Hoosier Morning

IU coach Tom Crean has silenced the critics, to his players’ delight, Mike writes.

Indiana’s team was greater than Kentucky’s individuals, not that the Hoosiers were surprised to win, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team is confident but realistic about tonight’s matchup with top-seeded Notre Dame, Jon writes.

Resuming an IU-Notre Dame women’s regular-season series is an attractive proposition, though perhaps later rather than sooner, Jon writes.

Indiana baseball swept a doubleheader at home vs. Toledo, we reported.

Indiana and Kentucky need to get back together without waiting another four years after Saturday’s spectacle, Mitch Sherman of ESPN.com writes.

Kentucky’s bigs didn’t play that way, so it was no surprise Indiana beat the Wildcats, Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader writes.

Battered and short-handed, Indiana still beat Kentucky with defense, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Beating Kentucky makes for the sweetest of Sweet 16s for Indiana, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

“Bring them on,” Indiana athletic director Fred Glass says as the Hoosiers wind their way through the tournament, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Tom Crean scored what might have been his biggest win and found a few minutes to enjoy it, Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports writes.

How Tom Crean and Indiana beat talent-rich Kentucky, Bill Reiter of CBS Sports writes.

Indiana was anything but soft in out-toughing Kentucky, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

The pendulum between Tom Crean and the IU fanbase swung back to cozy after the win over Kentucky, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post writes.

Five takeaways from the Hoosiers’ win over the Wildcats, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Former Illinois fan Max Bielfeldt is fulfilling dreams at Indiana, Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune writes.

OG Anunoby is among the players to watch in the East Regional, as IU-North Carolina highlights the Sweet 16 matchups, Matt Norlander of CBS Sports writes.

Indiana and North Carolina have plenty of shared history, Andrew Carter of the Raleigh News & Observer writes.

UNC is next on the murderer’s row Indiana will have to beat in order to win a national title, Nancy Armour of USA Today writes.

In honor of the IU-Notre Dame women’s game tonight and the Hoosiers and Irish both heading to Philadelphia on the men’s side, “Crimson and Clover” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.


  1. For all you Crean-haters now in mourning:

    “But Tom Crean, the man who rebuilt the Hoosiers from ashes after they burned down their own program, got the win that cements his place as the right man for one of college basketball’s most difficult but promising jobs. He took Marquette to a Final Four. Resurrected Indiana in a sport where resurrections are almost as hard as living up to expectations at its premier programs. And, Saturday, he and his guys took down a very, very good Kentucky team.” ………. Bill Reiter

  2. “I’ll say it again because too many people refuse to budge on this topic: Credit Crean. He coached an excellent game. On at least three occasions, he set up out of bounds plays during timeouts that led to Indiana baskets.” ……..Rick Bozich

    ““I’m going to say it again,” Calipari said. “I think Tom deserves Coach of the Year.”

  3. Now the greaser brother from another mother running the NBA farm school ‘offering h.s. classes to their players in place of real college courses’ and running a ‘Criminalpari’ ‘cheaters’ program frequently referred on Scoop as a “bait and tackle shop’ is the authority on COY honors…..Hilarious.

    No,…no…no …No hypocrisy on Scoop. They label a man the scum of college basketball and then they anoint him as the authority of making the proper call for apologist COY honors? Next thing you know, they’ll be quoting Rick Pitino from “Hookers Digest’ as an authority on fidelity and the nonobjectification of women. .

  4. So I heard there was a basketball game that was played on Sat? I’d like to discuss it along with the one coming up on Fri. I’ll try to make yet another attempt to, god forbid, talk about the actual game/soon to be game.

    Firstly, a bit of emotion. How great does it feel to not only beat Kentucky, but to knock them out of the tournament in the 2nd round? Game was hard fought and as advertised.

    Now, just a few random thoughts:

    I thought Coach Cal nailed the scouting report to start the game. They were trapping Yogi on the inbounds play and forcing Troy to take the ball up the court. We got no ball movement and a bunch of missed shots to start the game. They were baiting Troy with open lanes and collapsing defenders. Troy just can’t seem to resist. The offense never got into sync. We adjusted not by getting another ball handler, but by someone beating it into Troy Williams’s head in the timeout that he’s to bring the ball up the floor, give the ball up, and get the offense moving. RJ came in for a sub and continued to bring the ball up and getting the offense moving.

