IU gets No. 5 seed, could see Kentucky in 2nd round #iubb

Indiana’s course through the NCAA Tournament could include a border war.

Will IU and Kentucky renew their rivalry this week? The Hoosiers will have to get past Chattanooga first.

Indiana landed a No. 5 seed in the East Regional and will face No. 12 Chattanooga on Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa. Should IU win, the Hoosiers will face the winner of No. 4 Kentucky and No. 13 Stony Brook on Saturday.

Not that the Hoosiers will allow themselves to look ahead.

“I don’t think it will be very hard (to stay focused),” senior point guard Yogi Ferrell. “We’re going to prepare for Chattanooga just like Kentucky, and I feel like when we get to that game, we’ll be prepared for Kentucky. But right now, all we’re focused on is Chattanooga and just getting them down.”

Viewed by most bracket experts as a No. 3 or 4 seed entering this weekend’s Big Ten Tournament, IU’s slide to the fifth slot is perhaps indicative of the selection committee’s view of the Big Ten at-large. Michigan State, which won Sunday’s Big Ten Tournament championship, settled for a No. 2 seed and stands as the Big Ten’s lone team seeded in the top four.

Purdue and Maryland also landed No. 5 seeds, while Wisconsin and Iowa will both enter the field as No. 7 seeds. Michigan, which knocked off IU on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer by Kameron Chatman in Friday’s quarterfinals at the conference tournament, will begin the tournament in a play-in game against surprise entry Tulsa.

Indiana will look to recapture momentum after its loss to the Wolverines. The Hoosiers entered this weekend’s Big Ten Tournament having won eight of their final 10 regular season games, including four over ranked opponents.

Chattanooga (29-5) earned its way into the field by winning the Southern Conference Tournament, beating East Tennessee State 73-67 on Monday. Among the Mocs’ more notable wins was a 61-59 victory at Dayton on Dec. 12. The Mocs also beat Georgia, 92-90 in overtime on Nov. 13.

Chattanooga has relied on balanced scoring this season and has seven players averaging at least seven points per game. Junior forward Tre’ McLean leads the way with 12.3 points per contest.

IU went one-and-done in last year’s NCAA Tournament, falling to Wichita State during the opening weekend.

North Carolina (East), Kansas (South), Virginia (Midwest) and Oregon (West) picked up No. 1 seeds.

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  1. Teaser T.C. led team to big ten championship regular season. Teaser led team to 25 win season compliments of easy uneventful pre-season competition. Will Teaser lead team to victory in tournament 1 game or will Teaser lead IU basketball team to sweet 16 championship…. what is the 21st century hope for IU bb.

  2. Non-conference schedule “patsies”; Maui Classic performance and loss in 1st game to Michigan ALL came home to “roost”……Losing to Michigan moved them down ..I thought they would get a 5th seed after the loss and the loss only helped Michigan( gave credibility to the program that this year was not as good as they have been in past.)

  3. I should really get $10.00 for every post using the term ‘establishment.’

    Crean will avoid Kentucky(and their minnowscule coach) by losing to Chattanooga.

    I hate being right…As I said months ago, the Big 10 was down and the Pac 12 was being very undervalued..It appears the committee agreed. I also knew USC was going to eventually get some respect after the first time I saw them play….Would any of you like those original posts brought back for your inspection?

    Seth Davis said Michigan shouldn’t be in for beating up on the bottom of the conference…? What in the hell does he think Crean did? IU had only one regular season game against the four teams that remained in the BIG Tournament Semi’s….We dined all season on bottom tier and home games against the rest(other than Kamikaze Iowa)..

    There will never be another season in the history of IU Basketball where you’ll only see one game against MSU, Purdue, Maryland, OSU, Michigan. and Wisconsin . Thank you, Delany …for securing Tom Crean’s future.

  4. Regardless of personal opinions about CTC, the Hoosiers won the Big Ten by 2 full games. It’s not like they lost nine games in pre-conference. A 5 seed is an insult.

    MSU is probably the best or second best team in the country so they get a 2 seed. I haven’t seen any of the TV ‘experts’ pick anyone other than MSU to win their regional. No one picked the 1 seed.

    The Big 12 got gimme seeds last year and lost to lower seeds in almost every instance. So, this year they give them even higher seeds.

