Hoosiers roll over Mocs, 99-74

DES MOINES, Iowa — This was the version of Indiana that can wreak havoc on the loaded East Regional.

It was IU at its offensive best — a team that approached that end of the court with fluidity and explosiveness, while overcoming an uneven defensive start with a convincing finish in a 99-74 first-round rout of Chattanooga Thursday at Wells Fargo Arena.

Yogi Ferrell played with the expected urgency of a senior entering his final NCAA Tournament, finishing with 20 points and 10 assists. Ferrell was one of five players to finish in double figures. OG Anunoby added 14 points, Thomas Bryant turned in 13, Troy Williams added 12 and Max Bielfeldt finished with 10.

It all added up to a date in the second round, where the Hoosiers will face the winner of tonight’s Kentucky-Stony Brook game. A time for Saturday’s contest will be announced later tonight.

The Hoosiers shot 65 percent from the field, and did what was required from the perimeter. IU went 10-for-17 on 3-point attempts, controlled the pace and found the shots it wanted with ease.

Indiana received a jolt from its bench early in the first half. Anunoby turned a steal near midcourt into a 360-degree dunk on the other end, capping a 13-2 run that put the Hoosiers in front 17-9 seven minutes into the opening half. Much of that period was spent without the help of Bryant, who picked up two personals within the first three minutes.

However, Chattanooga pushed back by getting to the rim with ease. The Mocs scored 26 points in the paint through the first 20 minutes,

After taking a 47-36 lead into halftime, the Hoosiers came out rolling to start the second half. IU outscored Chattanooga 14-6 through the first three minutes, forcing the Mocs to call timeout after it opened a 17-point lead.

Though inconsistent on the defensive end, the Hoosiers held off a potential Chattanooga run to narrow the gap late.

This story will be updated.


  1. Helluva win tonight, in very large part due to OG & Johnson. Johnson played great, perhaps the best all around game I’ve seen him have.

    Go get ’em boys! We know who’s next! Kick ass, takes names.

  2. Good win though the last time Chattanooga played in the NCAA tournament (2009) they were destroyed by Huskies (UConn) 103-47. Overall they got 2 wins in 1997 and 1 in 1982 for a dismal 3-11 record in the NCAA tournament over a period of 35 years. But considering anything can happen and upsets have been so likely this season this was a good, solid win. It never looked like it could turn into an upset.

  3. Good win except the moon is aligned with Saturn and the Willie worms are black.
    The boys played great against a team that was overrated by the media looking for a 5-12 upset. We did what the B1G conference champs should do to a mid-major team. On to the cheaters!

  4. Tell the local weavers in Bloomington to start stitching the next “Sweet 32” banner, because that’s where this journey ends folks. Sorry to break it to you. This is the biggest game of Crean’s career; with all the hype he’s generated with this year’s accolades, he’s created even more pressure to prove he can beat a top-quality team in crunch time against a Hall of Fame coach. Does anyone really believe he can do it? I think the pressure will once again get to him, and we will be left wondering when our next senior leader will emerge down the road to get us back to the round of 32.

    What horrible luck, on the one hand, and what utter disappointment that we flopped again in the B10 tourney and put ourselves in this position to be a 5 seed.

  5. Purdue does not survive the first round, Baylor is upset by Yale (oh the shame of it), and Arizona gets humiliated by WSU. Heck, UCLA doesn’t even make it to the dance. By the reasoning applied by some people who regularly post on The Scoop, we should anticipate those schools firing their basketball coach by the end of the weekend. And by the way, when did winning the Big Ten Championship Outright become such a minor accomplishment? When did IU fans begin dismissing Conference Championships as if it such a common occurrence?

    Good win for IU. Glad to see our two dinged up guys playing at full speed again. Beating the NBA’s D-team will be tough.

  6. Podunker, you always do this…you marshal together a few 1-game examples of programs losing as a way to justify IU’s failure, or preemptively make an excuse for an upcoming loss. Yet, if you open up a wider window than just one game or one, you see that the teams that you have mentioned have all had a way higher pattern of success than IU. If Crean had been half as successful as Scott Drew, Sean Miller and Gregg Marshall over the last few years, then the pressure wouldn’t be on him as much as it is right now. As it stands, however, he’s been nowhere close, so another tourney loss is a lot more damning of his abilities.