    He continued to play well later in the game. Deep into the 2nd half and with Yogi taking a breather, Troy did a much better job bringing the ball up the floor with both RJ & JM out.

    OG is really the glue holding all of this together. He had a couple of highlight reel plays, but on defense, Ulis was completely held in check. OG is a tremendous defender. This bodes well for our match-up with UNC (more on that game later). Still feel like he’s capable of more minutes. I am hoping for a little less Hartman and more OG. (I like CH, but he’s banged up the point where he’s almost totally ineffective).

    I can’t believe the defensive turnaround of this team. It is staggering. I can’t believe that same (mostly) players that were getting pushed around by DIII schools & Rutgers, slugged it out with top team in the nation in offensive efficiency. Troy, Nick Z, Yogi, and TB get specific call outs here. They aren’t even the same players they were in the beginning of the season.

    Indiana as a team was incredibly effective of rolling off of screens and keeping the dribble drive from gaining any steam. OG’s length was huge. We had a couple of switches that we missed, but OGs length on Ulis & Murray kept them from attacking the rim or finding a cutter through an open lane. I may be slobbering too much about OG. But he’s earned it. That series at the end of the half where he blocked Murray got into his head. Murray was only 1-9 from 3 all game.

    Thomas Bryant has been huge in learning how to hedge to defend the ball screen. He’s cut off a number of screens and rolled off them to defend the paint aggressively. He got whistled for 2 fouls yesterday that were super touchy. Freshman calls, I guess.

    Anyway basketball thoughts about UK game. Who wants to talk about ’em?

  5. DD,
    A couple takeaways, we missed a lot of open threes and still won. That’s encouraging.

    Ulis is a great player. A great point guard…not so much. Not like Yogi, anyway. Ulis put on the ‘Ulis Show’. Yogi quarterbacked the winning team.

    I’ll take that any day of the week. Nobody is going to remember how many points Ulis got, just that Indiana won the game…without hitting their open threes.

  6. …one more thing.

    Helluva scouting report and incorporating it into the game plan. Our guys seemed to know exactly where the offensive player was going to drive before he did. I’ve never seen a good team commit so many offensive fouls…and there were a couple more they easily could have called.

  7. I feel that Indiana matches up well with UNC. My concern, as I’m sure everyone else’s, is about how our injuries are going to affect things.

    But matching up, UNC doesn’t have any shooters. But Bryce Johnson is incredible. It’ll be TB’s biggest test on the biggest stage. I think he’s up for the challenge.

  8. Remember Ulis…? In three weeks nobody will remember any team from the Sweet 16 rounds….Name all the teams from the Elite 8 last season…Quick. Name the champion from two years ago…Quick….Name all the Final Four teams from two years ago…? Quick.

    Banners, bitches…Everything else is forgotten. Every other comparison is treated as trivial…”Elite” programs are measured by the cloth of Final Fours and titles…Elite coaches are measured by getting there and winning there….

    UK plays in what conference….? Notre Dame is ranked higher than UK in Team Offensive Efficiency…Oakland is one spot higher on the list than ND….St. Mary’s is ranked #2…Not sure how much any of that matters.

    I believe style of play favored us against UK…..and some very good bounces for IU of many gimme UK shots that didn’t drop(as the expert and authority on COY honors was quoted).

    We wouldn’t have had a chance without Troy the Joy. Yogi took a while to settle in….while Williams(ever with mistakes) remained aggressive and created tons of havoc in other areas. If you want to eliminate the mistakes by benching him longer, you’ll lose more exponentially in the dynamics and explosive threat he force sdefensed to remain consumed.

    I also think Zeisloft was key…..His unflappable demeanor gets into the heads of opponents…When we have so many other varied weapons, his deep 3-pointers are repeated daggers to the psyche of the opponent.

