IUWBB: Indiana vs. Notre Dame

FINAL: Notre Dame 87, Indiana 70.

5:12 (4Q): Notre Dame increases its lead 80-60 after two free throws on a technical foul call on Jenn Anderson, followed by two 3s from Madison Cable.

END OF THIRD: Notre Dame 66, Indiana 56.

Gassion with 10 points in that period, up to 13 for the game.

1:40 (3Q): Hoosiers refuse to go away, and a bucket by Lyndsay Leikem brought IU to within two with 2:40 left. But Notre Dame can score in spurts, and quickly. A turnover and transition layup was followed by a steal and a layup after an IU inbounds pass to make it 60-54, Notre Dame.

3:46 (3Q): Hoosiers get down 51-39, but they storm back to trail only 55-50. That run includes a couple of transition buckets for Alexis Gassion. Hoosiers able to get out and run a little more.

HALFTIME: Notre Dame 47, Indiana 37.

Great effort from the Hoosiers, but the Fighting Irish showed why they were a No. 1 seed. In particular, Lindsay Allen was hard to stop. She had one point in Notre Dame’s opener, but has 18 in one half in this one, scoring the Irish’s final 10 points of the period.

Of course, it hurt not having Jenn Anderson for almost the entire half, because of three fouls. Notre Dame has a 28-10 advantage in points in the paint.

Karlee McBride leads the Hoosiers with 12 points, all 3s. Tyra Buss with seven. Kym Royster with eight and eight boards. Aside from Allen, who is 8-of-10 from the field, Marina Mabrey has 11 points.

1:45 (2Q): Tyra Buss with a 3 to break a Notre Dame rally. Hoosiers trail, 39-35, with 1:45 left in the first half. IU is 6-of-11 from 3, including four from Karlee McBride.

8:01 (2Q): Karlee McBride with the hot hand. She hits another 3, her third, and suddenly the Hoosiers are behind three, 22-19. Still a game.

END OF FIRST: Notre Dame 20, Indiana 13.

Crowd real pumped now as Notre Dame goes on 5-0 run to end period. Early shooting number have completely flipped. IU was at 50 percent, now down to 31 percent. NotreĀ  Dame, was at 36 percent, now up to 44 percent.

3:34 (1Q): Hoosiers able to take an early 5-2 lead, but then Jenn Anderson is pulled with two fouls. Irish went inside, scored, then scored on a putback to take a 6-5 lead. Notre Dame would pull ahead 11-7 before a 3 by Karlee McBride cut their lead to one.

Stay tuned for updates from South Bend, where the Hoosiers with face Notre Dame in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Indiana has never beat a team ranked better than No. 4 in the country. The Fighting Irish are No. 2 in the Associated Press poll, No. 3 in the coaches’ poll.

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  1. What a great season for the lady Hoosiers. It’s been a wild ride for sure. Lots of records and accolades.

    This women’s team played with heart and grit tonight, all year as well. They took one of the best teams in the country, a perennial powerhouse, and had them playing scared in the third quarter.

    Couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments all year. Very excited for next season and to see how far they can go.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Agree with everything TallGuy15 said. IU played a team that has been ranked as high as # 2 in the country as well as could be expected. Notre Dame’s experience and depth simply got to us in the end. Our biggest problem was turning the ball over 20 times which invariably turned into easy points for the Irish. When we were within 2 points of the Irish with about 2 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter, 4 turnovers in about 5 possessions allowed them to put some distance between the teams. I thought our girls played hard and with great determination but, a much better team simply beat us! Although there were several questionable calls made throughout the game against us, I don’t believe that had a lot to do with the outcome but, I think the final margin was effected by some of those calls. Debbie Antonelle who was doing the game commented on several calls throughout the game as being a bit “curious” to say the least. Karlee McBride had a terrific game with 17 points and Alexis Gassion also scored 17 points and contributed 7 assists. Amanda Cahill who was in foul trouble had 10 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Tyra Buss who was under intense pressure the whole game had 10 points and 5 assists. Kym Royster had a terrific game off the bench with 10 points and 10 rebounds. Jenn Anderson struggled all night with foul trouble and eventually fouled out with 4 points and 5 rebounds.
    All in all, I thought our team represented IU as well as could be expected on the road in this hyped up environment! I think all IU fans have a lot to look forward to next year with some much needed depth coming in adding size and athleticism. This has truly been a GREAT year for women’s basketball at IU to say the least. This team has taken this 25 year women’s season ticket holder on a great ride this year after 2 decades of frustration and I am certainly looking forward to the future! Go Hoosiers!

