Hoosier Morning

Indiana’s raucous locker room celebration still ended on a forward-looking note as the Hoosiers aren’t stopping with an outright Big Ten title, Mike writes.

IU’s second outright Big Ten title in four years brought with it some rare air for the Hoosiers, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team is staying loose as it awaits the start of Big Ten Tournament play on Friday, Jon writes.

Indiana hopes to cap off a season almost no one saw coming against Maryland on Sunday, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

A look at how Nick Zeisloft came up big in place of Robert Johnson at Iowa in the latest film session, by Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall.

Winning another Big Ten title is great for Tom Crean and Yogi Ferrell, but it isn’t necessarily the answer to Crean’s problems at Indiana, Rob Dauster of NBCsports.com writes.

Tom Crean should be a no-brainer for Big Ten Coach of the Year after a season that is by far his best work in Bloomington, Greg Rakestraw of 1070theFan.com writes.

IU’s freshmen have been vital contributors to the Hoosiers’ Big Ten title, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Watch Yogi Ferrell’s Wednesday interview on SportsCenter, with Scott Van Pelt.

Indiana’s in rare air and no one in the Big Ten’s better, so here’s Air Supply with “Even The Nights Are Better.”


  1. Great couple paragraphs on Yogi from the Rob Dauster,NBC piece:

    Before I go any further on Crean, it’s worth celebrating the season that Ferrell has had. He entered the program with an unfathomable amount of expectation, the centerpiece of a highly-regarded recruiting class of in-state kids that was supposed to join forces with Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo and company and return the Hoosiers to the glory of yesteryear.

    But Zeller and Oladipo went pro after Yogi’s freshman season. Then each and every other member of that recruiting class transferred out of the program, either because they weren’t good enough or because they spent too much time making headlines for things like underage drinking or getting busted for possession. Yogi himself wasn’t immune, as he got popped for using a fake ID.

    His legacy was on the line this season.

    And regardless of what happens the rest of the month, he’ll leave Bloomington as a legend, never to pay for another meal in the Hoosier State again.

    So good for him.

  2. Whoa…speechless about that Air Supply video.

    Harvard, you had a nice post a day or two that I meant to respond to, but now I can’t find it. Wish the Scoop had a nice little “Go to My Comments” button that could take you back to older threads easier. Anyway, hope I didn’t leave you hanging.

  3. Seahawk-

    In my address search bar(Google), I type the following: ‘Hoosier Scoop Seahawk Tom lamb’

    The search gives me these choices…I thing the post you are looking for is in the second result(Live Ticker: Ohio State at Indiana).

    in all honesty, if you can remember bits and pieces(an identifying phrase or word), this search method is far easier and faster than using any search function/pathway via the Scoop/HT site. …

    Chet- That was clever. Finding a specific Harvard post sorta flies in the face of ‘specific.’ We need a ‘Top 10 Things Easier to Locate than a Specific Harvard Post’….?

    10. Identifying and substantive argument from a Republican candidate.
    9. Something other than a blue checkered shirt in Tom Crean’s closet
    8. Donald Trump’s humility
    7. Donald Trump’s tax return
    6. Any wall around a Donald Trump home not built by illegal immigrants.
    5. Anyone who admits to making Cody Zeller a ‘lottery pick.’
    4. A Marquette fan who misses Tom Crea
    3. The kid that stabbed Ben Carson in his belt buckle.
    2. Jimmy Hoffa
    1. A customer in a Microsoft Store

  4. Seahawk- My bad…That’s actually not the post you’re looking for…Still working. Google searches of Scoop posts are not as easy as they used to be…Not sure why that is. Not my expertise.

    Hope all is well in Ohio. Take care.

    Anyone care to put out some guesses on their Final Four picks?

  5. I’ll go with Michigan State and 3 random teams.

    I must say I don’t ever remember a season in which there are more teams that could make it. Up at the top of the standings are Big 12 teams and they never seem to make it past the first weekend. The rest of the top 25 seems to be an ongoing rotation of 30 some teams. Miami has a good shot at winning the ACC but I doubt they could make it past the Sweet Sixteen. Is the Big East still a conference? If so, is Bloomington South in it yet?

