyline/side commentary. Always far more b-ball expertise along with genuine excitement in their voices). Anyway, when listening to Jim Gray doing postgame interviews with Villanova guys(Jenkins, Booth, Coach Jay Wright), it was so refreshing to just listen to young men and coach alike to embrace their team/teammates, talk of collective season-long missions and belief in each other while never hearing any necessity to thank “God,” “Jesus,” “Lord and Savior”….”The Man Above”….”prayer”., .etc, etc. It was one of the best championship games that I can remember…It was such a wonderful exhibition of grit and scrappy play…It was college basketball played on the biggest stage and from beginning tip to postgame interviews it stayed about basketball. Rarely in the last 15-20 years have I seen a team play with the defensive tenacity and discipline of the Villanova Wildcats….Coaching, grit, ice in veins, and the collective unselfish play of the Wildcats pushed them to a place of legendary achievement….The spirit of basketball won last night. The spirit of how a team game can be played to near perfection won last night; harking back to a long ago familiar day that was once the embodiment of the candy stripes. I knew it was out there…Thank you, Villanova. Thank you for making it a joy to watch again a game I thought had been lost to the narcissism of the present…Thank you for not making shooting arrow gestures, pointing to the heavens after every made shot…making little eye glass symbols with thumb and index finger when hitting a 3-pointer…..Thank you for bringing it back to a game you have obviously embraced and cherished enough to be play it well below the clouds of insults to the ‘watching gods’ or the total self-infatuations of one’s own glory in the mirror.

  56. What a favor Villanova did for a basketball world that has been bludgeoned to death over the years by a constant, repetitive cycle of Kansas, UNC, UK, Duke, UK, UNC, Kansas, Duke….

    They also did Indiana a huge favor by temporarily pausing its slow slide down the list of National Title Winners, allowing IU to linger on at least another year in the same breath with the truly elite programs of the NCAA.

  57. 2016 Villanova (35-5)
    2015 Duke (35-4)
    2014 Connecticut (32-8)
    2013 Louisville (35-5)
    2012 Kentucky (38-2)
    2011 Connecticut (32-9)
    2010 Duke (35-5)
    2009 North Carolina (34-4)
    2008 Kansas (37-3)
    2007 Florida (35-5)
    2006 Florida (33-6)

    Two Florida, two UCONN, one Louisville, and one Villanova championship comprise six of the last eleven titles…

    But you are correct, Seahawk…It was a great week for the game of basketball. We watched a Boston team with no prominent ‘superstar’ hoarding all headlines play an inspired team game to bust up the Warriors on their home court…Followed up by a Villanova team that not only ‘acts’ like they’ve been there before, but put to death an expression far too cliche for their level of ‘doing’ what it takes everyday to ‘get’ there…and ‘win’ there. Basketball left the selling of one’s own ‘Kyrie game’ on YouTube channels, the ‘5-star’ infatuations, the NBA farm schools, and the hollow marketing of comparisons across generations …It was a week for something of a last dying gasp of masterful cooking in a game of hoops in which we, the shallow digesting public of a continual same casserole of Betty Crocker sports, don’t know what to taste or make of. Very few connoisseurs of the game to care anymore in a day when the theater(or some historical comparison irrelevant) is bigger than the truth in a performance.

  58. And within a state home to so much of that basketball ‘old school’ found in Villanova’s game, there is absolutely no reason we cannot get back to 1987 in a heartbeat. We simply prefer the ‘acting’ as if we’ve been there before over the levels of acumen, humble drive, and collective team force that it takes in returning/”getting” there in a fashion/road as difficult in truth and determination found in Villanova’s choice. It’s easier to simply chase more villains in an old closet, pray, temper, and cut down nets in apology for a day we want to believe can never be captured again. It’s not like the stands in Assembly won’t still fill for defeatism and snidely indifference at rare achievements done the Villanova way….We’ll still have our blood to boil for the mention of the name “Knight.” We’ll still have our banner reunions ….We’ll still have our “decimation” to hold as a hiccup next to Butler’s back-to-back Final Four runs….We’ll still have our “lottery picks” to boast on the resume of team accomplishments…We’ll still be tweeting our locker room prayers while selling our image to a dusty mirror that won’t give us an honest punch in the nose back to wake us from our narcissistic eternal slumber..

    But if we really were brave enough to make a choice rather than lazy on the tongue of “acting,” we could have it all back in flash…But we have no faith in much of anything but screaming at clouds or assistant coaches at Michigan who burned our world to the ground.

  59. oops..

