IU runs away with 80-62 win over Maryland #iubb

Five days earlier, Tom Crean stood in Iowa’s visiting locker room with tears in his eyes, demanding a win in Indiana’s senior day showdown with Maryland.

Before a capacity crowd Sunday at Assembly Hall, the Hoosiers delivered.

No. 12 IU turned away the No. 14 Terrapins, 80-62, wrapping up an 17-game undefeated run at Assembly Hall in the process. In his final game in Bloomington, senior point guard Yogi Ferrell scored 17 points, dished four assists and grabbed four rebounds, walking off the floor to chants of “YO-GI! YO-GI!”. Teammate Troy Williams led all scorers with 23 points.

Indiana (25-6, 15-3) wrapped up the regular season with a serious momentum surge, and enters this week’s Big Ten Tournament playing some of the best basketball the program has seen in Tom Crean’s eight seasons as coach. By winning the Big Ten outright on Tuesday, the Hoosiers sealed a double-bye in the conference tournament and will face the winner of No. 8 seed Michigan vs. No. 9 Northwestern on Friday at noon at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Indiana overcame a rocky start by thoroughly outplaying Maryland during the final 10 minutes of the first half. The Terps jumped ahead on a 10-2 run to begin the game, but fizzled midway through the period.

IU outscored Maryland 21-6 during the final 10:22 of the period β€” a stretch that saw the Hoosiers limit the Terps to only a pair of 3-pointers by Melo Trimble on 13 shot attempts. It all added up to a 41-28 halftime lead for Indiana.

The Hoosiers built on that advantage during the second half, raising their lead to as many as 17 points early in the period. Maryland got as close as nine points on a pair of occasions β€” the second of which came with seven minutes remaining. But IU swung back with four quick points and used a heady play by Nick Zeisloft to boost its lead to 13. As he fell into the Maryland bench, Zeisloft whipped the ball down the court, where Juwan Morgan picked it up and took it to the basket.

Morgan played despite aggravating a shoulder injury late in Tuesday’s game against the Hawkeyes. The freshman forward was part of another scary moment late in Sunday’s contest, doubling over after apparently suffering another shoulder injury in the final minutes.

At one point midway through the second half, Indiana played through a stretch without a single guard β€” deploying Williams, Morgan, OG Anunoby, Collin Hartman and Max Bielfeldt at the same time.

Against a deep and talented Maryland frontcourt, Indiana played tough and took advantage of various contributions from its big men. Anunoby, in particular, was outstanding, grabbing three rebounds and posting a block and a steal.

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  1. Atta boys! A fun run to witness. Let’s hope they don’t choke against Wisconsin in the Big 10 tourney.

    Oh, Eric Gordon is injured again (finger). This guy makes Derrick Rose look like Cal Ripken.

  2. Come tournament time, the Washington Huskies, collectively, have always had a strong right wrist….sorta speak.

  3. What a great win and gotta applaud these guys for attacking the heavy part of the schedule. Even though the was B1G decided, this game was still important to get the SOS up. Rather dominating win and everyone is playing great basketball right now.

    Time to rest up for the double bye. Rojo and Juwan won’t fully heal this season, but hopefully it gives them enough time to be effective for a deep tourney run. πŸ™‚

  4. I wrote it on another thread but want to repeat it here so it doesn’t get overlooked: The Crean haters sound like politicians w/ the red herrings they throw out there after this TEAM dominates another highly regarded opponent. Eric Gordon’s finger? Huskies? What’s love got to do w/ it?

  5. Where are the guys that said we would be the 5th seed in the B1G tourney? Where was the collapse in the final 5 games when we has to play the tough part of our schedule? At least H4H is still here praising the assistant coaches for the hard work they have done molding the freshmen despite CTC.

