1. I’m gonna have a big belly laugh if IU does poorly and Crean gets blasted on here. Let’s be honest, performing miserably in the Big Ten basketball tournament is a long established tradition.

    Of course, should IU win the tournament he’ll get blasted by some for ignoring IU traditions.

  2. OG’s defensive presence is like the Union Army waiting for Picket to cross the open field. Man, he just eats cutters up.

  3. Damn Chet. You are the swami. 😉

    Too many turnovers.

    The last two shots were quintessential Michigan plays. Beilein loves the kick out to the guy in the corner. We defended both poorly. It was like we never watched film for his teams in the past 10 years.

    Hope we enjoy a 4 seed.

  4. I will take a shot. IU still has a nice season going for 2015-2016. T.C. is parallel to the Joker in Batman as T.C. is the Teaser. Wins conference championship in weak big ten conference….that is the Teaser….then looses first game in big ten tournament by a mediocre Michigan team. The typical T. C. Teaser standard….However, this year T.C. and IU bb has been fun. T. C. continues to develop his “Teaser” what is the 21st century tradition for IU basketball. Sweet 16 Teaser goal for tournament.

  5. Indiana didn’t have their best today. Hartman and Biefeld were particularly horrible. Hartman was getting burned on D all day, too. Very early this year Hartman. Biefeld seems like hie just trying a little to hard to stick it Michigan and forced a bunch of shots.

    But, some positives today vs the 2013 team. Despite not being at their best, they continued to play hard. They were moving on offense without the ball. Yogi a year ago would have tried to shoot his way past his struggling teammates, but this year, he was still distributing, attacking and running the offense.

    OG is so money . Perfect from the field. That last turnover of his was perhaps unfairly attributed to him. Troy drove right into traffic with his head down, OG got the loose ball with a collapsing Michigan defense on top of him. He didn’t have a prayer.

  6. Jeeze, Indiana could drop to a 5. Here’s who Toupee has on the 4 line:

    – Duke
    – Kentucky
    – Purdue
    – Texas a&m

    Better hope some of these guys lose today.

    The 5 seed slot is trap.

  7. Our defense in the lane all game is what cost us. Our last possession was awful and their last prayer was answered. And shall I mention prior to that, the foul call on Bryant on the baseline was terrible and cost us 2 points at a critical moment.

    Here are the pertinent stats & why we simply got outplayed today…..

    We were 4 for 17 from 3. If we don’t hit 3s, we lose. Been that way all year.
    Both teams hit 20 2 pt. FGs. (Even)
    We out rebounded them 37 – 25. Problem is, they got 5 of the last 6 as I recall per the ESPN stats.
    We hit 3 more FTs. (+3)
    The hit 2 more 3s. (-6)
    Difference is 3 pts. right there.

    We had 15 TOs, 9 in the 1st half. But we also had 15 offensive boards to their 9.
    Talk about our defense all you want, but we only forced 10 TOs.
    So, from a possessions standpoint, we had 1 more than they did. Yet they hit 2 more buckets.

    4 seed is upon us………vs. likely a dangerous #13, hopefully not N. Iowa.

  8. Play here a play there down the stretch should have never come to that in this game. IU big ten Champs in Indy should have been a 10 point lead winning by 6 or 7

  9. Coach of the Year on a soft schedule…and the playing of a majority of tougher BIG opponents in Assembly Hall.

    Zak Irvin…? Where is he from? Another one of those many top Indiana guys Crean continues to miss. Without a Michigan grad transfer dropping in Crean’s lap, we would have had a another very mediocre year(even with the cupcakes and cahoots BIG schedule).

    You can sense the big choke coming…..Thank you, Establishment voters …Thank you, Delany and all fans of the ACC and Eastern Establishment… Thank you for an ACC guy wanting the best for Hoosiers ….Thank you for the soft schedule in a soft BIG year…and thank you for validating ‘Clown of the Year’ and the sabotaging of our basketball program via your powers to protect incompetence at IU..

    Those Michigan shots were prayers..? I thought only Crean halftime prayers did the job? Maybe it’s time we get are Adidas shoes checked for fresh prayer dust…?

    Though he brought all the Michigan playbooks down to TC(Total Clown), I guess Michigan still had the last laugh with Biefeldt… Get ’em next time, Max. And thanks so much for making Tom Crean the Coach of the Year….Beilein is looking quite the genius for sending you down to save Crean from inevitable final straw.

  10. Yeah it stings. Walk it off and get rested, ready and healthy for the big dance. Could have, would have and should have isn’t going to change a damn thing. Learn from it and move on to next week.

  11. I should have also thanked the Harbaughs…Thank you, great Harbaugh family of football coaches for the ‘The Resurrector’ you ran out of Michigan. Are you sure you don’t want him to coach your Wolverines….? Get out your checkbook…..This guy is in more demand than Shaka Smart..

  12. Indiana’s performance in the Big Ten tournament has no correlation to anything. We sucked just as bad when we’ve gone to the NCAA title game as we do when we don’t get a post season bid. The Hoosiers have been equally bad under four different head coaches.

    Conference tournaments are so stupid. Their primary purpose, as far as I can tell, is to give the one good team in a one bid conference an opportunity to be upset so that a crappy team can get the automatic bid in their stead. That’s something that seems to happen every year.

    I seldom even watch IU in conference tournament games. So far it seems to have been a good choice.

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