    We’ll still have our [occasional top] “lottery picks” to boast on the resume of [repetitive underachieving/lackluster] team accomplishments

  60. Harvard, thanks for the fact-checking. I still feel like the Blue Four – Kansas, Duke, UNC and UK (UConn is dark blue so throw them in there, too) appear in a disproportionate amount of Fina Fours and Championships that has my psyche all in a dizzy.

    Your points (and your alter ego’s points) are great ones. People saw IU’s loss to UNC as the preordained result of going up against the eventual national champion at their peak. What could we do? “Sometimes, you just have to tip your hat to them.”

    The “Preordained” club has been ruling IU football narrative for the better part of 20 years, explaining away every…single…loss as the logical result of uncontrollable circumstances. “We’re too young”; “the talent gap is still too wide for us to expect to compete with X team”; “it’s Ohio State, what did you expect?” The basketball version has transferred this mentality to marshal it to the defense of the Crean Regime.

  61. Husky’s argument contains by and large an affective assessment. Objectively I think things present themselves a bit differently. Like Harvard I was going to go to the list of title games to see. He took the last 10-12 years. Here’s however what happened in the 29 years since Indiana’s last national title (1987):

    Duke played in the national title eight times, winning five. Onslaught, only Duke was not elite in 1987. It became elite since, that’s the difference. UConn played four times for the national title and won all four. Same thing: not elite in 1987, earned elite status since. Kentucky played in five games and won three titles with three different coaches. Was elite, stayed elite. Ouch. UNC played in four title games and won three. Was elite, maintained elite status. Ouch again. Kansas played five games and won two. Maintained elite status. Ouch. This takes care of 13 of the 29 years roughly and represents the bulk of Husky’s annoyance I think. At the bottom of this group is Florida with 3 finals and 2 titles. No other team won more than one title since 1987 but seven teams made it to the title game more than once: Michigan (1-3), Syracuse (1-1), Michigan State (1-1), Arizona (1-1), UCLA (1-1), Arkansas (1-1) and the special case of Butler (0-2). I say special because Butler is the only team (since 1987) that went to the title game more than once without winning it. Villanova is in a group of 4 teams (with Maryland, Louisville and UNLV) that made it just once to the title game during this interval and also won. Indiana is at the bottom of the list with one game and one loss along with the likes of Utah, Ohio State, Memphis, Seton Hall, Oklahoma, Illinois, Georgia Tech and Wisconsin, all of them (0-1) that is, one game and one loss. For Indiana this is a tough position to be if you consider yourself elite.

    So by Husky’s argument Duke’s win in 1991 was refreshing. However by the same argument it ceased to be refreshing when they got their third title under Coach K and they kept going to the national title game and still winning. This line of reasoning simply does not fly since at its foundation it has a double standard. So I don’t agree with Husky’s assessment, and instead my opinion is that Indiana is the victim of its own incompetence. Indiana is now in a predicament that is completely, entirely of its own making: sentenced to mediocrity. Far from elite status Indiana now has a mediocre head coach that was shrewd enough to get two year extension before coaching a single game and then hired his own AD, as insurance, for additional contract extensions, in perpetuity.

    This is how I see it and from this point of view who wins the national title is as relevant to our basketball program as Eric Arnett being named B1G co-pitcher of the year in 2009…

  62. Minor correction: [it has] sentenced [itself] to mediocrity.

    Otherwise, Husky, thanks. It’s always great to read you although we disagree often and passionately.

  63. Excellent…Love the ‘Preordained club’.. Of course, I’ve been that broken record for the last how many years? I call them Team Defeatism…The Snidely Apologists….The Born Again Happenstance Romance Club….etc, etc.

    We all know “what” it is…..But why is it? Why is there an impenetrable motive to protect something so godawful average? What is the dark and deep fortress walling around something so important that a mere silly game of basketball mustn’t be allowed to expose it or challenge? Of course, I have my theory….It’s a bloody battle until the end for some to have their ultimate symbols of ‘resignation’ challenged. Religions are built on resignation. There is no pathway to a ‘light’ without such acceptance….But, Lord, it can go astray…Before you know it, cigarette companies are claiming “If God didn’t think lung cancer was necessary, he wouldn’t have invented tobacco.” They simply have to defend and align with the grandest symbol of a day/time/entity/life who resigned for all our sins…and it becomes the medicine of apologizing for anything from a game to put a basketball in a round hoop going kaput to a round overheating globe we’re simply along for the heavenly ride as being beyond our control to save. …Saving is for someone else…Let’s merely pray man(not to be confused with air, wind, wildlife, trees, water, science, heart, compassion, fairness, or a mission to improve something visibly wrong and worth improving for the simple sake of kindness and gratitude for the beauty found in diversity and differences)gets a better draw in brackets the next billion years we get placed in God’s preordained March Madness through the cosmos. It is what it is….and we aren’t going to that heavenly hotel until we resign to the message and align to those who portray a steadfast commitment to said message…To challenge them is to challenge the builder of the only brackets that matter….Do want to be part of the eternal Bracketology? Then do not challenge…You were beat by the better team…Now resign and move on…..Pray harder next time.