  6. mihoosier2, you have to understand how unhappy all the Crean-haters are right now. They are downright miserable. IU won the Outright Big Ten Championship (for the second time in four years), they’ll be ranked in the Top 10 on Monday, and they have a good shot at making a deep run in the NCAA Tourney (I don’t really care about the Big Ten Tourney), it’s just a vehicle for generating more revenue.) They did not suffer any “late season swoon” as the haters predicted they would, and in fact beat two ranked teams down the stretch with two key players injured. Bottom line, Tom Crean will not be fired any time soon. And if he guides this team to the final four, he may even get a new contract! Tom Crean has destroyed his critic’s narrative. He has proven that he can adapt and evolve. He lead this team to one of the best regular season records IU has had in decades. And he has proven that he is a good coach. Of course, the Crean-haters will not be satisfied with just a “good” coach. They demand a great coach, and will not be happy with anything less than IU winning another NCAA Championship. So as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, whenever this IU team’s basketball season comes to an end, the Crean-haters will be right back at it, voicing their disdain, finding fault and yipping away like little chihuahuas. Haters gotta hate.

  7. Wow, great way to send the seniors off. Great way for Yogi to play his last game at Assembly Hall. It’s going to be difficult to imagine IU without Yogi in the future. What a class act. What a competitor. What a great Hoosier! Thank you, Yogi. It was a privilege to watch you play.

  8. Po is right and you can still find fault in the CTC coaching style but I believe you can find fault in any coach in the B1G. But look how these players love to play for him and I believe that young recruits like what they see and they love the style of play. I think our recruiting will see an up tick in interest after this season. The only downside would be the kids looking at how CTC chased an assistant coach from Michigan, and the fact that he dismissed the players that wouldn’t follow the rules, not to mention CTC having faith in God.

  9. Congrats boys, and congrats to Crean! This regular season was well-earned. It will be tough to see IU without Yogi, but we still have a few games with him. He has shown by example exactly how to seize the moment and make sure your senior year, and career, finishes on a high note. They are clearly one of the 2 best teams in the B1G and one of many teams that has a liegitmate shot to win a national championship. I really hope that Morgan is ok and the RJ can play, and be himself, by the NCAA’s. Under the pressure of the tournament his experience and talent will be much needed.

    This senior class, which started as The Movement, ended with only Yogi still a member of the team. But it added 2 players along the way that have been integral to this team’s success, and made it the best senior class in a long time. Thanks (Yogi, Max, and Buckets) for bringing this team together and showing the underclassmen how to overcome and succeed.

  10. Yogi went from a talented but unpredictable guard to a legend this season. I would not be surprised if he ‘pulled an Isiah’ and became the player of the tournament (NCAA that is).

    CTC is as secure as any coach in the country. His back was against the wall and his team delivered. You can credit whomever you want but he is the head coach. He pulled a rabbit out of his hat. The Hoosiers are right up there with anyone as far as the current level of play.

    The bottom line for any coach is winning. The Hoosiers are winning. The head coach deserves the credit as much as they deserve the blame when things sour.

    Right now there is no logical argument, other than personal dislike, not to support CTC. Two titles in 4 years. Crazy record vs. top 5 teams. Kids leaving school with masters degrees.

    He’s earned it.

  11. This senior class, which started as The Movement, ended with only Yogi

    Ended with only Yogi? I would beg to differ….”The Movement” is cyclical(like a colon) and always ends with Crean…He took a massive one at Syracuse a few years ago after a long #1…….sales job. After straining to make it to a field, he left a big dropping of a chance against Wichita State…He even used a timeout to take this particular “movement,” but it was not enough to communicate to his team a need to foul and stop the clock. I guess the gas in the sideline huddle was moved to ‘forget fumes.’

    Every March it’s something new that smells quite old.. Let’s just say Tom puts the ‘sh’ in ‘it factor.’ Crean may no longer login to Twitter, but he still logs ‘it’ out in March.

    I’m confident that ‘movements’ will live on..and on…and on. Wins in Assembly and digesting too many cupcakes are the mere frustrations of constipation…The ‘banner’ dumps are saved for March….That being said, we look very strong on paper.

  12. Chet
    You are right. There is no reason not to support Tom Crean. He is getting the job done and has earned that support. After the Duke game I like many had my doubts but the man has done a great job and should be coach of the year in the BIG.