  3. It w2015-2016be a challenge for ladies to match 2015-2016 season next year. It will not be as easy as it may appear. The program could easily take a step backward. It will be a big challenge for T. Buss to match her year as well. These 2 tournament games IU LADIES sure did not get any breaks on ref calls. The best thing going for IU ladies is returning and incoming players under the direction of T. MOREN AND STAFF FOR 2016-2017 season. I look forward to 2016-2017 season with much optimism and continued steady growth for IU LADIES. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR EXCELLENT POSITIVE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT; IU LADIES BASKETBALL 2015 -2016 LED BY COACH T. MOREN AND STAFF.

  4. I couldnt be prouder of the effort our ladies put out tonight and all season for that matter. Its about as good an effort as you can expect when we only play about 7-8 players . Seemed to be some home calls tonight but you have to expect that I guess. When Jenn was in I thought she did a fine job making it difficult for turner but there were some bad calls or lack of calls at times. I love watching Royster play like she did tonight playing against bigger more experienced players, loved the pump fakes she was using. With the new recruits and tia in mix next year should solve the depth problem and get players some rest. Hopefully there will be some nice surprises in the new group next season.

  5. As I have now had time to reflect on last night’s game and the season in general, I am left with these thoughts. It is quite apparent that this team and coaching staff are here to stay as a strong player in the conference for the future! Our program has turned the corner and will continue to improve. What we witnessed last night was a program that was not nearly as talented as it’s opponent but, through good coaching and a tireless effort by the team made themselves and their fans proud of their accomplishments this year! This goes without saying. Playing in a raucous atmosphere on the opponents home court and facing some questionable calls at inopportune times, this team never flinched and made us proud.
    Steve W, I agree with your statement about the future and our recruits. What this team has lacked this year is depth at a couple of positions. The improvement of current players such as Kym Royster who, if she will return next year with an additional 10 to 15 pounds of muscle will be a great force inside. She has showed us on occasion this year as she did last night great athleticism which this team has lacked. The recruits; 6′ 3″ Darby Foresman, 6′ 1″ Bre Wickware and 6′ junior college center Bailey Broadnax will dramatically increase our depth, size and athleticism up front. At the guard position, Tia Elbert (Marquette transfer) and Ria Gulley will add quickness and great athleticism to that position. Gulley is a Tyra Buss clone which I am not stating will be as good as Buss but, has a Buss like game in high school. Our over all depth will be greatly improved. Next year could be a really exciting time for our program.
    One thing I would like to address that I have not mentioned before, the impact that our coaching staff has had on our team in a certain area. The strong mental toughness that our team has demonstrated this year has come from our coaching staff. They have instilled in our girls the mental ability to fight through tough circumstances. This has been imbedded in our girls from the start of the season. How else could this team come from behind as many times as it did this year without this mentality? This goes back to our coaches. Watching this team come back last night after being behind by 10 points at the half and with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter they have it down to 2 points and have the ball with a chance to tie. This is indicative of the way this team has played all year long. This mental toughness that was developed this year was not there last year when the coaches and the team were not familiar with each other due to the hiring of the staff in August. This mentality this year was the backbone of a team that was not as athletic or as big as most of it’s opponents. This mentality was the difference in the season and became apparent in game after game as they fought from behind to garner win after win. When coach Moren was named “coach of the year” in the conference by her peers, it became apparent that the conference was very aware of the ability of our coach. They don’t just throw these awards around for no reason, the conference knew and we now know that she is the “real deal”!
    Yes Steve W, the future is bright, we may need sunglasses to watch this team in the future! We do have more work to do to get where we want to be but, we are on our way and it looks like it’s going to be very enjoyable from now on. Go Hoosiers!

  6. Take off the sunglasses Mike c look at facts. You spin it, I deal in facts.
    1 girls had a very good year
    2 coaching staff did a good job.
    3 Big Ten was down ( look at Tourney).
    4 we had an easy Big Ten schedule. played all the best teams one time.
    5 we had several good comebacks but almost all were at home where we double or triple our opponents in foul shot attempts.
    6 coach morens recruiting class was a disappointment.
    7 we have now lost 11 players, walk-ons, recruits, players leaving early, and players just leaving since moren took over.
    8 We complain about no depth. Whose fault is that Mike C? Liz, Larryn, and Maura would have given us depth at every position
    9 someone said Jess was the next agler and was on the money. 10 give up on the Juco experiment. We are 0 for 3.
    11 posters stop complaining about officiating every time we lose. We get calls at home but we can’t expect to get them on the road.
    12 we should be better next year even if our new recruits give us nothing as we have everyone back.
    13 never anywhere have I said coach Moren couldn’t coach. It’s her treatment of 19 and 20 year old kids I question. Once again against Notre Dame she felt it was more important to leave Tyra in and run a play for her in the last 20 seconds than get the other players in the game as Notre Dame did.
    14 chemistry will make or break us next year. Don’t think the new girls will all tolerate riding on the bus. Good teams take airplanes.

