Hoosier Morning

A showdown with Kentucky looms on the horizon if Indiana can dispatch Chattanooga first in Thursday’s NCAA opener, Mike writes.

Neither Indiana nor the Big Ten got much love from the committee, but it’s still up to the Hoosiers whether they will be lions or lambs this March, I wrote.

James Blackmon Jr. and Indiana sent out a statement Sunday refuting transfer rumors, Mike writes.

IU softball swept a pair of home games on Sunday and water polo won at San Diego State, we reported.

From Saturday — turnover is a dirty word for the IU football team’s defense this spring, Mike writes.

One of the most glaring things about the bracket is either Indiana or Kentucky will see the season end by Saturday, if not sooner, Gary Parrish of CBSsports.com writes.

The selection committee dumbed down the Big Ten and stumbled into an Indiana-Kentucky matchup in the process, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

The NCAA solved the scheduling dilemma for Indiana and Kentucky, provided each can win one game, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

The NCAA committee showed its sense of humor when it came to Hoosiers and Wildcats, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Having Indiana and Kentucky paired together is no coincidence, Larry Vaught of Lex18.com writes.

Indiana got stuck with a 5 seed to both Tom Crean’s and Matt Painter’s chagrin, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

A primer for Indiana in Des Moines for the NCAA Tournament, including schedule, tickets, TV and more, from Alex Bozich at Inside the Hall.

The bracket-makers created a mess of trouble for Indiana and the rest of the Big Ten, Mike Lopresti of the Indianapolis Business Journal writes.

The East Region is loaded, and Indiana is on upset alert right off the bat, Myron Medcalf of ESPN.com writes.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo was honored with a Community Enrichment Award last week in Orlando, Jared Zwerling of nbpa.com writes.

There’s plenty of reason to question the seeds sown by the NCAA selection committee, but we’ll take a more optimistic approach with Tears for Fears and “Sowing The Seeds Of Love.”


  1. Can’t recall a bigger sham in seeding, bracketing and pairings. IU wins the B1G, beats PUke during the season and both get a #5! Check out the glide path for Oregon. How the hell did the PAC earn that? Award Virginia a #1 and then stick MSU in the same bracket as #2. I hold with great confidence any 10 of us on this blog could have selected a result with far fewer glaring red flags than did the selection committee that produced this, this year. And go back to the ’64’ and to hell with the ‘play in’ appeasement scam that adds nothing.

  2. When I was quickly scrolling down on ‘Hoosier Morning,’ I originally thought the top of the ‘Tears for Fears’ head was Dustin Dopirak…..Anyone else see it?

  3. Maybe this potential UK match-up will be ’75 with a different result…..? .On the plus side of this fierce region, whoever gets past their second round game has a tremendous chance to go all the way to Houston..
    I’m still very intrigued by USC. Would absolutely love to see them knock off the Tar Heels. That’s going to likely be my upset ‘shocker’ for my brackets. The lower half of the East appears far less formidable from my novice perspective. I just don’t see Xavier living up to the love….That lower half has the highest potential for a borderline ‘Cinderella’ making some noise….Yes, even Michigan..has a shot moving into an Elite 8…Get to that Elite 8 game and anything can happen. It’s very difficult for even the best of seed to put three good games together…ND nearly caught UK in that round last season…ND had it in their hands until self-destructing in the final couple minutes…

  4. If IU had gone undefeated this selection committee might have given them a 3 seed.

    I need to find a replacement pick for Virginia as they aren’t making it past MSU and I picked them both for the FF. The ACC teams are always seeded two spots higher than they deserve then, when they beat a 14 seed, the committee proudly says, “Look at how great the ACC does.”

    Yeah, look at how much the bulk of the conference always sucks in the second round when they aren’t matched up against Northeast Tarpaulin State. But they always get a gimme in the opening round. It’s just nature’s way.

    The selection committee must be the same guys who designed the voting districts in North Carolina. Let’s just call them ‘outcome oriented’.

    I don’t see USC or any other Pac Whatever team making a splash. They get soft playing in that conference and never do anything in the tournament. Tell me again how Oregon is great team. That’s hilarious.

