Hoosier Morning

The Indiana Hoosiers are following senior leader Yogi Ferrell into the NCAA Tournament, Mike writes.

Chattanooga is eager to play the role of spoiler for a potential IU-UK matchup, I wrote.

Robert Johnson expects to play for the first time in nearly a month since spraining his ankle, Mike writes.

Turnovers, pressure, depth and focus are four storylines for Indiana-Chattanooga, I wrote.

IU scorekeeper and high school referee David Pillar will have a different view of the Hoosiers from his couch in the NCAA Tournament, Mary Keck writes.

The IU women’s basketball team and its first-round NCAA Tournament foe, Georgia, follow a similar blueprint, Jon writes.

Following teams to the NCAA Tournament can be an expensive proposition for fans, Kurt Christian writes.

Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell checks in at No. 6 on a ranking of the 68 best players in this NCAA Tournament, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports writes.

Everybody’s talking about the potential Kentucky-Indiana matchup except Indiana and Kentucky, Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports writes.

Thomas Bryant is a difference-maker, but he’s too nice, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

It’s been a long road for Yogi Ferrell to his last NCAA Tournament, Zach Osterman of the Indianapolis Star writes.

An NCAA Tournament game against Indiana is Chattanooga’s best chance yet to show its skills, Gene Henley of the Chattanooga Times Free Press writes.

James Blackmon is on his way back, as a Hoosier, but can only watch this NCAA Tournament, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana’s injured trio of Johnson, Morgan and Hartman are definitely probable for today’s game, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Yogi Ferrell has finally learned to lead as he enters his final NCAA Tournament, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

It’s time to find out if Indiana is ready for March, Brody Miller of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Underdog Chattanooga hopes to upset Indiana with defensive pressure, Andrew Vailliencourt of Inside the Hall writes.

Continuing our dance theme, Lee Ann Womack with “I Hope You Dance.”


  1. The article is typical…Like all others I’ve read(and thus stopped after only a few paragraphs in), they go back to the “decimation” he inherited… This is Indiana. This isn’t decimation at Duke or NC where they must find 9/10 recruits well outside their borders(often finding key ‘bigs’ from our decimated state). I get so sick of the narrative….A great teacher would have made nothing of the decimation…and most certainly wouldn’t have been chasing villains at postgame halfcourt eruptions five years after taking over the program.

    These authors know the plethora of great recruits from this state and the many hot recruiting pockets of large to mid-sized cities(many also only a couple hours from Bloomington or just across our borders… They fully understand how hundreds of these top ballers would die at the opportunity to get a call/letter from Indiana no matter the overblown talk of things ‘wrecked’ or ‘decimated..’ The initial lag was likely more due to a lack of confidence in Crean to quickly bring it back…And because of such lack of confidence in Crean, the program was forced into pandering to Adams, A-Hope, East Coast experiments tied to Crean’s buddies(Doc Rivers son, etc)….

    And without Zeller and the ‘Movement’ he generated, it would have never happened…As with 80% of all the top talent from this state, they still avoid Crean.

    Always the same narrative….It’s like the story of Jesus…The man who died for Sampson’s sins and believed in his Hoosier people when no one else would….Such utter BS… Now the bitter fans of IU are ready to nail the perfect man to the cross….He will be reborn at Lipscomb.

  2. DD,
    Good find. IMHO it reflects the feelings of Indiana fans more than the actual threat to the job. At least, that’s how it appears based on what I’ve heard from Fred Glass in the past. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 for the AD. Sure, with an early exit there will be calls for the head of CTC but if he fires the COY and coach of the reigning BIG champs he had better have Brad Stevens waiting in the wings (and I don’t see any way that’s happening).

    No, I think we’d better hope we are witnessing CTC 2.0. The guy who knows how to coach defense, substitutes sanely, and rests his players down the stretch.

    With all the accolades for the coach and the team this year Fred Glass would be taking a huge leap of faith assuming someone could step right in a put a better product on the floor immediately. Because immediately is the amount of time fans are going to be willing to give.

  3. DD-

    This man is nowhere near a hot seat…He could lose opening round games for the next three years…He is up for a Naismith Award…He just won BIG COY on the softest BIG schedule ever ‘randomly’ gifted to an IU program…He is the Establishment gift that will never stop giving. Just throw a big kiss to Delany and Glass & Son…. The lawyers had it all figured out when they were going through Kelvin’s phone records like Nixon at a Watergate Hotel

    Do as Bobby suggested with Connie Chung….because this ‘caddyshacker’ hired(helped..wink wink) hired his own AD…He’s more secure in his job than Kim Jong-un.