  9. RJ’s shots were also daggers……and pretty amazing considering his limited minutes leading up to the game.

    Within the repeated daggers from RJ and Zeisloft, frustration mounted for UK as their perimeter game was ice cold….Regardless of our average perimeter defense, they just weren’t falling for UK. Not many guys come into a situation like RJ and deliver bottom-of-the-net results … Throw in a bomb hit by OG…or a bomb from Beilfeldt …etc,…etc…and an already cold shooting team begins to collectively force the issue and grow impatient….Calipari is not a very good coach when it comes to reversing mounting frustrations. He should have went very deep into his bench and looked for an unexpected hero of sorts….

  10. Coaching has so many dimensions…Though Crean is a poor tactical coach, he handles frustration from players in a form of reassurance they seem to feed. He may have pulled Troy but I didn’t see a lot of frustration ….Does Troy get it together if that sort of :”we play better without Troy/Blackmon:” mentality is emitted from the head coach as it is from the fans…?

    I honestly think most of improved defensive tenacity is from a team collectively rallying around a coach they believe undeserving of any criticism…They believe in him and that’s all that matters…And that belief moves right back from Crean into them. Public outrage for demands of better isn’t always such a bad thing….Pollyannaism is far more the kiss of death….

  11. RJ looked damn good for not playing for a couple of weeks. His stroke was smooth and confident.

  12. Agree…….and likely very unexpected from the UK’s initial thoughts/ going in….It’s almost akin to guy from Wisconsin going 3 for 21 from the perimeter in his previous 4 games and then not missing. It forces guys not well-coached to try to quickly answer at the other end via the same 3-point attempt often rushed….

  13. Time to go….

    I have to don my leather jacket and go out and bust some heads…

  14. DD,
    Good point. UNC is very athletic but the absence of shooters is hard to compensate for. It used to get talent laden Georgetown teams bumped from the tournament.

    I agree. The matchups might well favor the Hoosiers.

    RJ looked surprisingly quick and comfortable.

  15. I sorta had to get one more tidbit off my chest before heading out….

    Jason Williams is such a damn Establishment foot…..in calling IU college basketball’s version of the Golden State Warriors.. This has the same massive distraction equivalent to “slimy” Calipari advocating a COY award for Crean…

    Oh no you don’t, Jay(that’s his new name since Mike Davis and the Hoosiers slapped his #1 Duke team around)…Oh, no you don’t …..UK is the Golden State Warriors…They are an NBA team…They are the worst coached NBA team in all of college basketball That is not the Indiana Hoosiers..

    Given the sort of talent that eclipses all other programs heading to that ‘bait and tackle’ NBA team, it is a severe level of incompetence for the coach of that NBA team from Lexington(a.k.a. The Warriors, Spurs, Bulls…whoever) to only get one championship in six years against all the other Sisters of the College Poor

    There are many great coaches…But there are only a handful that can be given an NBA team year after year and fail so miserably as to only win it all once in seven years…Hand the Golden UK Warriors to Crean and even he will win a title…..And if Crean was a more honest man than Jay Williams he’d call out that level of BS and request a CCOY for the NBA team at UK with the ……Crappiest Coach of the Year.

  16. I would imagine the cab is frequently empty ……sorta like a De Niro protecting the streets of NYC.

  17. Sorry folks…I’ve had 3 trips to Indy today…not much time to post…but I did hear Rabjohns on 1070 say that CTC has done his best work this year…Rabjohns has never been one to pull punches when it comes to criticism.

  18. Oh yeah. Love him or hate him he did a really good job this year. Certainly his best in Bloomington.

  19. DD your post earlier was spot on and it was a joy to read…Bryants ability to play the ball screen is 100% better for 2 reasons, first of all the kid had both feet injured this summer and it’s taken all year for Timmy G to get him to the point wear he could move laterally and back peddle efficiency. Secondly the kid is bright and wants to learn and grow and he was genuinely embarrassed by his play early on.

    CTC mentioned that the 2013 team had the ability to transition from zone to man to man within 1 possession and he tried to have this years team do the same. But he realized that this team wasn’t suited to handle that defensive scheme so he made things much simpler. He also mentioned that this team loves the flow of a game and the switching of defenses disrupted that flow. Not sure if that isn’t just saying the 2013 team was just smarter.