  7. Nathan, now I know you are going to love this but, here it is. Before I even start, let me preface this by saying I am not comparing Moren to Bob Knight! Knight didn’t always get along with his players and had player after player leave the program because their feelings were hurt, poor babies? So, we get a new coach and some of the holdovers either don’t like her for what ever reason or they don’t appreciate their playing time dropping (Agler). Some don’t like the new coach’s offensive philosophy (Brooks). Some don’t think they are getting a chance (Menstruman) this one I agree with? Some transfer here and then leave (Stratman) which we have never heard anything about her? The point is, as I have stated before, a year ago there were 1,100 transfers in division 1 basketball, as Steve W says, it’s the nature of the business! If players don’t like the coach, they move on, if they don’t like the way the coach runs her offense, they move on. if they feel like they are being ignored, they move on. You complain about her treatment of the players, this is major college basketball, not your sons t-ball league. These girls are right on the edge of adulthood, they will be fine. As they move into the “real world”, they will learn from these experiences and it will make them better people able to face the reality of being an adult and facing their future hopefully with great success. All of the kids that Knight had go through his program and stuck with it turned out to be terrific people who have contributed to society. They have all been highly successful. They learned their lessons from a demanding coach and moved on. Again, not comparing Moren to Knight but, you get the idea. Being on a major college sports team is not youth sports where the team mom hands out treats after the game. These kids are expected to work hard, get their grades and when it is all said and done, move out into the world and be productive adults that we can all be proud of. Coaches don’t normally pamper their players in order to get them to improve, they coach them hard and expect them to work as a team like this year’s team did.
    Nathan, you may not believe this but, I hated to see those girls you mentioned leave but, I understand the real world of college athletics which I have followed for over 60 years and it is a cut throat business to be sure. If coaches don’t win, they are fired! They do what it takes to succeed. If you don’t agree with what they do, so be it. But, their job depends on winning games, don’t forget that. They coach the way they coach because it is what they know. We will never know what went on between the coach and a player unless the player speaks up, and you can’t always trust that because it becomes she said, she said? But again, as you mourn the players that left, remember that figure of 1,100 transfers last year. I would guess the number will be close to that again this year without a doubt? In a perfect world, a coach and her players would all be sitting around the camp fire singing cute little songs and laughing at every word said. But, in the real world where jobs are on the line very day, the coach does what she knows best and tries to succeed as best she can, she can’t be all things to all people, the world doesn’t for the most part work like that. In our real world, you will continue to despise her for “the way she treats the players” and she will continue to coach the only way she knows how which up to this point, has been pretty successful.

  8. One other thing Nathan, about point # 8. Liz and Larryn moved on because they apparently didn’t want to be apart of what became a winning team. It was their choice! Maura, I understand, she wasn’t playing. Liz and Larryn, we don’t know what that was about because no one offered an explanation? Although someone posted after the Brooks transfer that her and the coach did not agree on the way the coach wanted the offense ran? Liz, who knows???????

  9. Mike c, I will eventually let you have the last word because I know it is of utmost importance to you. Please refrain from giving me the statistics on how many players transfer every year, lots of things happen every year on college campuses that aren’t right. Here is some truth. Taylor left because of playing time. something personal there as her father was banned from coming in to Cook to rebound for her as he always had. Maura left because of the way she was treated. I imagine she could write a book. Larryn left because she could see coaches preference of Buss over her. Jenna Allen did some research on Coach Moren and decided to decommit. Liz and the hulls girl are the real puzzlers to most people. Neither were playing or cared for the way people were being treated, and left. Jess and Lindsay never could get enough confidence to contribute like they felt they could. Every girl who went in and told the coaches they were leaving was treated poorly and several were insulted by our coach. They were all asked immediately for their access cards to get into Cook and treated like lepers from then on. On the flip side coach Crean allowed the male transfers access to Cook and even worked them out and tried to help them find places to go. In other words, Mike C he treated them the way you’d want someone to treat your kids. Coach crean is not perfect but he is not vindictive, hateful and phony. Like I said before the last 30 seconds of the Notre Dame game says it all.