  4. I’d hire Gumby as my leap of faith before on more year of early March exits and total Big Dance collapses under Crean. The ballers will come….We could do no worse in March with the return of a sea of Danny Moores from Carmel… Prayer works better in March than Mr. Hot Seat.

  5. Glad to see you returned, Chet.. Regardless of your feelings toward ‘sad’ me, I know this blog would be at a loss without your presence.

  6. I wasn’t suggesting I agreed with the article. Just thought it was interesting that a national writer expressed the conflicted situation that Crean is in with the Indiana fanbase.

  7. I’m not anticipating an early exit. I really hope this team rises to the occasion. Looking forward to Yogi leading the Hoosiers deep.

  8. Hot damn do I love this time of year. The first round is a Roman basketball orgy.

  9. Again we did not have the easiest B1G schedule ever…that isn’t true and I have given you the numbers to prove it otherwise. I guarantee that the next 3 B1G conference winners will be at least 10-14 in conference SOS.

    Not sure we can call it CTC 2.0…maybe 1.5!

    The East coast experiments have produced 2 pro players and most likely another. The A-hope was actually helped by Scott Drew who brought HMP over with the expectations that he would play for Baylor. When HMP committed to IU one of Baylor’s assistant coaches actually to HMP that Drew would have him deported if he didn’t change his mind. This isn’t a cab ride rumor…it came straight from a phone conversation between Drew and Gregg Doyle.

  10. Yeah, it’s great.

    I also think the Hoosiers are in a good position to make some noise. The Zeller, VO, Hulls team was very formulaic. You pretty much knew what was coming. They were never going to beat that Kentucky team twice in a season. These guys have nine guys that can score. The defense frequently steps up. TB could have a break out game and score 20 at any time. Lots of weapons and lots of depth.

    No, I think these guys have a shot. Kentucky only secured a 4 seed in an absolutely HORRIBLE SEC. I’ll be very surprised if A&M, their conference champ. survives the weekend. There were only 3 decent team in the entire conference. IU’s conference schedule looks like an absolute gauntlet compared to Kentucky’s.

    I like our chances.

  11. Read the ESPN piece, Bart…It’s old documented history.

    Mark Adams just may be perfectly placed in Bloomington, Ind., where nearly everyone reveres basketball; where children grow up with ball-in-hand and will shoot at anything with a hole in it; where one of the nation’s most respected AAU programs is based; and where the storied Indiana University Hoosiers are trying to recapture the glory years of college basketball domination.

    Adams, a 54-year-old government worker, has had connections to all of it for years, as the father of a former IU basketball staff member, as a basketball coach for two decades, and as the current coach of the top team in that AAU program, Indiana Elite. Since 2003, he’s even used his Bloomington-based nonprofit, African Hoop Opportunities Providing an Education (A-HOPE) foundation to try to help fulfill the hoop dreams of young international players.

    He says he has put more than “six figures” of his own money into the foundation because he wanted to help teenagers escape difficult circumstances for the promise of a better life. He has brought them to America “to receive an outstanding education.” He is so dedicated, he says, that when he retires next year, he will move to the south Sudan and open a school.

    His connections and motives, he says, are clear and pure. But others in the high school and collegiate basketball communities keep asking questions: What about Adams’ ties to Indiana University basketball and about how his son got a job under coach Tom Crean with no prior college coaching experience? What about whether Adams stops communicating with African basketball players if they don’t follow his advice when selecting a college? What about Indiana Elite, which has evolved into a pipeline for top players to IU, punctuated by future verbal commitments? What is going on with his nonprofit’s donations and expenditures? And what about gifts bestowed upon Colombian-born forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea, a top IU commitment for the Class of 2012?

    You will never again see a year where Indiana will only play MSU, Michigan, Maryland, Purdue, and OSU only once each. UNPRECEDENTED…Never happened before. Will never happen again. The SOS numbers move(like Crean’s offense)….but these are some of the most traditionally strong programs in the conference.. They were avoided as paired match-ups in unprecedented fashion. Other than Indiana, within this cluster of teams, are the only other four programs which have championship NCAA banners to serve as representative of the conference.

    Butler played well today…Some fine Indiana talent stepped up as usual…No pressure, Tom. Just put a couple overrated pros into the league(in down NBA Draft years) and your apologists will be happy.