    Wichita St: 3 straight DEEP tournament runs
    Arizona: 3 Sweet Sixteens in last 4 years
    Baylor: 2 Elite Eights, a Sweet 16, and an NIT championship since 2009-2010

    (UCLA is coached by terrible Steve Alford, so you can’t include them in this list of teams who had a bad year but are otherwise elite)

  7. Winning the BIG under Delany’s handing of Crean the easiest BIG schedule in the history of IU is far from something stellar to claim a program is on the uptick.

    Never before will you find a schedule where all the teams with ‘banner tradition’ were collectively scheduled once each. It’s by no coincidence. MSU, Maryland, OSU, Michigan, and Purdue all only scheduled a singular match\-up….Even having a pair of the aforementioned programs scheduled twice likely mixes the standings drastically.

    If you are a Crean apologist, mail your checks to Delany….I highly doubt Alford has the Commissioner of the Pac-12 handing him scheduling gifts…They wanted Alford’s head before he was hired…Most UCLA alumni hate anything associated with Bob Knight. They likely hired him just for the joy of the future possibility of a lynching. Walton throws Alford a bunch of public politically correct kisses….? Yeah , right. Give me a break….Walton hates all things Knight….And he would no less hate a Knight disciple coming to his beloved Bruins….

  8. But I am elated to see Seahawk Tom no longer serving as a Crean apologist….

    Something changed for Seahawk…..Maybe it was just took repeated memory of Crean’s cheap tipping of restaurant servers…? Didn’t you once tell me he had such the reputation amongst servers, Seahawk? Was this when you were working for the Uptown Cafe? I’m pretty sure you also told me that he was about as personable as one of your nagging hemorrhoids. ..

  9. I think tomorrow Crean’s got a good chance to knock Calipari out. Kentucky struggled yesterday with a very scrappy Stony Brook. For much of the first half the game was tied and at a certain point the teams were six for forty in shooting. Then Kentucky ran away with the game right before half time on mental power alone (something that isn’t expected to be the forte of Chattanooga or a debutante like Stony Brook but always there for an Indiana or Kentucky team). Gregg Doyel wrote this three days ago and I didn’t see it in the Hoosier Mornings but maybe I didn’t look closely. A bit distressing, I think, and controversial. I maintain Kentucky is overrated. It is not what it was last season (when they lost to Wisconsin) or earlier. I mean, even UCLA, coached by terrible Steve Alford beat them. If Alford can do it why couldn’t Crean do it, eight seasons into his tenure?

    My prediction: Indiana 92 – Kentucky 68.

  10. So Steve Alford is failing because UCLA’s alumnus don’t like Bob Knight and are thwarting him on purpose?

    When is Hale Bopp coming back? Keep the sharp tools away from Harv.

  11. Great game last night. Hard not to love OG right now. He just does so much right. As good as he is, he’s the ultimate team player, too.

    Is there a worse dribbler on the planet earth than Troy Williams? Oh brother. What he does well, he does better than anyone. But when he gets that ball on the perimeter, his eyes get too big and can’t resist bouncing the ball like a near-sighted, water buffalo that wandered into a mine field.

    Troy, stop the bouncy bouncy. Back cuts, son!

  12. I think ‘alumnus’ is singular….not that I’m an expert.

    They hired him for brand recognition….IU should never make that same mistake. I’ve certainly never been an advocate for bringing Alford back to IU.. He had a nice jump shot. He was the Stephen Curry of short shorts…Cool customer on the basketball court. But long before you were blogging here, DD, I have thrown around many names with zero ties to IU/Knight as coaches I would have preferred over Crean or a Knight discipl…. Duke was granted the best of the disciples…

  13. For the record Alford’s UCLA beat Kentucky in December 87-77 when Kentucky was ranked #1 and undefeated. Alford’s stats this season are similar to Crean’s sixth season: 8th in the league and out in the first round of the PAC-12 tournament (which Alford nontheless won in his first season). Alford also won the B1G tournament with Iowa something Crean has not been able to do at Indiana in eight seasons (3-8 and 0.27). There is a Fire Alford banner flying over the campus at UCLA to have Steve Alford fired. Pretty much the same happened with Coach K at Duke after his third season there (1982–83, Duke, 11–17 conference record 3–11 (7th out of 8 teams)). If Crean loses tomorrow his seat will be hotter than Alford’s. Crean’s buyout isn’t what it used to be any more. Give him another award and ship him to Rutgers.