  20. Time to go hang out at the abandoned factory over in East Indy…Takin’ the ‘Brass Knuckles’ …edition of my Harley.

    Just kidding…I’m actually getting ready to prepare a delicious sauteed chicken with lemon dish..accompanied by rice…Maybe a touch of garlic tonight..Saute chicken pieces(cut up to something close to the size of the opening hole-tab of a can of 312 Urban Wheat) in butter and small amount of olive oil..Brown slightly Deglaze pan with tbsp. of fresh squeezed lemon juice…You can add a bit of white wine…or 1/4 cup chicken stock here as well….Stir chicken to coat with deglazing juices…Serve with a favorite rice..( I like to use a Near East brand of pilaf with toasted almonds)….Very simple, but yum…

    I sometimes like to smash a small amount of garlic and spread it around on the same cutting board that I’ll be cutting up the chicken pieces….Throw some sea salt and pepper on the pieces too..Let it set for a few…Then begin recipe above.

  21. ^^^That post is actually for Seahawk…but you are all welcome to give it a whirl….He’s been requesting that recipe for years…I think it’s going to get Chicken of the Year…if he’s tries it.

  22. Good point about the defensive scheme. You can sometimes try to be too smart. The footwork on defensive against Kentucky was superb, resulting in a bunch of offensive fouls.

    I hope Thomas stays at least until he gets his degree, which has been running about three years. That would be quite the front line a couple years down the road.

  23. Quite nice there, Harvard. A simple and delightful one-skillet-and-done meal. Cutting up the chicken into pieces is a nice touch – saves you the trouble of navigating the flabby skin, bones and gristle.

  24. Yeah, I know you’re right. You never know, though. Sometimes guys do things you don’t expect. Tim Duncan stayed for four years and, let me tell ya, there’s nothing special about Wake Forest or Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

    Hope springs eternal.

  25. Giving credit where credit is due, our current freshmen are pretty phenomenal and, while we all hoped they’d be good, nobody thought they would be THIS good.

    With RJ, JBJ, probably TB, probably Troy, Colin, the current frosh, incoming class, and other key pieces, next year is shaping up to be pretty good.

  26. Chet has a great point…our recruiting has not been consistent enough to allow us to have quality seniors with good under grads and 5 star freshman to round out the team.

  27. History

    Rivals.com was originally founded in 1998 by Jim Heckman in Seattle, Washington, with a cadre of outside investors. Heckman was once the son-in-law of Don James, the former head football coach at the University of Washington, where Heckman attended school and was later involved in a recruiting scandal{courtesy:Wikipedia)

    I wish Rivals would get into the beef/fish/chicken ranking business….USDA and other very generalized classifications simply don’t add enough available data to my dining table…I’m far too often disappointed when buying a chicken, cut of steak, fresh “wild caught’ fish, or uncooked shrimp sold by the pound inevitably not living up to the “look.” Sure, we have “prime” and “choice” …but I would like more details…Was this a 5-star cow in the corral…Did he go to the trow with authority …? Did the fish come out of a small farm school or did he develop a wide array of DNA flavor moves in more challenging waters? Did my chicken use PED’s to fatten up…He looks good in plastic, but will he be like the others and taste like chemicals after all the work to clean, season, flour, and fry?

    We’ve gone to soooooo much trouble to know what we’re getting in a teenage mutant basketball player…We want to take all the mystery of a unsung out of the game…We make it as if we’re number-ranking cherries on a tree so you only have to bother with picking the plumpest and sweetest off the blossoms for the pie…Leave the rest of the “not the best” on a tree for Tom Crean who knows a bit of tart and slowness to sweeten isn’t always such a bad thing…..