  10. Nathan, I really wasn’t going to answer your post after I read it the first time but, after rereading it a couple of days later, I would like to address some of the things you stated about the girls that transferred.
    Taylor Agler- Yes, she left because of playing time, the deal with her being upset about the coaching staff not allowing her father to rebound for her at Cook Hall blows me away? My son who lives in Birmingham, Alabama has a close friend who he plays golf with and is an assistant women’s basketball coach at a division 1 school, I had met him on a visit a year ago. My son gave me his e-mail address and I sent him an e-mail and asked him about allowing fathers or a player’s family being allowed into a schools athletic facility to assist in a players shooting? He told me he had worked at 3 division 1 schools over a 14 year period and such a practice was not allowed at any of them! He further stated that team managers are on call for that very purpose any time a player wants to get in shots on their personal time. He said he had never heard of such a thing as a father being allowed in a practice facility other than on a recruiting visit? I am certain that Miller allowed this since he was such a close friend of Brian Agler and when the new coaches came aboard, this was stopped, end of story.
    Larryn Brooks- So what you are saying is that she basically left because she didn’t want to be a good team mate even though she was still the team’s leading scorer when Buss came on board. Before Buss, she was the “big dog” and then when Buss arrived she was going to have to share being “the big dog” even though Buss barely averaged double figures? Well, I saw Texas Tech play about 4 times this past year and believe me, she may not be any happier there next year. They have some really good players and I don’t see her being the “star” there as she was her freshman year at IU?
    Liz Statman- You do realize that she didn’t leave because she wasn’t playing, right? She wasn’t eligible due to her transferring. When you referred to her and Hulls, you stated neither were playing?
    Jenna Allen- So she de-committed, you have been paying attention to some of our football recruits, right? This happens all the time! Does this mean Wilson is an ass?
    Kaila Hulls- Injuries were her downfall, period!
    Lyndsay Leikem- Why you even included her in this is beyond me since she is graduating in 3 years and has other aspirations with her future?
    Jess Walter- It is no secret that her problems were directly caused by her pre-season injury. She simply never could get her shot back this year? As someone stated earlier, she could obviously see the handwriting on the wall for next year, a couple of really good incoming recruits may decrease her playing time?
    Maura Muensterman- This one I get, she got very little playing time for whatever reason?
    In the second sentence of your post you say, please refrain from the transfer stats, really? Then you say, “here is the truth!” Well, transfer stats are true, 1,100 almost every year whether you like it or not ! Surely you have noticed that in the Big 10 alone among men’s basketball, we already have 16 players that are transferring this off-season and the school year isn’t even over yet? Ohio St. has 4 transferring, yes 4! Michigan St. and Michigan have 2 each and Purdue has 3 and there is a rumor of a 4th that is considering?
    As was mentioned in an earlier post, this is division 1 “big girl basketball, not a youth league where the coaches bring fruit drinks and snacks at the end of practice and games. These coaches are coaching for their jobs every day, it’s as simple as that. Coaches coach, players play and at the end of the day, some players exercise their right and move on. That is their prerogative. Continuing to whine about transfers seems futile at best. It’s a fact of big time college athletics. It’s not going to change! We now have a successful competitive program and things are looking up, finally after all these years! All of these transfers will move on and possibly be happy where they land. And if they are not happy there, they can move on again as some seem to do, Stratman being an example. Nathan, I hope you have a nice day?

  11. One other thing Nathan, I am certain you have been following the news of the lawsuit that several Illinois players have filed against Matt Bollant for basically mistreating some of his players? Surely a person of your intellect who is so informed of the state of women’s basketball has knowledge of this story? If things are so bad at IU, do you suppose that a lawsuit is right around the corner?

    1. MikeC (and Nathan),
      I like the enthusiasm for women’s basketball, but I’m not sure this dead horse can take any more beating. That said, the Illinois situation where there were charges of creating a racially hostile environment are far different than the issues Nathan’s discussing, which without getting into specifics, have merit. But other than Walter, what’s done is done and what IU did this year was well done.

  12. This is for mike c . My final attempt to get the last word . Other than your statistics on transfers I don’t think you got one thing right . But I will respect Jeremy’s wishes and not respond about this any more . I know a lot of people understand what happened .

  13. Let’s talk basketball not transfers. Can anyone explain to me why in the Notre Dame game Tyra kept going under ball screens allowing Allen who usually doesn’t score much to have a banner day. Do we always go under ball screens or was that our game plan. Anyone know?

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