IUWBB: Indiana falls to Northwestern in B1G tourney, 79-73

Indiana went one and done in the Big Ten tournament Friday, losing to No. 12-seeded Northwestern, 79-73.

Nia Coffey finished with 26 points and 11 rebounds. Amanda Cahill led the Hoosiers with 23 points.

On the afternoon, IU shot 39 percent from the field, despite a 50 percent shooting effort in the final quarter. The Hoosiers struggled to get stops, however, and Northwestern moved on to Saturday’s semifinal versus Maryland by hitting 56 percent of its shots in the fourth quarter.

IU was able to cut Northwestern’s advantage to 75-71 after a 3 by Cahill with 33.6 seconds left, but Christine Inman would respond with two free throws. On their next possession, Hoosiers guard Karlee McBride would be fouled on a 3-point attempt, but she would miss all three free throws.



  1. NW wad playing at different speed than IU. IU just seemed to be a step behind throughout game plus NW was physical with IU. NORTWESTERN had more bounce even though this wad their 3rd game. IU was flat….One of those games.

  2. IU Flattened by Coffee! Besides that IU was outplayed all day. Sometimes too much rest can take you out of your normal rythem. Now we sit back watch and wait and see if we get a bid to the big dance.

  3. Glad I didn’t see it. Gotta be very disappointing for the girls especially considering how well they have been playing lately.

    Hope they get a shot at the Big Dance.

  4. I was there with a very nice crowd of IU fans.
    Tyra Buss got hammered all day long (never got a break from the flummoxed officials), and we missed any number of shots we normally make.
    No lack of effort involved.
    Just a tough day at the office.
    A little perplexed by Northwestern. They seem to be playing much better with Maggie Lyon on the bench.

  5. Nat, I agree about how well Northwestern is playing without Lyons? When I watched Northwestern Wednesday afternoon against Wisconsin, I could see before the game that she was in a walking boot, I thought they were in trouble but, for some reason they are playing very well without her? As far as the game, I thought Northwestern basically (Coffee, Inman and Deary) beat us off the dribble all day to get open shots. They are three of the most athletic kids in the conference and we simple couldn’t stay in front of them? Coffee is a nightmare to guard, she is long (at approximately 6’2″ ) and extremely Athletic. She jumps over people to get her shot. Although Buss did a credible job on Deary holding her to 4 for 15 from the field, she hit 2 three’s at crucial times that really hurt us when we were fighting from behind. Two other things were big in this game; getting 8 shots blocked around the basket and missing 8 free throws today came back to bite us. We did not shoot the ball very well from the field, only 39 % while Northwestern shot 46 %. I will agree that the officiating left a lot to be desired although, I didn’t think that was the reason we lost! We simply couldn’t get stops defensively when we needed them and we got good shots at times and they simply wouldn’t fall! Amanda Cahill ( as usual) was magnificent today scoring 23 points and grabbing 13 rebounds for her 11th double-double of the year along with handing out 3 assists. She also had a block and a steal. We weren’t able to post up Anderson as much as usual as she only got 4 shots and 2 of them were put backs. Alexis Gassion had 11 points and Tyra Buss had 16 mainly because of hitting 8 of 9 free throws. Buss had a tough shooting day only hitting 4 of 18 shots. As Nat said, it was simply a tough day at the office! We will now have to hold our breath and see if we make the NCAA Tournament field. Go Hoosiers!

  6. The IU ladies will get into the NCAA tournament thanks to the upgraded pre big ten schedule coupled with the number of big ten wins.

  7. I watched the game on TV. When McBride went to the line for 3 FT’s, I still thought that these magnificent ladies had a chance to get to OT. NW, especially Dreary, Coffee and Inman were really good in the game and IU, especially Buss and Cahill, were cold from the field. The effort was great, the coaching was great, just a tough day when the flow was off a half step. This team will be in the NCAA! Poor Tyra was physicall battered all game long, but reviewing the plays, most were not fouls, just very physical defense. Deary is a defensive deamon, Coffee is a shot blocking freak!

  8. In an article posted on ESPNW titled “Super sophomore seasons in women’s hoops, Tyra Buss is mentioned along with Katelynn Flaherty of Michigan. In the article there are 10 players listed. It is a slide show presentation and there is a nice action picture of each player and a short paragraph which is pretty cool. This appears on the ESPN website where you have to do a little research to find it. Very nice.