  13. Crean only leaves ‘bottom lines’ on his designated March shorts….Just sayin’ Prepare your balance ‘sheeets’ if you get my drift…

  14. not to mention CTC having faith in God.

    Since you opened that door….Wasn’t there something about having x-ray vision…or extrasensory perceptions…or powers to see into locker rooms one is not present.

    Odd….But you can see into a man’s heart and discern true faith beyond its demonstration thereof..? If there is a God(of whatever higher being chosen from a particular list of many beliefs), I would suspect that this power will be the only decider of “having faith.” Selling it on Twitter pages …blabbering to an ESPN reporter(with a “you’re really going to go there”: expression on her face) of how you conduct group prayers in the locker room…or plastering glowing crosses on bumper stickers/Facebook pages, may, or may not, have anything to do “having” faith.

    Clownish antics we can see…What is truly in a man’s heart will always be a mystery….Chasing it around like a dog hunting a rabbit and building temples in cornfields we thus must publicly demonstrate our conviction and so-called higher and superior “belief.”

  15. I have definitely been skeptical of Coach Crean but how can you not give him credit. From what I have heard after the rough start to the season he reached out to some people in the coaching world and listened and took suggestions for what he needed to change as a coach. He then implemented said changes and IU is now the Big Ten champs. It seems Tom finally learned that maybe it was time to change things up when it comes to what is done in practice and on the courts and look at the results.

    The sign of a true leader is when you seek the guidance of others and realize that your philosophy may not be the best philosophy. One of my most frustrating thoughts on coach was that he always seemed to try to force the personnel into his philosophy instead of adjusting his philosophy to fit his personnel and players skill sets. I think Coach Cream has evolved this year and I hope that same adaptive approach sticks around for years to come.

    Kudos to the entire team and basketball staff you have earned it.

  16. Clownish describes your obsession to denigrate every aspect of CTC which I can only assume comes from a deep seeded hatred deep down in your heart. No man could spit out those vile thoughts without some type of pain lying within.
    I believe in a higher being…maybe not a God like some believe…but I know I’m not smart enough to dispel that something somewhere might of had a hand in our creation and I’m good with that. With that said I can’t make fun of anyone that has faith no matter what it is because it shows conviction.
    I think it’s easy to see what’s in a man’s heart if you just listen and pay attention to the signs. But of course I may be like my best beagle…his name was “Outlaw Josey Whales” and he started running rabbits at 4 months old…we probably ran 1000 rabbits together in our day and that dog was so good that I had to tape one nostril shut in order to keep him from running two rabbits at the same time.

  17. I saw plenty of the “signs” of what was in Crean’s heart when he took the job…..When he screamed of 19 F’s and collectively painted with a wide brush his blatantly irresponsible hatred(a hatred he was without warrant as he was never a target of any wrongdoing), he was violating a trust to decency and privacy…Those kids also had parents…They may have had single moms…or aunts…or uncles that tried their best…

    You people kill me with how you believe it was such a violation for children at a basketball game to scream hateful things at a coach’s son while never recognizing the hate a grown adult, Tom Crean, threw to the wind at families who had no voice or chance to defend against such labels Crean was constantly throwing around. Those kids did nothing to Crean. He sold Indiana as a victim to sell himself…Those young men were victims of their own mistakes. Trusts were broken …along with many hearts…none of which were ever directed or involved the carnival salesman that got his jollies via a public lynching of their history and names(as if none had no singular redeemable quality to their nature)…
    If that’s his faith in humanity, he can shove it up his pious holier-than-thou ‘it factor.’

  18. You might also want to check your spelling of fictional Clint Eastwood characters given to the family pet.

  19. Bart-

    Do you enjoy soccer? Do you remember a guy who used to post on Sccop threads going by the name “Reggie”(formerly “Puke is the worst”)? He was an ardent defender of Crean. He also used to throw Hartman under the bus quite regularly….while professing to be all yummy Christian inside. His dad owned a Navigator…..Reggie- You out there?

