Indiana beats Kentucky to book trip to Sweet 16 #iubb

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Hoosiers are heading to the Sweet Sixteen.

Despite a short bench and a late Kentucky push, Indiana held off the Wildcats 73-67 in a second-round thriller on Saturday evening at Wells Fargo Arena.

Thomas Bryant led Indiana with 19 points, Yogi Ferrell added 18 and Troy Williams finished with 13 for the Hoosiers, who will face the winner of North Carolina and Providence next weekend in Philadelphia.

Indiana held a 33-32 halftime lead despite an uneven start to the afternoon. The Hoosiers hit only three of their first 11 3-pointers, while watching Yogi Ferrell struggle to find traction. Troy Williams was tasked with initiating much of Indiana’s early offense, with gave IU more of a one-on-one flavor. Williams scored nine of his 13 points in the first half.

Indiana lost Robert Johnson late in the opening half. Johnson went down at the top of the key, grabbing the same left ankle which he previously sprained on Feb. 20. Saturday was only Johnson’s second game back since the original injury.

Unfortunately for Indiana, Johnson wasn’t the only one to go down. The Hoosiers saw OG Anunoby (ankle) and Juwan Morgan (shoulder) leave the floor in succession midway through the second half. Only Anunoby returned.

Despite a rapidly thinning bench, Indiana locked into a tie at 50-all at the under-8 media timeout. The Hoosiers tied their largest lead of the day when Williams drove and dished to Anunoby, who sank a corner 3-pointer to put the Hoosiers ahead 56-50 at the 6:53 mark. Ferrell made an eight-point advantage moments later with a pull-up jumper near the elbow. Then, just before the final media timeout, Nick Zeisloft found Bryant cutting from the wing, sent in a pass and watched Bryant leap for an uncontested dunk between two idle Kentucky defenders.

Bryant’s dunk made it a 62-52 Indiana lead with 4:10 remaining in regulation.

Kentucky whittled away at that Indiana advantage down the stretch, and caught a break with 36 seconds remaining when Williams fouled Ulis on a corner 3 attempt. Ulis made all three free throws to get the Wildcats within 68-65.

On the ensuing possession, Alex Poythress fouled Bryant, who made only one of his two shots to boost Indiana to a four-point lead. Poythress drew a foul with 11.3 seconds and made both shots.

On the inbounds, Max Bielfeldt found Bryant and he was fouled immediately. Bryant redeemed himself at the line by hitting both free throws to return the Hoosiers to a four-point advantage.

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  1. Congrats to Tom Crean…We’ll have him for a very, very long time. Don’t ever wish for something too much, you might just get it.

    The theme of the day was outside this ragged game…The theme was how two very petty men, stole this rivalry from the fans for nothing other than their miniscule protection of selfish egos.

    Aside from the small men that coach both of these storied programs, great win for the players. Thomas Bryant was a joy to watch. And Yogi never forced anything. He let the game come to him…True leadership.

    This is likely where we’ll top out….That was not your UK team of the past few years…Very poor shooting team.

  2. Calipari was right. Any SEC team that can take the Big Ten Champ down to the wire, should be a 2 or 3 seed.

  3. One quick comment then I’m back out.

    Congrats Hoosiers! You truly played your hearts out today. Grit and toughness. Our freshman are hitting their stride and we’re going to need ’em.

    Let’s beat [insert winner of UNC/Providence here]. 🙂

  4. Gotta say, I was totally wrong about the feeling I had about this game. Time to eat some crow. What a win! I’d also like to say that reverse psychology is the best technique for getting your team to win big games….

  5. Lol Seahawk Tom!

    There is a pic floating around Twitter showing Tyler Ulis flipping off the crowd as he was leaving the arena. If that’s true I will lose a great deal of respect for the “All American”

  6. hoosierjc, Absolutely, the SEC is a juggernaut. An A&M win tomorrow will leave them with one team still in the tournament now that the Big Ten champ just beat their regular season co-champ and their tournament champ.

    Obviously, the SEC is tough from top to bottom.

  7. Sorry harvard for hillbillies (im sorry cant type it without laughing)but this team has a look of a final 4 team

  8. A victory for a team that won on Grit and Real Desire. The number of I U players lost to injury today, I was amazed that I U won the game. OG blocked more shots today than the whole KY team.

  9. Biggest win Crean’s had for sure! I have to say, he’s learned a lot this year. Drew up a few plays that worked, settled into a real formidable rotation and taught some defense. Progress!

    We outshot them, more FTs, more 3s, more assists & less TOs. We just didn’t win the boards but we were just tough enough. Especially tough considering 3 injuries in a 5 min. span yet still played hard the whole way.

    Two freshman & a senior won this game. Troy had some great plays, nullified by several bonehead plays. Every 3 he takes is a bonehead play. He was nothing more than neutral today.

    We have an extra day to heal-up now and we REALLY need RoJo to comeback for the next match-up. We can beat UNC just like we beat KY. We’re gonna be a tough out!!!

  10. Yes, a great win by a gritty and tough-minded group of young men who really love each other. Oh how it must burn Kentucky fans and Crean-haters to see all those McDonalds All-Americans lose to a team with under-recruited players, transfers, and walk-ons, several of which were playing with injuries.

    Regardless of whether IU wins another game this season or not, today’s victory ends the debate about Crean’s coaching ability. Tom Crean is a very good basketball coach.

    But of course, there are still some people out there who write comments like this: “The theme was how two very petty men, stole this rivalry from the fans for nothing other than their miniscule protection of selfish egos.” I know the Crean-haters are devastated by today’s IU victory, but how ridiculous can a person get?

  11. AWinAZ, it was a big win, but not Crean’s biggest win since coming to IU. Off the top of my head I’d say the win at Michigan in 13 to secure the Outright Big Ten Championship and IU’s win over Kentucky in Bloomington were both bigger wins, because they signaled that IU basketball was nationally relevant again. Today’s win was big, but those two wins were HUGE!

  12. Seahawk- I’m eating a murder of crows. That being said, your Huskies could have taken down that UK team today. But credit to the Hoosiers…The more adversity, the more they’ve stepped up and come together…I said it a week ago…This bunch is very strong at the core….

    Sticking with ‘Troy the Joy’….made this Crean’s shining moment… He could have easily overreacted(allowing himself to cave to the many criticisms that have come Williams’s way) when Troy was attempting to do too much. Troy is the ‘it factor’ guy that other teams have no answer…Crean did not abandon his belief in sticking with him and it paid big dividends. Time for dinner.

    Now it is time to build the ‘Great Wall’….I would never allow that bag of turds, Calipari, to ever play us again. Let them have a far longer taste of a Hoosier bitch-slapping than what they stubbornly made us wait for our rematch……Make them wait until their genius of NBA farm league is gone.

  13. Emmit Holt was at the game cheering on the Hoosiers. Crean gave him a hug after the game.

  14. I saw a lot of huddling and instruction coming from Chuck Martin….Crean was wise to find Chuck Martin…The drawing board has been drastically changed…Almost as wise as kicking off Davis to pick up Beilfeldt Happenstance falling out of the sky….soundly anchoring this team with more Midwestern confidence/grit and leadership….Way more savvy on this team than when it was built on Ambi-Stan and “My name is California Nylons and that’s all you need to know.” Walk-on’s from Illinois showed no signs of being intimidated by mighty Kentucky. Yogi looked a bit out of sorts early, but the abundance of steadfast Midwestern kids settles this team collectively.

  15. Vital win for our program. Maybe those who predicted “an early exit from the tournament” will spend some time reflecting quietly on what they said. Four more wins! It’s possible. Very hard but possible, plausible even.