    Of course, this becomes the classic self fulfilling prophecy. If they can win games they should easily win the committee will insist it proves their case. Who knows how they would do with seeds that represent previous performance of their conference in the tournament?

    Very unimpressed by the committee this year. It’s as if they drew names out of a hat.

  5. Ultimately, the blame falls on the Hoosiers for once again delivering an egg in the conference tourney. Even winning one measly game would have probably clinched them the 3 or the 4. But they did what they always do, quicker than you can say “Brian Butch.” Very unimpressed with a team that blows off the conference tourney as an “exhibition” rather than step in and control their own destiny. It’s not what winners do.

  6. Iu beat Maryland, Iowa, Purdue, Wisconsin, Ohio st, and Michigan….is this the bottom feeders of the big ten?

  7. I don’t think playing the BIG tournament close to home is a particular advantage….I think you get far more of a ‘postseason’ vibe when you are forced to travel and have some hostile fans at the venue….Yeah….it’s a stretch, but there is something about the fresh scenery and excitement of getting some major distance away from familiar territory.

    UK and Indiana should never be in the same bracket(yet poised to play each other in the round of 32)…That’s pure Establishment putting ratings above fairness to two very strong Midwestern teams with a ton of tradition. Until the Michigan game, IU and UK were two of the teams experiencing the most upward sloping momentum down the stretch….You absolutely drop the ball by making an elimination game between two of the hottest teams so early. The selection committee should be ashamed….

  8. It’s kind of a slap in the face to Kentucky and North Carolina as well. I wonder what the lowest seed for a big ten regular season champion is?

  9. 10 of the past 14 years the B1G team with the weakest schedule has won the conference title…only in 2005 did a team win the title with a SOS higher the 4…that was the IU team with the 5th toughest SOS.

    Please just stop the SOS argument…if you need to vent please comment on how all the small and mid major schools have to play 70% of their games on the road against the major conference schools in order to make money.

  10. The played all but Iowa once, Ben_M….We were destroyed by MSU and had PU and Maryland only at home. The schedule was criminally soft…You will never again see a season where six of the known traditional stronger teams(teams with the most March Madness history) are ALL only played once each….Purdue…MSU…OSU…Maryland…Wisconsin…& Michigan all only scheduled once.
    If we even had to play a only three of those teams twice, it’s very likely we’re the team on the bubble. Six of the BIG teams with strongest NCAA tournament history given a 50% requirement as proof of our strength…and COY honors…? It’s beyond laughable.

  11. I don’t even care about SOS…RPI or any of that BS….Those numbers fluctuate and shift more than Lunardi attempting to keep his toupee straight….

    There is no secret to which schools in the BIG are best draws for recruits and have the most NCAA traditions of excellence….To not get any of that entire cluster of tradition(MSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, OSU, Maryland, and Purdue), more than once(including the in-state rival) on a BIG schedule is unprecedented…It’s a ‘fix’ that will never happen again. All the rest of the distractions are completely irrelevant. This was a BiG schedule designed to keep a mediocre coach in place….Random, my ass.

  12. As long as you are in the tourney it doesn’t matter what your seed is, who you play, where you play. this is each teams chance to show how they measure up against the rest of the country.

  13. But the Hoosiers beat more ranked conference opponents than Michigan st. Also teams like Maryland didn’t win at Minnesota. Iu did what big ten champs do beat the bottom feeders…win all home games…and pull out one or two tough road victories. That is what I’ve seen big ten champs do for years.

  14. ^^^Very true. There is no easy pathway at this point. And sometimes it’s almost an advantage to be tested early. Crean puts the ‘uk’ in duck….but he can’t duck them anymore.

  15. Loosing in the opener to Michigan was not good…but it was a last second shot to a now tournament team. We also clinched the conference by 2 games and on the road. Big ten tournament champ means even less because you don’t play all the teams and there are byes. How do we get the same seed as Purdue? They didn’t win either one.

  16. They did stumble at Penn St, Ben_M.. …and @ Illinois. Those were not very good teams…But, for the most part, we played flawlessly against crap and held serve at home.

    We had no signature win against a strong out-of-conference opponent….

    You will never again see the absence of a home/away against the six strongest BIG schools of NCAA basketball tradition again…It’s simply unprecedented…MSU, Maryland, Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan, and OSU…..Not a one scheduled twice had to be bought at a very high price…Thank you, Delany.Tar Heel.