  20. What a truly great regular season! IU finished the B1G season as Champs, 2 full games ahead of MSU, which is ranked as #2 in the nation! Enjoy March Maddness! GO IU!

  21. Who cares how I spelled the dogs name…and he wasn’t a pet he was a hunting dog and a Damn fine hunting dog….no I don’t watch soccer because it’s boring…and those kids you speak of were no victims lol….they stole the trust that was given to them by this university…the university accepted them and how was the free education given to them used? The idea that you can’t tell the truth about what happened in order to explain to others that it’s not going to happen on your watch is crazy. I just wish Dakich would come out at tell the whole story about what really happened in those final years of KS reign.

    I’m not a CTC apologist. There are no super heroes without villains and I guess I just get tired of seeing you spout that same carp over and over like you actually know it to be the truth. I call bull@$!# on you Harv. You aren’t the super hero defending those poor drug dealing kids with the gpa’s in the ones with your flowery rants in the annals of the scoop. I’m guessing that others read of bantering and ask why does Bart even try? Harv is Harv and you can’t change that old farts mind. But I don’t really want to change your mind at all Harv…I just want everyone to know that I call bull.

  22. Victims of their own mistakes, Bart. They did absolutely nothing to Tom Crean nor broke any trust with Tom Crean. It was not Tom Crean’s university, nor anything he ever accomplished for the university, that was “decimated” when he took the job. Crean has had plenty of his own players that have been victims of their own mistakes.

    You just want “everyone” to know that you call bull? That sounds pretty grade school, Bart. I believe you’re much like the same frustrated child I’ve had run-ins with on here before. I am a superhero, Bart. And you need to work on spelling those Clint Eastwood movie characters correctly.

  23. Here’s something I never quite got, Harv.

    You blame CTC for dismissing kids that flunked their classes before he even arrived. Nineteen is a lot of failed classes. It’s hard to come up with the math that left any of those dismissed still eligible. Was he supposed to make all those failed classes disappeared and wave a magic eligibility wand over them?

    What was the scenario where they were academically eligible despite their failing grades?

  24. I don’t think he dismissed any of them…I’m not sure he had the authority to dismiss them from the university…But they brought no harm upon Tom Crean. None of their effing up cost him a thing(emotionally, financially, etc). He made it into a personal witch hunt and used a wide brush of indictments as if we was the victim of their poor decisions. It cost him being hired at a storied basketball institution. .Their effing up cost Tom Crean a positive 30 million dollars over 8 years…What a terrible price for Tom Crean to pay.

    This wasn’t Penn State…This wasn’t ghost classes being created/taken at UNC..This wasn’t hookers for hire. In the grand scheme of slime and those that ‘fix’ the system as opposed to ever risking ‘failing’ within it(including the history following the guy who is Crean’s personal friend at UK), a 3-way calling scandal and some kids skipping classes is not anything remotely reaching the sickness of shower rapes against children occurring in university facilities, prostitution for recruits provided by boosters within dorm room addresses, or a level of internal corruption that places grades on transcripts for classes that didn’t even exist.

    There was no need for Crean to play victim. He was not harmed by any of it. Indiana and it’s glorious success in basketball was never part of his history to be harmed. It was only his thick pious tongue that chose to play a victim act and run names through the mud with no care as to a right to privacy or a chance for any, individually, to defend against his blanket condemnation of all.

    He has had plenty of his own recruits, under his own watch, that have failed themselves or let him down personally. Unlike what was done with anyone under the blanket condemnation of the Sampson era, somehow those that effed up under Crean are still seen as having defensible character and redeemable qualities despite their mistakes.

    Crean has no idea what efforts were made by Sampson and the university while these degenerates were decimating the program..Can he argue that he would have never recruited them when a large number of his own players have taken their scholarship privileges for granted? And if Crean could have done better with some of those Sampson kids to keep them on the straight and narrow(which, I guess , would include providing 12 years of solid education that many were obviously lacking while Indiana allowed them to come anyway), then why cast them off as such “cancers” and “wreckers” of anything?