  12. Jeremy-

    You should consider hooking up Bart with Scoop…He could have a weekly segment…

    The Cabby & His Gabby Hoosiers ..?

  13. You could go live feed from inside the cab….Bart’s Hoosier ballers’ version of HBO’s ‘Taxicab Confessions’….

    Inside the Cab…? Hmm? Another possibility…Would have the added plus of irritating Bizitch

  14. Scoop’s Cabby of Kirkwood: HT”s All-Access , All- Secrets of Hoosier Hardwood.…?

    I’m workin’ on it..Give me time..

    So you have researched the last 15 years? Whisky had a SOS of 14 last year…that us the easiest schedule you can have Harv
    Out of the last 15 B1G conference champions only the Hoosiers in 2005 Had a SOS of 8 or higher all the other champions has a SOS of 10 or higher and we have only had 13 teams for 3 years…I may drive a cab be my b.s. in mathematics tells me that numbers don’t lie
    …but all is good because next year I will be telling you who the B1G winner will be because they will have the easiest SOS.


  16. So I guess what you are trying to tell me Harv is that IU had the most easiest SOS….or the easiest easiest SOS…or the 14.5 easiest SOS…or the IU plays Rutgers ever night easiest SOS….or placing 44 out of 43 cars at Daytona SOS…no matter how you say it or capitalize it the teams with the SOS of 10th through 14th have the best chance to win the conference title.

  17. Bart,

    I liked that data that you pulled a while back. But there was one thing that Indiana benefited from this year versus winners in years past didn’t. The entire B1G conference was down this year. Big Time. The previous 4 years, the B1G was 1st or 2nd in overall RPI. This year we were 6th. Last amongst the major conferences.

    This team had a much easier ride than B1G winners in the past. I’m too lazy to look up overall B1G SOS/RPI earlier than 5 years ago. 🙂

  18. You are hung up on the numbers, Bart. Teams are teams, my friend. Tradition is tradition. Top coaches at top BIG programs.
    UNPRECEDENTED to not play five teams(MSU, Michigan, Purdue, OSU, and Maryland) with BIG banner heritage only once each. I would even surmise that you could pick any three of those teams and not find a schedule from the past where at least one of the three wasn’t scheduled twice. UNPRECEDENTED SOFTNESS….And we had three of the five at home to top off the UNPRECEDENTED one-and-done with each of those five top BIG basketball programs(all having at least one banner except for the in-state rival). Blow kisses to Delany…Crean has been nailed to our coffin on the softest BIG schedule ever….

  19. Butler played well today…Some fine Indiana talent stepped up as usual…No pressure, Tom. Just put a couple overrated pros into the league(in down NBA Draft years) and your apologists will be happy. (sorry this quote isn’t in a pretty yellow box)

    This is the problem we all have with Harv the invisible blogger…he can not make a point without degrading someone in the process!

    Cody is doing much better this year considering that if he would have stayed in college he would have been an NBA rookie this year. He is averaging 9.0, 6.3, 1.0. And Victor has been injured this year so he averages are a little down at 15.4, 4.8, 3.9.
    Now Harv I want you to notice that I have used real numbers here…I’m not shouting the same unfounded conclusions over and over because I don’t need to…I have statistics that actually prove what I say.

  20. Hung up on numbers? I have a b.s. from IU in mathematics and worked as a land surveyor for 25 years….math is all I know lol

  21. Keep dodging the real issue, Bart. You don’t hand IU a schedule of MSU, Maryland, Michigan, Purdue, and OSU as all only singular match-ups via some random accident…It’s a gift akin to a winning Powerball draw to dodge that many traditionally strong programs ALL absent a home/away scenario….

    And Double Down is correct…It’s even a greater gift considering the total crap at the bottom of the league this year….We were given excess at the traditional bottom(paired and singular contests within a worse bottom tier than usual) and handed all the historic banner teams of the league a singular match-up…Not one or two or three of those banner teams as singular match-ups…but ALL FOUR(with the addition of the in-state rival) as ONE-AND-DONE games. WEAK BEYOND WEAK schedule…Gumby could have won COY with that schedule. Thank you, NC grad/Establishment/Delany.

  22. Four years in and Cody is averaging 9 points Wow …I’d say he’s almost as grossly overpaid as Tom Crean.

    He’ll have a Kent Benson type NBA career without the Hoosier banner. Yippee..He can count his money in front of Bart when he comes to town….But when it comes to fighting for the glory many of the seniors we’re seeing in this year’s March Madness, he’s a mere hitchhiker in terms of legendary discussions.

