Transcript of Tom Crean’s postgame locker room speech #iubb

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Here’s what Indiana coach Tom Crean told his team after the Hoosiers wrapped up the outright Big Ten championship with an 81-78 win at Iowa on Tuesday. You can watch Crean deliver the speech at the bottom of this post:

Tom Crean: “You guys have earned this memory. You’ve earned this memory. You really have. You’ve earned this memory. You’ve heard the word ‘process’ a lot in your life, you’ve heard and you’ll use it in your business, you’ll hear it from your next coach someday because we have a lot of guys that are gonna play at another level. You really are. A lot of guys. You’ll hear that word, and you’ll hear all those different things, and then you’ll be somewhere where you’ll have people that don’t believe in you. You’ll have people that leave you on the side of the road, you’ll have people that tell you that you can’t do it, and then you’ll have that group of people that will tell you how good you are, they’ll tell you how much you’re capable of, they’ll tell you what you should be doing, and at the end of the day, you go back to this year and understand that all that matters is your faith, your belief, your family and looking around at each other and absolutely understanding that together you’re capable of so much.

“You’re going to get into a situation someday in your life, long after this is all over … and you’re gonna have to be the one who picks that team up. You’re gonna have to be the one who understands the difference when this person has been beat up, or this person is too full of themselves, or this person doesn’t have confidence, or this person’s got arrogance. You’re going to have to be that person that says, ‘No, this is how you win. This is how you prepare to be a champion, this is how you work every day. That is exactly what you guys have done. Everything that was left as fact about you coming up through the season, all it was was a myth. That’s all it was, because every day you worked to build the facts the right way. The facts are this is a resilient, tough-minded, highly-disciplined, love-each-other group that is absolutely committed to greatness, and it’s unbelievable. It’s an absolute honor to be your coach. It really is.

“Don’t ever — ever — let anybody take away your nerve, take away your spirit, put doubts into your minds and heads that you can’t do things. Don’t ever look at anything in life like, ‘Oh, that’s easy. That won’t take a lot of work.’ I heard Rob say it tonight: ‘You want something great? We gotta work for it.’ It’s not gonna be easy. That is how you’re a champion. It really is. There are a lot of things that have happened in this group and there’s a lot more things to happen, so we’re not going to talk too much more in the past-tense. The bottom line is, when you believe in what you are doing, it is amazing what you get done. We’ve got one more regular season game and there is absolutely no way — there is no way, there’s no way we’re not walking out of that place Sunday with our seniors with their heads held extremely high. There’s no way that this group is not going to walk out that way, and that’s what our focus is going to be. I’m proud of you. Congratulations.”


  1. I recommend watching this if you can. I saw it on ESPN. I thought CTC did a solid here.

  2. There were some things I liked in Crean’s speech and things I didn’t like. A lot of cliche “never give ups,” “work hards,” and a lot of unnecessary building of phantom enemies/detractors (which Harvard will undoubtedly jump on). But, I also liked his sincerity about it being an honor to be their coach.

    The fact that his speech begins and ends with a hug of Yogi says it all. This team’s success comes down to one dominant factor: a 5 star recruit who stuck around for 4 years and happens to be your point guard and floor general – and who is playing lights-out at the most important time.

    Although a different position, not unlike what DJ did for Sampson. Let’s hope this bunch can be less of a disappointment than that one.

  3. Somewhere within a cocktail of happenstance and circumstance, we were actually ‘freed’ of what a Tom Crean team has been for the last 8 years…No ‘chosen one’….No one-and-done talk constantly distracting from team purpose…No focus from narcissistic phenoms and how high they can go on Draft night…

    .I thank vodka in a parking lot….(thankfully, never consumed before getting behind the wheel).
    Sadly, there is also that pivotal night when Yogi cancelled his Ruth’s Chris steakhouse dinner/appearance. because of a very tragic story of a missing Bloomington coed’s body being located only hours before the big ‘Yogi Announcement.’. Maybe when Yogi’ looked into his mother’s eyes…or his sister’s eyes, and his entire perspective of things changed in those hours.

