1. Honest question: you’ve got two teams. One team finishes well in a top major conference standings, makes it to the finals of the conference tournament, then gets upset first round the big dance. The other team wins the regular season championship, flounders in their only conference tourney game, then coasts to a first round tournament win. How do you judge success and a failure here, if at all? And more importantly, how does do the fans remember each team?

    Fortunatley, Hoosiers have more story to write. A win over Kentucky cements this season as a pretty significant success, even if we don’t get past another sweet 16.

    But we can do so much more. This didn’t look like our best, and we looked damn good. Scary good. We play like this with a little more consistently tough defense and we’re as close to unbeatable as anybody this year. Exciting win.

  2. I’m on board. I’m quite confident that my optimism will be rubbed in my face but I really like this team.

    This wasn’t a great outing and they still blew a pretty good, physical team off the floor. Not long ago Steph Curry was leading a SoCon team to the conference title.

    Lots of good basketball players out there.

  3. Punjab, I am starting to discount how significant conference tourneys really are. Really, MSU should have been a #1 seed and Purdue makes it to title games and is the same seed as IU who basically finished 8th in the tourney. That means the committee cared very little about the outcome of the Big Ten tourney and had the teams placed prior to Sunday. Calipari even said the same thing and other coaches have called the post season tourneys as a waste of game time. It really only helps teams still on the bubble maybe get in, i.e. Michigan.

    So floundering in the conference tourney doesn’t bother me that much. It is basically a weekend tourney that, according to history with the selection committee, means very little. Actually, I am glad they had the extra rest for Johnson and Morgan. Gave them some more prep time and work together in the gym. Let the other teams where themselves out trying to win a meaningless tourney that even the great Bob Knight thought was a joke and just a money grad, which it is. Big Ten may rethink that move to Washington DC next year for the tourney as a big money grad.

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