  14. Po, when DID winning the BIG by two games become such a commonplace occurrence, indeed?

    If my math is correct almost 17%, or 1/6, of ALL Indiana’s outright BIG championships have occurred in the last 4 years.

    RMK won 8 outright in 29 seasons for a rate of 27.6%. CTC has won 2 in 8 years for a rate of 25%. No allowance made for any issues in any particular seasons.

    Roy Williams has won 3 conference titles (the ACC does not recognize a regular season champion) in 13 years at UNC for a rate of 23%.

    No apologies, no opinions, just math.

  15. Gentleman I must say that CTC doesn’t play the game…you all act like he will choke at the free throw line with seconds to play…the young men play this game and our fate lies in their hands.

  16. Harvard, you are right, Crean did have a reputation for being a stingier tipper. Not in the Scottie “No TIppin” Pippen category, but nevertheless, not great. As far as his demeanor, the one time I served him, he was quiet and cordial, drank Diet Coke (surprise!), and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I remember as I delivered his drink, thinking back to you/Remora and the doctored images you loved to use with his droopy eyes and tongue sticking through his lips…to think about all the time spent by these nutty bloggers trying to tear him down, and there he was, having a chicken sandwich like the rest of us …..I felt a little bad, to be honest.

  17. The PAC 12 is also going down in flames as predicted.

    They went 1-3 and they were the higher seed in EVERY SINGLE GAME. There only win was as a 3 seed beating a 14 seed. Arizona lost to an 11 seed by double digits.

  18. RMK also won three more conference titles that were shared. Crean doesn’t have any of those. Since when is it logical to exclude conference titles from the stats if they are shared? And comparing RMK numbers in the B1G tourney with Crean’s is like saying that on the first two inches of their jump Troy Williams and Harrison Niego are tied.

  19. Because the entire topic began with a question about outright conference titles.


  20. “And by the way, when did winning the Big Ten Championship Outright become such a minor accomplishment?”

  21. Flames…? Many of these conference are top heavy….The BIG will likely go down the same. There was a lot of mediocrity parity in the BIG this season…..with a lower tier lower than in many a year. The teams at the bottom of the BIG his year made sludge look like drinking water.

    Look at how ‘bubble’ Syracuse is putting an absolute spanking on Dayton… Wow.

    Crean got the ideal match-up..Nobody will find room for ridicule in going down to mighty Kentucky..(though, as coachwrcorrectly pointed out, this is nothing near Calipari’s premier UK teams)…The style of play is similar to his greaser buddy..It will be a track meet and not a very tactical contest…The team that shoots the ball and controls their turnovers with the most success will likely win.

    Contrast that to Crean getting a Syracuse team was on the bubble this year and far less the squad our Hoosiers went down to in 2013….? Syracuse would have given Crean no less the fits this year. Playing UK is an apologists dream….UK has the reputation of the ‘elite’ talent rich team of the last five years. Calipari isn’t going to come at you with anything but the expected formula…These two nearly mirror each other ….other than the fact Calipari gets a much larger pool of the cream of the crop talent(no dark horses or experimental under the radar types) all with the right skill sets for the next level.

    We have a much higher chance of defeating UK than a Syracuse in a down year…And a loss will be hellaciousdemeaned as a badge of honor to the apologists. ..”Anybody can lose to the cheater….running his bait and tackle shop, ” The Establishment gave Crean just what he needed: the perceived hellacious road against Doyle’s “What Indiana wants to get back to.” What a bunch of hogwash…Indiana needs to get back to a far better coach than the guy running the NBA farm…That’s merely Crean’s greaser brother of another mother…..only with much more talent. Indiana needs to build from acumen outward rather than the couple pieces of NBA talent down to its dumber center. ..

  22. First off that’s not when the topic started. The discussion started earlier. What you quoted is one of two questions asked by Po. The other one was “When did IU fans begin dismissing Conference Championships as if it such a common occurrence?” Clearly that refers to you. Focus.

  23. oops…And a loss to UK will be to deemed as result of a hellacious opponent/seeding and seen as a badge of honor to the apologists.

  24. I have an idea. We have an entire offseason to complain about the head coach. God knows I have my reservations.

    Let’s talk about something a lot more interesting. Like the actual basketball tourney. We can talk about our currently still alive Hoosiers who played a pretty darn good basketball game yesterday and hopefully are in position to keep advancing.

    How about Thomas Bryant yesterday? He bounced back nicely after getting into early foul trouble. I thought Max came in and held his ground well for the most part while TB was on the bench. Max did have one pretty bad gaff where his man got behind him for an easy dunk.