    And because of so many changes via happenstance, circumstance, and booze busts, a totally different dynamic grew like weeds alongside the driveway of Larry Bird… Tom Crean’s back was told as being against the wall…But there was really no wall…There was only that feeling of being pushed….and only truth and faith in hoops that caught him as he fell.

  4. The win sure probably killed CBS’s ratings for the Sunday contest…..

    Speaking of rest…Should keep in mind that Iowa had one day’s rest after their demoralizing loss @ OSU. Uthoff has not looked like the same kid for weeks…Major funk and loss of confidence…The departure of his energy and a hesitancy in his hunger to be the ‘scorer,’ is making for a very beatable Iowa team..

    I’m just happy Geoff has been “freed” of saying “Crean SUCKS!”

  5. Oh, how it seemed like just yesterday when Geoff was slobbering all over Stan Robinson as the next ….We were ‘freed’ of AmbiStan. Freed of Holt and given a Midwestern gritty ex-Wolverine to bring the backbone lacking from soft Eastern recruits. Freed of a narcissistic Hoetzel as well…Freed of a soft Californian(our Diamonte of Hoosier Basketball). I remember a play from last season when Hoetzel had every opportunity to take a charge and he simply didn’t want the contact(committed a sloppy foul instead of taking the easy charge)….Where’s coach(v) to give an honest comparison of Max Hoetzel to Maximum Grit & Guts Beilfeldt? Lastly, freed of A-Hope projects who Tom Crean wasted far too much time in attempting to create FrankenHakeem….or FrankenKemp..

  6. Is this really a Tom Crean team? Yogi came because of Zeller. Key segments of far-reaching efforts for East and West were a bust(Hoetzel, Holt, AmbiStan….)… Toss in a big-headed Vonleh, one-and-done, who was also the real Tom Crean that was always looking everywhere but under his nose planted in the Midwest.

    Can’t keep realizing just how lost this team would be without Beilfeldt.

    Beilfeldt, Hartman, Zeisloft, Yogi, OG, Morgan, Niego, Yup, a very gritty bunch, indeed. And they aren’t from Massachusetts prep schools or Venice beaches or ‘hopeful’ projects sold on wing spans that were ankle weights courtesy of Mark Adams’ influences upon Crean.

    A far bigger core of Midwestern talent(Illinois, Indiana, Missouri) that are light-years ahead in understanding the game, valuing the fundamentals, and far away from concerns of what pimp suit to wear on Draft Night…Is that really a Tom Crean team?

  7. Seahawk- Can you re-post your recipe?

    I thought Crean’s postgame with Don Fischer was far more interesting…..How rare to hear a coach say, “I never wavered.” Really? That’s something a coach of Indiana Basketball needs to communicate to the press? Found those words very strange….Can’t imagine Bob Knight claiming “he never wavered” in a tough game…It would have just been another day at the office.

    Winning one very challenging road game(after already securing a share to the title…Is there really that much game pressure when you’ve already secured a minimum of, at least sharing the title?)…would have been like getting to first base with a prom night date.

    Purdue has a ton of BIG banners…Hope that’s not our new Holy Grail….

  8. I agree with H4H about Mad but I also believe that the freshman have grown up and don’t even look like the same kids back in October. I thought it was interesting to hear Mike and DD talk about how much Fran from Iowa wanted both OG and JW. They said Fran was the only coach in the B1G that had mentioned recruiting those kids. The other point I would like to make is how calm and cool both those freshman look. They let the game come to them and rarely force things unlike TB. Once OG learns a few other post moves he will be a force in the next 3 years.