    Maybe your kids are Ivy League perfect, Chet. Sometimes kids don’t have parents like you…Sometimes they don’t have solid educations but people still treat them like they’ll have worth because they can play a mean game of basketball. Maybe they skipped some classes..,Maybe the skipped a ton of classes…But truth be told, what sorta system at Indiana could have really saved them from what is lost in a lifetime of broken down schools and households? Could that sort of history be repaired while gong through the demands and schedule of a D-1 basketball program? Do they really deserve such condemnation and vilification. ? Easy for us to say…Easy for us to label…Easy for us to call them “wreckers” when many have already come from “wrecked” childhoods.

    I simply thought it was a pathetic thing to do. We don’t know the facts of their daily lives before they were begged to wear the uniform of Indiana University. I don’t feel a victim of their acts…I feel as if any lost chance is nothing worth making a podium of arrogance higher. What good does it do to stand above those we have no idea just how tough it can be to even have a meal and a clean shirt to put on in the morning….?

    Some may believe casting all those labels was our finest day… I’m not in that camp…nor will I ever be…I will forever believe it was our worst day.

  25. I spent a number of years in Philadelphia in my youth (well, the burbs). At that time, Philly was one of the most dangerous places not just America, but perhaps the world.

    Yet, there was one man, John Chaney, who lived, recruited and established a basketball program in the heart of that war zone that would regularly turn out some of the toughest and most disciplined teams in college basketball. He took kids that normally would have no shot beyond the street corner and made them into men. None of those players were top recruits in their own towns, let along nationally.

    Like our own Coach Knight, that toughness had some negative effects. Although, when he tried to fight John Calipari at a press conference, I can’t help help grinning from ear to ear reflecting on it. Chaney was street and sometimes it got the better of him.

    Defending Sampson for recruiting kids from the other side of the track? Yes. I think that is admirable. Doing nothing to instill the discipline required to leave that BS behind? Indefensible. Sampson failed those kids. By thumbing his nose at the academic tutors who’s job it was to keep those kids on track, he virtually guaranteed them many more future nights sleeping in their car, a jail cell or the ultimate dirt nap.

    Sampson was a world class piece of fecal matter. The three way calls were the least of his transgressions.

  26. DD,
    That’s how I see it as well.

    I’ve coached plenty of kids with issues. Despite their outward display of hostility they almost all just craved some structure in their lives. Most of these kids no doubt expected to find that at IU under Sampson.

    They didn’t get it. I don’t blame them. They put all their trust in Sampson and he failed them.

  27. From some people I knew who were close to the program at the time, Sampson was truly the worst of all worlds. Had the attitude and god-complex that Knight had, but he played loose with just about everything. The academic advisors were going bananas. Even Coach Hep & Lynch had major concerns because the basketball players were getting away with murder, while they were demanding the kids in the football program to take care of their business.

    Knowing some of the inside stories of Sampson’s behavior, I find it hard to muster up a higgs boson sized amount of sympathy for him. What the NCAA did to Indiana University about that was one of the biggest farces in the history of that dubious cartel. But that doesn’t excuse Sampson for his responsibility in bringing Indiana Basketball to the point of implosion. The calls were just the nail in his coffin.

  28. Wonder if he’s failing them at Houston as well…? How can you judge when you weren’t there? There is no societal responsibility? Their is no failure we must all share in? There is no failure of the universities that treat them like prima donnas until somebody needs head to roll? Where is your outrage for a place like UNC that ‘fixes’ the system so no one can fail? That is a failure in even trying…Who needs a tutor when a passing grade is given for a class that doesn’t even exist? This is how they beat the system …And it was not the system fixes and corrupt models many programs now work within. There are far worse things than failing somebody….Teaching somebody to cheat their way through a ‘fixed’ system(e.g. Rose getting an imposter to take his SAT before entering Memphis…or the ‘ghost classes’ at UNC to only name a couple)….is failing in all belief someone is capable to earn an achievement through their own hard work and capable minds.