  64. Do [you] want to be part of the eternal Bracketology?

    This is how I see it and from this point of view who wins the national title is as relevant to our basketball program as Eric Arnett being named B1G co-pitcher of the year in 2009

    Wonderful stuff there, coachw. There is nothing more Establishment than the attempts to compare and contrast, to litter the field with brainwashing in ultimate and purposeful misguided apology, to belittle and kill with indifference what was once the embodiment of Indiana and the candy stripes as now being some sort of a pipe dream for something no longer “elite” we allowed to happen…Total and utter BS. With every morning cup of coffee we choose….and we’ve seen our choice enough to certainly know better.

  65. Will somebody please convince Bob Dylan to sing ‘One Shining Moment…?’ I would like that very much. Starting from 1:45 mark sorta works.

  66.       _                                   _
        _| |                                 | |_
       | | |______OOOOo__________oOOOO_______| | |
      [| | |——–(`,———-\`,———| | |]
       |_| |      )  (            )  (       | |_|
         |_|      /  |            |  \       |_|
                  |  |  \\\\\\//  |  |
                  \  /  | –  – |  \  /
                  /  \ (  a  a  ) /  \
                  |   | |  L   | |   |
                  |   | \  ==  / |   |
                  |   /_.\____/._\   |
                   \   ||      ||   /
                    \  | ‘-..-‘ |  /
                    |  ; GOLD’S ;  |
                    | /          \ |
                     \            /
                      |          |
                      |    __    |
                     /            \
              jgs   /    ,____,    \
                   /’-._ .’  ‘. _.-‘\
                  /     /      \     \
                  |    /        \    |
                  (_  /          \  _)
                   |  `\        /`  |
                   |___|        |___|
                   |===/        \===|
                 _/\._(          )_./\_
               /`      |         |    _`\
               `””””`””           “”`”””`

  67. I got your weight lifter Harvard but I’m not sure what it means or why you posted it. Surprised you didn’t do the same as for the second Lennon. I include a McCartney. Also curious how ((ºjº)) looks in this font.

         ` @ @\     
      Paul McCartney

  68. ((ºjº)) ha ha that’s a pretty good Lennon.

    So next year Hoosiers might be even stronger. Wonder what the conference schedule will look like.

  69. Vhy duz yahl veightlifter git Tuesday and my veightlifter git vemoved…?

    (to stay? =Tuesday…? I know..It vig stretch)

    Answer: Vecause Tuesday vhen Zhermee allow steek fig yours to stay on SCOOP!….hee hee..

    ((®—?—®)) = “Stewie” Griffin? I’m not very Gouda tis.

  70. ———–\▔\
    ▂▂╱┈ ▕▂▂▂▏
    ▉┈-┈┈ ▕▂▂▂▏

  71. Harvard your use of Tuesday is almost an attempt to slurvian. “Oily boyd” for example is Brooklynese. “Gerareheeuh” is slurvian for “Get out of here!”. These are all NY dialects, I assume. In no “unsoyten toyms” also is Bronx for no “uncertain terms”. Less specifically “jeet jet” means “Did you eat yet?”. Here’s a link to Howta Reckanize Amurcan Slurvian. Lederer’s good with words and often quite funny.

  72. After closer examination, your weightlifter isn’t correct…

    _ _
    _| | | |_
    | | |______OOOOo__________oOOOO_______| | |
    [| | |——–(`,———-\`,———| | |]
    |_| | ) ( ) ( | |_|
    |_| / | | \ |_|
    | | \\\\\\// | |
    \ / | – – | \ /
    / \ ( a a ) / \
    | | | L | | |
    | | \ == / | |
    | /_.\____/._\ |
    \ || || /
    \ | ‘-..-‘ | /
    | ; GOLD’S ; |
    | / \ |
    \ /
    | |
    | __ |
    / \
    jgs / ,____, \
    /’-._ .’ ‘. _.-‘\
    / / \ \
    | / \ |
    (_ / \ _)
    | `\ /` |
    |___| |___|
    |===/ \===|
    _/\._( )_./\_
    /` | | _`\
    `””””`”” “”`”””`