  17. I don’t even care about SOS…RPI or any of that BS….Those numbers fluctuate and shift more than Lunardi attempting to keep his toupee straight….

    WTH? You have filled the Scoop for days on end about SOS…just goes to show that as long as you can define your narrative to fit you conspiratorial editorial that integrity will always take a back seat.

  18. Let’s be serious. This team is good and it’s entertaining. We are capable of beating anyone in the country on any given night. But we’re not capable of winning 6 consecutive games against increasingly good teams. So, the opportunity to beat that joke ‘university’ with the ‘amateur’ basketball team from the other side of the river is a good way to have fun in March without expecting the unreasonable. Sounds like a fun way to spend next weekend.

  19. I would say Double Down was striking the chord even more so…The out-of-conference scheduling was a joke….If you don’t think it was a joke, then you are a bigger joke.

    But the biggest joke of all was how Delany put the ‘fix’ in by giving all the powerhouse traditional b-ball programs of the BIG as only singular match-up’s ….MSU, Michigan, Maryland, OSU, Purdue, and Wisconsin. Never having to play anyone in that clusterf__ twice had to come at a very high price. That’s the ‘narrative’ that matters, Supreme Apologist of Creanpuff Land.’

  20. Thanks to the NCAA Selection Committee on getting a possible UK/IU game this year. The AD’s and the Coaches all played out their all of their excuses for not having the game on the schedule. Maybe the game will be back on the schedule and there will be one less cupcake game on IU’s schedule next year. As an IU season ticket holder I would rather drive to Indy and watch the UK game , than drive to Bloomington for a Little Sisters of the Poor type game.

  21. Don’t you know how to do blockquotes, Bart? Can I have your autograph for stalking and picking up a couple Hoosiers and taking them to class? You are too much..Are you sure you’re old enough to drive a cab..?

  22. I’m not so sure playing at Columbus or playing Michigan and Michigan st at Iu would of been all that bad for iu

  23. I get it too though…we won’t be an ncaa champion contender belaying bunnies and ranked teams at Iu. A fine place to look is Virginia. They are contending annually. Ranked throughout the year since Mr. Bennet took the reigns. He was my number one choice for a coach and I can now only imagine what he could of accomplished in Bloomington.

  24. You have to win 2 games to get to the Sweet Sixteen! That the 2nd game might be against KY just will make this Sweet Sixteen sweeter! Go IU!

  25. If IU can get past Mocs which remains to be seen I think an early KY AND IU for sweet 16 match is great. Something to look forward to….that is if IU BEATS the Mocs.

  26. Ben_M presents a fact that cannot be ignored. The winner of the Big Ten almost always plays a ‘bottom feeder’ schedule. That is a fact. You cannot dismiss the Hoosiers conference title unless you also dismiss every other title winner for the past several years.

    The Hoosiers played no weaker a schedule than any other conference champ in recent years.

  27. So I think might be a little different…

    1) I was not bothered one bit by the early exit in the B1G tourney. Not only does it hardly matter, since we won the conference outright by 2 games, but it gives us more rest… Which is the major reason, IMO, that we lost in the first place. We NEED Rob healthy. He was probably going to play on Sat & Sun if they advance, and I’d rather him just rest the ankle and be ready for when it really counts. Also, after watching Yogi and Colin take really hard falls I was happy to have us just chill for the weekend and not get an unnecessary injury.

    2) The #5 seed is a total joke. TOTAL joke… And I love it. This team needs every advantage it can get, and being disrespected like that will have them frothing at the mouth. Considering their success this year is built on defense(!), I think this is the exact best seed and circumstance they can find themselves in. More happenstance for Crean…

    3) I am psyched to see that we play UK (potentially) in the 2nd round. This is a no lose situation for IU. They are a lower seed, and public perception is that UK is the superior program, but I think that we match up really well against them and their style of play. In most cases UK has a clear advantage at PG, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Yogi will rise to the occasion against Ulis and I believe we’ll have a bigger chip on our shoulder as a team.

    4) After losing to UM we probably know that we end up a #4 seed… So no matter what you end up on the same side of the bracket as the #1. I think that the East is by far the strongest Region, and I think that heightens IU’s mental state heading into the tourney. Being a #5 makes that chip a little bigger. Being put in the same group as UK and UNC makes that chip a LOT bigger. In a lot of years I think that would work against IU because they’re too soft, but this year, after JBJ went down, IU earned everything with toughness and togetherness… And Yogi proved to have the hear of a real winner and leader. I think he internalizes this whole thing and focuses the team to perform to the best of their abilities in the NCAA.

