Defensive lineman Jacob Robinson arrested for underage drinking #iufb

Indiana defensive lineman Jacob Robinson was arrested Saturday on charges of illegal consumption and false informing.

Robinson, 19, was stopped near Briscoe dormitory at approximately 8:45 p.m. Saturday, according to a report filed by Indiana State Excise Police. Officers observed Robinson staggering on the sidewalk and, upon making contact, found he smelled of alcohol and had difficulty speaking, the report says.

According to the report, Robinson — who was born on Oct. 25, 1996 — first told officers he was 21 years old. When asked for his birth date, Robinson paused and said he was born in 1995, the report says. Asked a second time how old he was, Robinson responded he was 22 years old, according to the report.

At that point, the report says, an officer placed Robinson in handcuffs while determining his identity. Robinson later submitted to a portable breath test and registered a .22 breath alcohol content, the report says.

According to online court records, Robinson entered the Little 500 pretrial diversion program on Sunday.

Considered an up-and-coming impact player on the defensive line, Robinson spent IU’s spring practice battling for a starting job on the edge. Robinson appeared in all 13 games as a freshman in 2015, making five tackles, including one for loss.


  1. The Greatest College Weekend strikes again! On the bright side, this young man wasn’t operating a vehicle…that concludes the bright side. The fact that he was nearly 3x the legal limit (for a man of his size) means he was knocking them back. At .22 he was well on his way to alcohol poisoning or passing out. Either way he put his health in jeopardy. I am sure CKW and his staff will deal with this issue in house. Me thinks he will have a long, hot Summer. I’ll bet dollars to donuts young Mr. Robinson was the biggest person collecting trash on campus on Sunday morning.

  2. I can’t say anything critical because every time I do I am told every student drinks and smokes dope and the exise police should just lay off and let it all go.

  3. A guy his size would definitely have been putting them down for a .22 and, yes, a trip to the intensive care unit was just a few drinks away.

    Alcohol is a really good way to kill yourself. Very reliable.

  4. He probably could have drink a couple more and managed to make it where he was going if the law would have left him alone. It would be nice if this was the only incident of a negative nature for IU fb 2016. Could IU fb really be that lucky,

  5. So anybody out there who knows somebody in IU Football should check out Iowa high schooler Turner Ellis. He is starting to get some D1 looks and he is good as a player and a person.

  6. A teenage with a .22. unless he’s been an alcoholic since he was 12 and already has liver damage, is about a drink away from a coma. I’ve worked a lot of years in emergency departments. He may be alive today because he got arrested. A point two two is a serious deal in a teenager. A guy that size has a lot of alcohol in his body at that point and his liver isn’t much bigger and doesn’t work any faster than a guy half his size.

    That’s a lot of toxins to clear.

    I’m not making any judgments of him. I drank too much in college. I’m just saying he had enough alcohol in his system to possibly put him in a coma. Even without that he could find himself in a state that if he threw up he might strangle on it.

    He’s lucky picking up trash is all it cost him.

  7. Knowing all the stupid things I did in college (and as an adult!), on a personal level I find this incident a bit noteworthy but not something to over react to. Although, as pointed out above, he was dangerously intoxicated. What I don’t understand is why so many full-ride scholarship athletes keep doing such stupid stuff. They’re not typical students. If they get caught, everyone will know about it, especially in this day and age. No one could have cared less if I’d messed up like that young man when I paid my way as an undergrad. Plus, given the cost of an education these days, why would anyone potentially risk a full ride scholarship by engaging in such behavior? I know we’re talking about a young kid who didn’t think about the consequences. But I have no doubt that the IU athletics department and the individual teams drill the athletes from day one on do’s and don’ts. It must be exasperating for coaches to have to keep dealing with athletes that just don’t get it. Sure it comes with the territory and people will make mistakes. Still it’s not that hard to practice moderation and not be foolish. Wake up athletes!

  8. You mean college students drink to excess during Little 500 weekend? When I attended IU, it was only 5 to 10,000 of us who acted in such an irresponsible manner. But being sick for two days afterward was usually enough “punishment” to prevent us from doing it again. This was a typical immature mistake. Given the punishment he’ll get, if he does it again, it will be a problem.

  9. I agree with Podunker on this one. I didn’t drink but bounced at a popular bar and saw thousands come in to drink. Out of that less than a 100 would be really over the limit each weekend. The bigger concern is Robinson himself as this indicates a bigger problem. I hope it wa a one time deal but most don’t can’t drink that much the first time out.

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