    Indiana could end up running away with the Big Ten over a Maryland team that was supposedly a lock for the Final Four before the season started.

    Personally, I think MSU is playing the best basketball in the country right now. That in itself should doom them. If the Hoosiers down Maryland one would be disingenuous to say Indiana isn’t playing great ball.

    Shoot let’s throw them in there.

    MSU, Indiana, and 2 random teams.

  6. …maybe Virginia. Their style of grind it out basketball is painful to watch but it frustrates many teams.

  7. Of course, that’s assuming different regions(we’re allowed to change once the field is set)….

  8. Chet- Check out some of these Indiana 4A scores from semifinals in Friday night sectionals.

    Huntington North Site:

    Muncie Central 110, Ft. Wayne South 104

    Does that score speak to barns, cornfields, and short shorts?

    A few other scores…

    Crown Point 78 Chesterton 63 …Damn.

    Warsaw 52 Penn 31 (Nic Moore of SMU attended Warsaw)…

    Dear NCAA – YOU SUCK! for stealing Nic Moore’s senior season dream of playing in March Madness Just a shame. Nic Moore was the grooviest baller in the college game this season. A-hole ESTABLISHMENT,,, NCAA SUCKS!…Meanwhile, UNC(school that puts athletes in ‘ghost classes’ that don’t exist) isn’t banned from a damn thing.

    Mishawaka Marian 71, S. Bend St. Joseph’s 65, OT (Demetrius Jackson of Notre Dame attended Mishawaka Marian)

  9. Morning, folks. I swing by from time to time, and even started writing posts on occasion. But as so often happens with little ones running around the house, life happens. By the time I can get back to finishing a thought, that train has usually long since left the station. Still, its great to read the commentary and check up on the old homeys whenever I can.

    First I want to send out a long-overdue congratulations to the Hoosiers. Great season so far. Can’t settle now, though.

    Also impressed with Crean’s turnaround, even if his hand was somewhat forced by injury and… okay… happenstance. We talked a year or two ago about a need for self-reflection and for him to learn from mistakes and antics that alienated so many. His often frantic demeanor has been much more subdued (at least giving the impression he is in better control of any given situation), his substitution and defensive patterns are less frenetic and ineffective, and his general awareness of how to manage a basketball game have all improved. Crean just seems to have greater command of himself and the game– which may or may not be saying a whole lot, but I digress. He just seems to have have internalized and adapted many of the things he was most criticized for, and is turning the corner. I hope this is a sign of even greater things to come.

    Now that we’ve got the regular season title wrapped up, we mostly turn our attention to the tourneys. The BIG tourney (much like the Maryland game) doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, other than bragging rights, avoiding catastrophe, positioning for a better NCAA seed, and maintaining momentum. (Although it’s slightly more important now with the unbalanced scheduling.) Obviously, we need to keep winning to secure the highest seed possible. But in reality, all that does is achieve what so many already point to when criticizing this season’s success: giving us an easier road to a championship. Does it make us hypocrites to want a higher seed and subsequently more (hypothetically) favorable draw in the tourney. Do we really want to have to run through a gauntlet to get to the final four? Would we honestly prefer playing a much more dangerous at large team as a 5/6 seed just to make it out of the first round? I wouldn’t. Does that make me a coward?

    Finally, some quick thoughts on our biggest criticism– strength of schedule. Unless I grossly misunderstand how the conference games are scheduled, we have little to no say in that. As for the pre-conference, the way I see it we can point to one game: Wake Forest. The way it was drawn up, IU was supposed to breeze through that and have a date with a ranked Vanderbilt, then potentially Kansas. Imagine how different our SOS and RPI would be if– even had we not won the Maui invitational. We’d have played teams with a 130-48-1 RPI instead of 130-232-135 RPI. That’s not the fault of the schedulers. We just shot ourselves in the foot with some poor early season performances.