    How does the SEC deserve anything other than a ‘last team in’ playoff game? The committee admits the conference is horrible by giving them 3 bids but the winner of a conference that gets 7 bids is seeded lower? There is no argument that makes that reasonable.

    MSU is still the best team I saw at the end of the season. That’s worth a 2 seed, right?

    Harv, did you mean NEXT March?

  5. April is the new March like 50 is the new 40….

    No, I meant USC this March. Maybe the PAC 12 has been historically soft(for the last decade or so), but I do believe they have some very strong teams this season…Maybe even more importantly, some very strong coaching blood.

    Don’t you listen to Walton….? “It’s the conference of champions”….he repeated exclaims about every 60 seconds while working color for ESPN…Bill Walton is a very worldly man…just like you, Chet.

    It’s an addiction, Chet….It’s this or alcohol. ..Sorry for all of you that it had to be this over the drink….but I’ve seen what the booze can do to a household. Just outlive me, Chet..You have a reason now.

  6. oops…[repeatedly] exclaims

    MSU is not winning it all…Izzo is an ‘almost’ coach. He’ll build you an entire house and never finish the roof. This is Crean’s mentor for God’s sake. Do you really expect anything more? Did you hear him botch ”behemoth’ and switch it to ‘Bohemian’ on Mike & Mike this morning(Bilas was describing Purdue’s front line)? Hilarious.

  7. My pick is MSU. I don’t know how Izzo does it year after year other than the fact that he knows how to get the best high school players from MI to play for him, w/ the occasional steal from IN and OH. He also, w/ rare exception, gets them to stay for 4 years. Bill Self @ KS has led his teams to how many consecutive Big 12 titles? He has only 1 Big D title, however.

    It will only take 3 weeks at the most to learn if which of us prognosticators are right or wrong. It took me much longer than that to realize I had picked the most awesome lifetime companion on the planet; I guess I can wait 3 weeks. Will be spending the rest of this week in Austin, TX, hoping to crash a few SXSW events. I’m hoping if I’m on the Big Bird back home this Sat that I’ll somehow be able to tune in the potential big game. If that happens, I will apologize now to my fellow passengers when O.G. makes another big play.

  8. There’s been a billion comments since yesterday and I was offline. So, apologies if this isn’t a comment put in the right place.

    Bart, you are absolutely wrong that SOS doesn’t matter. I said that Indiana would pay for it when it came to seeding in the NCAAs. After our loss to MSU, I said we’d need to win out (win the B1G) and then get to the championship game in the B1G tournament to have a shot at a 2-3 seed. We had too many bad losses and not enough quality wins.

    We succeeded in the former, failed in the latter. That day, look back I what I said. The Michigan loss would likely drop us to a 4 seeds, perhaps even a 5.

    Now everyone whines.

    I’m not looking at this outcome as something I wanted to happen. Just basing it on the facts.

    SOS does matter. I don’t think there was a conspiracy in how our conference schedule was put together. But we were in control of our Non-conf schedule it was embarrassingly bad.

    Hopefully we make it past the 1st round with UK. Happy to finally play them again.

  9. This season has been satisfying and fun because this IU team exceeded expectations and won the Outright Big Ten Championship. But IU is banged up, with key players physically unable to perform at their best. And I think that is going to result in an early exit from the NCAA tournament. Of course, just as sure as the sun will rise in the east, the Crean-haters will blame Crean for IU’s early departure, but I’ll say in advance that when you have two or three of your top seven players starting the tournament dinged up, and you’re playing against teams that are starting to peak, it’s not encouraging. That, plus this IU team does not shoot well on the road. Hope I’m wrong, but I think IU will make another early exit from the tournament this year.

  10. Just as sure as the sun will rise, the Crean extreme apologists are building excuses. All teams experience injuries…Michigan has been without LeVert and they still took us down and cost us our high seed. MSU was without Tum Tum Nairn for much of the season…

    The injuries have helped Crean…He’s not nearly as confused and no longer feels the forced hand to play ‘chosen one’ favorites more minutes… Our four key components are perfectly healthy. Our high energy freshman standout post player….Did you see Bryant run the floor against Michigan…Wow. Our senior point guard..playing better than ever in his career. Our dynamic ‘it factor’ wing, ‘Troy the Joy’ providing the trapeze act and explosive, momentum turning moments….Our fabulous back-up center who this team would have been lost, Max Beilfeldt, providing a calm and steady grit…
    Hard to say if RJ will be ready, but I think we fill that void better than where we’d be if losing any of the previous mentioned(Yogi, Bryant, Troy the Joy, Beildfeldt Happenstance). We have a great couple of freshman in Morgan and OG that have steadily improved..Morgan a little banged up, but I think most would agree that OG is still the more important piece of that Missouri tandem.

