1. I think the new rules for the NBA Draft decision process SUCK! Coaches are currently recruiting and shouldn’t be left up in the air on the status of a player for the next 2 months(May 25: Deadline for early entrants to withdraw from NBA Draft).

    There are no guarantees in life….The Combine will likely be a cliquey affair and more of a who’s who party for the cream of the crop. There is nothing they’ll learn that a coach who has already placed players at the next level can’t already tell them. Get real…Bryant and Williams are very far away from being legit NBA talent. Their only focus should be getting better as a team…This is simply more marketing garbage for the NBA serving to blow up already big heads to even greater prima donna size.

    I wouldn’t allow a kid back attending the Combine…I’d simply revoke his scholarship and wish him well…If he gets bad news at the Combine, then find somewhere to transfer.

    Colleges already get plenty of effing around…..with kids that can’t even make up their mind and back out verbal commitments. The Combine is akin to letting them sleep a couple months with the NBA money hooker .. I want a kid that only has one love: The Indiana Hoosiers. Once you play around with that love and treat her like she’s nothing special, the door is no longer welcome.

  2. Here’s an idea….Let them go to a Combine after high school. More than 70% of those kids playing in tonight’s McDonald’s All-Americans game are more ready for the NBA than Williams or Bryant…or the hundreds of other “Ruth’s Chris announcement” dreamers that are delusional. Maybe the high school prima donnas will get such marvelous news at the Combine that there will be no need to attend the NBA farm league at UK…? How much more maturity do they gain in one year of college anyway? And many college coaches can’t develop their skill sets the way some real individualized time an attention can afford to give them with that monstrous NBA money machine.

    Yup…Have the Combine for the high school prima donnas and make college 2-years mandatory before allowed into a normal Draft.

    1. Harvard,
      College coaches helped drive this new rule last year, the idea being to prevent the delusional dreamers from making a mistake. If it succeeds, I think that’s a good thing. However, the bigger problem is there is no combine to measure emotional maturity, which is what many of the delusional dreamers lack more than the physical skills.

      I personally like the go pro out of high school or stay in college two years idea, but I doubt it will ever happen. The NBA wants no part of that.

  3. Jeremy-

    “NBA to partner with NCAA” with a snapshot of Calipari sorta hits to the core of my uneasiness concerning the perverting of the sport into the warped continual concern that infects more and more college player’s everyday thought process as it relates to the purpose of even playing a game/sport.

    Will the NBA take financial responsibility if a kid gets a serious injury at the Combine? If the NBA is to fully partner with college sports, then they need to step up to the plate and offer alternatives to offset the financial risks(in terms of lost future earnings if injured in school) to a kid who could easily make the first round of the Draft but elects to stay in college for more than the minimum one year. Otherwise, stay the hell away from them…Stay the hell away from the game. Don’t corrupt the mind, make the product and the enticements increasingly tempting, while escaping all concern and financial safety net for someone that wants the full college experience and education.

    Within coachw’s clip of a Knight interview from 30 years ago also holds some insights(around the 3:38 mark pertaining to “selling” a kid to play for Indiana)…March Madness is a product that the NBA simply can’t touch…There is nothing more rich in its appeal and nothing more powerful to “sell” to a college kid in terms of a lifetime memory and experience that no NBA contract will ever buy. Somewhere within the power of March Madness is the upper hand that college basketball has foolishly left off the scales of tipping the power back into their court.

    Bottom Line: The NBA is consuming the mind…It’s pulling thoughts continually away from what should be a rich college experience that should include nothing of a “sell job” based on what a college can do for your NBA future. The more a college game’s focus goes to bed with NBA execs, the more it will assume the wrong narrative in March and steadily move to the purely financial reasons to pursue a game because of underlying thoughts of entitlement based an “athletic” ability, or a predisposition, or a genetic cocktail aligning with the needed skill sets for the “highest level.”

    Death will come soon to playing a game born of a love…Death will come step for step with desires of ball in a basket for mere prostitution found in only a dollar bill. Upon that death will grow empty and unfulfilled minds and hearts …Upon that death will come less and less attachment to teammates. Upon that death will come only echoes of days when a jersey could take schools and towns far beyond the individually separated gifts found in a locker room…Upon that death will follow empty seats in the stands. Upon that death will come the absence of brotherhood and the lifeblood of diverse experiences….. The game will be as objectified as the rankings and “star” classification now taking over its sole purpose.

    Nope…I stand with my original opinion. If you attend a “Combine” and you’re not good enough for the NBA, then there is no need to be considered “good enough” for my college. March Madness can be the ultimate means to stop the NBA and its unbalanced influence upon young minds no longer experiencing the richness of a game born of brotherhood and team. There are plenty of inventive minds out there to use the incomparable popularity of basketball’s greatest stage to change the direction of who dictates and who listens.

  4. Just simply answer one question..What is John Calipari “selling?”

    Is he selling the University of Kentucky?
    Is he selling the richness of perfecting the maturation process of brotherhood in a team beyond a “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” level of 1-year indifference?
    Is he selling the value of collective achievement or any inclination to receive in humble heart an appreciation for the cheers falling upon the nameless jersey?
    Is he selling a game to young minds based on ‘five’ playing as ‘one’ …or ‘one’ playing to be ‘done’ with the other four because ‘Mr. Number One’ has better things to do?

    So…I again ask, what is John Calipari selling? He is selling nothing. Because, at the end of the day, the full narcissistic demise of an honest love, is the exact pathway to “nothing” basketball. He works for the NBA….Is is so hard to sell? The simplest thing to sell is best of your own shallow nothingness for a game you have nothing to truly give.

  5. oops..

    Is [it] so hard to sell? The simplest thing to sell is [the] best of your own shallow nothingness for a game you have nothing to truly give.

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