  9. Wow…I agree with Bart….is “Mad” a moniker for Max Hoetzel? I also thought the comments about Fran attempting to bring in OG and JW were very interesting…At first, I thought someone had misspoke…Only a couple days ago, I thought someone on the airways said Tom Crean was the first to put baby powder on an OG diaper rash… he was coming out of a playpen timeout in a Missouri daycare…. Didn’t know Fran was also very active in getting those two.

    You are right, Bart… The freshman are playing very mature ball. What if Morgan doesn’t have the ice in the veins to drain those two late free throws?

    But can they remain so poised in March Madness?

  10. Wtf is happening here…I agree with H4H and then he agrees with me…the sky must be falling!

  11. Hey Harv…how much will you hate on CTC if we cut down the nets IF we lose to Maryland?

  12. I have the flu….My brain hurts…Feels like my frontal cortex is in a vise.

    I’m just still cracking up over how Geoff has been …”freeeeeed”… by a Tom Crean team. Next best thing to ’12 Years a Slave’ in a seaside bungalow, I guess…?

    Who wants some Carlin….? Love this bit. “Everybody’s going to SAVE something now.”


  13. Harvard- Here you go. Follow it as closely as you can. Don’t skip the goat cheese. And make SURE you let the darned thing sit at least 20 minutes after you pull it from the oven. Like a lasagna, it needs time to firm up as the juices distribute throughout. Then, you can cut it into sharp, elegant squares.

    This is the type of food so powerful that it can catapult a man into a higher category than his appearances merit, when wooing a female. Did you know that Bobby Flay’s cooking skills led him to a rendezvous with the incomparable Betty Draper of Mad Men?

  14. Harvard- Here you go. Follow it as closely as you can. Don’t skip the goat cheese. And make SURE you let the darned thing sit at least 20 minutes after you pull it from the oven. Like a lasagna, it needs time to firm up as the juices distribute throughout. Then, you can cut it into sharp, elegant squares.

    This is the type of food so powerful that it can catapult a man into a higher category than his appearances merit, when wooing a female. Did you know that Bobby Flay’s cooking skills led him to a rendezvous with the incomparable Betty Draper of Mad Men?

  15. Bart-

    You best ask DoubleDown about cutting down net ceremonies after losses….I guess that’s the problem…It’s hard to slip one by me when I frequent this place so regularly. And because of such frequency, I remember how all of us make those ‘indictment’ statements…. I do believe BubleDown expressed some very strong opinions about cutting down nets after a loss. It was refreshing…I had made a false assumption that such practices originate in places like California..

  16. Thanks Seahawk…Looks delicious…Wasn’t Moussaka in ‘Lion King?’ I’m not sure where in the hell to find my cuts of lamb…Last time I had lamb was on a visit to DC to see my sister…Her cooking puts just about everyone on the Food Network to shame…Honestly, no joke. I’ve never had a better pizza than those she made during another visit…She makes unbelievable thin crust…Throws the pies on an outdoor grill that probably cost more than my car….

    Oh, that’s right…I forgot that I had some incredible lamb shanks(they were on special) at Frontera Grill a couple years ago….It was served with a wonderful black mole sauce… was unbelievable…Last time I was at Frontera, Rick Bayless was there…Pretty cool…We were told it was going to be at least an hour for a table….Suddenly, the hostess buzzed my phone and sat us after only a 10 minute wait….? Our daughter is gorgeous..I think Bayless wanted her plopped at a center table…

    Nothing too rich sounds good right now…….Hopefully I’ll get ambitious when feeling better and give your Flay dish a try…. Tyler Florence used to have this ‘Sunday Meals’ show ….Thought his big festive feasts looked fantastic…He was always one of my favorite chefs on the Food Network…Don’t see much of him anymore….Barefoot also knows her stuff.