    Anywaaaaaaay…Can you come to the food business, Rivals? Can I finally get an expensive cut of steak that lives up to expectations….? I know you know everything…You’ve taken the mystery out of basketball, football, ….and just about every sport down to ping pong…Well, once in very long list of top pong players you do sometimes get it wrong….But, in general, I fully trust you. When you put a star or a number next to something, I’m fully confident in your taste buds for talent and array of distinctive flavors that need to be present in every athlete…Now can you do it for my grocery bag…? If you’re really that good, you should be able get such a science hooked right into the U-Scan systems…”Wait, Harvard..That peach that looks succulent on the outside is actually on ranked #325 of the 413 you had to choose…It’s not even in the top 100 of sweetness…It ranks 180 in proper texture…It’s a bit heavy and bitter in the seed…You can try to leave it on the counter for a few days, but this is a Georgia peach…and there are far better offerings this season ..” Get my drift, Rivals? If you can tell recruiters a time-trusted format for ranking humans, you can surely do it for a chicken or a peach…or a piece of flown in fish from Alaska..

  28. Speaking of rankings and recruiting, I hope Crean is working all the angles to beat Pitino out for the kid from New Albany……

    The sophomore at New Albany is capturing quite the attention from Rick…..The young man will be playing in the 4-A state championship this weekend in Indianapolis….I guess he put up 46 points at the semistate game.

    I heard an old-timer call into 1070 yesterday….This particular caller confessed to being very old…He said he’s been a basketball fan for as long as he can remember…He said he was around Indy at the time of Oscar Robertson…He claimed he watched ‘The Big O’ play when Oscar was the age of this kid from New Albany….
    The last thing he told the host of the 1070 sports radio show was that this young blossoming superstar baller from New Albany was better than Oscar Robertson in a similar h.s.class/age/development comparison…..A love for hoops runs old as the oldest of maples tasting the warming sun of spring in this wonderful place called Indiana…..It doesn’t need “Rival’s”….Rival’s can’t bring no love…Rival’s can only bring the cold glove of examination a thing treated as a thing….as a number…as a hooker in a Louisville dorm waiting for that number.

    If any of you are near Indy this weekend, maybe honor the old-timer by paying the price of admission(far less than the ripoff prices of college and pro ball) to go see Romeo …O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?.

  29. Gotta go….I have a date with a Lockerbie Square Fight Club…..My Chesterton bourgeoisie goin’ full black leather today while I unlock my chained inner beast and repressed fists of refined hillbilly fury…

    Float like a barderfly, sting like lip-puckerin’-pickle-punch of Aunt B. Uhhhhh…huh!

  30. BTW, about the time that Harv started defecating on Victor Oladipo, he kicked off the most dominant stretch of his career. He’s tearing it up right now.

    In other news, I heard via telegram that Mitch McGary is playing the lights out in the D league right now. Heart of lion.

  31. Dipo’s done this throughout…Hot…cold…hot…cold…hot…cold…Nobody cares…Teams sit on their thumbs against bottom-feeders….Hard enough for these billionaire ballers to bring it even against the top teams….Dipo gets very little air time…He has no deep NCAA tournament runs as part of his lore…This is how he proves himself…Hog the sh–t out of the ball when marquis teams are going to get a bit more SportsCenter time…What else can he do…? He has no NBA playoff stage to showcase his game plagued by inconsistencies…

    This is the era of Steph….The only thing that matters is Steph. Steph is our NBA Meth…Nobody cares about Victtor Oladipo …The guy can’t even get into a dunk contest anymore..

  32. Interesting.

    He was just called up from the ‘Blue’ five days ago. That didn’t last long. Maybe he just needed a rest. He’s been averaging 1.2 minutes a game for the Thunder. I was always sure Mitch had D league potential. Keep it up big guy.

    Yeah, VO had to step up his game due to injuries to some of their other scorers. He has certainly done just that on both sides of the ball.

  33. If it’s merely a beauty pageant, then compare ballers like Trump objectifies a narrow definition of “beauty.”

    Basketball is a team game….McGary understood how to play that game, take the stage by storm, and help propel his team to the highest of place you endlessly measure the value of our coach’s/team’s success.

    I don’t solely salivated over the individual skills….and Dipo’s game doesn’t have the unique quirks that get my attention….I like individuality over packaged and numbers…I loved to watch a guy like Dr. J back in the day…Could he do it all? Was he the whole package? Nope…But, Lord …He was art in motion…Just damn fun to watch..Flare ..Cool…Mesmerizing in style and fluid movement….