    In one of the first years (maybe months?) of his tenure at IU Tom Crean got a phone call on his show and the caller told him right away that Indiana basketball is extremely important to him. I’m paraphrasing here but the caller made it very clear that IU basketball was like religion to him. Tom Crean’s answer was correct but utterly disappointing: he told the guy that there were (or should be) far more important things for that guy like that guy’s health or family or that guy’s family’s health because basketball is just a game etc. So Crean dismissed him gently by telling him to re-examine his life’s priorities and then moved on to another caller. The irony was that that guy’s raison d’être (that he so callously dismissed) was the very reason Crean himself was able to provide for his own family. In just a few seconds Tom Crean revealed himself, distant and incurious, to be completely impervious of his own raison d’être, here in Indiana. Time passed. For seven years Tom Crean said and did what he thought were the right words and the right things his job description required him to say and do, and none did seem to move him any closer to a deeper understanding. Increasingly hollow and disconnected they sounded and felt and after seven seasons, as this season was about to start, the prospect of losing his job became real, actually frightening real after the B1G-ACC challenge game in Durham. After that game Crean started coaching for his life. I mean even the apologists on his blog had turned against him. For the first time ever he truly felt the burning truth that that early caller had tried to convey (for free) to him as Crean was starting his tenure in Bloomington. It took Crean seven years but in the end he found out the hard way: in Indiana basketball is far more than a game.

    And as I saw Tom Crean choking today live after the game “I don’t want to stop coaching this team, I don’t want to stop coaching this team!” I knew that on account of that feeling alone he now knows what it means to be a Hoosier. He now feels the pain every game. He looks it too, increasingly devoured from the inside as he seems. I disagree with Harvard that we’ll have him for a long, long time… Crean might decide that it is not worth his health or his family’s health, or he might want to dedicate himself more to his family, all of this would be completely understandable. But should he choose to stay I think he now finally has a clear and complete understanding of the job he signed for eight years ago next month (April 2nd, as Harvard pointed out, falls in Houston this year). So that I think is important.

  16. The theme of the stolen rivalry from the fans has actually been the theme for most of the week…It’s been the topic on numerous ESPN shows like ‘First Take’…It’s the topic during color commentary within the game…It was the topic at halftime with CBS analysts(Barkley and the NCAA coverage team)…. It’s a round of 32 win…but both of those men(and their AD’s) should be ashamed of stealing a rivalry nearly 100 years old.

    Deny it all you want, it was the theme. But as I said above, now we lock them out and make them taste this one for a very long time.

  17. A Crean retrospective: 8 years; years 1-2-3, climbing out of the abyss with class and integrity; year 4 a Sweet Sixteen; year 5 a B1G Championship and a Sweet Sixteen; year 6 a big disappointment; year 7 in the NCAA but no wins; year 8 a B1G Championship and a Sweet Sixteen and hoping for more! Let’s win the next 2 games! GO IU!!

  18. Congrats Hoosiers! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Yogi stay patient, even though it must have been killing him to watch Ulis trying to take over the game. Amazing how far our freshman have come, and how incredibly important they are to our success. OG’s impact is just immeasurable. He is easily the 2nd most important player on the roster. I have no idea how we survived Troy today. I try really hard not to swear in front of my kid, and I was able to keep it a couple s-words until he went down to bed… After that I couldn’t contain the expletives when he made another awful, bone-headed play. He needs to tone it way down for the UNC(?) game.

    Coachw – great post.

  19. Coachw, awesome post. Thank you.

    Watching live, I rewound Crean’s post-game interview because I thought it, too, was awesome. Between that and his locker room speech after Iowa, it gave me hope that he’s finally turned the corner. It’s not just salesmanship anymore. He seems truly in-tune and invested now. (He even wore a red and white checkered shirt!) Most of us have seen glimpses before, however fleeting it may have been at times. Hopefully he has finally evolved into the coach we wanted all along.

    Great win. UK didn’t have their best shooting night, but neither did we. And the injuries gave us every excuse to cave. But our boys stood tall. I’m not ready to guarantee a banner or even a Final Four, but I’d be more shocked by an ugly loss than a Championship going forward. These Hoosiers have something special about them.

  20. I agree with coachw except for one thing…I think CTC changed before the season…no tie, less pacing, no Twitter. He might of just said to himself to “close the mechanism” which is a quote from The Love of the Game.
    If CTC does step down that will be 2 coaches since RMK that have stepped down because of the intense pressure that our fan base places on the head coach. What does that say about Hoosier hospitality…what does that tell everyone in the college basketball world? I understand that all coaches have big egos but if you were a young coach with young children would you want this pressure? How much does this job age a man? Coaching under the magnifying glass has to change you and your life and maybe not in a good way. It certainly limits our future prospects because the next coach will have to be able to recuit in this state, be young enough to have a bright future ahead, and have very thick skin. Not to mention they must have a high basketball IQ and understand that we don’t cheat.

    Why does Mark Few stay at Gonzaga? He is comfortable and knows he can make it the big dance without much effort. I just think we are limited on type of coach that wants to battle everyday of his coaching life knowing that the faithful will only except a banner.

  21. As I reflect, this game came down to 2 freshman & 3 seniors. We have Bielfeldt who is in his 5th season, 4 of which they’d been in the tournament. His interview on Video: speaks volumes. The collective experience of Yogi, Blfdlt, & Ziesloft is huge.

    We have great depth, a great point guard, and these 3 Srs. I like our chances. Games from now anyone can win with a good night. And we need to be that team.

  22. coachw, Harvard, Bart, Chet, Geoff, Double, Punjab…all good posts. There has been some evolution in Crean, but let’s remember he’s still 3 wins away from merely achieving what Mike Davis did.

    Still, I’m impressed. This was a special win against a hated rival, regardless of how weak this UK team was compared to past ones. I’m sure they are throwing conniption fits in Lexington right now.

  23. I always thought the PAC-12 was way over hyped but I didn’t realize they just suck. If Oregon wins the tournament it demonstrates that the PAC-12 has one good team this year.

    That has got to be the worst beating an 11 seed has ever laid on a 3 seed. How did they get a 3 seed? If the committee is watching the tournament next year the PAC-12 champ should be a 6 seed if IU was a 5 this year.

    This has got to be the worst performance the selection committee has ever done on seeding.

  24. I was scratching my head over what you said Chet when I realized you were talking about Utah. Still adjusting to them being a “Pacific” team.

    Nice to see the Spurs handle the Warriors tonight. Extra basketball bonus following a great IU win. I thought that the Warriors were invincible against elite teams and could only lose to teams in last place.

  25. Yeah, Utah seems a strange program for the PAC-12. Geographically I can see it but they just seem an odd fit.

  26. I’ll have to thoroughly read coachw’s post…I really have very little patience for overly lengthy posts….I tend to just skim…There was something about a caller and how Crean has walked on water…I think that’s pretty much the gist…

    I don’t know why I put UK in the Final Four…They weren’t very impressive all year…They started to get on somewhat of a roll….I didn’t realize they were so reliant on just a couple guys. Their point guard is pretty damn special..I felt sorta bad for the UK female tuba player the cameras kept showing at the end…..She was crushed….Hit me more than Crean’s infatuation with himself causing him to artificially choke up a bit.

    Geoff sure doesn’t like Troy Williams…This team would have a chance without Troy the Joy….

    Pressure…? These guys make millions…I have no sympathy for the pressure…There are plenty of people in this world barely able to make ends meet with bosses dangling an ax to remind just how quickly they’ll bring in a new hire at even less money.

  27. Geoff, if OG is the second most important player right now, Troy is a very close third. His ball-handling and shooting have made tremendous progress this year (though tonight wasn’t his best night, for sure.). To me, the biggest thing holding him back is that thin line between playing aggressive and playing wreckless.

    That said, his ability to rebound and create are critical when we’re not hitting from deep. I’ll take a wreckless 18 points so long as it’s a net positive gain. (Which is not always a given…)

  28. Say what you will, but those more casual fans that haven’t watched IU Basketball for a very long time would expect a lot more Hartman’s than a crazy gifted athletic havoc creator like Troy Williams…There was a lot of bitching about drawing UK and UNC in the same bracket…but these programs draw massive national attention…That sort of massive attention puts Indiana under some very bright lights you don’t get by playing Providence…or Wichita State..