  9. “Super Sophs” nice presentation. Good to see the B1G being noticed as one of the elite conf nowadays or as the article ref. used to be “blah” conf. There are just too many good high scoring players to be ignored any longer. And as Moren ref in her interview because of the strength of the big ten, ranked teams we beat and 4 seed finish IU should be in the big dance.

  10. Moren definitely has deserved her ” coach of the year” honor, but her ref. to “this group” is starting to weigh me down. This group this and this group that over and over as opposed to team. Now she even has players referring to ” this group”. C,mon man enough.

  11. You’ve sunk to an all time low Mike C. So now anyone who doesn’t agree with the way some of the girls were treated last year by adults is a hater. No hope for you. HFH is 100% on the mark in his defense of Jeremy price and some of his articles last year on women’s basketball. I’ve always found Jeremy to be fair in his reporting. I’m quite certain he has more knowledge of what goes on in the women’s program than any of us. We have too many fans that don’t want to hear the truth unless it’s good. Steve W is on the mark with his comment about Maura. The way she was treated is an embarrassment, but like Mike C says, it happens everywhere so it’s okay. Steve W is also on to something about coaches constant use of “this group”. Just her way of taking subtle shots at last year’s team. Move on coach. I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see Lex left off the All Big Ten teams. Some could argue that she is our most valuable player. Certainly our best defender, most unselfish player, and the most popular player among her teammates. I agree we deserve to be in the tournament but the Big Ten is not the best conference in the country. Not even close. Finally something needs to be done about Big Ten officiating on the women’s side. We shoot 42 free throws at assembly hall and a few days later should 7 on the road. something’s wrong with that. Northwestern game was well officiated. It’s very hard for officials to tell what’s a foul and what’s a flop.

  12. Nathan, glad to see that you are back, wondered where you were? If you will refer back to the post which you are, I guess quoting from, you will see that is not what I said? When I was talking about “haters”, I was referring to a few of you folks who constantly trash our coach no matter what she does? As usual, you have misquoted me, but, then, what’s new? And again, I did not say that the transfers are “OK”, I simple made the true statement that there were 1,100 transfers last year in college basketball and that it is not unusual! And, I now see that you are in Moren’s head by knowing what she is insinuating when she speaks? Really, you know for a fact that her usage of “this group” is a knock on the girls that left last year? It must be pretty cool to be able to read other people’s thoughts. You should be a profiler for the FBI.
    Of course I knew that when you returned to print that you would not in any way give the coaching staff or team any accolades for their accomplishments so far this year? It is simply not in you! Basically, what you do on this website is tear down Moren and the coaching staff no matter what they have done. No “good job coach or team” after winning more regular season games than ever before or finishing 4th in the conference after finishing 12th last season.
    When it comes to the women’s team, you don’t come on here unless it is negative. Like two other posters said on here 5 or 6 weeks ago, you bash because it is personal, no other reason. Like I have stated before, your constant criticism of the coaching staff is sad to say the least after they have turned the program around, very sad indeed. If you want to constantly bash me for my opinions, that is fine but, it’s a shame you won’t congratulate the team and coaching staff for a job well done! They certainly deserve better. It is quite obvious that the majority of the posters on here really appreciate what is going on with the women’s team. Go Hoosiers!

  13. Looking once again back at possible recruit Tyasha Harris. Appears about a year ago IU was on her radar along with about 60 other Div. 1 programs. But she has now reduced her interested teams down to 10 and IU is not one of the 10. Harris is currently espn hoop gurls #27 overall and #8 at her position. Still undeclared and will be quite busy visiting schools playing in the IU-KY all star game along with the Macdonalds all american game just to name a couple. Sorry we missed out on this one.

  14. Never, mike c, have I said Coach Moren is a bad coach or have I said anything about hating her. I also have praised many of the girls during the season, the latest Lex in my last post. I also said the girls are deserving of a NCAA berth. Anyone who has a different opinion than you or perhaps has knowledge of things you don’t seems to get under your skin. Many things have been posted about the way some of these girls were treated last year and not a peep comes out of you. Next, some posters attack Jeremy price for trying to tell both sides of the story last year. Not a peep out of you. We lost five good kids last year and several of them were treated poorly. You can’t change that fact by ignoring it. I know winning is what’s most important but stop calling people haters, it makes you look shallow. Sometimes what you don’t say says more than what you say.