  73. Wow…Warriors lost again last night.

    Chicago Bulls (1)

    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ___
    // ` ||_|| || // ` /\\ // ` // \\
    \\_,_|| ||_|| \\_,_/””\\ \\_T \\_//
    , ____ __ _ __ __ __ .
    /| ||_) || | || || (( ` |\
    |-|._||_) \\_/_||_,||_,__)),|-|
    [ “-.___________________.-” ]
    \_ / ___.___ \ _/
    “-__[ ===!=== ]__-”
    .-“” _|=__ | __=|_ “”-,
    `””” \ “`==’ `=='” / “””‘
    \ \\ // /
    \ |\___/| /
    | @@ @@ |
    \ -“””- /
    `—–‘ -bodom-

  74. oops.

    * CHICAGO *
    *** BULLS ***
    **** NBA ****
    * ****** CHAMPIONS ****** *
    * *************************************** *
    ** * ______*______ * **
    ***** * ______*______ * *****
    ******* ______*______ *******
    *** **** * **** ***
    ****** *oo******* *** *******oo* ******
    * *o********* *********o* *
    * * * *
    * * _ _ * *
    * * -_ _- * *
    * * -_ _- * *
    * * -___- * *
    * *
    * ** ** *
    * ** ** *
    * _—–_ *

  75. sorry Jeremy….I’ll quit with the ASCII art attempts…Can’t seem to convert the pictures.

  76. * CHICAGO * *** BULLS *** **** NBA **** * ****** CHAMPIONS ****** * * *************************************** * ** * ______*______ * ** ***** * ______*______ * ***** ******* ______*______ ******* *** **** * **** *** ****** *oo******* *** *******oo* ****** * *o********* *********o* * * * * * * * _ _ * * * * -_ _- * * * * -_ _- * * * * -___- * * * * ********************* * ** ** * * ** ** * * _—–_ * *********

  77.       _                                   _
        _| |                                 | |_
       | | |______OOOOo__________oOOOO_______| | |
      [| | |——–(`,———-\`,—————–(`,———-\` | | |]
       |_| |      )  (            )  (       | |_|
         |_|      /  |            |  \       |_|
                  |  |  \\\\\\//  |  |
                  \  /  | –  – |  \  /
                  /  \ (  a  a  ) /  \
                  |   | |  L   | |   |
                  |   | \  ==  / |   |
                  |   /_.\____/._\   |
                   \   ||      ||   /
                    \  | ‘-..-‘ |  /
                    |  ; GOLD’S ;  |
                    | /          \ |
                     \            /
                      |          |
                      |    __    |
                     /            \
              jgs   /    ,____,    \
                   /’-._ .’  ‘. _.-‘\
                  /     /      \     \
                  |    /        \    |
                  (_  /          \  _)
                   |  `\        /`  |
                   |___|        |___|
                   |===/        \===|
                 _/\._(          )_./\_
               /`      |         |    _`\
               `””””`””           “”`”””`

  78. .ze$**””””**$be. Hoop
    .eP”” “*b. “”””
    zP” .zed$$$$$$$$$$$ee. “*e.
    .$” .e$$$$$**””” “””**$$$$$e. *e
    .P z$$$P”” “*$$$c “e
    d” e$$P” *$$c *.
    $ .$$P *$$ “r
    d $$% ^$$ 3
    F 4$F 3$F L
    $ 4$ $F $
    $ 4$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $F $
    $ 4$ $$ $$ $F $
    $ 4$ 4$ $$ $F $
    $ 4$ $$ $$ $F $
    $ 4$ $$ $$ $F $
    $ 4$ $$ $$ $F $
    $ 4$ $$ $$ $F $
    $ 4$ e$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b $F $
    $ 4$F *$**$***$**$***$P*$* 4$F $
    $ $$ *. $ $ $ $ $ $$ $
    L ‘$b ‘b $F $ $ $ P d$F F
    3. “$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F $$P J
    3. ^$$e $ 4$ 4F $ 4F $ z$$” z
    ^c “$$e *F $ ‘F $ $” $ z$$P @
    *. “$$$. ‘be$eedbd$ee$ee$ .d$$* z”
    *. *$$b.$ $F $4F $ 4Le$$P” z”
    “c ^*$$ 4b $$F 4P $$$” .@”
    ^*. $L.$..$$..JL.$ .e”
    “%. 4$”$””$$””$”3$ .e”
    “*$ $ $$ $ J$”
    $ 4L $$ F $
    b $ 4$ $ F
    $ 3 4$ $ J”

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