    Absolutely love Thomas Bryant’s moxie….He was a boatload of fun to watch in this game…He looks crazy awkward sometimes….and then he’ll so something spectacular to get the real raise of an eyebrow…I bet he picked up a lot of followers tonight…They’ll be tuning in again to watch Troy & Thomas….Reckless and fun sell a lot of tickets under the big top… It may not be pure to the all the armchair coaches, but the viewers love guys like this…And it’s the landing of these Jekyll and Hyde guys that gives the team a bit of an ‘underdog’ appeal because of a humanness that all who sometimes stumble in life can closely relate…Yet, we’d like to believe we all are just on the cusp of doing something very memorable and special. To be flawlessly good as Steph Curry can become so godlike as to bore us.

  29. Troy has the skills (well, ball handling could use work). He is the kind of player that, should he put it all together, could make the Hoosiers a title contender. Barring injuries, my gosh this is a team with boatloads of talent. There are 8 or 9 guys who could just light you up. There’s not a guy out there that a defender can cheat off of to double another player on D.

    Gonna be an interesting matchup with Carolina. There will be lots of talented basketball players on the floor.

    If the Hoosiers down the Wildcats and the Heels in consecutive games it will sound like driving over bubble wrap with all the little heads exploding.

  30. Interesting tidbits: so far everybody in the Sweet Sixteen except for Miami was ranked top 15 to start the season. The lone holdouts so far: Kentucky, MSU, Wichita State (who nearly completed an amazing comeback against Miami), and two Pac-12 schools who don’t even deserve mention. Maryland, Oklahoma, and ‘Nova round out the pre-season top 15, and all play tomorrow.

    For all the parity throughout the year, and for all the craziness of the first round, the pundits mostly got it right after all.

  31. I’m too tired to check but I don’t remember as many lower seeds winning as this year. I don’t think they were upsets, I think it was just poor seeding

  32. Chet, I recall several times over the last several weeks where Troy was able to cross over and split defenders on the way to the rim. Three months ago that probably would have been a turnover >7 times out of 10, but he was making that move with a controlled consistency.

    Now maybe it’s just selective memory on my part– or dumb luck on Troy’s–but by and large he’s much more reliable with his ball-handling than he was. (I say that even though I still held my breath whenever he was at the top of the key in the closing minutes vs Kentucky…) Not saying it’s not still an area of concern, but it seems to be a part of his game he has put a lot of work into.

  33. Serious dissing by the pundits. The CBS guys were just commenting that Thomas Bryant was the only front court player who can match up with UNC.

    Wonder how Troy feels about that?

  34. If Crean and the Hoosiers win it all, here’s the upcoming Scoop party for Harvard…..until i run into Chet’s sexy legs.

  35. Wally Szczerbiak looks uncomfortably like a vampire. At the very least he’s Morticia Addams younger brother.

  36. I repeat (just in case it didn’t sink in)… Knight’s win percentage in the NCAA tournament (45-25, .643) over 28 years is higher than Crean’s normal day at the office(.602).

    There’s a big problem with the statement above although I understand it was made in very good faith. Crean’s win percentage (at Indiana) in the NCAA tournament is now higher than both: 6-3 (0.66%). It would have been so much better to compare apples with apples instead: Knight was 662–239 (.735) at Indiana overall and 353–151 (.700) in conference play. If we look at Crean, the first thing that jumps out is that Crean has yet to coach a total number of games for Indiana (64–80, 144 in total) that would equal just the number of games Knight lost (151). From this it’s clear that any attempt to bring the two together in any facet of the game is beyond ludicrous. Just wanted to get that off my chest; also meant as preemptive tactic against the officer with the white-topped cap and a gold anchor on the brim.

  37. CTC is now on par with William Hurt with his ability to artificially tear up (Broadcast News)…millions of dollars can never and will never stop the feeling of pressure because no one ever stops and says “oh well I make millions” both of those statements are why we call you a hater.
    Why would talk about RMK tonight? The man cares about Indiana as much as Harv cares about CTC.

  38. KY only scored 67 points….2nd lowest point total for the season…IU has come a long way since Duke.

  39. coachw- It was in good faith..But once again you prove your intellectual superiority…In all honesty, I gave up diving to heavily into your long posts because I had to visit so frequently that it was destroying my already low self-esteem…My vocabulary apples don’t belong in your bushel basket of juicier variety and hybrid offerings…..I wonder if the Kansas coach has issues with Self esteem? Oops..I’m getting off track… But even though it wasn’t apples vs. apples, remember that it was placed in consideration of an entire career comparison…The whole point being Knight’s win percentage(even with his disgusting twilight years drought forever reminded by the apologists) is higher under the “pressures” of the NCAA tournament than Crean’s normal day at the regular season cupcake store.

    Bart- I thought players win and lose games? Isn’t that the drum you’ve been repeatedly beating for many weeks? This is why we call you a ‘hater’ of non-apologists, Bart….Now you want to put the glorious wonders of how a coach who has been paid over 30 million dollars(yet to get beyond a Sweet 16) withstands the pressure of it all…? I thought all the pressure was on the young men that either make shots..or miss shots…? or either make the great rebound…..or don’t make the great rebound..?….or fold like a tent at the free throw line….rather than drill them in the form of Bryant with all that pressure on his freshman shoulders…..? Did you see Bryant telling Crean to relax and shut up..? Lord, that was great…It was almost as if Bryant was telling the bozo to sit the hell down while glaring at him and saying “I got this.”

    Crean hired his own AD..Win or lose this game or the next, get to something beyond a Sweet 16 in 8 years at the job or accomplish it in his nightly Bobby wet dream, soft or hard schedule, pressure to choose the proper black dye for his hair or proper lie to chase a ‘wrecker’ or ‘saint’ on the air, the man has more job security than Kim Jong-un.

    Players win and lose games, Bart. Their is no arrangement to secure their job if the ball does not go through the basket….or they get their heads smashed in a street out front of Assembly….I was touched by Holt hugging Crean while the story of Devin is never told by the national media. How quickly you forget your own claims(made as pure apology and preemptive excuse for Crean) when you want to hate non-apologists, rip at truly legendary coaches, hate on the young kids that “wrecked” our village, and get out your essential apologist oils in place for all the crushing pressures on poor Tommy. Will he ever have the ‘pressure’ of what Devin Davis has to face ahead …I sure wish someone would have dedicated the season to that young man….That would be in the true spirit of faith and forgiveness…Instead, just the same old oils on the same old oily people…

    Did you see all the coaching Chuck Martin was doing during this highly critical game to save Crean from a job he’ll never get fired as long as Fred Flintstone is in charge as AD? Credit to Crean for knowing what to finally do with the pressures of looking the part and being validated by his greaser brother from another mother at UK….But just remember, validation will never come from ‘The General’… “Players win and lose games”…and the Midwestern grit added to this team(Crean finally succumbing to public ‘pressures'(none from his AD) of making Indiana true to its history rather than his past NBA experimental ‘Mini Me” version emulating his greaser brother at UK’s revolving farm built on models of ‘Lottery Night’ hits rather than collective grit)…..

  40. And Crean “closed Twitter” immediately after Davis experienced the sad tragedy involving a traumatic head injury in front of Assembly…One can’t begin to imagine how Devin’s world changed that evening…All that Joyce malarkey on Crean’s twitter page appeared even more petty and irrelevant….A tragic event briefly stopped the narcissism of the man…and the arrogance of superiority found on those Twitter pages of the holier-than-thou…

    Crean is all about public perception..That’s why he built a Twitter Bible page to juxtapose next to symbols/pictures of IU…..He stopped participation because it would have looked even more grossly narcissistic and self-serving to continue that petty faith marketing of his own pure flesh in the backdrop of a truly tragic event to a young humble and quiet kid in critical condition,knowing that even in survival would have childhood dreams forever altered.