    Hartman’s wrist is going to be a problem. He can’t shoot the ball at all with it. RJ getting well is really needed.

  25. DD-

    Without my many hits getting repeatedly spell checked, Dictionary.com is out of business.

  26. Chet- Run Knight’s “percentages” in his prime…We are experiencing Crean’s Sweet 16 prime..The man has been in coaching for almost 20 years…Do you honestly believe it’s going to hit a skyrocketing slope over the next 10 and dust what Bobby did in his first 20 years?

    For more fun, let’s compare MJ”s numbers while playing on the Wizards to what Seth Curry is doing in his prime….

    Crean’s Bunsen burner of current flickering greatness after 20 years ….is the aftermath sad glow in a cold dark Hoosier living room ….you apologize and must compare to the final hours and final Hall-of-Fame embers once in the hearth of coaching bonfire of roaring spit and flames like no other..

  27. DD, Yeah, Hartman’s wrist is a concern. He’s developed a pretty nice all around game but, without the the 3-ball, he’s just not the offensive threat we need. He did not look comfortable at all with his shot. Fortunately, the youngsters seem to be turning it up a notched.

    I’m a big fan of Bryant. While I agree with his teammates that he could use a little more ‘edge’ to his game the reality is there is only one basketball out there. It’s not like the Hoosiers are desperate for offensive options. When the opportunity presents itself he’s freakishly efficient.

    Bart, great stuff. You are obviously in tune with the universe.

    I’ve decided to just skip over the coachw posts unless they can get little smarter. They are just nonsensical and not worth my time.

  28. More Troy the Joy…..Less Yogi with his arrows and bow so showy…. Ro…Ro…Ro your Jo gently down the stream,…but it’s Thomas Bryant and Max Beilfeldt that must play quite supreme.

    And will Kenny Smith stop with the mispronunciation. ?

  29. That is awesome Harv…you can sure write a narrative that will explain everything…to bad Manson didn’t have you back in the sixties, he might have been writing hit songs and preaching the gospel instead of spending his life behind bars. I will give you your props…once you hate something you go to the ends of the earth proving the faithful wrong. Why didn’t you practice law Harv?

  30. Bloomington is a different animal…when IU loses its always the coach…when Purdue loses W. Lafayette is going nuts blaming the players.

  31. Bart, to be fair…it didn’t appear as though Painter was in any way involved in that game.

  32. You are completely wrong, Bart..Purdue fans are going after Painter fiercely…

    Unfortunate, I was around a few last night…They are taking no prisoners with Painter. They feel they had a team far too talent to lay an egg in the first round. I also heard quite a bit of chatter about having their best guard sitting on the bench in crucial moments.

    You really need to stop apologizing…All fans blame their coaches. It’s only Crean that screams of decimation and flunkies..and 19 F’s.. Plenty were blaming Mike Davis within two years of taking a team to a championship game…Can you please tell me when Tommy Bahama has taken a team to a championship game in his 20 years of coaching….?

  33. You are correct, Chet… Painter is getting a full onslaught of criticism. He left exhausted players on the court while leaving his only true point guard on the bench..( I didn’t watch..but that’s the chatter)…He was more than lost…Give that roster to any other coach in the BIG(other than the carnival booth operator) and that team dust Little Rock.

  34. Foooom!

    The PAC-12 loses yet another game to a lower seeded team. Not only did they get 7 teams into the tourney but all seven faced lower seeds in the first round, a courtesy that wasn’t extended to the Big Ten.

    That has got to be an NCAA record for losses to a lower seed in the first round by a single conference

    Obviously, tthe PAC-12 didn’t deserve 7 bids.

  35. I in no way hate Crean…I hate his standoffish posture and his false persona around the media. I hate the holier-than-thou untouchable walls of protection built on collusive arrangements with an AD… I firmly dislike the exhausting amount of apologizing for soft scheduling and the continual focus of dropping a couple NBA players into the league making for a good college coach. I know why he received COY.. Take a truly honest look at that schedule…..It was a gift. I guess he deserves the COY for not stubbing his toe on the biggest broken chair leg ever presented in front of his face.

  36. Not sure if you’re talking about Cal, Chet…They lost their star player on the eve to the tournament.

    MSU, the pride of the BIG, is in quite a battle….against a 15 seed. Yikes. They have a half to turn it around…We’ll see.

