IUWBB: Jess Walter transferring to Northern Kentucky

Former Indiana guard Jess Walter will transfer to Northern Kentucky.

Walter’s mother, D’Andra, confirmed the transfer shortly after the sophomore guard posted “Norse up” on Twitter late Friday afternoon.

D’Andra Walter said more than 30 schools contacted Walter once she announced her intent to transfer. Dawn Plitzuweit, the head coach at Northern Kentucky, recruited Walter when she was an assistant at Michigan.

The day after IU was eliminated from the NCAA tournament by Notre Dame, Walter announced on Twitter that she was leaving the program. She averaged 2.8 points in 16.4 minutes per game. She is the second recruit from the class of 2014 to leave, following 6-foot wing Maura Muensterman’s transfer to Belmont after last season.

Walter showed promise her freshman year, hitting 41 percent of her 3s, which was a Big Ten best among freshmen. But following a concussion in the preseason, she went on to hit 28.1 percent from the field and 26.7 percent from 3 in 2015-16.

She would have had to compete for playing time in next year’s backcourt, with transfer Tia Elbert becoming eligible and the arrival of incoming freshman Ria Gulley from San Antonio, Texas. Alexis Gassion, Tyshee Towner and Karlee McBride will be seniors next season, as well.

But Walter told the Midland Daily News that her decision had nothing to do with playing time. She declined to offer a specific reason to the Daily News.

Northern Kentucky plays in the Horizon League, and was 19-14 with a 9-9 record in conference play. The Norse lost in the first round of the Women’s Basketball Invitational (WBI) to USC Upstate, 71-69.


  1. Use the open scholarship well Coach Moren. You are building a “Program”, and doing a great job!

  2. Oh no! It appears Tom Crean has taught Coach Moren how to manipulate and control the minds of her players. It won’t be long before Harvard includes this young lady on the list of Tom Crean’s victims, forced to transfer from IU and therefore ruining their young lives. Harvard’s outrage must continue to grow.

  3. Congrats and good luck Jess at northern Kentucky . Always enjoyed watching you play . Interesting Jess saying playing time was not a factor in her decision . God speed Jess .

  4. Jess will be missed, In particular I remember her being huge in the win at Northwestern hitting 4 3 ptrs to help in winning our first B1G road game in forever. I wish you well , Jess one of my favs for sure.

  5. In other news I see Tyasha Harris has selected South Carolina , at least we wont be facing her in the B1G. I was holding out hope she would reconsider and join her high school teammate with us but it just wasnt in the cards.

  6. Nathan, I know you have been disappointed I haven’t jumped in on this as evidenced by “sound of silence”. But here goes, again about transfers (sorry Jeremy, hate to beat a dead horse) but, Nathan, did you see where Ohio State’s men’s team has 4 transfers so far leaving this year? Do you suppose the fan base at Ohio St. is going after Motta? And, one of the best women’s programs in the nation Duke, has 3 leaving this year including their best player, 6′ 6″ Azura Stevens who is a double, double machine at 18.9 points and 9.6 rebounds a game. Point guard Angela Salvadores averaging 8.7 points and 3.3 assists a game is leaving and Sierra Calhoun is leaving for Ohio St. Stevens is one of the top players in the country! Well, anyway Nathan as I have stated to you over and over, transferring is big business in college basketball. Oh, and by the way, apparently the human resources department at Duke has decided to investigate Joanne P. McCallie over this. really? So you see Nathan, we have a couple leave last year and one this year and you are in a tizzy about this, OMG! Beating a dead horse here but, as stated before it is the nature of the business. IT HAPPENS everywhere. Jess is leaving, I am sorry to see her go also but, these kids leave by the hundreds all around the country, who knows why they leave? Some say they are home sick, some say they aren’t playing enough, some say they are mistreated (Duke?), some say according to Harvard that they have been pushed out and some say they just need a new atmosphere? BTW, Whitney Jennings is transferring to Butler after leaving Iowa. Its good to know you missed me Nathan 🙂

  7. No harm in looking ahead to next season and with that in mind not much has been said about Bre Wickware. She has some pretty nice stats and credentials. For her junior season she had 15.7 pts, 10.2 reb, 1.5 blocks and for this past season in her district an MVP award. Her high school coach claimed there was great improvement from her freshman and soph to her junior year saying she had been mostly a post presence but balanced her game to where she could play all positions. Bre gave the credit to her AAU team for her improvement. Sounds like she can be quite the rebounder and has a gritty presence.