    Crean didn’t just wake up on any normal day and get struck by the light of humble reasoning to stop Twitter….Davis got struck …and then he stopped Twitter

  41. Bible Time ‏@Bible_Time 31 Oct 2014 (5:09 AM – 31 Oct 2014)

    Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. -Exodus 20:12

    Tom Crean Retweeted
    Indiana Basketball ‏@IndianaMBB 2 Nov 2014

    Sunday Morning Update on Devin Davis

    That’s what it took to shutdown a holier-than-thou tweeting blowfish…..Tragic happenstance.

  42. Harvard, you captured the essence of Bryant. A wild and wondrous gumby, defying physics for the things he is able to pull off with his teenage mutant body….always seemingly on the verge of dribbling off his foot, colliding with a cameraman or slipping and falling before he pulls off an heroic feat. Not unlike watching Dikembe or Manute Bol in their rare moments of grace (although obviously a lot more talented offensively)…maybe even a little bit of Kevin Durant mixed in.

  43. Seahawk–

    You are my greatest asset….Your ability to put so much flare into one paragraph somehow remotely(and falsely) elevates my awkward mishmash to communicate.something with eloquence.

    Bryant is always capturing my attention…..Is he going to flip…?….or flop? Is he going to corral his emotions or unleash the beast of raw fire that can’t contain desire…?

  44. Players do win or lose games…how you can take the 1 paragraph about how money doesn’t effect pressure and spin it into me being a hypocrite is what makes you Harv 4 Hated. It’s amazing how from a distance you know so much about the inner working of the man. Just admit your true hatred for CTC….get it off your chest…its no longer become just trying to prove every word that Chet, Po or I say is wrong, it’s turned…the farther IU advances the more the hatred boils. The great thing about your hatred is that I don’t have it inside me! I know that feeling and I know what it does to a man. In my younger days when I rode a Harley instead of a cab I took my rage out on others with my fist. I used to love a good fight, that feeling of adrenaline you get, the taste of blood….it was awesome but it never filled the void caused by the hate. No matter how many men I punished (and I punished my fair share) that hate never went away. If you would have said these things to me 20 years ago in a bar I would have snatched the life from you.
    Keep on punishing me Harv 4 Hatred…it does get to me at times but I’m a rock of a man these days and I can’t be phased because I don’t have that hatred inside. Your words are like CTC holy water rolling off my old leather jacket at 80 mph.
    That last sentence should give you enough material to lasts weeks. Turn it…twist it…make fun and then apologize…belittle that sentence and then praise it’s structure…do what you do best…HATE.

  45. Your twitter lie was compete fabrication…You sound very intimidating….lol.

  46. Twitter lie? He stopped in Nov which your are correct in that it wasn’t before the season.

    I’m not intimidating now…age pacified the fire inside…the love of a amazing woman tamed the beast…but please understand that back in my day I was a bad Mother F___er.

    I know that burning hatred you have inside. Let it go Harv 4 Hatred…you will feel liberated. You don’t have to love CTC but just let go of the hate.

  47. One of these days your car will break down and you will need a cab. The cab will pull up and the large man inside will great you with a pleasant smile and you will have a short entertaining ride to your destination. A short time later you will think to yourself…could that guy have been Bart? He was so pleasant and gentle but that beard, tattoos, and scared face…it couldn’t have been him…could it?

  48. Bart,
    Great stuff. We all change…well, most of us change. I’ve found that my lifestyle didn’t change because I slowed down or mellowed. I still TRY to do all the adventurous stuff I’ve always loved. I just break easier. The price of stupid becomes higher.

    Just last week I ruptured a biceps tendon. I’m learning to be left handed now. My first trip to a Colorado ortho surgeon comes on Wednesday. If I go under the knife that will put me into double digits on the cutting table. It’s a tribute to modern medicine I can walk to the paper box every morning.

    But I still plug away. The looks you may get for your tattoos I get for my scarred body in the locker room. I am a regular Frankenstein from the shoulders down.

    Thank goodness I married a nurse.

    Lots of people have helped me along the way because that’s what’s most people will do given the opportunity. That kind of thing tends to smooth off the rough edges.

    Life is good.

  49. Great win for IU. I think Crean has become a better coach this year and I believe the injury to JB helped make it happen. Crean had to find other player combinations which allowed OG and Howard more playing time. Those players improved the defense significantly from the beginning of the season. If Johnson and Howard are healthy IU can beat North Carolina. Amazing turn around from the Duke game! Who would have thought it?

  50. Lost my last bike in a divorce and my new wife isn’t big on riding so we spend our cash on vacations on the beach.
    Good luck Chet with the biceps…my scars aren’t pretty because we used to sow each other up back in the day…I was lucky enough to know a few strippers that were working their way thru nursing school and we had a staple gun that hurt like heck but it stopped the bleeding lol.

  51. Bart,
    I had a bunch of those staples going up my leg from heal to the back of my knee. They do hurt. A lot. It looks like and aerial view of a railroad now.

  52. Chet – that sucks… At least you have a left hand to compensate with… I lost my left hand in tragic air guitar accident and I’m all scars from the ego out. Just kidding, that really does suck, and I hope you come back strong.

    Harv – do recall any of my rants in years past about all the aspects of being a head coach. One of the things I thought was really important was being a great delegator. Being able to identify people that not only can you work with, but challenge you, and are excellent in areas you may be weak. You have identified throughout the season that maybe the biggest change this year is the turnover of the staff under Crean. If that is what saves him from getting fired that is actually a credit to him… It means he is still growing… Learning his weaknesses… you can’t hate on him for that.

    When alcoholics have their rock-bottom moment, and then actually find the help they need and get sober, do you still talk a bunch of junk behind their back or do you cautiously hope they stay on that track and route for them a little bit? Let go for now Harv – most likely he’ll give you another reason to hate… Most of them do.

    No coach is perfect. Most of us would trade Crean for Izzo in a heartbeat, but we know who is recruiting this week and who is game-planning.

  53. Geoff, spot on.

    Gary Kubiak hired Wade Phillips because he’s probably the best defensive coach in the game. Kubiak claims no expertise on defense.

    Phillips, by the same token, crashed and burned as a head coach. He didn’t have the skill set.

    As a head coach and defensive coordinator they are Super Bowl champions.

    Nobody pulls this stuff off by themselves. A head coach is also the CEO of the program. Busy job at a place like IU. There have been plenty of players who knew the game inside and out who could not transfer that knowledge to the bench.

    A good leader surrounds himself with the best people he can find. If they don’t work out, you replace them. Ask CKW about that.

    Some people on the Scoop insist we ignore the foibles of RMK because of his successes. The same people insist we ignore the successes of CTC and focus on his failures. They are both a sum of their successes and failures, both on the court and off.

    Geoff, thanks for the support. It’s an odd injury in that it’s not terribly painful but my arm isn’t working too well. It looks pretty funky. I’ve been told they often don’t repair it on ‘a man of my age.’ We’ll see about that.

  54. I never really was a bad mother effer….But my old man taught me one lesson: Don’t tell people what a bad mother effer you were, are, or plan to be. He had no tattoos …He had no scars up and down his body that looked like railroad tracks..He had no snide for anyone. He didn’t pretend he was above somebody else lower down some perceived totem pole…He told me he once played an entire half of football with a dislocated shoulder….He told me how lucky he felt to not be a Marine in the Salomon Islands of WWII He likely never felt it made much sense to carry around a macho facade after hearing Marines moaning in the darkness being tortured by the Japanese ….He would watch a daily back and forth of amphibious craft bring many of those horribly wounded Marines back to the ship…….Never in the 89 years of his existence did he care to introduce me to some Jesus he hoped to embrace him at the end…He was the kindest baddest behemoth mother effer you’d ever know…He could talk to anyone…He could relate to anyone. He was quietly confident….and he quietly emitted an aura that would never be challenged by the biggest of bad asses bully…He had no fear of death. He didn’t need to ride Harley’s…He had no college degree yet became the rock and safety net of an entire family. I wish I could be 1/10 the man. But I’d rather be a coward fearing it all than to be any that try so hard to sell their bravado….