  37. The #2 Spartans down 62-53 nine minutes into the second half to #15 Middle Tenn St. The largest MTSU lead thus far: 13. The largest MSU lead so far: 0. Does not look good at all for the B1G team.

  38. Fooom-fooom-fooom….and the roof collapses…

    Another PAC-12 loss to a lower seeded team. This time losing to a 13th seeded team that had never won an NCAA tournament game…by double digits. That’s 1-5.

    That’s absolutely an NCAA record for first round losses to lower seeded teams by a conference..

    If MSU can get it together and pull out the win my brackets are doing just fine.

  39. Wow. MSU is getting creamed off the dribble today. Help D is nonexistent.

    I’ve only had one miss on my bracket. I have MSU in the FF. This would kill me!!!

  40. Ok so I’m an apologist because I believe players decide the game and most coaching is overrated.
    Purdue had a history of giving up leads late in games because they didn’t have a point guard that had the trust of the team and coach.

  41. MSU looks just awful and Middle Tenn is shooting over 60% from the three. Not a good combination.

    If the PAC-12 can pull off a win against a 16 seed they will advance 2 teams, out of 7, despite ridiculously high seeds given them.

  42. Madness baby. MSU doesn’t deserve this game. Getting outplayed in every aspect of the game today. Screw my bracket. This is tremendous.

  43. Valentine just can’t do it all by himself…down five with 29.7 remaining. Where does this put Izzo? Only 1 banner with all those final 4 appearances and now a first round lose.

  44. Didn’t Bart have MSU winning it all…Insert large whoopee cushion sound here….lol. There’s your COY Big 10 conference…I told you kids months ago that the conference was down.

  45. For a while, Upshaw looked like Shawshank Redemption at the charity stripe.

  46. I think Chattanooga could have blown that Middle Tennessee team off the court….(insert apologist whoopee cushion sound here)…hee-hee.

  47. DD, I’m with you. The MSU loss hurts my bracket but they didn’t deserve to win. I doubt they can repeat that 3 point shooting performance, though.

    Assuming Oregon can beat a 16 seed (not a given for that over hyped conference) I will have gotten ever PAC-12 game correct. Doing pretty good on Big 12 games. MSU was the only one I’ve missed so far in the Big Ten games.

    Does anyone still think the PAC-12 is better than the Big Ten? They haven’t shown it on the court.

  48. Eye test…..There is way in hell Middle Tennessee was a 15 seed if Chattanooga is a 12. Izzo got a horrible draw of a grossly mis-seeded team…Crean got a gift. as the Establishment prepares to eternally bury us with his Naismith award.

  49. Add Izzo and Smith together and they equal Knight’s three championships…..Sounds about right.

    What I’ve always found most impressive about Knight is that of the five trips, he and the Hoosiers won 3…Without the bogus foul against Downing in ’73,, it’s most likely 4 titles for Knight…Without May’s broken wrist…..it’s likely five titles….But injuries and bad calls are all part of it, I guess.

  50. Am I the only one that didn’t have MSU in the Elite 8 or beyond….? I actually didn’t even have them getting to the Sweet 16..I had Syracuse taking them down in the round of 32.

    I do believe I said the BIG would be challenged to put one team in the Sweet 16…I said that team would likely be Iowa….We’ll see…We’ll see.

  51. Michigan State’s Athletic Director must be calling the Executive Recruiters as I type this. Surely they’re looking to replace Izzo now that his team was ousted by a mid-major team in the first round of the big dance. Failed to win the Big Ten Championship and lost in the first round of the tourney. That’s the Crean-haters’ criteria for firing the coach, right? Oh, that’s right, MSU won the Big Ten Conference Tournament.

    A few other points:
    * Some people confuse mocking Crean’s critics with apologizing. There is no need to apologize for Crean. Absolutely nothing at all. He lead IU to the Outright Big Ten Championship for the second time in four seasons.
    * Any suggestion that Crean’s “seat will get very hot” if IU loses tomorrow is especially absurd after MSU lost to MTSU today. A lot of very good and accomplished coaches lost in the first round of this year’s tournament. Even though the Crean-haters are gleeful at the thought of Crean getting fired soon, it’s not going to happen any time soon. Kind of hard to justify firing a coach who just won the Big Ten Championship.
    * Which is better, winning the Outright Big Ten Championship and losing in the first round of the Conference Tournament, or winning The Big Ten Tournament and losing in the first round of the NCAA Championship?