    No matter how it ends, I think we’ll end up proud of this team because of the effort and heart they show on the court. I never thought I’d say that half way through this season.

  28. My bad on Wisconsin….But only playing MSU, Purdue, Michigan, OSU, and Maryland once each will, still, never happen again. It’s unprecedented to have that many ‘big boys’ of the conference only scheduled once each..

    Michigan could have just as easily defeated us at home as they did in Indy…And let’s also keep in mind LeVert makes that team much tougher…Maryland would have been very tough on the road…Purdue on the road …is never a gimme. MSU at home…certainly not easy. OSU’s young team was a much better group down the stretch than when they came out of the gate. These are all historically strong basketball programs…

    Find me a season where we never played any one of those five teams twice,

    Chet- Ben_M’s example doesn’t hold water because there has never been anything comparable to so many top programs only scheduled once.
    2014-15 Maryland twice, Purdue twice, OSU twice, Michigan State twice..
    2013-14 Michigan State twice, Wisconsin twice, Michigan twice
    2012-13 Michigan twice, Purdue twice, OSU twice, Michigan State twice…

    I’ll stop there because I already know the answer…Never has it happened before…Never will it happen again. It’s laughable in its softness……

  29. Geoff is simply playing to the Apologist audience as Establishment Contrarian.

    Rest may help RJ and Hartman, but many would argue that synergy and momentum is a very short memory….

    RJ will be rusty and thrusting him back into the lineup(especially with a cold shooting hand and less than 100% health) could actually hurt the chemistry ….Iowa and Maryland may have ended differently with him in the lineup..Nobody really knows…The foresight no better than the hindsight….More minutes for OG, Morgan, and Zeisloft may have added far more positives in the happenstance of RJ’s injury.

    I know Goeff is playing to the audience, but I highly doubt most analysts would claim a Hoosier advantage in the Yogi vs.Tyler Ulis match-up. Are only real advantage with UK is if Troy can take over the game….I don’t see anyone with the NBA/explosive skills on UK comparable to Troy…We have the best East baller in the East.

  30. To Geoff’s point, I just looked at ESPN’s ranking of the entire tournament field. Our region has 5 of the top 14 ranked teams. 5 of the top 14. We– and everybody else in the east– got the bracket of death.

    So we’ve got our work cut out for us. Assuming we avoid further disaster (that Michigan loss dropped us at least two seed lines by most estimations) we have to potentially go through hot, historic blue-bloods and trendy win-it-all picks UK and UNC, then a deep Xavier or a WVU team that forces more turnovers than anyone (not exactly our strong suit…). That’s a gauntlet just to make it to the Final Four.

    Either way, it has to make Harv’s mouth water. Xavier, Kentucky, and Michigan. Has anybody talked more about other teams not named Purdue than Harv has for those three?

    And a question for you west coasters: can you explain the committee’s love for the PAC-12 and disdain for the B1G? It seems our conference really got the shaft with the seedings. What gives?

  31. Geoff, couldn’t agree more. It’s the trifecta as a coach. A perfect storm of matchups and perceived disrespect.

    You can only hope for this kind of thing with so many tfactors in a state of flux. It gives the team something to focus their emotions on and a chance to push actual problems to the background.

    If he plays this just right it couldn’t get much better.

  32. oops…[Our] only real advantage…

    No doubt they’ve shown a ton of heart and effort…That’s never been the complaint or criticism…….It’s almost more a tragedy to have such a bumbling wreck on the sideline in the pressure moments of March Madness when you have kids that invest so much of their heart. Of course, they do their best under those constraints and shortcomings without fully knowing how a boost in coaching acumen(or even a guy that can simply exude a sense of calm and confidence…not this) could finally get some of these very talented teams over the hump and beyond “Sweet 32’s”(courtesy: Seahawk Tom…lol).