    It’s nothing to do with hate, Bart….It has to do with being genuine and kind….to even those that wreck the world. My dad knew no other way. He had seen too much. He talked with a deep tone and with children would melt….He taught me that arrogance and bravado doesn’t make for a man.. He never bragged much of anything…Everything was written in his loving eyes for life and family. If he is in hell for not selling some savior on his sleeve, I want to one day join him.

  55. Wow… Villanova just annihilating Iowa…The mighty Hawkeyes we had our signature road win…our mightiest home/away.of the mighty BIG….Middle Tennessee State would have likely beat UK by 25 points.. Greaser brother of another mother didn’t have anything near his usual team.. The BIG is beginning to fall into its soft pillow I had predicted….

    Chattanooga as a 12 seed was a laugher……They should have been a play-in team at best..

  56. Wow dude give it a rest. If CTC has a right to his own religious beliefs just as do you. Let it go. Crean deserves some backing by Hoosier nation. He’s earned it. I guess if Creans AD has the women’s basketball team in the NCAA, the foot ball team in a bowl game, the men’s basketball team winning the big ten 2 times in 4 years, a soccer national championship, several swimming and diving champions, and the baseball team competing in the college World Series, along with renovations and additions to a impressive sports complex…Crean made a good hire. If he’s coaching or if McLain coached or Martin is coaching…who really cares if Iu is winning. It’s creans program he should supported for all the positives not just criticized for the negative aspects. Just because it’s not your way or Bob Knights way doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I was hard on Crean. I was ready for him to move on, but he’s grown since the Duke game and I respect that. He beat Illinois (twice), Purdue, and Kentucky….won the Big Ten…has advanced to the sweet 16…as an Indiana fan…I like that. My negativity isn’t going to help Hoosier nation…so I decided a while back to change that. I can only hope the fan base can too.

  57. Harv 4 Hatred you continue to turn words in their side. My description of myself was to illustrate that man can change for the better if they don’t let hate eat them up inside. If you listened to your father then you might just be a little genuine and kind when it comes to smear campaign that your somewhat delusional mind has conjured.
    What really makes me a bad Mother effer is that I gave up that world of strippers, whores, drugs, motorcycle gangs and fighting to become a better man. Just because tell you and others here on the Scoop about my former life doesn’t mean I’m bragging it just means that men can change…which includes both you and CTC.

  58. One man’s change for the better is another man’s change for the worse…What you think you’ve changed to something you believe more redeeming is your opinion of yourself….I love “me” testimonials…approved by 4 out of 5 imaginary dentists…

    A 2-6 conference record while playing a roulette wheel of defensive coordinators is nothing I would ever describe as a football turnaround…

  59. One bad season and all of you blowhards will turn on the dime just as quickly as your new patting of yourselves on the back for you marvelous ability to turn off the negativity. . When have you turned positive when the results weren’t turning favorable with you? Do you honestly think you can sell that crap to anyone but the extremely naive…Yes, you all reinvented yourselves and learned to love again…….with the advent of a good stretch of some games …Huh…What a coincidence …All aboard the love train…Welcome to the town of Bandwagon…Next town “Hatesville” .. next town burning crosses ….next town “Wrecking” …next town ‘Burning Brand in town Crean SUCKS!…next town “Jordy is the worst defender in all of college basketball” ….next town “This team no longer sucks without Blackmon”…

    Please stop….I’ve remained a consistent non-believer of Crean’s coaching ability and his arrogant facades…You people have no spine and change your love and hate like chameleons on a color wheel.

  60. I would say IU going to it first bowl game in 8 seasons is a step in the right direction for Tom Creans AD. Throw out football if that not good enough for you and the accomplishments by Tom Creans AD are still outstanding. I guess if you ignore facts to promote your agenda to constantly criticize Coach Crean for every move he makes, you should be able to feed the cravings of the Cult of Crean haters.

  61. You are a constant nonbeliever in Creans coaching ability….and nothing will change your mind. Not 2 big ten championships in four years. Not a big ten coach of the year award. Not kids going early to the NBA but graduating first. Not kids being selected as all Americans. Not a 27 win season. Not getting a McDonald’s all American big man to save a season. Nothing.

    You once stated you’d love to have Crean figure it out and remain the coach. Well seems to me he’s figuring it out and now it’s making your case against him embarrassing to your anti-Crean campaign.

    Some people just need to go to a dark place wearing a red adidas sweater and pout until we reach another negative bump in the road.

  62. First BIG title and 2 Sweet 16’s = Cody

    Recent title and Apologists COY = UNPRECEDENTED soft schedule.

    You’ll have more Sweet 16 parities than Bringing up Bates….Throw in some Knight reunions for true deep tournament teams/banner accomplishments and you’ll live happily ever after in apology…Yippee.

  63. Ben_M and Bart,
    If you use an RSS reader for blog posts you can edit whose posts you wish to appear on your feed. I’m having a lot of fun just reading the responses to Harvard for Haters. It sounds as though he is even more unhinged than when I cut him loose…and I don’t feel the need to take showers to wash off his hypocrisy.

    In lieu of that you can just ignore the hate. His whole schtick is to try to be so over the top that you just want to respond in order to set the record straight. That’s all he wants. He doesn’t care about being wrong…obviously. Acknowledgment that you read his post and it generated some form of emotion is all he’s going for.

    Just responding, no matter the response, is what keeps his hate going. His nightmare is being ignored.

  64. Crean’s on a roll…But as someone once said on here…water soon seeks its level….Crean’s level of coaching is twenty years with one Final Four trip….where he was absolutely spanked in the first game.

    This is his prime…Hold onto your seats…We’re going to the moon! 8 years and 40 million dollars later he found his prime by finding some assistants….and winning a game against UK in what every honest eye could tell was a down year for the NBA farm..

    Haven’t we all repeatedly said on Scoop what a fabulous coach Calipari is..? That’s who genius defeated. Looked like some fine athletes(less than usual for the “cheater” of the “bait and tackle shop”) on that UK team…But did they really appear well-coached? I tend to think Crean’s and his greaser friend have a very similar skill set….Most years, Calipari simply finds enough talent where even a dysfunctional coach would have a hard time screwing it up….But Crean will never on a regular basis match the talent while the coaching remains similarly mediocre….Down year for Calipari in reload…and up year for Crean having some Midwestern Beifleldt grit fall into his happenstance lap.

    Is it really that difficult to out-coach Calipari…..?

  65. His nightmare is being ignored.

    …says the man who doesn’t like being noticed and keeps typing to ignore than man he’s ignoring….Will somebody flip the irony wall switch in Chet’s dark room of self-anointing pleasures?

  66. oops..

    says the man who doesn’t like being noticed, recently claimed he was only comment on Scoop only very occasionally, and keeps typing to ignore [the] man he’s ignoring.

    You like “ignoring” in the fashion Trump enjoys biting his tongue.

  67. Came across this little tidbit today.

    “Kentucky…suffered its earliest NCAA Tournament exit since 2008 – when it lost to a Marquette team then led by current Indiana coach Tom Crean.”


  68. Harv for Haters is just a caustic human being that just didn’t listen to his Hoosier daddy. Poor guy is rolling over post after hater post.

    I’m done…if not my mind will travel back to those days past when words didn’t have the same effect as brute strength.

    Btw I do not want Syracuse to ever win…more cheaters winning isn’t a good thing.

  69. Oh yes Cody Zeller…the former Indiana Mr. Basketball who chose to play for Tom Crean over Roy Williams and Brad Stevens. I remember him. He is to be credited, but Crean is not for recruiting him over two of the best coaches in America. Let’s take a successful year and not credit the coach or supporting cast. Because other Tom Crean recruited players had nothing to do with that
    Big Ten title. The development of Hulls, Watford, and Oladipo had nothing to do with that. Not sure if landing Zeller is supporting your anti-Crean campaign. Coach Knight never won with great players. May, Alford, or Thomas would be nothing without coach Knight. They should be credited for all his accomplishments….but Knight should be blamed for falling short with the 75 team or the 1992-93 team. Knight also played in an era when there were only 32 teams and the first few rounds were played in Bloomington.