  8. Don’t want to get in this feud but there is one comment from a few weeks ago that I take issue with. My daughter played division 1 basketball and whenever we visited her at school we would always make a trip to the gym for a shooting session. So to say it’s unheard of in college basketball is not true. As we were shooting the coach would often stroll through and talk with us. I also checked with a friend who is an assistant coach at a college in Indiana and he agreed it was not a problem at his school. I guess it depends on the head coach.

  9. You have never disappointed me with your need to have the last word Mike. However, your ability to reason and now your math acumen baffle me. You constantly miss the point. This becomes abundantly clear every time you resort to the ‘transfers happen everywhere’ theme. No one is arguing that. Give it up. I pointed out earlier in the year Jess wasn’t happy with the way she was being treated but you mocked me saying Jess said in an article she was fine. Don’t believe everything you read simpleton. Closer to 6 girls last year and four this year Mick. Ask Jess how she was treated when she went in and asked for her release.

  10. Have to agree with Mike C. that transfers are a part of the game. However it is disappointing that these young ladies aren’t being treated with the same kindness and respect they get while they are being recruited. Seems to be a reoccurring theme with the Indiana women’s program lately.

  11. Very nice Nathan, now we have come down to name calling 🙁 Lets just agree to disagree and try to keep it civil? I didn’t really think I was mocking you (as you put it) by quoting something she said in a news paper article? Since “you” seem to have all the inside information, I guess we just need to take “your” word for it even though it appears you have an agenda? BTW, am I incorrect in assuming you are a student who “hangs” with the team? Since I don’t personally know Jess, I guess I can’t directly ask her? Lets leave it at that. I will say one more thing, you will get no name calling from this old man. Again, nice to hear from you Nathan.

  12. No matter what you think Nathan, this is not a shot at you. I just finished reading an article on ESPN Chicago about the University of Loyola Chicago concerning trouble that Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame inductee coach Sheryl Swoops may be in? It seems as though after her first year at the university (2014), 5 players transferred and then at the end of this year, 10 of the 12 players on this past season’s roster have either elected to transfer of be released from their scholarships. The university is conducting an investigation into her treatment of players. 10 players is incredible, 15 over a 2 year period? We now have an investigation at Duke and now at Loyola, what the hell is going on out there?

  13. Nathan, Mike C. is right you should NOT be calling him names. Although, I think he just call you a liar!

  14. Very interesting show on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” today about the coaching issues and the transfers at Duke, Nebraska and Loyola in Chicago. Several members of the media at each University were interviewed and described what was going on at each campus regarding the coaches. In each instance the coaches are being accused of their treatment of the players under them. As I have mentioned before, Duke has 3 players transferring this year with their 2 best players being among them. Nebraska’s coach has resigned during an investigation of her treatment of players and has possibly 3 players transferring. The most bizarre situation is Loyola where Sheryl Swoops is under investigation as she had 5 players transfer last year and reportedly has 10 of her 12 players asking to be released from their scholarships at the end of this year. On the show today, the University of Illinois was also mentioned because of the lawsuit that was filed this year by players that declared racism and harsh treatment. Illinois settled that lawsuit 2 days ago by paying out $375,000 to be divided among 7 players. I don’t know if any of you saw the show today but, it was very interesting.

  15. Yes someone put the “Outside the lines” on youtube which I watched. Certainly it is the coaches jobs to push and use motivational methods which may seem harsh but buttons have to be pushed. Certainly its not uncommon for players to transfer for lack of playing time, homesickness, or just not the right fit, we see it every year. In the Swoopes Case at loyola sounds as if there is interference in their personal lives on social media and such. It also sounds as if some of the players dont have issues but are leaving because of how teammates are being treated or mistreated. Certainly appears the interference has just created more drama, so the investigation goes on. We will hear more as the days and weeks pass.

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