    Let’s stop with the defeatism…Even Crean doesn’t go there. At 100% you can have a case of over-substitution and still lay an egg…At 80% you can simplify things and come together stronger. It’s only fitting that the team we’ve dodged for the past six years is the team we’ll be facing….Sorry, that’s life. Would it have been a better bracket if Syracuse was waiting?

  11. I make a prediction, and the obsessed one reclassifies it as “building excuses.” Hooo-wheee Harvard.

    By the way, when Scott May broke his arm in 1975, most IU fans realized that IU would not win the National Championship that year. Were IU fans building excuses back then, too?

  12. For a bunch of the season I have felt Criminallypari was coaching scared. They play much less aggressively than in past years while still holding exceptional talent. What gives? Because of that coaching trend I give IU a 55 to 45 favor to a W. Yogi has to have a mindset to lead and make everyone accountable while on the floor. GO IU beat pUKe!

  13. The difference between excuses in the Knight and McCracken years as compared to what is now 16 years into the 21st century are 5 national championships plus some other tournament championships. 84 years to go in this century……It is still possible.

  14. I never like to think that Scott May broke his arm in ’75. Purdue broke his arm in ’75 on a purposefully aggressive foul (today it would be a double flagrant) slamming May’s hand against the backboard as he was driving to the rim. If my recollection is correct, it was @ Purdue and late in the season. But I have no recollection of excuses. Hell, we lost in OT of the Sweet 16 to a very strong UK team(they were strong every season back then too).

    You should look at the scores back then…They were wars…Margins for the victor almost always determined by a few points…Many times the games going OT. And Knight played many a game against UK on neutral sites in his first decade at IU…..Freedom Hall in Louisville and some games in Indy …and a couple here and there at Rupp…and couple at McCracken as well.
    The biggest crime of the Crean era is to have stolen that decades old rivalry away from the fans. There was NO excuse to dodge Kentucky. Knight was never a dodger or defeatist or an excuse maker….and, for the most part, the fans followed that lead. Of course, we scheduled soft games…We had those horribly soft Hoosier Classics during December…But he put very strong programs on the schedule as well. I seem to remember playing UCLA more than a few times in early season match-ups too.

  15. t, Knight had not won any National Championships as of 1975! I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying we’ve got two key players hobbled by injuries. They will probably be on the floor, but can they cut it loose with a bad wing and a bad ankle? If not, can the other players pick up the slack in the Big Dance?

    When you think about it, the injuries to those two players really points to what a great achievement this team had in winning the Big Ten outright.

    Well, Harv, I remember that foul too. And I agree, it was flagrant. But Kent Benson was no choir boy, either. He played rough in the paint, and did not hesitate to deliver hard fouls when necessary. As you will also recall, that tactic did not work out too well when he applied it against KAJ during his rookie season in the NBA. So that cut both ways.

    As for the “crime” of not playing Kentucky in the regular season, you have to spread the blame around on both campuses. And I for one supported Glass when he said the rivalry should be played on campus so that the students could enjoy it, and not just wealthy alumni who can afford to pay premium prices in larger, big city arenas. Given that you’re always harping on about the “establishment,” I thought you’d support Glass too. But I guess that you just can’t pass up an opportunity to criticize Crean or anyone associated with him.

  16. Harv has always been pretty vague on just who ‘the establishment’ is and where he stands on issues around and about TE. It’s a sliding scale as far as I can tell.

    It’s kinda like people who call themselves Libertarian. I have a lot more faith in the existence of the Easter Bunny than an actual LIbertarian.