  33. Sure Harv, make fun of the working man that drives a cab at the same time you are talking out of the other side of your mouth about the establishment and the millions coaches make on the backs of the youngs kids that sleep in cars. Harv you are so smart because you use block quotes, you are the outsider here on the Scoop. The delusional conspiracy theorist that people laugh at…you are a joke here and no one takes your novel writing serious. I make a good living by working long hard hours and take pleasure in watching and cheering for the team I grew up watching and loving. You can’t ever take that from me no matter how hard you try. Keep up the bully tactics while never responding to actual facts and numbers. Catch Harv in a lie or a contradiction and he goes 3rd grade on you trying to degrade your profession. Class act there Harv your true colors always shine through. Class act Jeremy for letting Harv spew his hate and malicious behavior while working for the most liberal paper in the land.

  34. I have no confidence in Xavier….Valpo is probably a better team…I merely admire Remy and wish him a great ride. I highly doubt we’ll see that team.

    I would love nothing more than to take down UK….Calipari is Crean’s greaser buddy….They both make me vomit…but I’d love nothing more than to see candy stripes shrink that ‘bait and tackle shop’ down to the size of their arrogant minnowscule NBA ass-kisser.

    Is Michigan in the East…? I better take another look at the brackets…I do like Beilein….I don’t know why…I’m not a very good judge of character…I just think he’s always calm and prepared in March….And, of course, I do appreciate the fact that he doesn’t look past the talent in NW Indiana(a part of Indiana that might as well be Alaska to Tom Crean)…But I can’t totally blame Crean…He has to play to the homeys like Bart..If Crean wouldn’t have gone after kids like Cody and Jordy …and Jimmy …and Danny Shinburns Moore…and Jonny ‘Born Again Walk-On’ Marlin….etc, etc, etc., he would have never lasted four years.. And how can you not like a talent like Zak Irvin….That young man is good. Is he from Indiana too..? No Spike Albrecht though…I guess Spike is done because of a hip issue that ended his playing career…You can’t love the game if you didn’t enjoy what that young man did in his Final Four trip…..Much like McGary…..he embraced the stage and the lights..Took the opportunity and took it by storm.

    Sill love how they play the Keith Smart highlight/celebration before these March Madness shows…..Did anyone else catch it before he Selection Sunday show aired….I’m sure Geoff did..

  35. Most ‘liberal paper’ in the land…Now that’s hilarious.

    My apologies, Bart…That was a low blow…I very much admire the ‘working man’….And I admire your hard work. I just sorta feel like you sell having more of an ‘insiders’ point of view because you rub shoulders with a few people in the basketball program…It used to sorta turn my stomach when J Pat would act as if his opinions were of the same position of privilege with regard to the football team. Simply because you’ve had a few experiences or “met the man”..doesn’t mean you “know a man.”

    But my apologies….I actually really like cab drivers.. It’s hard work.

  36. I find the PAC 12 love interesting, at least relative to the B1G… Cal for instance, was tied for 3rd in their conference, didn’t win their tourney, and was ranked lower in every poll than IU… But ended up 3 seeds higher. Oregon gets a 1 seed while MSU, who beat Kansas, and only slumped when their 1st Team AA was injured, gets a 2.

    The PAC had a losing record against the ACC, while the B1G was 10-10
    The PAC was 1-0 vs the B1G… With Colorado (a tourney team) beating PSU (a non-tourney team) by 1 point.

    The B1G was also 7-0 vs the SEC… Who had 2 teams seeded higher than the outright conference champs.

    This might be the worst year, albeit the most difficult year, of seeding for the committee.

  37. Screaming ‘Harvard is an ass!’ is akin to screaming the oceans are deep.

    But I’ve been around Hoosier basketball for a long time, Bart & friends…..Chet probably longer…

    I remember like yesterday when I was going berserk over Steve Downing’s gutsy performance in my first real following of March Madness….My sister was attending IU at the time….She had taken me down to see the campus…I was just a little tike.. I loved those early underdog Hoosiers…..Those were days of so little hype. Downing was such a soft-spoken quiet giant….Sorta awkward in his stride, but so polished in his moves and kisses off the glass….Seems like yesterday. Was it yesterday? There’s the young man that gets the bronze statue out front of Assembly in my heart….Damn…He took it by storm…and without McGinnis…He was fearless and put Bobby on the map. Bobby admits to such to this date.

  38. If it makes you feel any better Harv, on a recent flight Morgan Freeman told me on some science show that people over the age of 50 experience time at a rate 2.5 times faster than people under the age of 10…

  39. This head-to-head stuff is overrated….USC…Great looking coach…Young coach…I think he knows his sh___. I really like that USC team….Gotta check my bracket and see their pathway.

