Tom Crean named AP Big Ten Coach of the Year #iubb

Tom Crean is receiving due credit for his work at Indiana this year.

The Associated Press named Crean the Big Ten Coach of the Year on Monday afternoon, rewarding the IU coach for engineering a remarkable turnaround that saw the Hoosiers develop from a fragile, yet talented team in early December to winning the Big Ten championship outright in early March.

For Crean it’s a major honor after the last two years of turbulence both on and off the court. The Hoosiers (25-6, 15-3) enter the postseason this week with a Big Ten title and as much momentum as they’ve had during his eight seasons in Bloomington.

“To win 15 games in this league and to win the title is a great, great reward for the way these guys have worked,” Crean said earlier Monday on the Big Ten teleconference. “My staff has been incredible. Our players have gotten nothing but better and we realize to win this league, it’s such a challenge on any given day. So to win it is fantastic.”

This is not the first coaching award Crean has earned as IU’s coach, but it may be the most significant. During the program’s breakthrough 2011-12 season, named him National Coach of the Year, while The Sporting News selected him as the Big Ten Coach of the Year.

The Big Ten will announce its annual awards, as voted by media and coaches, this evening at 6.

Prior to taking the IU job in 2008, Crean was a two-time Conference USA Coach of the Year selection.

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  1. Congratulations Coach Crean!!!

    I was a critic the last 2 years but hearing about resting your players down the stretch made a big difference. Having the flexibility to change some things made a big difference in this team in February and March!

  2. Preposterous. Greg Gard clearly ahead of Crean and (especially) Yogi ahead of both Denzel and Crean. Crean without Yogi would have been coach of the year at Lipscomb. Yogi without Crean (and with the same soft schedule) would be still celebrating the B1G championship! Meanwhile Crean in Greg Gard’s position would have spent the first two or three seasons leaving messages on Bo Ryan’s voicemail (“You know what you did!…”)

    Also, I totally understand Harvard’s reservation. I mean it’s beyond obvious… “Indiana wins on Senior Day for the first time in four years.” (Indiana Daily Student). Does that sound like a rule or more like an exception? Very proud of our team, an exceptionally talented and intelligent group that was saddled with what until recently looked more like a Division III head coach. But this season the talent and the basketball IQ seems to have rubbed off on the coach a little bit. Either that or as it was written here many times, even a blind squirrel (CTC) finds an acorn every once in a soft schedule — and a broken clock (CTC’s coaching acumen) shows the exact time (talented seniors literally take over, but don’t get recognition they deserve) twice a day. It’s really disturbing to see him (CTC) slapping the floor madly during the game, in between overblown defensive stances, assumed like he’d ever played the game

    Tom Crean needs to confirm next season before being offered any type of extension. I want to see improvement and development not happenstance and soft schedules again. Now let’s beat Michigan, Purdue and MSU a second time and then let’s go see about a banner.

  3. My lack of love, but also no hate for Crean is well documented.

    Congrats Coach. You earned this one. You’ve surprised me this year and am glad to see you do some things that I didn’t think you were capable of doing.

    Now go hang a banner that will be universally praised by the Indiana Basketball fanbase. 🙂

  4. Congrats to the coach. He deserved it over Gard, who did a lot with less but still ended up #6 in the Big Ten. Hardly worthy of a coach of the year honor. After the loss at Purdue yesterday, this decision was obvious.

    It is amazing what is possible, and how hard one works, with one’s back to the wall. And I believe Crean, his staff and his players all saved his rear end. Let’s hope his own work ethic and adaptability, which I’d never seen in his prior 7 seasons, translates into the tournament and into next year.

    Meanwhile, we still can’t inbound the ball under pressure, and that is disturbing…..

  5. Now, Double Down’s comment is reasonable and fair. It is most appropriate and appears to be written by a person with a sound mind. He’s giving credit where credit is due even though he has no love for Tom Crean. But those die-hard Crean-haters who extend ever more energy and creativity trying to sustain and perpetuate the negative narrative they created for Crean appears to be twisted individuals with an agenda. Double Down’s comments protect his credibility. Others, who persist in attacking Crean after such a successful season and significant accomplishment forfeit their credibility. They would be better served just staying off the Scoop and hoping people forget about all the ridiculous attacks and criticisms. The “Crean-can’t-coach” narrative has been utterly and completely destroyed. He may never lead IU to a national championship, but he has proven, once again, and beyond any reasonable doubt, that he is a good college basketball coach. He gets the blame when IU fails to meet expectations, it’s only right that he get the credit when they win Big Ten Championships. He earned this recognition as Big Ten Coach of the Year. I congratulate him.

  6. Yes, a guy that slung mud at a newly hired DC before he had his office desk….is the voice of credibility, dignity, and honor…

  7. I have never been a member of the Tom Crean fan club but I know good basketball and good coaching when I see it. Congratulations to the coach for an honor that is well deserved.

  8. Congrats Coach Crean for being recognized as the Big Ten Coach of the Year. I’m glad to see you had the courage to change your coaching style and prior behaviors. Your ability to adapt and transform yourself has indeed made you into a better coach. Without your willingness to due that, IU would not be Big Ten champs this year. So congrats on making those changes in your life and coaching style.

  9. I’m glad INDIANA is getting the praise it deserves for the fine performance of its basketball team. Anyone can single out people for good or bad contributions but this is a team award.
    Let’s also give IU credit for helping Max secure the 6th man award.

  10. Oh Harv, bless your heart. I know this is a terribly difficult time for you, with Crean winning all the Big Ten Coach of The Year awards and IU being ranked 10th in the nation and all, but it appears your memory is abandoning you. Either that, or you’re telling another fib in an attempt to deflect the ridicule.

    There is no comparison between the level of professional accomplishment of IU’s former football DC and Tom Crean. Not even close. That is obvious to everyone but you. And besides, my criticism of IU’s former DC never included any personal attacks. Lastly, my criticisms were ultimately validated by IU’s head football coach, who fired the man. Facts are stubborn things, Harv.

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