    Soft schedule….soft….schedule. The thing about a soft schedule is you have to win the games. Winning @ Iowa or @ Minnesota are never easy for IU….but we won there this year….Michigan state lost at Iowa….and Maryland lost @ Minnesota….hell Purdue got beat @ Illinois. Let’s say we played @ Purdue and @ Maryland and lost both…guess what we would have a stronger schedule and we’d at least have a share of the big ten. Crean isn’t responsible for the soft schedule but he is a part of winning the games on it.

    Creans biggest downfall was two recruiting classes that were a bust. The movement didn’t pan out. Those kids still haven’t panned out under other coaches. Fischer was a huge loss he should of been the seasoned big man we desperately needed last year.

    Now let’s address creaning and off court issues. Knight averaged almost 3 players leaving a year during his last 10 years. Knight, Davis, and Sampson all experienced off court issues with players. 18-22 year old kids are kids. These problems happen at other programs too not just Iu.

    When Crean took over our mess of a program all he asked for was time and patience from the fan base. He took us from pathetic to #1 in 3 years. Not sure he’s been given enough time to build a culture though.

  70. Harvard, just ignore the apologists. It’s really not worth your time. They’re already hard at work preparing Crean’s next season… (picture is from the Michigan loss in the B1G tournament in Indianapolis). I think we have a good chance against North Carolina because they can’t shoot and I’m pretty sure they are completely ignoring us. But in the elite eight (new watershed milestone in our program as the apologists would say, we should really call it OUTRIGHT ELITE EIGHT to convey its full banner-like significance) game it’s going to be either Notre Dame or Wisconsin or Remy’s Xavier. Old foes, normal people. That’s where the pooling of the wool over the public’s eyes is going to end… but you have to admit this kind of happenstance is so unusual, it’s interesting and a barrel o’ fun.

    That Xavier – Wisconsin game is going to be awesome. I hope Gard gets to play Crean again this Spring.

  71. Bart talking of his brute strength again..Sounds like we have our Mike Tyson of Scoop….

    I knew I could have some fun with B A R T….B-Rat….Ugly miserable thug rat. B-Rat….

    Ben_M – That was too long and all over the place. If it has no poetic creativity…..if you can’t write like Seahawk Tom…’s simply not worth your sad effort and apologist time. Cody came because of the glowing blue cross…The glowing cross recruited him…Dan Dakich actually takes most the credit.

    The Movement was a bust? Yogi is not running this team without the Movement.

    B-Rat. Love it.

  72. Found this article from Washington Post. Pretty accurate in spite of all the foggy brain apologists that claim Bob Knight never won a B1G tourney or that Bob Knight’s numbers in the B1G tourney are close to Tom Crean’s numbers or that Tom Crean has anything to do with Bob Knight…

  73. I’m beginning to think Bart is King Kong…but I’m not sure if Kong could fit in a cab.

  74. Rmk won 1 big ten championship as a 6th man on Ohio St….his team’s won many big 10 championships at IU.
    Btw I dropped off 4 girls at Brusco today and ROJO walked out not wearing a boot and he was walking without a limp…OG came over to the cab and have me a little skin as I complimented him on his game last night…that kid is going to be special.

  75. I think I know what Glass’s answer will be… (picture from the banner-raising and contract-extension inducing ceremony celebrating three OUTRIGHT sweet sixteens, four outright round of 32 and five outright round of 64 under Tom Crean’s wildly entropic leadership).

  76. Excellent win and great that they made it to the sweet 16. I will get on the T.C. bandwagon for 5 years when IU wins national championship with big ten championship in same year

  77. I’m not a poet. Didn’t know this was a poet site. Not really my thing. Sounds like Crean could win 5 NCAA championships but since he believes in a god they will never be good enough. My 2 year hold is a more reasonable debater and far less petty. I thought you loved long drawn out post that are all over the place because you seem to post them multiple times on here.

  78. Wow…CTC team’s now must win B1G championships and a banner before the haters and trolls throw a morsel his way.

  79. Crean could win 5 NCAA championships

    That’s poetic…lol


  80. Did you guys see the Big Ten Elite program earlier today on BTN? Mike Davis openly admitting that losing George Leach to injury made his team better as it gave Jarred Odle more playing time and an opportunity to lead… “Not a coach decision,” said a sheepishly smiling Mike Davis, “but it made our team better…” Honesty. That’s what has been missing from Crean’s narrative since forever. His motto has always seemed to be: “be sincere even when you don’t mean it”. That’s what’s made it so hard for him to win the fan base. And it’s going to take more than beating a lame KY team… or the Wat shot… here’s Kirk Haston beating #1 MSU with a three on Jan 7, 2001 in Assembly Hall… (Clutch shot ends nations longest running winning streak at the time. Unranked IU topples defending national champ MSU. MSU’s only previous loss was to IU one year prior at Assembly Hall in Bloomington.)

  81. What makes a troll, What makes trolls do the things they do?
    Trolls have got a great big hole, right in the middle of them. They can never hate enough, or belittle enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.
    What do they need?
    For what?
    CTC bein hired!

  82. Dear UCLA Family, Friends, Alumni and Supporters,

    Since leaving the locker room in Las Vegas, I’ve spent countless hours dissecting our program, evaluating our staff, meeting with our young men and breaking down game film to address our struggles and begin the process of improving as a team.

    I know none of that makes the ending to our season any better or changes how we all feel about our year, but constant review and improvement is imperative in my job – a job that I take extremely seriously and one that’s an absolute privilege to hold.

    The fact remains that no matter how much time passes, the way we finished this past season will eat at me for a long, long time. Our record speaks for itself and is simply unacceptable. There’s nothing that I can say or write that will change that fact. This happened under my watch, it begins and it ends with me. The buck stops here.

    Because of this, I let Dan Guerrero know that I wanted to return the one-year contract extension I received after the 2013-14 season. This request has since been processed. At the end of the day, year three was clearly not up to UCLA standards. My coaching staff and I fell short not only of our own expectations, but the expectations of Dan, the Chancellor and you, our fans. As a coaching staff, we intend to earn that extension back.

    This has been a difficult time, there’s no doubt about that. Difficult times, however, build resolve.

    It’s easy to just say we’ll be better next year. We’re excited to prove it, and that begins now. Over the course of my career, teams that I’ve led have owned, on average, a defensive rank in the top 50. This year we ranked outside the top 100. This can never happen again. We must return to the basics and instill defensive fundamentals in our young men from day one of permissible workouts.

    While our returning letter-winners are upset about this past year and can’t wait to work on their games with our coaches over the next few months, on June 20th, they will be pushed even harder with the arrival of our new class in Westwood. There will be fierce competition in both the backcourt and frontcourt this offseason, which not only accelerates growth, it builds character.

    While I don’t expect this letter to change any opinions or take away the pain from this difficult season, I do hope it reflects my commitment to UCLA and shows that we will address areas in which we fell short.

    At this point, it’s well documented that basketball is my life. I came to UCLA to experience the pinnacle of the sport. I wanted to bring my passion for this game to the place where the game itself was ultimately taken to unprecedented levels of grace, dignity and success. In the process, it’s become my home.

    I hope you’ll continue to support our fine young men that will be working this offseason to get better as well as the new class of young men coming here this summer, eager to experience everything that is great about UCLA. I know our entire program is already looking forward to future successes.

    Coach Alford

    Poor Steve knows he is in over his head!

  83. Wow….I jinxed Remy….He couldn’t have played better D and the effing Badger……Wow.

  84. Bart,
    Alford’s holding a deuce, a 4, a 7, a 9, and a Jack in all four suits and counting on everybody folding. He may get the dealer fired.

  85. Classy act from Steve Alford. Owning up, it’s what Indiana guys do. Reminds me of Knight returning $250K in base pay in 2003 at Texas Tech because he felt he did not think he had done a good job coaching. (“I’m just not at all satisfied with what transpired with our team in terms of our fundamental execution. I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault but mine,” Knight told The Dallas Morning News for Tuesday’s editions.) As far as Alford goes — next year he already announced he’s taking the scholarship away from Bryce. If he also starts him on the bench and uses him just right he’s going to turn everything around.