    Geoff- You follow this stuff cover to cover..Do you know why(or ‘if’) there is some sort of feud between Andy Enfield and Alford…? I caught a couple PAC 12 games and I seem to remember one of the commentators hinting of ‘no loved lost’ between the two…Is it simply because one believes he was the better shooter in his college days…? It must be more than that…..That would be silly and immature.

  40. I think I matured out at 10…That’s probably the problem.

    So much for my preliminarily Final Four from a couple weeks ago(or was it yesterday?) of Kansas, Indiana, Duke, and UK….Time to rethunk it.

  41. Ultimately, the blame falls on the Hoosiers for once again delivering an egg in the conference tourney. Even winning one measly game would have probably clinched them the 3 or the 4. But they did what they always do, quicker than you can say “Brian Butch.” Very unimpressed with a team that blows off the conference tourney as an “exhibition” rather than step in and control their own destiny. It’s not what winners do.

    Absolutely. Hats off to Husky for this comment.

  42. Harvard one of Enfield’s first comments when he got to USC was to tell his players if they want to play slow they need to transfer to UCLA. That was immediately in the newspapers and given the feud between USC and UCLA (USC always better in football, UCLA always better in basketball) it was a theme the first two years when UCLA played faster and beat USC. Enfield never said more and that was it. This season UCLA laid egg after egg starting with Monmouth and throughout conference play (WSU had only one win, and it was against UCLA) and USC beat them three times but Enfield never made a snidely comment. Even in the tourney they were up by 20 at the half and Enfield said: “We have to be careful UCLA is a very dangerous team.” But by then UCLA was dead. Alford stank it up this season monumentally. He’s there still because the buyout is over 10 million at this stage. We’ll see how this goes next year. Go Hoosiers!

  43. Bart- Not sure if you use Mozilla…but this ‘extension’ will allow you to do blockquotes….coachw taught me many tricks years ago on Basketblog(or was it yesterday)….Most of which I’m still not very good at.. If you need any further info just let me know.

  44. kenpom has Indiana beating Chattanooga 76-67.

    Michigan State, Oklahoma, USC/Indiana and Kansas in the Final Four.

  45. Yeah…UCLA was another one of my ‘nailed it’ predictions….I did not see that collapse coming. I really thought they had a talented squad.. Wonder Bread Brillo Head is truly on the hot seat….They have some petition going around on the internet(started by some claiming to be UCLA most devoted donors, boosters, etc) to fire his ass…

    But if they were truly honest(especially that big dork, Walton), there was no love for Alford from the beginning…Just a terrible fit….Their Indiana love ended with Wooden….Alford is a Knight disciple….Knight vs Wooden…Hoosier vs. UCLA…Establishment vs Cornfed labels….Downing vs Walton…At one time is was the biggest rivalry of longest distance….Wooden is akin to the anti-Knight. Wooden is seen as the bastard genius they plucked out of a field of corny dreams…. If Wooden told Walton that the pyramids were filled with corn, Walton would kneel and pray to pharaohs….Jabbar would have changed his named to Tut Jabbar….There can only be one ‘Wizard’ from Indiana…They saw Alford as more a ‘gizzard.’

    A real hate campaign against Bryce as well….I only read a few of the comments, but they make my Crean stuff sound like love letters.

  46. Geoff- Time truly must accelerate…I can certainly remember how slow each day would seem between the ages of 5 and 15….For me, they were the best years….Minutes were never counted..Hours were never hoarded…They seemed so much in abundance….But the last 20 years….? Gone in a blink. I literally feel like I’m thrusting the Time Machine lever full forward…..and there’s not a damn thing I can do to recapture those lovely days that never ended….and those summers of youth that have an endless array of memories the recent past can’t compete. And where did my daughter’s childhood go….? College already completed……and it was only yesterday I was singing foolish made-up bathtime songs and putting goofy imaginary dialogue into wordless ‘Carl the Rottweiler’ picture books to give her bedtime giggles….All two decades gone in the time of one steamy and sunny summer afternoon of shooting hoops in a big field of a country home….