  15. It’s like this Nathan, there are usually 3 people on here that are very negative towards Moren. You may not be one of them, I’m not sure but, I do know of two others that have a very strong dislike of our coach. Both have admitted on here that they have had personal problems with Moren. All I am saying is, that when a person states a dislike for another person, sometimes they tend to exaggerate things and or incidents with that person to make a point. Since I don’t live in or around Bloomington, I don’t know that these statements they make are accurate or not, so I tend to take them with a grain of salt? When I attend games and ask friends of mine that do live in or around Bloomington and they say they have no knowledge of said incidents or actions, what am I to believe?
    I realize that we lost a few kids that according to some were, “treated poorly”, whatever that means? Again, when I ask questions of my friends, I get no acknowledgment of this treatment, I guess I am not speaking to the right people? I do know that Moren and Brooks according to some of “my” sources did not see eye to eye on offensive philosophy? I do know that Agler lost her starting job because of deteriorating offensive output and other players were playing better at her position. To confirm that, all you have to do is check her shooting stats from last year and of course the “eye” test. I have no idea why Stratman transferred, no one ever said? The Menstuerman situation is something I have no clue about. She simply never saw the floor enough to get an opinion on? I don’t know what the deal was between her and coach? Other than Maura whose transfer I understand since she was getting no playing time, I never heard of any “poor” treatment of the other’s by the coaching staff, perhaps you can enlighten me? As I stated before, there are two folks who tend to exaggerate certain points in order to make a point, they were the people who always emphasized the way the girls were treated. These are the two “haters” I refer to. I’m sorry but their hatred of Moren seems a bit skewed to the point where what they say, as I stated, I take with a grain of salt? While at times you have said a few nice things about the girls, the other two folks will give no credit where credit is due?
    And this thing about what Jeremy had to say about the team last year, I have no idea who brought this up this year or why? I simply don’t remember the articles that you are referring to, again, maybe you can enlighten an old man to these facts? I have never had an issue with anything Jeremy has written concerning the women. I have been critical at times about the website not covering games that are on the road but, I have not taken issue with Jeremy’s actual coverage of the women’s team, I think he does a hell of a job!
    The thing about constantly referring to last year’s team is water under the bridge just as Miller is water under the bridge. It’s time to move on and concentrate on the team at hand. give these girls and the coaching staff the credit they deserve! They have earned it!!

  16. Congrats to the girls and Coach Moren. The girls would never have played defense if coach Miller would have stayed. They probably would have just stayed on the offensive end. Coach Moren should also get recruiter of the year for her five new recruits. Much better than the five we got rid of. Go Hoosiers!!

  17. It is a fact we had problems last year. Who’s to blame is anyone’s guess. It seems like everytime it calms down someone has to call someone a hater or attack Jeremy Price for things he wrote last year. I think Jeremy is an honest intelligent reporter who tries to tell both sides. Keep up the good work. As far as the people who have a complaint about last year if people like Mike she would stop calling them haters and saying I Told You So and stop pretending everything was great last year, maybe we all could move on. Congrats to the girls and coaching staff on a great season. Also congrats to Coach Miller who recruited these girls.

  18. Charlie Creme’s latest Bracketology has Indiana, Purdue, Auburn and Iowa as the” last 4 in”. He has IU as a 10 seed against South Florida which is a 7 seed and is a very good team from the American Conference who has lost to U-Conn this year 3 times. They were second in the American Conference and have been ranked most of the year. They feature guard Courtney Williams who will be drafted in the top 5 of the WNBA draft this coming spring. She is as good a guard as you will see in college basketball this year. I have seen South Florida play about 5 times this year and they are really good! They finished with a 23-9 record with of course 3 of those losses coming to U-Conn. If they are our opponent and of course this is truly hypothetical, this would be a tough for us. Of course that is what you expect in the tournament. According to Crème if we were to win our first game we would then run into Texas who has been in the top 10 all year long. While as I said this is all hypothetical, it is really fun to speculate what our path in the tournament would be. Go Hoosiers!

  19. As I said before if it is South Florida they couldnt ask for a tougher first game. I think I read that earlier this year USF actually led Uconn at the half then lost by 16. I agree Courtney is the real deal , Jefferson of Uconn face guarded her the entire game last time. What Im saying is IU doesnt have the horses to knock them off this year, maybe next year. Of course what creme predicts doesnt necessarily make it so. BTW at last ranking USF is #22 but they are even better than that in my opinion.

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