  10. Harv,
    When I was in high school I dated a Floyd Central cheerleader (which secured me tournament tickets)when they made their run to the Final Four which ended against that great East Chicago team with Bridgeman (Louisville), Trgovich (UCLA national champ), Stoddard (NC State national champ), among others. FCHS still put up ninety something on them.

    At the regionals they were playing #2 Seymour with Baron Hill and Rick Mousa. Trailing by 20 going the 4th they put up forty 4th quarter points for the win. It was unbelievable. Forty points in an 8 minute quarter! They had Jerry Hale (Kentucky mop up player), Tom Schellenberg (Alabama), and Jerry Schellenberg (a star at Wake Forest).

    Hale and Trgovich would later be on opposite benches when Kentucky met UCLA for the national title.

    Mishawaka Marian was where my pretty, blond, and oh so Catholic college girlfriend went to high school. We still keep in touch.

  11. Looking back on that regional, had there been a 3 point shot at the time they would have easily scored 50 in the 4th quarter.

  12. Jerry Hale was in the same UK recruiting class as my old neighbor, Mike Flynn.

    Small world.

  13. Punjab- Welcome back! Would love to rip into your thoughts on the SOS, but I don’t have a lot of time at the moment. I think we were very fortunate to win the crown with a very favorable BIG schedule…If we get pretty deep in the BIG tournament, Crean’s worst nightmare may occur…Don”t underestimate some of those very low seed teams this year. What a huge disappointment(and often the result of ‘fools gold’ excitement) it would be to see a 14, 15, or 16 seed knock the BIG Champs out in a opening game. But even if such disaster would occur(maybe a loss to tiny program from Indiana…? e.g. IPFW or Valpo..or an Evansville team), the apologists will defend the mediocrity that led to a championship conference year(only playing MSU, Purdue, OSU, and Maryland once each).
    As I said in a post a couple weeks ago, the opening round game is often the biggest roadblock to a Final Four. It is when a potentially tight team with ‘everything to lose’ must not get ahead of the process against a loose team with ‘nothing to lose.’

    Chet- Great stuff. You might want to also inform Bart just how they play all that slow paced, toe-tripping, version of slow ‘white’ ball up in NW Indiana…(e.g. East Chicago, Gary Roosevelt, Gary West, South Bend Adams, Michigan City Elston, MC Rogers, etc, etc.)…I was surprised to see that Lowell is now a 4A school playing in one of the sectional championships up in NW Indiana. It used to be a very tiny school back in the day…
    I’ll always remember the day when #1 MC Elston brought their jaw-dropping team into our Goldsborough Gym to face our Chesterton squad. We put up a fight for about one quarter. Alex Kiner(what would be defined as the ultimate combo guard today) of Elston remains the most impressive basketball player I have ever seen. His speed…His swagger…the way he drained about a dozen corner warm-up shots from the first row of bleachers before the game even tipped…He remains my basketball god.

  14. Chet, your post of March 3 was incredibly funny. Thanks for providing some humor to blogs often that have people taking themselves too seriously about the game of basketball.

  15. Now that Crean is temporarily off his hot seat, it’s all just a cute little game of basketball again…:? The holier-than-thou planets are puritanically aligned again. Maybe even the Joyce tweets will return if we get to an Elite 8?

    Just a cute little game of hoops taken far too seriously…? And that’s all it was when they were chasing Sampson through the streets as if he was the filth of all filth who landed upon their pure village. Oh, yes…I do declare(insert ‘Southern belle’ voice) it was all just a cute little game of hoops where nobody wanted to take themselves too seriously on the blogs(as they spit vile and called people “cancers” and “wreckers”). Oh, I do declare…

  16. Collapsin’-happen-clappin’-stance Crean will provide all the Shakespearean tragic “humor” any March Madness shall ever require….

  17. Harv,
    Speaking of combo guards, my older brothers, both passed, were quite bit older than me. Like 15 and 17 years. I saw a picture in my brothers annual of him guarding the Big O. I know Attucks won from the year book. I asked my brother about it.