  17. You can’t compare Knight with Crean in any way. Knight had already been to a Final Four with Indiana in 1972-73. Likewise that 1975 team was undefeated until they met Kentucky. They started the season #3 then moved up to #2 in one month and in another they were #1 (a ranking they kept until the end). There was no steady diet of bottom feeders either that season we beat #7 Kansas in OT in Lawrence, KS, and Kentucky in Assembly Hall in December (98-74).

    Crean deserves all the criticism he’s getting and more. Let’s see how he prepares the team against Chatanooga. Care to give a prediction Podunker or do you go with your usual “if they win it’s icing on the cake, if they don’t I’m sure you will continue to criticize Crean” ? For all the improvement he has “shown” in his coaching this season it looks like you agree that “improving” in season eight means we paid him for seven seasons to learn on the job. Even you admit he was basically a walk-on…

    Harvard, the painting I think I posted one summer day and called it Diogenes’ 5th or something like that…

  18. That had already made a Final Four run in 73 without George McGinnis….Other than one of the worst fouls in tournament history being called against Downing after a 16 point deficit had been erased, IU is likely shocking the world to win that title. Don’t recall too many excuses for not having McGinnis. Of course, the ‘what if’s’ came later….I have never to this date heard Walton bring up the game or give one iota of recognition to that great performance by Steve Downing(a guy who stepped up for an entire season without the most heralded recruit in Indiana history, his h.s. teammate at Washington(Indianapolis) by his side. That’s far more than taking out a role player or even a very good player from a deep lineup…McGinnis off that Hoosier team would be akin to removing Denzel Valentine from the current MSU lineup….Maybe even a greater impact because there wasn’t the deep athleticism on teams from eras past as is today. What did Knight, Downing, and the rest of the Hoosiers do..? They merely went all the way to the Final Four only to be screwed on a terrible Establishment call.

    If I’m borrowing $15,000-$20,000 per year to attend IU, I’m pretty sure I can find pitch-in gas money and enough to pay for a ticket(even at a “neutral” site an hours drive from Bloomington or Lexington)…And I’m also pretty confident that the respective universities could work out discounted prices for students…I’m pretty sure a hefty discount would hardly even put a dent into the sort of combined salaries of the head coaches and AD’s at UK and IU. Maybe they could donate the small change….The game is also for the great and loyal fans of the two states who are some of the most rabid fans of h.s. and college basketball as anywhere in the nation…You’ve stolen that from fans who have grown up with game and supported these programs for years…along with losing all those TV revenues which, again, one would hope may help in other budget areas(and overall ticket prices/reductions for students).

    We all know why this historic rivalry has been ducked….The greasers are friends..Each year they blabber on how the twin greaser from another mother deserved COY honors…They took jet plane rides together with sons to view their prima donnas in the NBA.. They can do all that ‘loving’ and massaging each other’s resume while never finding a way to give students and longtime loyal fans of both programs one of the most fun contests to cherish…? Pure Establishment Hoarding and Defeatism. It’s the pure definition of selfish pride, greed, and soft appeasement for each other rather than honoring everything represented in those humble banners.

  19. My post was too long…(big surprise..lol) while coachw was already pointing out the 73 run to a Final Four….

    Establishment…? It’s not so sliding is to know you’re part of that apologetic crowd, Chet. It convinces me to this date that you fell too in love with Blue Nation while living in NC.

    My Establishment anchor of such Establishment scale began in ’73 with Downing vs. Walton and the most sheepish whistle against the game in the history of the college game. From said date forward, I’ll simply say that it runs around like a Tom Crean offense: “It moves, it just moves.” Now if you don’t have a problem with his “Libertarian” hogwash, maybe you can cut me a bit of your NC-TC apologist slack…?

  20. I want the gorgeous painting above my fireplace mantel, coachw….along with the ashes in an urn of the IU Kelvin burned to the ground. lol.

  21. “Don’t recall too many excuses for not having McGinnis.”

    Well, it’s probably for the best that they didn’t make excuses for not having a player who had been gone for two years and never played a minute under RMK.

    That would have sounded pretty stupid.