    Life is fast…These March Madness things how fast they pass…All the markers of time..birthdays…New Year’s…weddings…funerals…..Are they all collapsing into gravity or speeding away…. out of reach..? I just can’t tell anymore. but it’s hard to not be saddened by how it accelerates beyond my wishes to slow it down. …

  47. coachw- It’s all good. Only got part of your ‘thank you for remembering’ message. .It appears to be waiting on a sidebar ruling from Judge Ito….Wow..Was the Bronco chase last Friday(no, I’m not talking about Manning leaving Denver)? I’ll always remember how you helped me out, coachw.

  48. I put three links in it and the comment is awaiting moderation. It’s OK, nothing important, some old pics such as Bryce is very talented. Out of high school he was not ranked too high because he was always going to play for his dad. UCLA fans almost embraced the two of them after they beat Gonzaga away this season (for about a week) but it all went downhill after that first road trip of the season to Washington (very impressed with that team and their coach, don’t care how much fun I made of Husky over the years, I liked the pride UW played with during the conference and in the tournament, completely opposite Crean’s team last Friday). Now BruinsNation is not against Bryce as much they are against Wonder Bread Brillo Head (as you say) because (they say) he does not know how to use Bryce. They agree Bryce is UCLA material but WBBH is not. In his defense his non-conference schedule was super super-tough. Things really starting collapsing during that UNC game. They were fine the first half. Then it went downhill… Alford said before conference play that they all needed a break, coaches and players alike. They tried too hard. I get PAC-12 network here in Bloomington and watched all their games. Very very hard to watch. They had talent: Welsh, Prince Ali (awesome dunks), the younger Holiday (tired out eventually, a freshman), the guy from Australia, Bolden I think, Parker (very uneven, but a most likeable guy), Hamilton (not as good a Looney last year though) even Goloman (although injured when season started). Very impressed with the grit of Alex Olesinski. Season ended with injury added to insult: Bryce got a black eye in practice then in one of their last games he almost got a jaw fracture. UCLA could have done much better but they’re not on the same page. It’s like Crean used to lose the team in the seasons past. Wonder Bread has to figure it out or he’ll have to go. It’s the same eveywhere.

    Indiana can make it from that bracket of death. I wanna see Crean go to a Final Four, what the heck! Let’s go madness!

  49. Hah, interesting fact: the other two pics are available if you scroll through even if the original message was not posted. It’s a painting (this was during the last few days of the Basketblog) and a DreamWorks box you made for Remy…

  50. I do all my post from my LG phone Harv while working 14 hour days. Btw I have no inside info besides what I hear from students on campus which should be taken with a grain of salt. I do know it’s good to be an IU basketball player when it comes to the ladies.

  51. coachw- Did I post that beautiful painting? I don’t remember the circumstances or the possible reference. It certainly speaks to my heart. Wow..What a gorgeous work of art.

    Bart- You da man. I really do apologize for the low blow. Truly admire your work ethic…I’ve worked with far too many people that work all kinds of shifts, get a couple hours sleep between jobs, only to see so little appreciation from anyone. Think of Harv giving you a pat on the back….You are the real grit and hope in this country. You have a great mind and you are certainly a formidable debater on Scoop…Really nice writing skills as well. It’s always the strong will and creative minds of those I frequently encounter who love Indiana and Indiana University that forever keeps my hope alive.

    Just look at the wonderful contributors of Scoop…I won’t name them because I’ll inevitably leave someone out(even someone that doesn’t comment frequently) who has wowed me. And don’t ignore our great HT journalists and photographers, too. You may refer to them as ‘liberal’ but I like to think of such freedoms(knowing full well I most often take things beyond overboard) as liberating. Do we really want a world of walls..?

    I would love to see a LiveChat return for March Madness…I would love that for Double Down because I know he enjoyed it so much..Life is full of big stuff and big worries..It’s rare to find the small things that can make all the weight and hardships of life disappear for a short while.

    Again, truly sorry for the cheap shot…I’ve been very fortunate and a family who for some reason tolerates my many failures(far outnumbering my successes). I wish you happiness and a life that will branch into many great experiences and memories.

  52. One last thought on ‘walls’….Sometimes the most secure household is the most difficult to get out of..

    I always like to think of easy exits over impenetrable walls/doors. My greatest fear is what I may be trapped with inside before I have a chance to escape….Maybe that’s just my weird way of looking at the world. I think of many of those gangster movies when some poor soul is trapped in a dead end dark alley with nothing but high brick walls and evaporating space to run. The more we narrow our speech, the more the alley shortens and darkens.