  17. Maybe it was called ‘Tyler’s Ultimate’ recipes…? I don’t know where I got ‘Sunday Meals.’

  18. Interesting info about the SOS chatter that we all keep hearing.

    Strength of BIG schedule….
    ’15 Wisconsin (14)
    ’14 Michigan (8)
    ’13 Indiana (6)
    ’12 Ohio State (10)/Michigan State (4)/Michigan (3)
    ’11 Ohio State (11)
    ’10 Ohio State (11)/Purdue (7)/Michigan State (8)
    ’09 Michigan State (11)
    ’08 Wisconsin (11)
    ’07 Ohio State (9)
    ’06 Ohio State (11)
    ’05 Illinois (10)
    ’04 Illinois (11)
    ’03 Wisconsin (11)
    ’02 Indiana (9)/Illinois (7)/Ohio State (8)/Wisconsin (11)

    In fact, in 9 of those 14 years (10 including Indiana in ’16), the team with the weakest schedule has won the conference, or at least a share of it.

    All 4 of Bo Ryan’s B10 titles came with the weakest rated schedule. 3 of Thad Matta’s 5 were with the weakest schedule.

  19. Bart, that is super interesting data.

    I really hate the unbalanced schedules. I know that the super conferences are all about football, but the adverse effect it has had on basketball scheduling is substantial.

  20. The net cutting after that OSU loss still makes my skin crawl.

    Honestly, would love it if they just did nothing regardless of the Maryland outcome. I’d love this team to stay hungry and not be satisfied with just winning the conference.

  21. I’m not sure how many were outraged by the “weakness” of the non–conference and conference schedules or by the slathering of adulation(as if it was indicative of some corner of ‘greatness’ being turned) that was coming with defeating weak teams. So what’s to conclude…:? Schedule soft, win a title? Yippee.

    Just find a correlation between banners and something…. Then you’ll have my attention. If we don’t get beyond the first weekend, the excuses will come. Injuries….bad match-ups…Good Troy went back to Bad Troy…We don’t play well at 4:00 p.m. games on Friday…we probably really did need Blackmon….blah…blah…blah. If we win three games, Crean is the next Messiah. It’s Crean 2nd BIG in 8 years…(of course, two in 4 years sounds so much better..He’s on a ROLL!)…Knight had a bakers dozen BIG titles in his first decade of coaching…..Nobody cared…Banners, bitches…Banners.

  22. Honestly, would love it if they just did nothing regardless of the Maryland outcome.

    EXACTLY.. I’d rather see them take some scissors and cut Mike Miller’s sloppy Baltimore bangs born of Establishment privilege..

  23. I’m going to go rest now…This flu bug is crunching on my head again.

    Banners, bitches.. Thick, juicy banners with some meat on the words…If I wanted a “process” sandwich, I’d go buy some plastcky cheese and grill it in between a couple slices of Wonder bread.

  24. This has been a truly great season! I am so proud of this team, these players, Yogi and Coach Crean! But many of the posts on this site reflect much shallow, self-absorbed word play that is not very entertaining. Is anyone here an Indiana college basketball fan?

  25. Congratulations to all these great kids who chose to be Hoosiers. It’s been fun watching this group. At the end of the day it’s the players and their abilities that made them Big Ten Champions. Here’s to wishing for more success throughout Mach and April. Go Hoosiers.

  26. BeatPurdue, that was the best, most poignant comment posted on The Scoop in a long time. Well said, sir! I agree with you 100%.

  27. BeatPurdue- We did, I would suggest a change to BeatSyracuse….or BeatUK It’s not like beating that sack of trash up from West Lafayette at Assembly is something you should give pride your first born screen name. Was ‘Inside the Apologist Hall’ even getting too pollyannaish for a PU defeatist?

  28. Actually, that BeatPurdue moniker was fine when we went up to the smelly streets of West Nobannersyette and Remy hit that dagger 3-pointer from the corner.. That Remy kid was always bailing out Crean…
    Crean would be lucky to have one Sweet 16 without Remy stepping up against the VCU press.. The Zeller years would have been an even bigger failure. Maybe change your name to KeepRemy since he’s the big reason Crean could BeatPurdue away from Assembly.

    Hmmm? KeepRemy…? Sorta catchy.

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