  22. “Burned to the ground.” “decimated”:….”left to ashes” …”a cancer”….”wrecked the program”….If you’re really looking for excuses, that’s the sorta sh___ that doesn’t put enough lifeboats on the Titanic. Once you throw that tidal wave/iceberg of an excuse into the ocean, having a player injury is like being served a disappointing overcooked steak in the first class dining room….These are men partying in the grand ‘hall” just below the deck while the peasants and their families are locked in cabins in the belly of the ship. Kelvin is their iceberg to blame for the posh indifference they hold their command and privilege to guide such a beautiful vessel into the nighttime seas…..They sip the finest champagne and eat off silver and they will sink with their looming excuse.

  23. Why would it be stupid, NC Grand Poobah…? McGinnis is on the record(a matter of fact, it used to be in a story in the Hoosier archives/files of this very HT/Scoop) of how one of his greatest regrets was not being with Downing to destroy Walton and UCLA.

  24. You know, Harv, when you make these wild assumptions/accusations that you have some sort of idea about the inner beliefs of posters on the Scoop based upon how your butt feels on any given day you just sound just like the people at a Trump rally. Real deductive analysis to say the least (really, the least).

    Do you really want to sound like that?

  25. I’ll go on record.

    If we go out in the 1st or 2nd round, this season was a failure.

  26. Does that mean we must all feel that way?

    I mean, I’ll be disappointed. Sure. I think the Hoosiers have a ton of talent and there is no excuse for not having a good run this year. However…the AD is thrilled because the team won the conference championship when they were picked 3rd or 4th. The team will hoist another banner. Ten years from now they will have a reunion for the conference champs.

    Five years from now only that title will be remembered.

    Today, that position sounds reasonable. In ten years the team will be greeted as champions no matter what happens at the Big Dance.

    I’m not sure how much weight your going ‘on the record’ is gonna carry. They aren’t the ’75 Hoosiers. The only thing people will remember is ‘Big Ten Champions’.

  27. Are we going to have reunions for every of the eleven years Knight claimed a BIG Title? Wow…If we had done those things in the first 15-year anniversary of Knight, we would have had parties every weekend…Where in the hell does the money come from to put on all those shows..?

    Chet..Chet…Chet…Nobody has those reunions(the parties Glass and Crean insisted upon to attach themselves to greatness they were not a part) without some real noise in March …Regular season conference titles are great in any conference, but reunions…? …after folding like a tent in March Madness? They can get together at Ruth’s Chris on their own mega NBA salary dime, but don’t bring that sort of foolishness to a school that measures it’s greatness by those ‘utmost’ banners who nobody else in the BIG gets close.

  28. If we go out in the 1st or 2nd round, this season was a failure.

    Wow….I’m trying to envision a postgame handshake after a UK vs. IU game. As President Harvard, If candy stripes are on the winning side of such scenario, I will allow all illegal Kentucky residents sinking up our state to peacefully go back to that hell hole with the rest of those cheatin’ cousin lovers through the open doors at the border wall. But then they close for good…And you can keep your NBA factories…We will find a way without your cheap assembly of rosters and your hoarding of profits on the backs of an honest college game. You will be our bitches for eternity…If you want to keep screwing the game, you’ll have to call another expert in Louisville.

  29. In all honesty, I never remembered titles…I can only remember great play….and the ‘shining moments’….and, of course, some of the heartbreak….It’s like any love…You don’t love something or someone because of a day something representative(that’s simply a day..a wedding…a funeral…a marker)…You love the moments and the breathing in of something you felt deeply and personally. Hell, I couldn’t remember if the Davis team that defeated Duke in regional semi won the BIG title that year…I can merely remember the warmth in my Hoosier heart of watching A.J. Moye’s fearless performance on that stage…That is the only memory that will stick forever. I’ll also remember how my young daughter got so very infected with the emotions and excitement and how she also located her favorite heroes to carry in those memories..

    And that’s what always made me angry when it came to those Sampson teams…There were plenty that still found love for moments and saw good in some actions and brotherhood on the court…Why should people want to steal and belittle those memories?

    And even though I will likely see this era of IU Basketball as one in which we sold out to marketing more than substance and a humbler belief in IU, I will still have some fond memories of moments…Bryant racing down the court against Michigan and finishing with that electrifying dunk is going to stick….Wow…The young man has enormous heart…and nobody deserves credit for that other than Thomas Bryant.