    And SeahawkTom, you completely misunderstand the purpose for my first post on this string. You missed it by a mile.

  52. Spanked by MSU in East Lansing…..? Only played MSU, Michigan, OSU, Maryland, and Purdue once each? UNPRECEDENTED to get every one of those aforementioned teams (other than the in-state rival we should always play twice) of historic NCAA banner traditions (outside of our very 5 banners in McCracken) only once each….If that schedule is handed to Dakich he could even look like a coach.

    No need to apologize,…Delany and his NC ‘Expansionist’ Manhattan bros already did.

  53. Well, in defense of Izzo and other Big Ten coaches, the young men who play for Big Ten teams do have to least attempt to pursue academics. I think it is safe to say that with the exception of a short period when Sampson coached IU, most Big Ten basketball players have to be real students. The Big Ten is not The Ivy League, but unlike some other conferences, it does require its varsity athletes to be actual students. Kentucky’s best players are not burdened by such requirements (although I’m sure Calipari’s bench has a few players who go to class). North Carolina’s major academic cheating scandal has come into the light, Louisville’s recruits get a one-day course in human sexuality conducted by hookers, and Syracuse got busted big time. So let’s keep in mind that while far from perfect, The Big Ten does try to honor and advance the concept of “student-athlete,” at least more so than some of the other conferences who are traditionally strong in Basketball. Until the NBA rejects the absurd one-and-done policy, Big Ten teams will be at a disadvantage over conferences whose schools give lip service to academics.

  54. I should get Coach of the Year….hee-hee…..I keep the apologists so fired up that they absolutely must feed this stuff to all Hoosiers regularly riding in the backseat of Bart’s cab. The chip on the shoulder I have given Crean and his choir must be undoubtedly pushing this team to set the bar higher. I’m putting PED’s(performance enhancing doubt) in that ‘chip’ like Lance Armstrong a needle in his hip….

    You’re welcome, Team Apologists.

  55. Here we go…Now it’s academics…Never heard that one as an excuse for all the toe-tripping Laskowski’s Knight had to take to Final Fours….Gee….Maybe the drought a mere few years longer(Davis inherited his next great “academic” team) then most of his Final Four trips was all because of academics.constraining a process getting more and more corrupted with the Calipar’s of the world….?

    More apologizing…..Endless apologizing…Endless defeatism for Tom Crean.

  56. Endless delusions from Harvard. Obviously it is a chronic condition. Apologizing for someone who is a finalist for National Coach of The Year? LOL!

  57. Can one even begin to fathom the number of banners Knight would have brought to IU without the constraints of academics one his highest priorities….? He would have dusted Kentucky like Secretariat the rest of the field in the Derby,. Three banners in the southern hills of Indiana and with those academic constraints…? It’s really beyond amazing…and very easy to understand why Crean wants to hold his palm. Sorry, Tom…The magic doesn’t rub off.

  58. Po, you were spot on in your last two posts.

    Actual CTC ‘apologists’ are slightly less common than Bigfoot sightings. Whenever someone dares post something as meaningless as his actual record some…hmmm…’critic’ will call them an ‘apologist’. Pointing out that April follows March does not make one an ‘April apologist’. His critics on the Scoop point to more meaningful downfalls such as the damning fact that he claps his hands on the sidelines (this is actually one of the more frequent criticisms). That’s some high caliber debating skills ya got there, Tex.

    Instead of ‘apologist’ I think ‘terrorist’ would be more consistent with the general tone.

    Regarding the academics, I always enjoy reading about our players not only graduating but getting masters degrees during their time in Bloomington.

  59. Po,
    One more thing. I’ve been on the fence about CTC for a couple of years. I was really not happy with him as the conference season commenced. But…he produced. You just can’t argue with results. Record books don’t have an opinion section. I really like the young guys he brought in.

    Much like the events of this year’s election cycle, when I hear someone yelling nonsense into a megaphone, it it makes me feel pretty confident about my own decisions.

  60. Harv is going to need Morgan’s shoulder brace from patting himself on the back so much.

  61. All Crean, All day….

    I heard there was a basketball tournament playing right now.

  62. Green Bay and A&M is one of the strangest games I have ever seen. If GB could settle down on offense they could be really good.