  23. DD it’s hard to research data from the past 15 years as to when the B1G was down compared to the rest of the country. But I will give it a shot here on my LG lol. I can’t argue with the conference rpi being 6th but I do remember a point in the season when everyone said IU was in trouble because they had to play the big boys in the conference and we fared well.

    I’m not putting these numbers out here to prove my narrative that CTC is a great coach. I believe coaching is overrated and players decide games more than coaches but I’m in the minority. Great coaches build programs that great players want to go to. I do think CTC has built a place that good players want to come and I want to see them succeed so I guess that means I’m an apologist. There is something inherently wrong with wanting someone or something to fail…it just doesn’t feel right.

  24. Dipo not even in the dunk contest this year…He’s already irrelevant. Bad timing, I guess. He’s found the Curry years….

    Left college early,
    out of focus,
    forever blurry?
    in the shadows
    your light shall remain
    a star to only gaze
    is that of Stephen Curry

  25. Again we must read about how we didn’t walk on the moon and area 51 has a alien spacecraft…the fix was in boys, the B1G picked this year to give CTC the easiest SOS so we would win and CTC could be COY. LMAO

  26. He doesn’t get the best of the best from Indiana…He doesn’t even come close.

    And this team would be a complete funk dump without Beilfeldt falling in his lap;

  27. Bart- I’m convinced it would take a bending of the universe to somehow have a random event handing us Michigan, MSU, Purdue, Maryland, and OSU once each…. Did you find a year where even three from that group were all only scheduled once….? Take the challenge, Bart… Did…dig …dig deep into the history books….I have a magazine which shows all the Hoosier schedules up to around 2000. I don’t have to look…I know it’s not going to be a repeated event. UNPRECEDENTED. Crean must be an alien…

  28. And just because he can fly a spaceship back and forth to Planet Happenstance doesn’t mean he can coach.

  29. Yeah….Good call, Chet.

    Did everyone take Kansas out of their Final Four?

  30. Biefeld wasn’t plug and play. He wasn’t good at Michigan. He’s flourished at Indiana.

    It’s all about his improved 3 pt shot. He was a 26% three point shooter last year. Only 8 for 30. This year he was 25 for 57 for 44%.

  31. You and only you are convinced…that’s the definition of a conspiracy theorist…Harv is the only guy that has even mentioned it…I hear Glenn Beck is hiring!

  32. I have never seen a team that looked as ‘uncoached’ as Purdue looked. It looked like a bunch of guys that met each other at tip off. They couldn’t find each other in a phone booth.

    What a waste of talent.

    Why do people keep talking about Painter being a really good coach? When does that kick in?

  33. Purdue played a tough and rough schedule that was most likely unprecedented in the annals of the B1G which makes Painter a great coach.

  34. A thought…

    Over the last few years I’ve became accustomed to seeing a guy come in off the bench and thinking, “Yeah, he’ll be OK” or “He’s a good defender. Wish he could score.” With these guys, when I see someone come in off the bench I’m thinking, “Yeah, he might kick some ass.”

  35. That was fun. The Hoosiers played a pretty darned good, physical team. They played somewhat inconsistent ball and still crushed them.

    I’ll have this crammed down my throat for the next ten seasons but I just have a feeling about this team.

  36. If the ‘D’ stays solid it very likely is CTC 2.0.
    Ya maybe the B1G is down a smidge this year but it is still relative to past seasons since the other BB conferences are off their share too. I mean Oregon and Virginia are not perennial top seeds or for that matter even in every other decade. I think like Chet it is a unique opportunity for it to be IU’s time.
    PUke with no guards to facilitate what they are wanting to do was a train wreck in waiting when it came tournament time. And is a big reason IU has an opportunity to make a deep run not to mention leadership. Although on the downside is TW putting the ball on the floor reminds me more and more of Verdell Jones only bigger and more athletic. OG should get all his starting minutes. As he and Yog can take over and/or dominate a game.
    I never need a calendar to tell me when it is March; IU plays BB and PUke is not.

  37. Yep, the Big 10 is weak and the Big 12 is the strongest league in basketball today. So say the pundits. That’s why Baylor and Texas Tech go tumbling down in their first games. And while Purdue should not have lost, they did. Apparently, their tough schedule didn’t make them tough enough to get by their first game.

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