  30. I think this team is better than the 2013 team. We can and should beat UK. This Indiana team should atone for the sins of falling short in 2013.

    If they don’t, well, it is more than disappointing.

    Crean has had 8 years to make a run. Make it happen this year. I think he can do it. We’ll see.

    A 1st or 2nd round exit with this team would be pathetic. It’s like getting access a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT and not busting Sloan out of school to go downtown for shenanigans. Gotta close the deal.

  31. And I don’t think this team fears anyone…..There is something stronger at the core . And hopefully, the mystery of such brotherhood and synergy, will forever elude us all and only be there’s to keep. Let that be there glue to hold an old memory….with or without trophies of any sort.

  32. oops…[their] glue

    Love the ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ reference, DD. You’re fun.

  33. The typical apologist will make sure there are no expectations to start with. That’s basically Podunker who says: “I think we will have an early exit from the NCAA tournament.” And he invokes injuries to RoJo and JBJ. Let’s take a look at the stats from three games: vs Notre Dame (where the turnaround really started) vs. MI in Ann Arbor and the game last Fri in Indianapolis (also MI).

    Game FG 3pt FT Off Def Reb Ast TO Stl Blk PF Pt
    ND @IU 27-63 10-20 16-23 19 21 40 13 12 5 3 11 80
    IU @MI 33-66 10-30 4- 8 11 28 39 18 12 6 5 17 80
    MI @IU 24-53 4-17 17-21 9 20 29 13 14 6 7 17 69

    JBJ played in the first game so it’s not fair to say the tournaround is due to his absence.The turnaround started in the Notre Dame game. Stats for RoJo in Indy (vs Notre Dame) and Ann Arbor (vs MI) are the same so it’s not fair to say the absence of JBJ made him step up and turn into a more than decisive factor. IF JBJ’s absence was so important we would have seen it but we won big in An Arbor because OG, Yogi and Troy stepped up big. Thomas Bryant’s stats are worse in Ann Arbor and best last Fri. The others are pretty much the same (Bielefeldt small but steady increase, Zeisloft the same) but Hartman went down to the point where he was a non-factor last Fri. Another non-factor: Juwan Morgan whom Crean does not know how to use. Overall the totals are the same except for two things: (a) shooting (especially threes) and (b) offensive rebounds. Shooting is something JBJ does well but without him we still managed to win by a lot in Ann Arbor. So losing JBJ is not as big a factor as losing Scott May in 1975. Offensive rebounding is not what RoJo does best (he had exactly one vs Notre Dame and one in Ann Arbor, in as many minutes) so RoJo is not that big an individual loss. Plus we won at Iowa without him! So, no, clearly the B1G tourney loss is entirely on the team as a whole and, therefore, on the coach, not on the loss of the two since as we have seen there is plenty of talent to restructure the team if only Crean knew what he was doing. Plus one of the stupidest things I read on the blog was that the loss to MI was actually good since RoJo needs to recover. As shown above he can recover all he wants the rest of the team doesn’t and could have used the play (especially Juwan Morgan, Hartman and Zeisloft).

    So now we play Chattanooga, apparently a team that defends the perimeter well. Crean better prepare this game well, RoJo or no RoJo. We can win and should win and if we don’t win it’s a disaster. We need to play and beat Kentucky otherwise, as Double Down said, the season is pure and simply a failure.

  34. I think this team may have the magic. We won’t know until it reveals itself (or doesn’t). What we saw as the season wore down was a very good basketball team that can play with anyone when they are in the zone…and they were usually in the zone.

    No, I’m expecting something good. Taking down Chattanooga and then topping UK by 12.

    After that…the sky is the limit. I don’t remember a tournament with fewer favorites..

    I have some familiarity with UTC. My wife went there for a semester before getting into nursing school at UT Knoxville. I once competed in a martial arts tournament at McKenzie Arena, Chattanooga’s home basketball venue. Not a bad facility. Seats about 12,000, I think. I also attended the SoCon wrestling championships there in, I believe it was, 2009. The Mocs are used to playing in a (relatively) big facility. On the downside Terrell Owens played there.