  63. Kind of hard to justify firing a coach who just won [Coach of the Year].

    Avery Johnson won COY with Dallas Mavericks for the 2005-06 season, was fired April 30, 2008. Sam Mitchell won 2006-07 COY with Toronto Raptors was fired on Dec. 3, 2008. Byron Scott won 2007-08 COY with New Orleans Hornets and only lasted in his position until Nov. 12, 2009 when he was fired. Mike Brown was 2008-09 COY with Cleveland Cavaliers and one year later (May 24, 2010) he was fired. George Karl won the 2012-13 COY with Denver Nuggets and was fired shortly thereafter (June 6, 2013).

    Predicting “an early exit from the NCAA tournament” for COY Crean makes you an apologist.

  64. Bob Huggins is a helluva basketball coach. I think he brings a little too much baggage for a high profile program to show a lot of interest but the guy can coach.

  65. Let’s take a look at some of the recipients of the B1G COY award in perspective:

    Matt Painter is 3x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2008, 2010, 2011)
    Tom Izzo is 3x Big Ten Coach of the Year (1998, 2009, 2012)
    Bo Ryan is 4x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2002, 2003, 2013, 2015)
    Thad Matta is 3x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2006, 2007, 2010)
    Tim Miles is 1x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2014, by its peers)
    Tom Crean is 1x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2016)
    Bruce Weber is 1x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2005)
    Mark Turgeon is 1x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2015)
    John Beilein is 1x Big Ten Coach of the Year (2014, media)
    Gene Keady is 7x Big Ten Coach of the Year (1984, 1988, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000)
    Bob Knight is 8× Big Ten Coach of the Year (1973, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1989, 1992, 1993)

    So Tom Crean is somewhere between Tim Miles and Bruce Weber… Oh the prestige, the glory and fame!

    Does not seem so un-fireable to me — especially if he loses to the overrated Kentucks tomorrow.

  66. Lets say that IU fires CTC if we lose tomorrow by like 20 points….what decent coach in their right mind would want to come to IU. Please don’t give me that we are IU crap because we haven’t hung a banner since 87 so our luster isn’t the same. CTC will finish out his contract here and the haters will hate him and the next coach as well because that’s what we do.

  67. Ok everyone. I’m out for the weekend. Too much Crean, not enough actual basketball (thanks for the attempt Chet).

    Cheers all. Go Hoosiers.

  68. My apologies to Bob Huggins. I made the mistake of voicing my opinion before all the scores were in as seems to be the accepted fashion.

    I doomed him.

  69. Bart, Crean won’t be fired. I just said he’d be on the hot seat if we lose to Kentucky (we won’t though).

    Being B1G COY is no insurance. Here’s an example:

    In 2005 Illinois’ Bruce Weber became the first coach in Big Ten history to earn Coach of the Year from eight national media organizations. He was named National Coach of the Year by the Associated Press, Basketball Times, CBS/Chevrolet, Naismith, NABC, Rupp Cup, The Sporting News and USBWA, marking only the fifth time a Big Ten coach has been honored by four or more national media organizations.

    OK, now my turn: Where is Bruce Weber now?

  70. Bart,
    Can you imagine if a coach came to IU and he produced Bobby Knight’s last decade or so with the same behavior he demonstrated at the time?

    The haters wouldn’t want him fired, they’d want him imprisoned.

  71. Harv, you know I love you. But this whole unprecedentedly easy, conspiratorial conference schedule shtuff you keep pushing is rather bogus? Did we have an extremely advantageous schedule? Yes. But we took care of business 15 of the 18 games, many of them in impressive fashion. And we just as easily could have gone 17-1 as 12-6. But that’s beside the point.

    When Maryland and Rutgers joined, it necessitated unbalanced scheduling. There were always going to be years where we (and every other team) got a brutal schedule, and others where it was more manageable. Hence the term unbalanced. But to suggest this was a conspiracy ignores the fact that when we expanded to 14 teams, Maryland was coming off three straight years without a tournament appearance (and lost half their team to transfers). Nobody expected them to be as good as they were these last two years. Purdue was coming off two straight losing seasons and a last place finish in the B1G. Illinois (who we played twice this year) was coming off a year with a tournament win and some time spent ranked in the top ten. Nebraska was coming off an NIT run with some great underclassmen, was especially tough at home, and had a bright future. They were supposed to be pretty good this year, too. (We played them twice.)

    Indiana was a year removed from a #1 ranking, but coming off an extremely disappointing season. And according to most of the fan base, we were only going to get worse with this clown coach.