    Sorry for Remy. He had such a great game. Gard continues to impress. The real B1G COY for 2015-16.

  86. No class act…he is bending to the pressure of the fan base…he is planning his way exit…capitulating because he can’t handle the pressure…this from a player that never flinched but from a coach that could never cut it in the big time. He needs to coach mid major team’s where the spotlight isn’t bright.

  87. Remy Forever!!! The kid is a winner. Crean is a born loser always chasing shadows.

    Koenig will brick everything in the next game….It’s usually how it goes….The big mistake was the possession with about two minutes to go(I think Xavier had a four of five point lead) when Mack, for some reason, didn’t have Remy guarding Koenig….The game was there for the taking and they had a smaller Davis on Koenig….

  88. Well, the Big Ten, despite brutal seeds, just made their critics shut up. Not only did half their teams in the tourney make the Sweet Sixteen but they had to fight the selection committee to get there.

    Here’s some interesting stats. Bear in mind I did this at a glance so there might be a number or two off. The selection committee sets up self fulfilling prophesies by giving some conferences seeds they don’t deserve. Never was that more evident than this year.

    Let’s look at two statistics: Wins against higher seeds and losses to lower seeds. This gives a good idea of how accurate the seedings were and how the teams actually performed.

    Bear in mind a couple games are still in progress.

    We’ve been hearing how tough the Big 12 and the PAC 12 are this year. OK, we all now know the PAC 12 was a joke, but how much of a joke?

    The PAC 12 had 7 bids. They had zero wins against higher seeded teams and 6 losses to lower seeded teams. That’s pathetic. 2-6 and Oregon’s not looking good.

    The Big 12 had 7 bids. They had zero wins against higher seeded teams and 4 losses to lower seeded teams. Pretty sad. 6-4 and that’s being handed sweet seeds.

    The ACC had 7 bids. They were as close to a juggernaut as we’ll find but they had zero wins against higher seeded teams and zero losses to lower seeded team. So, they were paired against teams they were supposed to have beaten and they met expectations. Not bad but I’d have liked to see them play competitive games and not be seeded so high that all they had to do was beat second tier teams. 12-1

    The Big Ten had six seeds, all with really crappy seedings. They got 3 teams into the Sweet Sixteen. Half their contingent. To do that two of the three had to beat higher seeded teams to get there. Pretty impressive. They ended up with 2 wins against higher seeded teams and 2 losses to lower seeded teams. Pretty much a wash but an indication that they were seeded too low overall. Who knows how they would have done with the kind of seedings the PAC 12 or the Big 12 got? 8-3

    The SEC doesn’t deserve a mention. They just suck. They had a team that couldn’t get past the play in game.

    At the end of the day the Big Ten shut the mouths of anyone who claimed the conference was soft this year. Only the ACC got a higher percentage of their teams in the tourney to the Sweet Sixteen. No conference beat more higher seeds to get there.

    The Big Ten closed the mouths of their critics by performing on the court.

    As I write this it’s only looking worse for the PAC 12.

    Conference results.
    ACC 12-1
    Big Ten 8-3
    Big 12 6-4
    PAC 12 2-6 (1 game in progress)

    Again, it’s important to remember that the ACC, PAC 12, and Big 12 had sweetheart seedings. No, the Big Ten shut up any rationale critic this weekend, even with MSU being upset.

    Good job.

  89. CTC influence is amazing…he is now the reason Remy couldn’t guard the slowest guy on Whiskey’s team. Everyone in the area a knew Koenig was going to shoot…except for Remy. CTC has to be considered one of the top 10 coaches in America…if a coach can effect the play in a game thousands of miles away he must be on the level of Wooden, Mike K, Dean Smith and even RMK.

  90. UCLA should try to land Luke Walton as their next head coach…..Bill and Luke and all those ‘worldly’ Zen Masters can worship the ‘b-ball pyramid’ pharaoh from Martinsville,until eternity…Have lots of reunions…Make Alford their chosen ‘wrecker’ and robber of Tomb Lore….at the laughable ‘Conference of Champions’ that hasn’t been sh_t for decades. If they were really smart, they’d buy out Alford’s remaining contract and go after Crean….I think Californians would really embrace Crean…But can they come up with the sort of ka-ching that a top coach like Crean will soon command..? UCLA deserves no less…in my honest opinion.

  91. At the end of the day the Big Ten shut the mouths of anyone who claimed the conference was soft this year.

    Easily most laughable comment in weeks. We played Illinois twice, Rutgers, Nebraska twice, Minnesota twice. Didn’t see them in the NCAA tournament dude. We played Iowa twice and Iowa is gone. Penn State beat us, Northwestern did not make it (and Crean is 5-9 all time against them, can you believe it?) …. Wisconsin is in a class of its own, they were ranked between #3 and #6 all year last year, beat Kentucky so CTC can still have his banner raising reunion this Fall, won the conference, won the B1G tourney, played the national title game ending the year with 36 wins and 4 losses and in what was supposed to be a down year for them lost their coach to retirement and yet they are now in Sweet Sixteen. (When Crean had a #1 team he stopped in DC losing to a Syracuse team that Jeff Meyer’s Michigan beat soundly the week after. Then the year that followed we didn’t even make the CBI.) The great Michigan State is out to a #12 seed. We lost to them by 20. Michigan beat us in the tourney but lost to Notre Dame. OSU did not make it. Maryland lucked out because they got to play Hawaii since Berkeley had just lost injured starters Tyrone Wallace and Jabari Bird and could not defend their seed status. But does this matter to the apologist? Hell no. Who else was there? Ah, yes: Purdue. Purdue is such a rock…. Little Rock, to be precise… Hilarious, great entertainment… Keep ignoring the facts dude, it’s probably better for you than actually facing them.

  92. You must not have watched the game, Bart…Remy couldn’t have defended him any better other than to foul…Unlike our game against Michigan in the BIG tournament, leaving Michigan players parked and wide open for back-to-back corner threes, where there was no clue to locate the shooter.

    Whiskey should have never had the ball if the previous possession by Xavier is played smart and to the final second…

    Hilarious chart, coachw.

  93. You should keep in mind ND”s recent addition into the ACC…They spanked both Duke and UNC in the conference tournament last season and at the Elite 8 of 2015 went to the final seconds of nearly knocking out a much better UK team than Calipari’s current bunch.

    ND, the private school from Northwest Indiana, led by a wonderful guard from Fort Wayne in Demetrius Jackson, is padding those ACC tournament W-L stats over the last couple years….Nobody expected ND to be in the Sweet 16 this season.. Nobody expected them to come into the ACC and slap around Duke like a rag doll ND is supposed to be a football school…They’ve been far acting more the basketball school than Hoosiers.of ‘Bloomington….Has InTompetent slapped around Dukies?

    Butler has been to two Final Fours during Crean’s IU tournament mediocrity..
    ND joins the ACC and is quickly bitch-slapping Duke in conference tournaments and coming within an eyelash of a Final Four(but it’s still and Elite 8 trip)..

    But the new model of greatness for the apologists is an upset in the round of 32 against he softest UK team in the last five years….This is how low the apologists bar compared to places like Butler and ND that just go about their business and don’t act like they’ve lifted the earth above their heads for getting to levels in the Dance that Crean hasn’t even sniffed.

  94. Too bad the BIG couldn’t get ND into our conference…Delany made sure we got crappy Rutgers and a so-so Maryland….The ACC acquires a great basketball and football school from Indiana…..Great TV contracts for their football addition as well….Establishment stole ND just like the many bigs/post players from our state that made those ACC tournament numbers and deep runs look so stellar for over many decades….Gotta hand it to the ACC…They know where to find talent(players and a college)….

  95. The ACC doesn’t turn my stomach quite the way it used to……I finally get to watch some Indiana ballers not stolen from our borders beat up on the NC teams that have always been thieves and cheats. ……Have any of you heard about that scandal at UNC where athletes were getting high grades put on their transcripts for classes that didn’t even exist? Unlike classy ND, that ACC school we’re playing next week is a real ‘bait and tackle’ shop….