    No, I think the Hoosiers have it coming together right now. Despite what some think we don’t have any idea about RJ’s injury and recovery time. Just saying ‘high ankle sprain’ tells you absolutely nothing other than the site and general nature of the injury. He could be up and running in two weeks or hampered for a year. We don’t have enough information to even make an educated guess.

    Morgan’s shoulder injury sounds like something he’s been dealing with for years. Hopefully, he can be serviceable in time for the next game and those that follow. Perhaps the medical team can work some magic in the off season and ameliorate his shoulder issues.

    This is it, my favorite sporting event of the year. There is a story brewing with Yogi that could end with his name being up there with a mere handful of others as one of the greatest Hoosiers of all time. The numbers are already in place. All that is left is an exciting conclusion.

  35. coachw,
    Your posts are hilarious. You dedicate the first sentence to blasting ‘apologists’ for lowering expectations and then you devote the rest of your diatribe to explaining why the Hoosiers can’t win.

    Funny stuff.

  36. I too think this team is better than 2013, if RJ and Morgan play their normal minutes of rotation and yes I do believe that is what will be happening. The clunker was played last Friday. They may lack some momentum but maybe have replaced it with chip on both shoulders, plus they’ve had plenty of rest. They can dispatch the Mocs with just a decent B1G performance. I think D will be the power of this team for the Dance just as it was for the B1G. They will beat pUKe because the upperclassmen will want it more than the flashes in the pan from Lexington. I like much better our leadership than pUKe’s. GO!!!!! IU!!!!!

  37. Chet you again miss the point (no surprise there). I clearly explained why they lost. The expectation is to win. They won without JBJ and RoJo in Iowa in what was their signature win of the season. They should continue to win. If they don’t (like they lost in the B1G tourney) it’s on Crean. The fact that you again demonstrate inability to comprehend is oh so predictable but it is by and large irrelevant. You’re the one that confused veracity with ferocity, claimed Zeller didn’t have a major impact on Crean’s 2012-2013 teams, brought up that ridiculous story about Bender, claimed that Hoosiers always struggled in the B1G tournament when it’s clear there’s no data to prove that except for Crean, and there the conclusion is unavoidable (massive underchievement) while Mike Davis had some pretty good runs in the tourney, not to mention that you’re often so confused you actually post on the wrong thread. I don’t understand why you keep embarrassing yourself like that day in day out.

  38. If we could have had Verdell out for an entire season….and, the following year, had Hulls out for an entire season(Remy gaining more and more experience plus the real upgrade in defense), Crean might already have a couple Final Fours..maybe even a championship.

    Less Sheehey and more Remy would have probably been even better.

    For most coaches, a team with a healthy JBJ and RJ would work to their full advantage….This not a typical coach. .Crean operates far better without having to worry about minutes for ‘chosen one’ recruits….A simpler bench works far more to his advantage than what he’s giving up in the talent equation with injuries we’ve already had a lot of time to adjust(as far as team chemistry)….Either way he has a ceiling….This ceiling is higher because the real key component to get deep are the QB(point guard) and your inside play. Bryant is offering way more moxie than Zeller…He’s more confident in moving his shot to the perimeter(he can dump in a couple long balls and pull UK away from the bucket) Beilfeldt can also bring the confident stroke from the perimeter to compliment his craftiness in the paint.
    Because Bryant & Beilfeldt add a wonderful inside-outside dimension, they provide the very strong 2nd component to complement the All-American point guard.

    Troy will be the havoc and the ‘it factor’ when those lanes open up. Zeisloft adds even more outside punch…OG some extra defensive tenacity and keeping boards alive….Hartman is akin to Laskowski….Heady player that is very undervalued. He’ll give you loads of benefits that will never show up in a stat sheet. He’s a strong enough offensive threat to force honest attention…

    Roads to Final Fours aren’t made without a standout point guard and advantageous post match-ups….It’s very strong on this team. It’s a fun combination between a freshman with a huge heart and motor and the savvy of a 5th year grad transfer very fundamentally strong.

  39. I think this team may have the magic. […] What we saw as the season wore down was a very good basketball team that can play with anyone when they are in the zone…and they were usually in the zone.