  53. I love and applaud the dialog written thus far. Good stuff with some great points.

    We all hate our “Creanpuff” (I love that H4H) preseason schedule. But had we played any more stalwarts from power conferences before Dec. 8th we’d have likely been toast.

    We got a #5 and a POTENTIAL match-up with UK because;
    We lost to MI in the 1st game of our tournament. Win 2 and we’re likely a 3 seed, at worst a 4.
    We lost to Wake Forest who finished next to last in the ACC.
    We lost to UNLV….who cares where they finished in the WAC or whatever wussy conf. they play in.
    We lost to Penn St. at their place.

    You take away those 4 losses, 3 of them “bad” losses, and our resume looks a helluva lot better than it is. Obviously the committee boneheads didn’t value the closing power of teams this year. If they had, we’d have been seeded higher, so would UK, same for MSU and Syracuse wouldn’t have got in at all. They lost 5 of their last 6!

    The committee’s decisions and the stupidity of a 2 hr. announcement special burns me to the core. But that is outside of my and our control.

    It’s time to perform and prove that we deserved better. In reality, UK should have been the #3 that A&M got, and A&M the #5 with us as a #4. A&M is just as scary as UK so that is not a better situation.

    And oh yes, to address Chattanooga……we seem to have a habit of looking ahead to next games….such as Purdue in the Big 10 tournament. And this game has that potential for distraction.

    Go Hoosiers!

  54. Can we agree on a few things regarding SOS?
    First: All large conference teams are going to schedule the little guys for a couple of reasons. The little guys have to schedule teams like IU or their programs can’t survive without the money. All large conference head coaches need 20 win seasons to keep their jobs and it keeps your fan base exicited. Not to mention it allows more ticket and merchandise sales which helps pay the little guys.
    Second: Most of these games are scheduled 2 or 3 years in advance. A lot of things can happen that will change the makeup of that little team from the WAC or Big Sky conference. Towson and Stony Brook could finish 1st or last in their conference just because of 1 injury or a coaching change.
    Third: Pure luck…sometimes the teams you scheduled are pretty good and sometimes they aren’t.

    So how do schedule so that the SOS stands out every year? We could schedule more games on the road during November and December. That means less home games for the faithful. It also means that the Iona’s and Townson’s don’t make the money that helps them survive. More games on the road also mean more potential loses and your team has less confidence and energy heading into the conference schedule.

    We could schedule teams from conferences that rarely fall on the 16 seed line in the NCAA Tournament. This still leaves you will a few less wins and no coach in America will tell you that less wins helps them sleep or helps them come contract time.

    Never schedule a team coming off a 4-26 year. Never schedule a team that consistently loses in conference X or Y. Find out who’s supposed to be the first, second or third place team in conference X and play them.

    Since there are more games in the basketball season it’s easier for a basketball team to maintain a strong nonconference schedule while still making some room for second-tier opponents. After all, there is almost two full months of the season before conference play even begins, and teams have to compete against somebody.

  55. People seem to forget that, had IU won some early tournament games, they could have potentially played much better teams. Some of the weakness in the schedule had nothing to do with planning a weak schedule. The Hoosiers simply didn’t perform well enough to make it to matchups with better teams.

    Let’s be honest, the difference between a ‘tough’ preconference schedule and a ‘weak’ preconference is usually just two or three ‘big name’ opponents.

  56. Here’s an idea…Just don’t schedule against half a dozen non-conference teams with more than 3 e’s in their first name and a last name ending in ‘State.’ e.g. McBreezy State…McFreenisie Stata…Pualloopeedoopee State. McNeeseifyoupleaseme State…Wineese St…..Tooeesie State….MyLittlePonytail State…..Vaticaneese State…Reesespieces State…etc, etc.

    This would be a good starting point.

  57. oops..McBreeze State…Tastee-Freez State….Kneeme State..Treesapeneese State

  58. Eastern Listerine State…….Western Indigestion State….Northern Pickerel Presbyterian State…Tobe Ornotobee State.

  59. Maybe this one will be funny….Maybe this one will be funny….Maybe this one will be funny….Maybe this one will be funny…Maybe this one will be funny….Maybe this one will be funny….Maybe this one will be funny…..

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