Hoosier Morning Midweek

Indiana baseball is gearing up for a crucial 10-game stretch, starting at Xavier tonight, Mike writes.

Michigan grad transfer Spike Albrecht is being recruited for the first time and Indiana might be in the mix, Mike writes.

IU freshman defensive lineman Jacob Robinson faces illegal consumption and false informing charges, Mike reported.

IU women’s basketball isn’t the ‘team of old’ as it enters a second full offseason under Teri Moren, Jon wrote Tuesday.

Belief and confidence drive Rashard Fant and the rest of the IU football team’s cornerbacks, Mike wrote Tuesday.

Troy Williams ranks as the No. 34 underclassman who has entered the draft and could go anywhere from the second round to undrafted, Sam Vecenie of CBSsports.com writes.

The Big Ten is nearing a deal with Fox Sports that would put more games on Fox and FS1 in football and basketball, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Former Hoosier Sam Travis had four hits for Triple-A Pawtucket as he continued a hot start to the season, Alex Kraft of MiLB.com writes.

Kansas State recruiting target Freddie McSwain is wrapping up his Indiana visit today and will decide Sunday, Ken Corbitt of the Topeka Capital-Journal writes.

Indiana offensive tackle Jason Spriggs visited the Denver Broncos over the weekend, Scotty Payne of Mile High Report writes.

For Spike, “First Time” by the Jonas Brothers.


  1. Didn’t Thon Maker say he was going to play another season after this one before entering the draft?

    Interesting that a player who is first team all-ACC may not be drafted.

    Troy is a gifted athlete but I still don’t see NBA level skills. A seasoned NBA defender would chew him up at this point. Maybe next year but he’s got some work to do.

    The fact that Freddie McSwain has been living in Kansas for a while is probably a big advantage for the Hoosiers.

    Jason is frequently mentioned on the Bronco’s message boards. Denver fans would be pretty happy to see him head west and block for whomever is gonna be taking snaps at Mile High.

  2. My dad and I have the same thoughts, Chet. The athleticism is there, but could polish up on a few things. I believe he graduates in May. Might be ready to make some money, or come back and improve his stock. Shall be interesting.

  3. The fact that Troy took advantage of the new rules and did not hire an agent is encouraging. He’s going about his decision-making process the right way. Regardless of what decision he makes, I wish him all the best. But if he wants to get drafted, he should return for his fourth season at IU.

    Spriggs going to Denver at #31 would be really good for him. Given his relative youth and obvious athletic ability, a year spent as a back-up with a quality organization (run by a smart General Manager), and practicing against Denver’s defense, could allow him to make the most of of his enormous upside. Getting drafted by a team with a depleted O-line and forced to start as a rookie might not be in his long-term best interests. A lot of high-potential rookies’ careers are shortened because they get thrown to the wolves too soon.

  4. Podunker,

    I’ve been in Costa Rica for awhile setting up a cancer clinic, but I’ve been meaning to get back with you. If you remember awhile back we debated on a friendly basis of Tom Crean. I was in favor of releasing him, and you was in favor of keeping him. I was wrong, and very encouraged by the changes he made. Still room for improvement, but it’s evident he decided to change some things up. He deserves another year for sure.

  5. Ben, God bless you for setting up such an important healthcare facility in Costa Rica. Honestly, I forgot about our friendly debate, but glad you agree that Crean improved this year. Not sure if the improved results were a result of the changes he made as a coach, better harmony throughout the team, or the elimination of some “distractions” that affected the players’ focus. But after winning his second outright Big Ten Championship and making it to the Sweet 16 again in four years, something that IU has not done in many, many years, I think Crean’s going to be IU’s BB coach for many years to come. And yes, since he did make some changes and improved aspects of his coaching performance, I believe he can and will continue to evolve and refine his coaching skills. But to a large extent, as I’ve opined in previous Scoop posts, a lot of any team’s success is recruiting the best talent. And while I consider Crean to be an excellent recruiter, given the state of college basketball these days, he’s at a disadvantage compared to schools that do not emphasize academic performance and pursuit of a degree. On top of that, IU basketball and IU athletics in general were terribly mismanaged for over 20 years, which lead to the virtual destruction of IU’s once elite basketball program. We didn’t notice so much with football because that program has been bad for most of the last 60 years, but the mismanagement of IU Athletics greatly diminished IU basketball as well! And anything that took 20 years to destroy is not going to recover very quickly. But who knows, if the stars align just right, maybe 2016/2017 will be the year IU basketball returns to the final four.

  6. And Ben, for the record, I’m not a huge Tom Crean fan myself. But it just did not make sense to me to fire the man at this stage in his contract. First, IU could not afford to buy out Crean’s contract (O.K., they could have bought it out, but it would have been a huge waste of cash that is better spent on other priorities), and secondly, who was IU going to hire that would improve IU basketball’s performance any faster? The program would have suffered in the short term, with no guarantee of being better in the long term. All the elite college basketball coaches are entrenched at their respective schools, and IU is NOT going to pay anyone $6 million a year to coach basketball. Even a successful young coach like Sean Miller at Arizona is getting paid about $1 million more per year than Crean gets paid. And Miller has yet to lead any of his teams to the final four. Warts and all, it just seemed to me that keeping Crean was and is IU’s best option through the remainder of his contract. After that, who knows?

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