    We saw the magic in Hawaii. There was some left for Penn State, Michigan State and the second Wisconsin (at Kohl’s). When they were in the zone, Chet? At Rutgers? At home vs Northwestern? Against Minnesota, a severly depleted Illinois, or Nebraska? In the close wins at home vs Iowa, Purdue and Wisconsin? Come on, none of these were anything to write home about. The only convincing wins were at home vs Maryland (first time in four years they actually won on Senior Day), at Iowa (don’t care Iowa was fading, that was a great win and it was without RoJo and JBJ) and at Michigan (and Michigan took that back from them last Friday). Three wins, one of which clearly looks like an accident now. I think you confuse “zone” with “happenstance”.

    No, I’m expecting something good. Taking down Chattanooga and then topping UK by 12.

    OK, I know you won’t remember you wrote this but I’m holding you to it.

    You’re probably going to deny it furiously on random threads but it’s going to be here so we can look at it.

    After that…the sky is the limit. I don’t remember a tournament with fewer favorites… […] No, I think the Hoosiers have it coming together right now. […] This is it, my favorite sporting event of the year. There is a story brewing with Yogi that could end with his name being up there with a mere handful of others as one of the greatest Hoosiers of all time. The numbers are already in place. All that is left is an exciting conclusion.

    I took your ridiculous flashbacks out since they didn’t make any sense. I like your enthusiasm Chet even though it’s all over the place and you are always short on specifics. I too am excited. Let’s get past Chattanooga and Kentucky. It can be done. Read my lips: I-t c-a-n b-e d-o-n-e.

  40. This team can almost play two styles now….Much like the Davis team that brought two completely different modes of attack at the Lexington Regional in 2003….Against Duke was a precision team with surprise inside play and a lot of moving parts giving Duke fits to defend…Two days later, against Kent State, came a 3-point barrage like nothing of seen before….Multiple Hoosiers were pumping in everything from deep against a stunned Kent team who had watched from the stands a very different looking Hoosier team against Duke…

    This current Hoosier team has the potential to change styles and adapt as readily….If the outside bombs begin to fall, we could run up a score very quickly. There is not a guy on the roster that is a real bricklayer….We don’t lose nearly as much in perimeter dynamic as most teams would suffer when losing a couple shooting guards.

  41. Oops. … And your [posts] are always short (like you) on specifics.

    The story with Yogi is that he deserves more credit for this team than Crean but he didn’t get it.

    Now Crean has to live up to the expectations of COY. So beat Chattanooga and then Kentucky.

    It can be done. I mean, seriously… Or as Chet put it: “It’s going to be u-u-u-u-u-u-u-h-g-e!”

  42. Notice how I’m trying to offer some positives…going forward?

    And maybe I didn’t get this one right….but I really thought Zeisloft stayed pretty solid on defense during many of final stretches of the season. I realize RJ is a better defender, but Zeisloft has that certain moxie as well…and he is ‘buckets.’ Kid reminds me a lot of Scott Skiles(of course, Skiles was just a crazy cool customer and with wider array of game/arsenal)…but the sense of a unflappable and undaunted demeanor in his game is where I’m finding the positive and infectious likeness that flows onward to other teammates…I don’t think you lose much having that young man on the floor with Yogi

  43. What a picture perfect sunny day in Indiana today….Not very usual for March 15…..Temp is in the 70s and a bright sky with only some lonely lingering fair weather cumulus clouds…doing nothing to interrupt the sunshine. The maple trees are ready to tip things off as well; anxious to blossom out of cold winters of dormancy….Hoosier hope springs eternal

  44. I have to disagree with the assumption that a lose by a team equals a coaching failure. If a game plan is completely off (Syracuse) then yes we can agree that it’s a coaching error but the game is played by young men and they should be judged accordingly.
    There will be times that a team will run up against a team that is superior in talent or a team the is red hot (IU vs Mich). Did Michigan lose because John B couldn’t coach? Was the 25 point run a coaching error? No. So let’s just see how these games go and judge accordingly.

  45. Lets also not forget the intangible effect that ROJO has on this team…offensive flow, defensive pressure, allowing Yogi to play off the ball, 3 point shooting and grit. As Harv so eloquently described, some things just don’t show up in stat sheets.

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