    And I like guys that care enough about a team to risk the certainly of individual fame…You could wake up one morning and be the victim of horrible terrorist attack….Life is full of risk, brokenness, tragedy, happenstance, timing…Too much is made of the ‘glory of one.’ Basketball is just as much about the glory of all….and the investment/risk/love to do something great outside your personal dominance. Banners, bitches…Banners. 46 points will never equal ONE TEAM banner.

  34. Oladipo’s scoring versus these “bottom feeders”:

    Boston: 25
    Toronto: 21
    CAVS: 45!!!
    GSW: 19, (8 assists, 9 rb)
    and earlier in Feb, OKC: 37

  35. Harv, I agree. It’s all about the banners.

    Mitch McGary didn’t get a Big Ten banner or a National Championship. Bannerless. He wears a t-shirt that says:

    “I made it to the National Championship game and I’ll I got was this footprint of Cody Zeller’s Adidas on my face.

    Got weed?”

  36. McGary has been plagued by back problems and multiple surgeries…He battled back from those same issues in his last season at Michigan…Ask Kansas and Self how he remembers McGary…Ask Syracuse and Boeheim( a team that had our COY, post player, and mini MJ beyond perplexed) how they remember McGary……Final Four, bitches…Championship games, bitches….Banners, bitches…Life is a Sweet 16 party for the gutless braggers that apologize in the mirror.

  37. Sorry, Double Down…I believe you misunderstood…You just proved my point…Dipo is on a bottom-feeding team…The top teams don’t take them seriously(a natural phenomenon) …and, thus, a guy can go off and look like mini MJ when he’s on..

    Would you consider this Hoosier team merely a t-shirt team if they get to a Championship game… ? A Sweet 16 banner or a BIG title with the soft UNPRECEDENTED schedule handed to Crean carries as much weight for you as a trip to the biggest venue/stage in all of basketball? That appears to be a real change in your earlier position…..

  38. DD,
    Great clip. VO has such incredible quickness.

    I doubt anyone other than Michigan fans and old high school teammates could pick McGary out of a police lineup these days. He’ll kick around between the League and the D league for a while before he winds up playing in Equador

    Gone and absolutely forgotten.

  39. I find it charming that Mitch dropped so far in the draft that he made it to a team which already was at the top of the league. Good for Mitch. Napoleonesque in its strategery. Maybe he got Durant’s autograph and a quick selfie with him before being sent back down. He can always tell the middle management team at GM about his 3 minutes of fame, while using his University of Michigan degree…..oh wait, he didn’t graduate.

    Dang it.

  40. It’s my guess that there a few scoop contributors that don’t have 1 piece of IU gear in their closet. How can you bash IU everyday and praise Michigan while picking Kensucky in your bracket and be an IU fan. Why do we need to constantly debate trolls that cheer for our demise.

  41. DD,
    Yeah, VO is feasting on the best teams in the League. Impressive numbers against the best teams.

    I just looked at the OKC Blue D League roster. There a couple of of UK players who washed out (I hadn’t realized Marquis Teague’s career had gone south), Dez Wells from Maryland (surprised he didn’t pan out), and a bunch of guys I’ve never heard of. Boubacar Moungoro? Tomislav Zubcic?

    BTW, I started using an RSS reader with filter capability a few days ago so I don’t see Harv’s posts.

    Has he started the name calling yet or has it been going on the whole time?

  42. Yup…He risked going top 10 to come back for his team and win it all rather than exiting after his stock was high, taking a tournament by storm(going through some of the top teams no less), subsequent to going to a championship game. He had back surgery and couldn’t make it back….He got a one year supsension for a bogus test than wouldn’t float a turd of the sort of weed Crean’s players were toking during the regular season….The rule was dropped right after making McGary the example(similar to the 3-way calling joke rule that the NCAA dropped after they Kelvin a public lynching). Use the Midwest as their subjects of example while UNC invents ghost classes and is playing in a Sweet 16…Makes a ton of sense to me…Sure seems like the NCAA cares about academics and equal application of rules..It’s almost as if they invent an asinine rule to use against their favorite choice to publicly condemn …and then drop it as to never force the same investigations, evidence unveiling, on everyone else….The NCAA is an utter joke.