    So what do the schedulers do? How do you set up a rotation that makes it equitably competitive every year? (Hint: without a crystal ball, you can’t.). Will you be calling it another conspiracy when– based on the schedule rotation set up in 2013– in a few years we play all the powerhouses twice and face the bottom feeders only once? Or will that not be an excuse for a subpar season?

  72. I just love watching some of these guys that I have never watched or even heard of play with such heart. This tournament makes these young men fearless.

  73. Punjab…it’s not just bogus its libel and malicious!

    Risks Associated With Publication
    Every time you publish something online, whether it’s a news article, blog post, podcast, video, or even a user comment, you open yourself up to potential legal liability. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise because the Internet, after all, is available to anyone who wishes to connect to the network, and even the smallest blog or most obscure discussion forum has the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.
    Often the legal risks are small, but not always. The risks you could face when you publish online can take a number of forms, depending on what and how you publish. The sections that follow are not intended to make you an expert on media law, but merely to help you identify potential “red flags” so that when you publish something that might result in liability, you will know to be extra careful and will take the necessary steps to minimize your potential legal risks.
    Let’s start with the more obvious risks.
    First, if you publish information that harms the reputation of another person, group, or organization, or inflicts emotional distress upon another person, you may be liable for “defamation” or “false light.” Defamation is the term for a legal claim involving injury to reputation caused by false statements of fact and includes both libel (typically written or recorded statements) and slander (typically spoken statements)
    The numerous post implying that the B1G commissioner and the IU athletic department conspired to give IU an easy schedule is libel.

  74. Bart, you lose most of those protections as a ‘public figure’.

    Punjab, when you say ‘unbalanced’…

  75. Bobby Knight’s last decade does not exist without the previous two. Taking them separately is absurd.

    I really couldn’t care less about Weber. He’s like Tom Crean (only with more national awards): a clown.

  76. In cases involving public officials, public figures or matters of public concern, a plaintiff must prove that the statement was false. In cases involving matters of purely private concern, in many states the burden of proving truth is on the defendant. This is not to say that every detail you publish must be perfectly accurate to avoid liability. If you get a few minor details wrong, this will not necessarily negate the truth of what you say so long as the statement at issue is substantially true.

  77. Not sure if I’m in the minority here. I actually root for all Big Ten teams in the tournament (provided, of course, they aren’t playing us…) I prefer conference pride over rivalry hatred. So the Purdue and MSU losses hurt. Plus it ruins my narrative that the Big 12 and Pac-12 were sorely overrated and the Big Ten under-appreciated.

    When it comes to conference superiority, I’m looking pretty good on the former, but the historical loss (I had MSU winning it all) takes a steaming dump on my argument for the latter. At least the rest of the conference has looked pretty solid.

  78. Verne Lunquist needs to retire…he said that Dan Dakich was a member of the undefeated 76 team.

  79. Cut Verne some slack. A) he’s a football guy and B) once guarding MJ is almost the same as playing on an undefeated National Championship. Right?

  80. Not trying to get ahead of myself, but I just realized that the WVU loss means if IU is able win two monster games, we would likely face Remy and Xavier with the Final Four on the line. Juicy.

  81. Dakich was on the 1981 team so he has a national championship (and a runner-up NIT trophy too, lost to UCLA 62-65 in 1985 final). Further more I am sure Chet would be quick to point out that as a head coach his B1G numbers are clearly superior to Crean (0.60 to 0.44) …

  82. Zak Irvin folded in the clutch for Michigan tonight. Michigan just looked lost when it got tight.

  83. Ha. Hence the specificity of “undefeated National Championship.” Focus.

    Only kidding. I actually have no beef with Dakich. I generally enjoy his commentary, although he can be a bit pompous at times. (And I wouldn’t want him calling my game on national television if he were my dad. As much as he tries, it seems like he has a hard time distinguishing between when he’s on the mic and when he’s in driveway. Or maybe he just doesn’t try…)

  84. I myself am having a hard time distinguishing between how much of this tournament is March magic, and how much is just teams folding down the stretch. There seem to be more comebacks and blown leads than any tournament I can remember. Some of it is coaching, some of it is players/teams stepping up in the clutch, and some of it almost feels like divine intervention.

    Either way, it’s damn fun to watch. Unless you’re on the side that crumbles.

  85. Go VO. If Victor can stay healthy he’s got an amazing skill set. He also has always seemed to have his head in the right place.

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