  96. Just want to say for the record, I wouldn’t trade our last 8 years of seniors for a national championship. KU can have its one and dones and hang all the banners in the world. Win or lose I’ll keep our Yogi.

  97. The ACC is the strongest conference in the country with the abundance of tough east coast players that have length and athleticism with the private school educations that prep them for the Dukes and ND’s of the world. Lets not forget those gritty playground kids that come from the mean streets, the ACC finds homes for this kids as well by placing them at schools where ghost classes have helped many graduate. Mike K doesn’t care if those kids come from Calabasas or Maine as long as they play for banners. Roy W doesn’t care if those kids can read or write as long as tar heel basketball keeps pace with the Dukies.
    I was glad to see the little Catholic school in NORTH CENTRAL Indiana find a home worthy of their basketball heritage.

  98. Bart,
    Re: 2/21/16 comment on ACC. If they are the strongest, where does the Big 10 stand? Didn’t the ACC split with the Big 10 in our play against them this year?

  99. Chet,

    Re;3/2016 assessment. Thanks for your analysis of the win/loss records of the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and PAC 12 in the NCAA Tournament. All I heard from the pundits this year was the Big 12 and PAC 12 were
    the two toughest conferences this year. Based on the data you compiled, that’s not so to date. And I doubt it was in the first place.

  100. Gary Parrish
    College Basketball Insider
    Follow Gary
    UNC reports new violations to NCAA that should delay infractions case
    August 14, 2015 2:01 pm ET

    North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham announced Friday afternoon that the school has uncovered additional violations in women’s basketball and men’s soccer that will delay a resolution to UNC’s case with the NCAA.

    “I’m very disappointed in the timing,” Cunningham said.

    Which might be true.

    But the timing basically ensures UNC won’t be punished before National Signing Day for football or the 2016 NCAA Tournament, meaning Roy Williams’ Tar Heels, a possible preseason No. 1, now run almost no risk of being banned from this upcoming season’s postseason. In other words, in a twisted way, these newly discovered potential violations could prove helpful to the sports that matter most in Chapel Hill.

    The media Establishment has never been more seedy(pun intended) in not making the pending investigations into UNC’s many years of academic fraud part of the March discussions. Could one even begin to imagine if 18 years of ghost classes were unveiled during a Knight tenure….? And the NCAA and the grossly biased media Establishment, on the eve of March Madness, came to Bloomington and put IU and Sampson through a public opinion trial and witch hunt over 3-way calls? But, yet, all the tactical delays by UNC and sealed lips of the media and the NCAA remain the theme of this friendlier and kinder March Madness for an academic scandal spanning nearly two decades at one of the most ‘elite’ basketball programs during that time frame? No, no complete utter hypocrisy whatsoever.

    I will guarantee that not one whisper of the academic fraud investigation and the dark cloud looming over Chapel Hill…will be heard leading up to the historic IU vs UNC contest. Not one whisper on all the ESPN talk shows circuit…Not one whisper from the analysts in CBS covering the game..Not one whisper from commentators covering the game….Not one whisper anywhere…..Where will be the screams? Where will be the outrage? There will be none…There will be Tom Crean anointing the great program and the great coach he is soon to play…. There will be no microphones submerged into a plastic pipe of a dug hole straight down to Dean Smith’s cold vault as he screams his brittle decaying ribs into “wrecked” ashes and dust of death that will not come to Establishment hypocrites now running college basketball.

    Bait and tackle shop reserved for only UK…? Riggggggght. Silence is golden. Listen to the golden silence all week long….with no mention of the tactical slime that allowed UNC to even be playing in this tournament….This summer some little quiet slap on the wrist will come….Meanwhile SMU gets banned from the tournament because one incident of a meeting with a professor involving one player was finally acknowledged….? But 18 years of fake classes and complete institutional fraud…? The NCAA has accepted the delay for further proceedings at this time….We plan on a short March recess…and after such recess, when all emotions cannot be turned into bonfires and “wrecker” riots of anything similar brought for zero tolerance or 3-ways calls, we will reconvene during the quiet warm summer of baseball in full bloom…..But for now,, we, the hypocrites of the NCAA and media Establishment merely suggest….Play on, UNC!!! Play on!!! Kiss and hug Roy and Quilted Northern COY that saved the game from “WRECKERS”….Kiss and hug. Nothing has been wrecked at NC…Great classes…Good students…Honorable game. Join lips Tom and Roy…Squat above Dean’s grave….and defecate while the entire Establishment plugs its nose and closes eyes….Kick some dirt over the stink…Plant some spring daisies above Dean…Let the bullcrap of Crean and Roy fertilize more hypocrisy. We have bigger fish to fry….like executions for a 3-way calling scandal.

  101. The B1G ranks right up there in toughness only because most teams have 1 or 2 players from Northwest Indiana.
    But this IU team will be judged on previous wins by a #3 Whiskey team that beat Penn St who beat IU who lost to MSU who beat N Carolina who cheated the system that allowed the establishment to rig the schedule so that IU would be a #5 seed even though we lost to Michigan who’s former assistant coach was the “wrecker” who just wanted to help raise a sweet 16 banner that was won by the A-hope movement. Kentucky was down this year as well as the bottom half of the B1G and our cake walk schedule that was constructed 3 years prior allowed us to barely squeeze by Tenn Chat team full of Butler wannabes that almost bitch slapped Duke who split with UNC who we play Friday.
    Got that?

  102. Grant Hill talked of Sweet 16 fools gold on Mike & Mike…..Let’s see who’s standing in the Elite 8..and Final Four….

    The most honest thing I’ll ever say on Hoosier Scoop is to follow:

    If Northern Iowa was Tom Crean’s Hoosiers, any aircraft listing Tom Crean as a passenger will be refused a landing within a 300 mile radius of Bloomington…As a further safety precaution, an immediate provision coming from the offices of Fred Glass will involve an instructive to use all remaining dollars of Crean’s contract to employ a secret service detail around the former coach once known as Tom Crean…….Additionally, ALL NEW OUTLETS will report Crean’s tragic death in the crash of private plane that went down near St. Louis, Missouri..(crashing just one length of a basketball court shy of a runway surrounding the property of famous TV evangelist, Joyce Meyer) It will be reported that Tom had boarded this private plane and was not with the rest of the team.or his family(wife, children, and all friends of Harbaughs were with the team).. All other details must first pass through the offices of Fred Glass…Updates and more details of “Tom’s death” near the Joyce compound and the whereabouts of his missing remains will be provided only through the aforementioned channels.

  103. Bart- Nice try. You’re out of your league, Gabby Cabby of Leather and Bloody Fists…lol.

  104. In a rather strange twist for the search of the missing remains of Tom Crean, some news outlets have reported various countryside residents living near the Joyce Meyer compound as making claims of a furry weird creature roaming through a wooded area.

  105. Bart,
    Great stuff…as usual.

    To the point without any Palinesque ‘word salad’. Good insights.

    Keep it coming. You’ve become the Bard of the Scoop.

  106. In other ‘wooded’; area news….

    Quickly replacing the tabloid headlines of a private plane crash and missing remains of a Hall of Fame college basketball coach occurring just outside the Joyce Meyer compound came this bizarre news out of Hollywood.

  107. Sounds that rhyme with ‘Bart’ also emit a snidely odor of something that may be ‘full of Schet’ ….and he certainly keeps it coming.

  108. Tom and Roy having a “movement” without the addition of fiber in their diet is a good thing.

  109. Tom Crean having a ‘movement’ is better known as an oil change.

  110. This Day in March Madness Sweet 16 ‘Movement’ History:

    1984: Detlef Schrempf complains of severe indigestion after consuming a tainted Schrempf cocktail delivered room service from the team’s LA hotel restaurant …..The suspected Runnin’ Rebels would dominate as Schrempf would never put down a flush or “move” on to a regional final.. .

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