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James Blackmon Jr. is the latest Hoosier who will test the NBA waters, Mike writes.

Trendon Watford is a rising star, and he’s leaning on the guidance of his brother, former Hoosier Christian Watford, Mike writes.

From over the weekend:
• Indiana soccer wrapped up the spring season with a 2-0 win over Mexico, I wrote.
• JUCO forward Freddie McSwain announced his commitment to IU basketball, Mike wrote.
• It took extra innings, but the IU baseball team won the rubber match of its series at Michigan State, we reported.

Declaring for the NBA Draft is actually a smart move for James Blackmon Jr., Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Yogi Ferrell has signed with the same agent who represents former Hoosiers Will Sheehey and Christian Watford, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Four Hoosiers have high hopes for this week’s NFL Draft, Alex McCarthy writes for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

IU baseball plays Notre Dame at Victory Field today in a matchup with NCAA implications, Zain Pyarali of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

The IU women’s golf team will head to Texas next week after being selected to the NCAA Regional, IUHoosiers.com reports.

Five-star Indianapolis forward Kris Wilkes remains a top target for Indiana’s 2017 recruiting class, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

An extra Big Ten game on the schedule for IU football may not be that big of a deal after all, Dan at puntjohnpunt.com writes.

Sending one out for James Blackmon Jr., “Declaration” by David Cook.


  1. It’s a nice change seeing Indiana kids showing an increased interest in IU and CTC. Seems CTC’s plan is coming together.

    Fred Glass appears to be gold with BiG coach of the year with CTC and Teri Moren, women’s swimming (I think), Nick’s Big 10 Medal of Honor, 5 all BiG 10 Academic Honors from IU women’s bb. Throw in IU fb’s bowl game for the first time in many years. Coming up with the $$ for Assembly Hall construction and NCAA bids for both IU bb programs. Heck of a year.

    CTC, in December, I said & felt he should go. Immediately. Could be I was wrong. He was able to break the 1 minute standard. Substitution every 53 seconds during the Jan Wisc. game.

  2. The NY Times today has an article ’11 Missing Words Removed”, which “may be a sign of lenient sentencing” for North Carolina. Full findings and any sanctions will not be finalized until next year.

    3000 students took 100 fraudulent classes. 25% of the students were football and basketball students. It appears the women’s bb program may be the hardest hit.
    What a contrast with IU women’s 5 All BiG Academic All-Stars.

    Another definition of “elite” programs?

  3. It’s still the most egregious violation of NCAA rules, both in spirit and in concept, that I can ever recall. Honestly, if UNC doesn’t get some form of the ‘Death Penalty’ for this then the NCAA has made a mockery of the entire system.

    What they did was unbelievable in its audacity and scope.

  4. I’m still aghast. When I think of the penalties IU incurred for ‘too many three way calls’, a rule that isn’t even a rule anymore, and UNC put 3,000 student-athletes through 100 fake classes over 18 years. Oh my freakin’ Gawd.

    That’s the collegiate student-athlete version of releasing the Ebola virus on a subway.

    They should be barred from athletic participation for years.

  5. Chet, I’m with you. This case is exactly why the NCAA exists.

    Where are the local journalists on this one?

  6. Chet, I agree that UNC should get hit with major penalties for athletes taking fake courses. The NCAA should have standard penalties for infractions so when an investigation is completed the school and the rest of the schools know what the penalty should be. If UNC gets off with soft penalties it will be a travesty and show the NCAA favors UNC. The rules need to be standard with assigned penalties so everyone knows the rules and punishments.

    DD, yes when are the local journalist going to write about this and compare it to what penalties IU paid for Sampson’s infractions.

  7. So Cruz calls the bb rim a ‘ring’. Clinton called Indiana ‘that basketball place”. Now we have Knight in town to speak at the Trump rally and on the first day of turkey season. If we could get Knight & Trump to go turkey hunting, bet we could have a good story.

  8. N/C & NCAA. NCAA states they are not able to validate classes, that is the job of the university. But when the NCAA is a by-product of the schools, seems as if any credibility of either participant has is open to questioning. Classic example of bureaucracy but consider who many jobs are devoted to college sports and the money being generated. Kind of boggles the mind.

  9. Along with the sanctions I believe UNC should provide continuing full scholarships to any current athlete and pay for former athletes to complete an actual degree.

  10. Like most bureaucracies, the NCAA has morphed into an organization that exists to perpetuate itself and provide for its key officers/managers, not those it was originally intended to serve. The NCAA began selling its soul a long time ago, so there is little reason to be shocked or dismayed by the way it goes about responding, or not responding to the enormous violations perpetuated by UNC. The NCAA has lost all credibility to most people who are paying attention. I think the leaders of the NCAA understand that, and know that because expectations of their bureaucracy are so low, they can and will get away with giving UNC a relatively mild punishment. As was stated above, given the scope and duration of UNC’s violations, anything less than the death penalty will be relatively mild.

    Do anyone think UNC fans or the citizens of the state really care?

  11. Not UNC fans but there are plenty of non-UNC fans in the state. That being said, North Carolina is such a frickin’ mess right now that this one is easy to sweep under the rug.

    The NCAA has become the money management division of college sports. Television is where the money is. UNC basketball is a big television draw.

    Math wins again. Everyone else loses.

  12. Great points, Chet. And I agree completely with your comments. Aside from being completely unfair to those Universities, their fan bases, and the student athletes who follow the rules and do things right, I feel bad for all the student athletes who were allowed/encouraged/forced to participate in academic fraud. In the long term, many of those people will suffer as a result of this corruption, as will society in general. At this point in my life, when I look back on my college education, the elements of it that were most valuable were the ones that were most challenging at the time.

  13. I hope history loses the record of Bobby Knight’s comments at the Trump rally. That had to be embarrassing to anyone who has even driven through Indiana. He likes Trump because he believes he would use nuclear weapons and the dropping of the atomic bomb “saved billions of American lives”.

    Please just go away.

  14. I believe he said something along the lines of ‘here is a guy who would not be afraid to drop the bomb’. Guess he was not talking about the F-Bomb. Brings back memories of Barry Goldwater and his presidential attempt – many yrs ago.

    The push back from the Military would make for an interesting presidency.

    May change outlooks if any of these mouthpieces had ever served in the military.

  15. Knight should stick to assessing basketball players, not political figures especially this one who is a con artist and a pathological liar.

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