1. I’ll say it…..This really is the best I’ve seen a Tom Crean team ever perform. Probably the best overall(first to last guy on the bench) performance I’ve watched from a Hoosier team in 13 years.

    Congrats to Tom Crean…

    And it would be a crime to not award Yogi with ‘Big 10 Player of the Year.’ You are damn right that award should go the senior point guard that led his team to a BIG Title. Good for you, Yogi.

  2. It got ugly on the FT line at the end, but defense prevailed to lock down Iowa and IU’s 2nd OUTRIGHT BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP in four years. Outstanding!

  3. It may be a sign of the apocalypse, but I actually agree with Harv. Yogi must be recognized as the Big Ten’s MVP.

  4. Yogi has the same look in his eye Michael Bibby had for AZ in 97. He is fearless.

  5. Just to let it be known…I’m extremely sick with the flu tonight…My head is throbbing. Every bone in my body aches. My intestines feel like they’ve been twisted and tied into sausages. My sinus cavities are so full of pressure that they are making my eyes water.

    Anything kind that I may have said must be evaluated with a disclosure of my current state of health. Yesterday, I felt on top of the world…I couldn’t understand why my mood was loose and carefree…I was more social…I was more comfortable in all my social interactions(phone and personal).. Today, I feel like I can barely get up and down stairs….

    But, again, congrats to the entire Hoosier team. They truly played as one very cohesive group down the stretch of this season…And they got their ‘SIGNATURE’ road win matched with their outright title.

  6. DD, I remember thinking Mike Bibby was the best college point guard ever that year.

    I also felt that about Ernie DeGregorio once.

  7. “Anything kind that I may have said must be evaluated with a disclosure of my current state of health.” Well, now it makes sense! For a minute there I thought the end was near.

  8. If we have another 8 years of Crean, the end is here. You’ll no longer need to worry about anything in Hoosier hoops being near..

    Yes, we know, Tom…”It’s a process’…Sixteen years and 70 million dollars later, you’ll process us to one or two more Sweet 16’s..

    Yogi(the last wave breaking upon the beach of a signing Zeller)….and Beilfeldt(a kid Crean would have never recruited that fell in his lap).. But at least Geoff has been freeeeeeeeeeeeeeed……and Podunker found a sentence he agreeeeeeeeeeeeeed. I am at total peace. Because I care so much. LOL.

    But Yogi has fully EARNED(not deserves) the Big 10 Player of the Year. That award should be his based on how he’s delivered in these final weeks. He has been a stud…Fearless leader with a motor no one has been able to slow down. I will never watch the BIG Network again if that young man doesn’t take home the award. Hell, I’d give the young man NCAA Player of the Year…I haven’t seen anyone more gutsy or important to the success of their team.

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