  29. Sure, there’s enough blame to pass around. What I don’t get is your defense of the primary culprit in all this, Sampson.

    You want to blame everyone except the person who is the most to blame

  30. The 3 way calling infractions were a godsend compared with what was bound to happen down the road with a Sampson program. Say what you want about CTC flaws but as far as we know he runs a clean program. Let KY win with the cheater at the helm, as a fan I want to win with my conscience clean.

    AP named CTC coy…time to extend that contract to 2030.

  31. Interesting how all of you keep avoiding the topic of UNC and their ‘ghost classes.’ Pure Establishment apologists….Cheating down at the plantation is just fine….Effing up at Indiana is a something that should be a lifetime of persecution and shame….

    You fools buy into Crean not because you believe in any higher truth or level of conscience that allows you to sleep on your fluffy Hoosier pillow at night. I honestly believe you seek the self-condemnation Crean feeds you like a baby spoon because there is something deeper and residing within the soul of the place(not just McCracken, but all of storied Indiana and its humble honesty echoing in history above the facades witnessed in the shallow words of Tom Crean)….Maybe it all goes back to how Knight was truly able to tap into the heart of Indiana basketball and take it beyond a foolish Hollywood film….I don’t think that sort of envy ever dies……It festers and finds heroes in slippery tongues to nail to our Hoosier coffins.

    I’m not sure any of you truly want Indiana to return to being an elite basketball program….I’m not sure what motivations really brought Kelvin Sampson to Indiana. ..Praise is so deceptively just a ton of envy turned inside out.

  32. I didn’t go to school at UNC so what happens there is of little interest to me. I care on a human level, but I don’t care enough to know the details around what happened there. The abomination of the events around Penn State and Sandusky was more profound. Who wouldn’t be impacted by such horrors?

    I care about Indiana University. I know people first hand who had to work with or under Sampson. You’ve aligned yourself with a real turd.

    I hope Sampson has learned from his transgressions (the important ones, like being a leader for these kids on and off the court). I hope he doesn’t fail his current players at Houston. Now that he’s gone from Indiana University, I have no desire to follow-up and get into the details of what he is or isn’t doing in Houston.

    You have a true knack to blame everyone but the one person in this situation who could have made the most impact on those young men’s lives. You have no idea what I do with my time to make an impact in this area. You can take your presumptions and stuff them in a Chesterton-sized hole in the ground.

  33. No condemnation for a school that invented classes that didn’t exist….and put those fake grades on transcripts? Passing that off as it having no impact on the integrity of the college game is complete and utter BS….Sounds like Establishment avoidance and Indiana envy to me.

    Why should I believe you? Have I met you? Have I shook your greasy soft hands?

    Crean didn’t just vilify Sampson….He created a culture of hate aimed at all…There was no opportunity for individual defenses…He took hate and ran with it. It was pathetic..It will forever be our worst day. He built walls to protect his own stagnancy and mediocrity around it. Don’t take the job if you don’t treasure the opportunity and the good and bad that comes with all.

    These boxes are full of presumptions, my friend. You have nothing to substantiate your clams to being on the inside….Even if on the inside, it wouldn’t necessarily validate any conviction to find truth or uphold something removed from personal agenda.

    It was all Kelvin’s fault….It was never the fault of administrators that turned the other way in admittance standards knowing full well many of these kids had no foundation of learning or stable environments to go home…You can’t lay that all on Kelvin Sampson…You can’t simply blame Sampson for that sort of hunger to win at a game.

    People of Bloomington nearly hated as much on Davis as they did Sampson……What did Mike Davis do wrong other than get a team to a championship game.? When in the last 8 years has Mr. Savior found a use of his 30 million in salary to deflect similar hatred, doubt, and insinuations of a job “too big?”

  34. Of course no one is talking about UNC. None of us went to or, likely, give a rat’s hind end about UNC. Why would anyone bring up UNC?

    No one is mentioning SMU getting the ‘Death Penalty’ in football either. Know why? Nobody on the Scoop give a rat’s hind end about SMU either.