    I don’t think his life is over….McGary probably has time to get a degree…It’s great for a certain amount of self-fulfillment and a piece of paper to store in the closet……because we know how much it does for “average Joe” putting oneself 40-100 thousand dollars in debt to …dare I say….to.drive a cab and blog all day? The guy is such a loser….unlike people that spend time here massaging VO and claiming their supremely pure fans…LOL.

    Bart says:
    March 17, 2016 at 11:49 am

    Final 4


    MSU wins

    O.k….Let me get this straight…It’s o.k. to slather oil all over Calipari and treat his word as the authority of college basketball when he’s talking of Crean.? How can true IU fans give any credence to the slimiest guy in college basketball(and probably the Crappiest Coach of the Year as well).? But it’s not o.k. to put his team in a bracket ahead of four other teams not IU that you predict to win it all?

    Better talk to Schet about those weak BIG 12 teams you put ahead of the candy stripes..lol.
    “msu wins”…? That’s when the play IU, Bart… Take the teacher ahead of the preacher handed the Great Northern butt-wipe schedule.

  43. Typical Harv 4 Hatred…he post 4 to 1 compared to everyone else…I only read the last paragraph summation…where he sums up all his hate for everyone…unless he is speaking in tongues about cooking.

    Not sure I can use RSS on my phone.

  44. We’re praising academics and getting a degree……and in the next sentence I hear Scoopers praising Calipari because he loves him some Crean….? You guys are a joke. It’s no wonder you need a few good games from Dipo to serve as your apologist distractions…Name-calling? You name-call someone as not being a true fan because they are not willing to agree with your definitions of success coming from the UK coach(and the “so-called” college he works) you’ve mocked for all of your bloggiing history?

    Really weak debaters….Actually, unbelievable weak…Are you sure you guys didn’t go to UK?

  45. I knew you couldn’t debate, Bart…Your best game is trying to sell fear and using the ‘hate’ word…Those who throw the hate accusation merely do so to exhale it out their own soul……You’re playing with the wrong hombre…Chesterton has always been known for having some of the top statewide and national debate teams….lol…Look it up like Dipo stats…

  46. If you know of a way Chet please let me know because I’m just a dumb cab driver with a phone. I must admit I really can’t understand all that the guy writes…his command of the English language is so superior to mine that I just try to kept up. Plus his I think his hatred is rubbing off on me…the other day a bug was on my windshield wiper and the guy in the cab with me said it was a Calipari bug so I turned on the wipers and it flew off only to be crushed by an on coming car. This was immediately after I had just deciphered one of his coded post. Is it possible for bad karma to rub off through the phone?

  47. Reports are that Sean Miller is leaving Arizona to take the Pitt job. I guess I’m to dumb to understand why Pitt is such a great job.

  48. Hey Harv…can you explain to me how I can use the RSS procedure on my phone to block your post?

  49. Just putting it out there, Bart…You’re not alone…An exponentially growing number of grads never find jobs that can put the smallest of dent in the mortgage equivalent, near lifetime, of debt major campus colleges are now costing..The cost is making many begin to rethink the scam of a 4-year degree for such a low value rate of return in the working world….

    It’s great to sell the paper as being such a wonderful thing for a scholarship athlete soon to be a lottery pick making millions.. But why should I care about that… when society is giving no value to it and I’m 40…60…80…100 grand in debt? So we clap about our beloved sports to draw students in as another nipple to suck in the delightful college experience….Dupe them into spending the price of a home to toke on some weed and sit in the stands at a Hoosier game…maybe get lucky with a handsome cab driver on the weekend…..Meanwhile, leave college and the lightning bolt of reality strikes..Friends move on…but the debt starts calling…and calling….and calling….100 resumes out and it’s only an assistant manager job at Mattress World calling….. But I am just elated a fully paid athlete soon to make millions got his degree…It just warms inside….

  50. I have no idea….I don’t even know what RSS stands for…yet how to use it to put up a blockade… I’m sill using two cans and a string to make a phone call. I don’t believe in buying phones sold by monopolizing techie robber barons(geniuses) not supplying jobs to build said phones to college degree-earning Americans in desperate need of some work, cash, and health insurance. I stick with a string and two cans…and a very outdated laptop….Smartphone….? Seems a rather diametrical term…? If I hold it close enough to my forehead? Is that how it works?