    He just said, “It wasn’t pretty.”

    He didn’t want to talk about it.

  18. Harv, you’ve literally outdone yourself. You managed to find a clip without Crean in a blue checkered shirt. Does that still warrant a #9 ranking anymore, or are you just showing off your google prowess?

  19. I see that H4H is setting us all up for a loss in the first game of the big dance. Wouldn’t it be awesome to lose to one of those tiny Indiana teams like IPFW or Valpo so we can hear how those teams develop 2 star talent from NW Indiana. All summer hearing about how their basketball IQ is superior and the coaching of the young hungry kids not looking towards the League is just what IU lacks.
    I often wonder why H4H has so much love for K Sampson? Will his admiration for the kids that slept in cars and the man that showed them how the could peddle their wares in the streets of Jordan and Fee inside of the ghettos of the inner city ever diminish? I doubt it.

  20. Listening to CTC comment on Rojo confirms that his high ankle is serious and his return looks doubtful for the B1G tourney. My guess is that we might see him dressed for the NCAA tourney with his availability being limited. If we make the final of the B1G tourney it will be against MSU and we will miss his defense prowess.

  21. There will potentially be 7 teams from Indiana going to the Big Dance…

    Evansville(Missouri Valley), Valparaiso(Horizon), IPFW(Summit), Butler(Big East), Notre Dame(ACC), Purdue, Indiana.

    Bart- You’re not listening…NW Indiana ballers do have some fabulous grit/toughness not found in soft “pipeline” recruits from Eastern academies, but this Crean team has an overall higher b-ball IQ because of more PT going to the overall abundance of Midwestern talent(Illinois, Indiana, Missouri) playing key roles; a healthy Hartman, Beilfeldt(Illinois/Michigan grad transfer/happenstance), more PT for OG, Zeisloft, and Morgan(Illinois and Missouri/happenstance of Holt, Robinson, and Perea expulsions), and a 4-year point guard(the final remnants of the Zeller influx) representing the Hoosier state and anchoring the team.

    The reason they don’t play like typical freshman is because they are all very well-coached in the fundamentals of team basketball and come via strong high school programs of Midwestern traditions and regular prowess in state tournaments.

    This team fell into Crean’s lap via mostly happenstance(particularly the forced lineup)…Most of these afterthought players would have never been played a serious amount of minutes because Crean would have been delegating to the “chosen one” recruits.. So many years wasted on pipeline gambles, wing spans, and all the A-Hope toe-trippers.

    Finally we have a hint of the sorta team that has some Midwestern grit and focus…Geoff claims he has been “freed” because Crean is finally coaching to his potential….What BS. We are freed because happenstance gave us a lineup without the normal dysfunctions of coddling to the ‘chosen one’ recruits that were forever hogging PT. and fogging Crean’s limited basketball mind… Finally a group of Hoosiers overwhelming influenced by team goals rather than the individualistic pursuits indicative of previous seasons when “lottery pick” headlines served as the only important positive highlight on an otherwise very weak Crean basketball resume.

  22. Hogwash…plain and simple hogwash that can’t be substantiated by any numbers or stats…just the opinion of 1 man.

  23. “(the final remnants of the Zeller influx)”
    Yogi has said on many occasions that he came to IU because he wanted to play for his state team…but let’s not believe what he actually says let’s believe the leather padded arm chair QB.

    “The reason they don’t play like typical freshman is because they are all very well-coached in the fundamentals of team basketball and come via strong high school programs of Midwestern traditions and regular prowess in state tournaments.”
    CTC and his staff had nothing to do with the progression of the Midwestern freshman!

    “This team fell into Crean’s lap via mostly happenstance(particularly the forced lineup)”
    The team that fell into his lap is the team the he recruited…the kids from Missou were kids that nobody wanted except for Iowa.