    I have no idea if Houston won a game this year or not because I don’t care about Houston, either.

    We’re talking about IU.

    Stay on topic. Focus.

    1. This thread is perilously close to being closed for lack of civility. On top of which, at this point, we know where everybody stands and don’t want to hear it again.

  35. And that’s why you’ve spent so much time calling UK a “bait and tackle shop,” Chet? Stay on topic, Chet. The only thing that matters is our bubble world at the compound, Chet. You’re a clown.

    You can’t just vilify Sampson and not call out Crean as a hypocrite for never taking a stance against the garbage man, his friend, running the “bait and tackle shop” at UK.

    It was you that never stopped with references to UK,…Why should they matter on an IU blog? They mattered because it was easy to use as defense/apologizing of Crean before his own effing up players were treating IU like a curb to piss out their drunken escapades…

    I will never buy into an argument that Sampson simply abandoned trying to set any examples of decency and caring actions….That seems far more a position of unsubstantiated hatred… No coach can oversee or control what is going on in every 18-20 year old’s head…What responsibility must Crean absorb for so many players abusing liquor or taking to roads intoxicated? Are good grades the only measure of character and citizenship? Coaches, parents, friends, teammates, administrators, all play roles in giving guidance…How on earth can you simply paint one guy as the sole villain….? How can you take one brush and paint all those kids as “cancers” with no redeemable qualities?

  36. How many misdirections can you wedge in one piece? Your tirades about our lack of concern for UNC due to the lack of mentions just cover up your lack of concern for the blood that runs through the streets of Aleppo. I can only assume that you are a Russian spy sent to misdirect us from the real issue.

    Your villainization of anything not Indiana is actually endearing. A relic built on fear of anything different. Maybe we should take the money we would have spent on Crean’s buyout and us it to get Trump to build a wall around your town so you don’t let the foreigners in or the natives out. Don’t worry, we’ll allow the local Denny’s to remain resupplied with airdrops reminiscent of Berlin in 1948. We wouldn’t want you turning any of your local citizens into Moons Over My Hammy as the Bolivan rugby team had to do so in the Andes in 1972.

  37. It’s all good, Jeremy.

    I will depart.

    Mustn’t talk disparagingly about UNC….Nobody cares about Blue Ridge cheatin’ Deliverance hillbillies living near yuppity Asheville anyhow…..I care about them their Tar Heels nearly as much as saying hello to Geoff’s brother at a restaurant 15 minutes down the road….LOL. You are a joy, Chet. Simply a joy.

  38. Today the Establishment smiles ear to ear…The biggest clown in all of college basketball is Indiana’s Coach of the Year….Hear, hear! Don’t ever wish for something too much because you just got it…

  39. The “fear” of anything different was Mike Davis and Kelvin Sampson, DD. What has found Bloomington now is living inside those puritanical walls of protection that are not of my nature….To crucify mistakes made by Sampson was the mortar for those tall walls…There has never been a day at IU more narrowly defined in how it filters the world, than those currently at the helm. Their have never been walls of piousness higher.

  40. [There] have never been…

    Now I shall depart…May you all fester in the orgy of your arrogance and labels. ..May you find a room of mirrors to enjoy it at every possible angle of focus.

  41. One last thing…

    I can’t think of a single regular contributor to the Scoop that has not attempted to extend their hand to you in friendship. It’s always met with some snide comment or you make some remark about their kids or spouse as you did with me earlier.

    No, Harv. This is all on you.

    Every last bit of it.

  42. I guess I need to read the transcript from the worst day ever in IU basketball history…anyone know where I can find this? When I Google the worst day in IU basketball history the only thing that pops up is the firing of RMK.

  43. I think it was when George McGinnis declared ‘hardship’ and entered the draft. We would have crushed UCLA with him in the lineup.

  44. Yes Chet, Harv won’t be gone long. All the success Crean and his team is having right now requires Harv to to work all the harder to defend the narrative.

    He dishes it out by the bucket loads, but is shielded from taking it, even when it is delivered in teaspoons?

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