    1. Harvard,
      Final warning. Quit with the name-calling (nicknames included) and mocking tone with anybody, make that everybody, else that posts on this blog or be gone for good.

  51. Idea! Ask coachw….The dude is a techie genius…..Open up your heart and he’ll open up his iBrain….I think he could direct you from Scoop into a cyberspace spam hole opening to the other side of the Big Bang where Carl Sagan is relaxing in a drifting BarcaLounger…….I’m not a very smart guy…I’m just a dumb hater…

  52. Huh….? I’m been calling myself Harv 4 Hatred.? Interesting.

    Come on, Jeremy…You see the snide tactics….Do as you desire…It’s obviously your sole decision.

  53. Just in case….Better put up my potentially last YouTube clip before the lifetime ban….

    You all take care….

  54. Bart-

    I certainly don’t think you’re a dumb cab driver…I think you’re a very smart cab driver with a

    I’m not sure if Chet is “blocking” anything…Can you see the Scoop header on your Dumbphone? There are five options: RSS, Comments(has the same icon as ‘RSS’), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…

    When you click/choose the ‘Comments’ option, it opens a complete list of comments from various posters and the ‘Scoop thread’ said comments pertain……You can simply just click onto the comment(from whoever) of your choice/contributor to read. It’s not really a blockade…More of a selection process…I’m not positive how it will appear/display on a Dumbphone.

    Scoop is the best….You guys continue to prove your good hearts…As soon as Jeremy threatened to ban me, you all went silent….That sorta touched me…For all the nastiness I spew at times, I think you guys know it’s not from a place of having anything to do with how I feel about you….Thanks for seeing beyond the ‘hateful’ words….Thanks for having compassion in your silence.

  55. Bart, sorry but my son set mine up. My tablet came with a reader in the email program. Really improved the Scoop experience.

  56. I didn’t go silent I just had to work…I’m surprised Jeremy took this long to reign in the scoop wild bunch.

  57. I’m just wondering how often Jeremy reads the scoop comments?

    I saw CH today and he was wearing a wrist brace…I’m curious how serious his injury…he is tough as nails but Jeremy might give us some insight. Has Jeremy seen him shoot the ball from behind the arc?

    1. Bart,
      I think Collin’s injury is more serious than he lets on, but he refuses to even admit it’s a factor. I’ve seen him shoot maybe a handful of shots beyond the arc, made one. I mean, there’s a reason he didn’t shoot even that layup the other night and made his only basket against Kentucky with the left hand.

  58. Sean Miller leaving Arizona for Pittsburg? Now that’s a funny thought! Newly renovated stadium that is sold out for every game. Great weather and beautiful campus provides huge recruiting advantage for kids from all over the country. Impressive basketball alumni supports the program. Located next to the most populous state in the country with a huge talent pipeline. Miller is like The King of Tucson, endorsed and support by Lute Olson. And his $3.8 million per year compensation package would be hard to beat. Don’t think Pitt is interested in paying more than $4 million a year for a basketball coach that has yet to lead his team to an NCAA Championship. I’d be very surprised if Miller were to leave Arizona.

  59. Please Jeremy! Please, please, please, please, PLEASE! You would be my favorite journalist in the whole world, forever, if you did. Pretty please! You’d be doing The Herald Times, The Hoosier Scoop, The Hoosier Nation, IU, IU’s Athletic Department and the entire State of Indiana a huge favor. In fact, you’d be a national hero if you did.

  60. That makes for an interesting story.

    Colin first got playing time based on (this is purely my assumption) based on hustle and his shooting touch. Now, we need him on the floor based on other skills and his lack of shooting is overlooked.

    He’s come full circle.

  61. Rojo probably at 60% and CH not adding an extra threat from the perimeter makes Nick a key to this game…I’m thinking OG will see more minutes than ever before.

  62. OG has earned more minutes regardless of the performance of others.

    You know, considering that Blackmon was lost for the year early on, and he was certainly a key component, it’s amazing that the Hoosiers could be down another two or three players and still be playing at this level.

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