    These are but a few examples of how H4H and the crowd of haters that will always deflect credit where it is due. The only difference is that H4H knows how to write with a flair. His wit and vocabularies are basically unmatched but sometimes I feel that he goes unchecked because of that wit and flair for the dramatic. Just because you scream the same inaccuracies over and over doesn’t mean that they are true. Please just once give me an actual statistic to back up your claims.

  24. Beilfeldt fell in his lap…

    How do you put that young man’s importance to this team into some sort of statistical box? Crean probably had his eye on him and that’s likely why he ruthlessly cut Holt and Devin….Thus, it’s part happenstance…and ruthlessness(lack of decency and loyalty following a total lack of consistency in discipline.)…Crean had no use for Devin anymore…Enough other momentum pieces from Zeller’s recruitment had fallen into place.

    There is no way in hell Yogi comes without a premier post player. You can dream that dream all you want. I’ll give Crean partial credit for Yogi staying a fourth year because of landing Bryant. But, as with most opinions on here(without substantiation, of course), I think Yogi’s decision to come back for a final season had more to do with a changed perspective found on the night he was likely intending to declare an entering into the Draft.

    It’s not like Zeisloft and Niego were heavily recruited…Ziesloft fulfilled a need, but Crean would have never recruited him out of h.s. Niego came via the same recommendation.

    A recruit as important as Zeller gave Crean a 3-year boost into future commits.. Vonleh, Fischer, Davis, Hartman(though only Hartman stayed more than one season) were added solidifying momentum allowing Crean to toy around looking for his NBA phenoms and pandering to A-Hope.

    Now things are simplified via happenstance and include a roster more anchored in Midwestern b-ball IQ.

  25. Wow…What a heartbreaker for Marty Simmons and Evansville…The Purple Aces came from 17 points down only to lose to Northern Iowa on a last-second shot(a buzzer-beater that bounced high off the back of the iron and straight back through the center of the cylinder)…Wow. March Madness is upon us..

  26. Ruthlessly cut Holt and Davis…are you smoking the same stuff they were? They were made examples of plain and simple…CTC had to show he had control of his program. Whether he did or not is up for debate but that move brought this team together.
    Having rules and following rules are 2 different things…the rules were in place and those 2 knuckleheads couldn’t follow the rules. That is fact and not happenstance.
    Again Yogi has stated many times that he wanted to place for his state school….he has never said he wanted to play with dominate post player. Assumptions assumptions.
    Hell yes Zeller helped with recruiting same as other greats help all programs. I’m sure other kids watch Kentucky players and want the same as well as Duke and MSU.

  27. They’ve all broken rules…Much of it started with Yogi and Stan at Kilroy’s….Perea was another boozehead. The “punishment” only fell upon Davis and Holt because It was McRobbie who was putting his foot down(ironically, of course, because McRobbie’s own son was quite familiar with rolling his share of “fatties.” And it was a fine time to divvy out some punishment because Davis was of no use and Crean had his eye on a Michigan grad transfer….that would help with the “hot seat.”

    Crean has never demonstrated self-control…He had to be restrained when chasing Jeff Meyer…He had to be restrained when attempting to get in Knight’s face for some sort of ‘validation.’ He goes berserk in every March Madness….(e.g. jumping around like a clown with a firecracker in his shorts because he couldn’t get his team to foul and stop a clock).

    Control? You must be joking. Chuck Martin gives this team the maturity in leadership from the bench.

  28. Just keep on saying the same things over and over and someone might believe you.
    Poor ole Chuck Martin will never get the props he deserves.

  29. I’ve always thought those who vehemently counter the most tend to believe the most….Taking such offense to my over-the-top assertions(tailgating my every post like someone that rides the bumper of a car in front) concerning Crean is more a sign of how weak your own belief in him.

    It’s easy to be a ‘yes man’ to a team that’s winning. Where were you last season when this team was losing 6 of their last 8…?

    Happenstance cupcake schedule season with one signature road win to a slumping Iowa team that was already in a losing streak. Uthoff finally found his game today.

  30. I am wondering how many of the Crean haters are politicians? They are so good at throwing down red herring distractions.

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